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Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

Topic- Club Activities in the month of January


States Day Celebration
The students of class III celebrated States Day, to showcase the multiplicity of cultures and unity among various Indian religions and cultures. Each section represented a state and to give the class a look and feel of the state, the windows and the display boards were adorned with creatively done charts depicting the ethos of the state. The highlight of the celebration was the delightful presentation of a skit in which the students participated with full zest and vigor. The event culminated with children writing about their learning from the event.

Republic Day Celebration
This opportunity was utilized to teach children about various facets of the country: The meaning of Republic, Why we celebrate Republic day on 26 January, The role of Dr. B.R. Ambedakar in drafting the Constitution of our country, Importance and significance of Amar Jawan Jyoti etc. A wide range of special activities that centred on the theme, were conducted to instil the spirit of national pride and love for the country. The students created Indian Tricolour flag using paper tearing method and displayed their love for their national flag. Students enthusiastically participated in the Poster making activity; they created colourful and vibrant posters depicting the ‘Air Show’ during the Republic Day celebrations at the Rajpath. A group discussion was conducted on the importance and significance of Amar Jawan Jyoti in one of the sessions. Students actively participated in the discussion and also made illustrations of Amar Jawan Jyoti. After the students were briefed on the Constitution of India and the role of Dr. B.R Ambedakar, they wrote a small paragraph on the topic. Students were encouraged to search for various interesting facts about Dr. B.R Ambedakar. They enthusiastically came up with various inspiring instances from his life and the role of the leader in framing the constitution of our nation. To celebrate the Republic Day, a special assembly was presented by the students in the school auditorium. They took pride in glorifying the spirit of unity in diversity by depicting the dances of various states of India. The students brought the stage alive with orchestra presentation. Through a presentation they also emphasized the importance of constitution in a democratic country.

INTACH had organized an activity on ‘Fabulous Fruits’ for the middle wing students. The students researched and wrote about the unique fruit of their state, uses of fruits, dry-fruits, and good eating habits. The children learned fascinating facts about fruits which are indigenous and role of fruits in mythology, rituals, and festivals.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- article writing on ‘Fabulous Fruits’

INTACH projects serve as wonderful platforms to students to uncover these stories with their research and inspire them to master the art of questioning. The topic for this month was ‘Fabulous Fruits’ which required the children to present on various traditional fruits and read about their origins and journeys. This earth has such a rich nature’s basket which offers huge varieties of fruits relished by mankind. However, India with its diverse climates and landscapes is home to varieties of fruits which have religious, spiritual, festive and cultural meaning. The students as a part of their Formative Assessment activity researched on topics like role of fruits in mythology, rituals and festivals, indigenous fruits, fruits native to India, uses of dry fruits & fruits and good eating habits associated with fruits. The students researched on fruits like ‘Belpatra’ and discussed its religious connection with Lord Shiva, one of the most powerful gods in Hindu mythology. They presented on fruits like banana and plantain that are native to India while fruits like Pomegranates which were brought in by the Afghan civilization. Students also worked on the history of how dry fruits came into existence and learnt that due to the lack of availability of a lot of fruits during winters, humans began to soak the fruits in rum and preserve them to be used during winters. This was classically used for the preparation Christmas delicacies like the Rum cake. “INTACH projects always serve as a great source of extended learning which encourages the students to leave the comfort of textbooks and course material to research and learn for themselves,” said Mrs Manju Surendran, Academic Coordinator. A newspaper clipping is shown where this activity got featured in the Times Of India School edition.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH Activities for the month of November 2015

Celebrating the 51st Birth Anniversary of Jawahar Lal Nehru
Children’s day was celebrated in the school wherein teachers performed for students. The celebrations started with a school assembly and cultural performance by teachers.

More About Jawahar Lal Nehru
Students were encouraged to search for various interesting facts about Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. They enthusiastically came up with various inspiring instances from his life and realized the importance of sacrifice made by this great leader of our nation.

The Symbolic Red Rose
The students indulged in the activity of drawing and colouring the symbolic ‘Red Rose’ which is synonym to ‘Chacha Nehru’. The red rose literaly became the symbol of the Nehru family so much so that slogans were coined surrounding the legendary ‘laalgulab’ up till the days of Indira Gandhi.

Nehru Cap Making Activity
Students enthusiastically participated in the Nehru cap making activity using paper. They researched on the kind of attire their favourite Prime Minister liked to dress up in like the Nehru cap and the Nehru jacket.

The Nehru Family Tree
Students chalked out the ‘Nehru family tree’ starting with Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s grandfather, Gangadhar Nehru. They familiarized themselves with various known and unknown family members of the supposed first family of India.

The Nehru Jacket – A Fashion Statement
Students were encouraged to create an original assembly line of attire they would like to done in case they were a leader of the nation today. The children came up with fabulous ideas and drawings of various awe inspiring, fashionable and practical clothing options to dress up the leaders of future.

Children’s Day – Poster Making
Students came up with innovative and radical ideas about how they would like to celebrate Children’s Day in their school. They created colourful and vibrant posters depicting their idea of an ideal children’s day celebration.

Poster Making Activity – Child Labour
Students were made aware of the prevalent mal practice of ‘Child Labour’ In India and various other third world counties. They registered their protest against this hideous crime by creating awe-inspiring posters showcasing the crime of depriving the children of their childhood.

Children’s Day – around the world
Students drew the flags of various counties and mentioned the dates on which children’s day is celebrated in those counties. Through this activity they came to know about various other famous personalities who have worked extensively for the bright future of children in their respective counties.

Continuing with the spirit of unity in diversity, Diwali was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in the school along with the special assembly on Gurupurab. Children paid homage to Lord Rama and celebrated the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance through Diwali Assembly. The assembly emphasized the importance of ‘giving’ on the pious and happy occasion of Diwali. The students revisited the story of Ramayana through a short animated movie. The assembly reinforced the fact of life that sooner or later truth always triumphs.

Middle School
DPS students celebrated the ‘World Heritage Week’ on 4th November’15. The students of the middle school participated enthusiastically in an activity to design tickets for the monument. The students designed beautiful tickets. They learned that as responsible citizens they should accept monuments as their own inheritance and stop others from spoiling the monuments.

Say Yes To Life and No to Crackers’
A poster making activity was organized in the middle school. Students participated with great enthusiasm and as responsible citizens created awareness on the need to celebrate festivals without polluting their surroundings. The students made use of eco–friendly material, thought provoking slogans, eye-catching pictures to drive home the message that celebrations should not cause inconvenience to the community but reinforce the thread of unity in diversity that binds our social fabric.

Rangoli Competition
Rangoli Making Competition for classes VII and VIII was held. Six students from each House participated in the competition. The participant's enthusiasm and excitement shone bright as they poured their artistic, imaginative and creative skills using vibrant colours to make bright and beautiful Rangolis. The judges for the event were senior Art teachers and the judging criteria was based on colour combination, creativity and neatness of the Rangoli patterns.

Diya and Candle Decoration -
Diya and Candle Decoration Activity for class VI and VII was held in their respective classes. The students’ enthusiasm and excitement shone bright as they poured their creative skills to decorate diya and candles using eco- friendly and bio- degradable material.

Visit to Tughlaqabad Fort-
An educational trip to Tughlaqabad Fort was organised for the students of class 9. Students heard stories about the Tughlaq Dynasty. They saw an old baoli and parts of the ruins of the fort.

DAV International School, Amritsar

INTACH Activities for the month of January 2016

Lohri Celebration- 12th January, 2016
A colourful cultural program was presented by the budding performers of the school. Lively Folk songs and foot-tapping Folk dances were presented by the students which enthralled the audience. Principal Anjana Gupta addressed the students to extend her heartfelt felicitations on this sacred festival. She remarked that this festival marks the change of season and prevents the people from the icy winter season. Removing all kinds of evil thoughts from the heart, this festival should be celebrated with the feelings of love & brotherhood. She also warned them against the use of fatal Chinese Dor and made them take a pledge in this regard. Later on, the bonfire was lit to mark the Lohri Celebration in which the Principal, teaching & non – teaching staff and all the students participated. Everyone relished the tasty peanuts, popcorns, rewaris and gachak. The whole campus reverberated with the traditional ‘Dulha Bhatti’ song.

Republic Day Celebration
Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at DAV International School, Amritsar on 25th January. A special morning assembly was held on the campus where students saluted the National flag and pledged to uphold the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness of India. They expressed pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. To mark the importance of this day, the choir group presented patriotic songs which reverberated in the school surroundings. It was followed by role playing through which students presented a gist of the lifehistory of famous freedom fighters. They brought the stage alive with their passion and love for their motherland Later,Principal Anjana Gupta addressed the students and urged them to do their best to serve the nation and feel proud to be Indians.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Topic- Heritage Club Activities in January 2016

Pongal- 15th January
Our students learnt the importance of Pongal by displaying a collage and decorating the boards.

National Voters Day – 25th January
A pledge was taken by the students of our school on this occasion emphasizing the importance of voting and also took oath to convince their family members to cast their vote.

Republic Day 26th January
67th Republic Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in our school. Our National Flag was hoisted, Patriotic song was sung and a speech was delivered by the students to bring out the importance of our Republic.

Martyrs Day - 30th January
2 Minutes of silence was observed to pay homage to the martyrs who had laid down their lives for our country.

Thyagaraja Aradhana
Thyagaraja Aradhana was celebrated on 30th January in our school auditorium. Saint Thyagaraja was a great devotee of Lord Rama and wrote many hymns praising Lord Rama and preached philosophy through his songs. Musicians, parents, teachers and students participated enthusiastically. The Pancharatna Krithis were sung by the musicians.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Heritage Club Activities

Dressed up in ethnic attire, our tiny tots celebrated the festival with a plethora of activities. Capturing an important social message, they made greeting cards with a ‘diya’ motif where the flame of the diya was cut like a leaf to reiterate the message of ‘Green Diwali’ Nursery children were engrossed in painting their own diyas and decorating them with glitter. Children of K2 made greeting cards with a rocket made out of an origami paper. The card was made with the message “DO NOT BURST CRACKERS,HAVE ECO-FRIENDLY GREEN DIWALI”.The purpose behind this activity was not only to prepare a Diwali card but also spreading the message of Anti-Cracker Diwali in order to reduce pollution and child labour involved in making crackers.

Guru Nanak Jayanti
Students of K2 D, presented a special assembly where the Omkara Mantra ignited the assembly and invoked the blessings of the Guru. Everyone joined their hands for the prayer. Children gave information about Guru Nanak’s child hood, his family, his super powers and entertained the audience with a small skit as well. Prabhatpheri, the procession which takes place in the morning of Guru Nanak Jayanti was the highlight of the day. The tiny tots enjoyed walking with the flags, laziums, tambourine, jingles and drums. A glittery backdrop of the Golden temple adorned the stage beautifully and added the much beautiful sparkle to the assembly. The turning point in Guru Nanak life where he got his spiritual powers was depicted through a skit. The preaching was conveyed to one and all by the children with the help of placards. Videos also played an important role in understanding the celebration. The participants were eager to present their assembly in their traditional attire. Girls adorned themselves with their resplendent traditional suits while boys looked spic and span with their white kurtas and orange dupattas tied to their waist.

Special assemblies were conducted to relive the story behindthe birth of Jesus Christ depicted beautifully through skits performed by students. They also reflected upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and his life. Adding magnificently to the Christmas charm, students sung melodious carols which were echoed by a collective humming with the audiences. The highlight of the assembly was students who sprung a surprise when they merrily came in attired as Santa Claus and spread joys.The delight was uncontained especially as he brought out the sweets!The children sang in very festive mood "Jingle Bells" and danced to the numbers like "We wish you a Merry Christmas" etc. The whole school echoed with the holy hymns recited by the students.To further give students, teachers and parents a chance to indulge in Christmas fervor, the school also organized a Christmas Bash on Saturday with a day packed with a lot of activities for all. There was a magic show organized which had the little ones wondering in awe while the elders couldn’t keep away from the flea market. The flea market had goodies for kids like toys, bags, funky stationery, games, food items made by home makers, accessories and apparel.A game zone with giant snakes and ladders, basket the ball, Rubik’s cube and many more were organized to elevate the entertainment quotient of the gala. A comic book corner was stationed with the world’s most popular comic book series- Archies enjoyed largely by the senior children. With the motto of spreading smiles in the lives of the underprivileged, the school invited children from SNEH Foundation to be a part of the Christmas fun. It was heartwarming to see the sublime happiness on their faces which brought contentment and joy to the school team. Partnering with Hilton, Pimpri, the kids were treated to delicacies like Macroni with cheese, Gingerbread cookies, salad offered by Hilton. The kids also played games and clicked pictures with Santa. Principal Dr Amrita Vohra on the occasion said, “The innocent smiles on the faces of these children are bright enough to illuminate our lives with joy of compassion. I sincerely feel that true essence of Christmas is most realized when we can reach out and spread warmth, smiles and love to all.”

Makar Sankranti
The pre primary segment of the school held a special assembly to mark the occasion of maker sankranti. In the assembly students spoke about the significance of MakarSankrantiand the way different communities celebrate this festival. Tilladdoos were distributed while exchanging wishes “Tilgulghyaanigolgol bola.” Young children relished the sweets and enjoyed the skit and dance presented in the assembly. Students of Nursery made a giant kite painted with their hands. As the kids dipped their hands in color the little squeals echoed the sweetness of the festival. Students of K-I and K-II had fun doing a scrap book activity where they made smiley kites and stuck them n their scrap book as a cherished memory. With their tiny hands, kids also tried to give flight to their kites and enjoyed the experience tremendously. Pre Primary coordinator MsKakuli Pal said, “It is imperative to teach young children about the festivals, stories and ideologies behind celebrating them and appreciating the rich legacy of India. We celebrate all festivals with similar joy and excitement that is reflected in the vibrant ethos of the school.”

For a greener world
The students of class I begun their green crusade as they all came together, in shades of green for a plantation drive at the school campus. With posters and placards filled with slogans echoing their thoughts of preserving the environment and importance of trees, they gave their message to the all, loud and clear. Posters of ‘Save Trees’ were moving all over the campus reiterating the efforts of our students. It was indeed heartwarming as tiny hands planted saplings along with the Principal Dr Amrita Vohra, Vice Principal Ms Radhika Rele and Headmistress, Ms Rina Bana. As the students planted saplings, they pledged to sensitize all about the importance of preserving the green mantle of our planet. We are in a time where a firm resolve to plan and organize our efforts to develop and protect the environment on a comprehensive, integrated basis, is the need of the hour. “The life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature are a blessing for the human race and we teach our children to recognize and respect the power Nature holds within itself.Where better to ingrain the concept of environment protection and improvement than in children who are shaping their own future by their daily actions. Young children are receptive and curious about the world, making this an appealing group to motivate to take action for environmental conservation. They are also our future decision makers and leaders and it is best to- catch them young”, said the Primary Headmistress, Rina Bana

“Our Culture, Our traditions, Our language are the foundations upon which we build our identity.”
To create awareness and encourage the students to appreciate the richness of our cultural heritage and diversity, the Global Schools Foundation took an initiative to introduce the concept of HERITAGE QUIZ. This is an inter GIIS school quiz that was conducted on Monuments, Music, Culture and Botanical splendors of India. Students of Classes VI and VII participated for the quiz and exhibited their knowledge about the cultural legacy of the world. GIIS Bangalore hosted the quiz and the participating teams were GIIS Ahmedabad, GIIS Chinchwad, GIIS Indore , GIIS Noida and GIIS Surat. While GIIS Surat emerged as winners, our team at Chinchwad followed close on the second runner up position. Mrs Manju, Academic Coordinator on the occasion said, “I am extremely proud of our students and it gives me a sense of elation to have been able to ignite the spark of interest in our children to connect with our extremely rich heritage. She spoke about the importance of having the Heritage quiz and how it helps the Children stay connected with the deep rooted history of our country.”

GIIS running for a cause- SAFER INDIA!
As part of the Safer Roads, Safer India campaign, GIIS has partnered with UL and Youth Service America (YSA) to support creative solutions from young people about how they can help create safer roads and a safer India. UL and YSA have awarded grants to educators and youth ambassadors to organize youth-led awareness, service, advocacy, and philanthropy activities. GIIS Chinchwad is proud to be one of the grantees which will be trained by experts in youth leadership and road safety issues. Grantees will then conduct the largest youth-led road safety audit in the world, mapping road safety in four cities: Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune. With the information from the audit, youth will identify and implement the most effective solutions. They will raise public awareness about road safety, educate their peers and community members to increase safe behaviors, lead community service projects that engage volunteers in hands-on projects to make roads safer, and advocate for policies to increase road safety. GIIS takes pride in its senior faculties Mrs Deepa Jhad, Mrs Sheeba Punen and Mrs Manju who have received these grants from YSA and for conducting the road audit effectively and efficiently in the city of Pune. Observing and dedicating a whole week to road safety, students created campaign awareness material like tickets, certificates, medals and badge of honor which they used during their campaign. They presented certificates to those who were found to be observing driving rules diligently. Badge of honor was awarded to those who met with eight important parameters of driving ethics out of ten. Students also sensitized the general public who were observed to be riding two wheelers by handing them tickets which spoke about importance of wearing a helmet. As a part of this road safety programme and to add our contribution to this cause, the school also held a Mini Marathon on Saturday, Dec 19, 2015. Students, teachers, staff and parents participated in the effort wholeheartedly. The marathon was flagged off by Principal of GIIS, Dr Amrita Vohra in presence of senior faculties

Collaborated learning- Integrated Project
Integrated Projects at GIIS serve as platforms of extended learning where our students collaborate, brainstorm and create to give their ideas a shape and form reflecting better understanding of the given concept. These projects form an integral part of the continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) and help our students learn beyond the boundaries of textbooks and syllabus. Students at GIIS were given themes of ‘Water Life and Beyond’ and ‘Elements that make life interesting’ with an endeavor to develop research skills, analytical skills, data identification, collection and sorting skills and finally compiling the data to present an aesthetically and intellectually enriched project. The purpose of this project was to give the students an understanding on the various debates that surround water like Why are ancient civilizations always associated with a water source, new continents or countries have been discovered while travelling through a water source, food habits of people living in coastal areas, myths and legends associated with water bodies. It was really good to see students striving hard and doing research locating the trivia related to all these questions. The senior students from grades IX & X worked on the broader theme of Elements that make life interesting. From the molecular changes in the body which allows a ordinary human to transform into a super hero and references to well know comic super heroes like Batman, Spiderman and Hulk unleashed the research gene in the students to prod and ask fundamental questions like “Is it possible to have mutants and super heroes with genetic modification”. The classic dilemma of the Egg before the chicken served as a platform for propelling the logical thinking amongst the students and the collaborative approach in putting together the project helped them to hone skills in team building. All students in their respective groups presented the project and the experience of independent research, group dynamics of putting the project together and presentation in front of an audience and being critically reviewed by their peers ensured learning beyond boundaries. The global school philosophy of learning beyond boundaries saw another practical implementation during the academic year of 2015-16 through integrated project student led conference.

Global Indian International School, Noida

Topic- Annual Sports Day- 8th December, 2015

The meet was declared open by the Pre-Primary Coordinator Ms. Rachna Jain. The Sports Meet of 2015 included various events like Races-50metres, Relay Race, Kho-Kho match, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Football etc. Students displayed their full enthusiasm while playing the sports and were constantly cheered up by the spectators. The event served the purpose of instilling the spirit of sportsmanship and brought the students of classes 3 to 8 on a single platform to compete with each other.The event was anchored by Ms.Mrignayani and Ms.Simranjeet Kaur. The Sports Meet, 2015started with the Track events and other field events like Badminton, Basket Ball, Table Tennis started in MPH and Table Tennis Court respectively .Afterwards events like Relay Race took place between classes 3 to 8.The winners of the track events and field events were announced on the same day and were given medals and certificates by Principal ma’am, Ms.Nandita Dasgupta who appreciated the hard work and efforts of the children. Winners were called to the Victory Stand and were given the medals and certificates. Efforts of our Sports teachers and coaches were acknowledged by our Principal at the conclusion. The meet made the children learn coordination and team effort and the importance of developing the same while playing.

Topic- Funny day and Laughter day and Christmas Party - 22nd December, 2015

Children were dressed in funny way or comic characters of their choice. Children were dressed in cartoon characters, Charlie Chaplin, Joker, mickey-mouse, Doremon and even Yamraj etc. they expressed themselves through funny rhymes, lines, jokes, riddles and actions. Laughter exercises, games and jokes were done in the classes. Funny youtube links and cartoons were shown to children. This was followed by Christmas Party where the children had brought their favourite food and shared with each other.

Ryan International School, Sec 40, Gurgaon

Topic- Celebration of World Wild Life Conservation day

The School celebrated the World Wild Life Conservation day to make the students realize the importance of this day. The students of class III D presented a role play of the endangered species like tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, gorilla and panda. The little Ryanites adorned themselves with the dresses of these animals and spoke confidently about these endangered species. It was stressed that the animals are the beautiful creation of God and must not be hurt. They showed their concern for the decreasing number of these amazing creatures. The audience was captivated by the wonderful presentation. The Ryanites pledged that they would always love the animals and would always put their step forward to protect them. They even readout the slogans like “Live and Let Live”, “Shoot the tigers with the cameras not with the gun” and “Animals are friends not food”.

Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon




The month of December was dedicated to the National Energy Conservation. The importance of energy conservation was explained to the students segregated under various categories like Renewable sources of energy, fuel cells, wind power, solar power, geothermal energy, biomass etc. Based upon these topics various activities were done by the students to learn and execute their actions to conserve energy.


This activity was designed to make the students understand the basics of sources of energy. In this activity children illustrated different sources of renewable sources of energy and also wrote about them.


Students thoroughly enjoyed this activity wherein they came up with beautiful innovative ideas to conserve the energy. They made impactful slogans along with actions that can be taken. They described their posters and its message in the simplest way and conveyed a very important message that small steps can make a big difference.


This was a very interesting activity for the children as they could directly relate themselves to their school and look for different areas for the scope of conserving energy sources in the school. They came up with untouched areas where we have a scope for lot of improvement and if the ideas are executed well even the small children can learn and realize their responsibilities towards this important concern of the country. While giving shapes and colours to their ideas they also spoke about their views and promised to play a responsible role in this area.


The students had an interactive session wherein they were asked to compare and contrast the various man made sources of energy and natural sources of energy. This activity made the students realize the importance of conservation of energy whether man made or natural source of energy and also that all energy sources have an impact on the environment.


To make them learn while they have fun, DilliDarshan , an educational trip was organized for the students of class III. The day’s schedule included a visit to Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate, Nehru Park, QutubMinar and a drive past RashtrapatiBhawan, North Block and South Block. Children were given a brief about the historical significance of each of these monuments and that they were interested and inquisitive could be assessed by the number of queries they had.


The INTACH School group conducted an activity for classes 6 to 8 on 17th December’2015 on the topic ‘Energy Conservation’. The children were given a questionnaire to monitor their energy use habits. This was followed by a discussion in the class on different ways to conserve energy. The students participated enthusiastically in the activity and understood that simple tips promise big savings over the years.

DPS Gurgaon and CanKids come together for a cause

Living by this adage, DPS Gurgaon, in collaboration with CanKids Foundation on Sunday, 20th December, 2015, celebrated a day bustling with fun-filled activities for children afflicted with cancer. CanKids is an NGO that provides support service to children with cancer and their families and is actively involved in this endeavour from the moment of diagnosis to survival. The morning unfolded with the student volunteers and teachers enthusiastically helping the children in making ‘Thank You’ cards to show their gratitude towards their doctors, while the parents and siblings of these children enjoyed the screening of the movie ‘Jai Ho’ in the school auditorium. The Principal, Ms Aditi Misra, in her address, urged the audience to be more aware about getting regular medical check-ups done to combat the deadly disease. She thanked Ms. Poonam Bagai, Founder and Chairperson, CanKids for giving DPS Gurgaon the opportunity to bring joy in the lives of cancer afflicted. She appreciated the co-operation of her team members and the wholehearted support of the Parent Reps for this cause. MsMisra promised to get twenty thousand signatures for the ‘Go Gold’ Campaign of CanKids. The student volunteers from class XI presented an entertaining cultural programme wherein cartoon characters like Nobita, Doraemon, ChottaBheem, Krissh along with a few others entertained the children. The children swayed to foot-tapping Bollywood beats. The audience participated enthusiastically in an interactive quiz organised by the school volunteers and enjoyed the gifts coming their way. The presence of Santa in the auditorium enlivened the spirit of Christmas.


The students of classes 8 to 10 participated in the heritage quiz organized by INTACH in collaboration with G. D. Goenka Public School, Gurgaon on 22nd December 2015. Delhi Public School, sec 45 came third in the competition.

Ryan International School, Sec 40, Gurgaon

Topic- organized a street play and Talk show on Chacha Nehru

The school believes in education for all and to emphasize this viewpoint they organized a street play on “Educating one and all in Silokhra Village on 27.11.15. The students dressed accordingly and carried colourful props. They gracefully presented the street play emphasizing not only on education for all but also showcasing the point that Each one Teach One’ which showed that if we can eucate one person they in turn can educate at least ten people.

A special assembly was organized to mark the birth, anniversary of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. He was born on 14th of November in the year 1889 in Allahabad. The name of his father was Moti Lal Nehru who was a prominent lawyer. He got his early education at home; however he went to England for getting higher studies. He became a lawyer but later became the first Prime Minister of India. He was very fond of children and loved them so much that his birth anniversary is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. The assembly comprised of a role play followed by a talk show on chacha Nehru.

Birla Vidya Niketan School, Delhi

Topic- Clean-Up Drive at Bijri Khan’s Tomb, R.K. Puram

As a part of the celebration of ‘Heritage Week’ in Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar from November 19 to November 25, 2015, a clean-up drive was organized at Bijri Khan’s Tomb, Sector 3, R. K. Puram on November 21, 2015. 40 sincere and dedicated students of classes VI-VIII were selected to undertake the clean up drive. The students were asked to have a discussion with their families regarding some lesser known monuments in India. On the basis of their discussion and research, they submitted their reports. Also, they made posters to spread awareness about neglected monuments, cleanliness and environmental issues. On November 21, 40 students accompanied by two teachers visited Bijri Khan’s Tomb. This enthusiastic group of students was well prepared for the clean-up with brooms, dust pans, garbage bags, gloves and masks to cover their faces. They not only cleaned the monument from inside but also cleaned the adjoining areas outside the monument. Bijri Khan’s Tomb is surrounded by slums on its right. Our students conducted an interactive session with the slum people on maintenance of monuments and cleanliness. Some of the slum people were reluctant to answer their questions but a few participated with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. After talking to these people, our students and teachers got to know that earlier they used to visit the tomb frequently but now the present guard of the tomb does not allow anybody to enter the monument. When asked about the cleanliness of their surroundings, most of the slum people were of the opinion that there is no dirt around them and everything is clean. By conducting this activity, the students got to know a lot about the lifestyle and opinions of the slum people. These people also expressed the difficulties faced by them in their daily lives. Thus it was a great learning experience for our students and teachers. The students were asked to make PowerPoint presentations exhibiting their experiences of the entire clean-up program.

Global Indian International School, Noida

Topic- Club activities of November 2015

Animal Kingdom Week 16th to 24th November 2015
The teacher reinforced the information about animals and their habitats, young ones, food habits and how to take care of them.

Activity Planned

  • 16.11.15: Story Narration by Nursery Teachers- Teachers narrated different moral stories related to animals with help of hand puppets and flashcards in the nursery classes as well as in Kg classes. The name of the stories is- The Crocodile and the Monkey, Bunny and his Tail.
  • 18.11.15: Story Dramatization by Nursery Teachers- Teachers dramatized the story of “Lion and the Rabbit’’ in the morning assembly. The moral of the story was that we should think wisely. Students presented amazing facts about animals and recited rhymes on animals.
  • 19.11.15: Show and Tell Activity – Children brought model animals, pictures, toys and flashcards. They spoke few lines , rhymes and story about that animal.
  • 20.11.15: A Trip to Deer Park-Children went to the deer park and were excited to see different animals like deers, rabbits, ducks , peacocks, guinea pigs.
  • 23.11.15 : Mask Making – Children made the mask of different animals like monkey, lion., rabbit, bear, giraffe and fox, etc. with the help of their teacher.
  • 24.11.15: Story Dramatization by KG Teachers- KG teachers dramatized the story of’’ King TOLIO’’ in the moral of the story was We should not harm others and be friendly with all.
  • 24.11.15- Story Narration by KG Teachers enacted different moral stories related to animals with clear voice modulation and attractive props in the KG classes as well as in Nur Classes also. The stories were – The country & town mouse, The Fox and Crow’’. It spreads message to our little young ones that we should not make fun of others. Healthy food is good for our health and we should not eat junk food. Learning Outcome: Visual learning is the best way to learn, keeping this in mind; children were shown various animals in different ways like Dramatization, Narration/Enactment, Show and Tell and Visit to Deer Park were organized by teachers. The picnic to Deer Park was a learning and enjoyable experience for our little ones. It gave an opportunity to see few animals in their natural habitat. The visit to deer Park provided learning and entertaining experience to the children. The Deer Park comprises much subsection such as Duck Park, Picnic Spots Rabbit Enclosures etc. The children were also able to spot some peacocks perching on trees.

Topic- Diwali Celebrations- 9th November 2015
In our multicultural society we need to instill and enforce the universal values of brotherhood, tolerance, peace, compassion, patriotism and solidarity in our children. A celebration in the form of special assemblies is an effort to sensitize students towards living in harmony in a diverse society. They are taught to learn to use their thinking ability and skills to work for a safe and better world and to live in harmony with their fellow beings.

  • Enlightening the students about the spirit and importance behind Diwali.
  • Sensitizing the children about the harmful effects of burning crackers and different ways of celebrating Diwali.

Topic- Heritage Quiz
Quiz was organised on the theme of natural, built and cultural heritage on 27 November 2015. The quiz was aimed at evincing interest of the students in the cultural diversity of the country and to raise awareness among students about conservation and management of the country's heritage. A team of four students from grade VI and VII could participate in the quiz. GIIS Bengaluru hosted the quiz while GIIS Ahmedabad, GIIS Chinchwad, GIIS Indore, GIIS Noida and GIIS Surat were the participants.The quiz was held in three rounds, in first round each team was asked two questions related to natural, built and cultural heritage of India. The second round was visual round in which the teams had to identify monuments of India. The third round was visual round in which the teams had to identify the musical instrument or the voice of the artist singing the song. The final round was the rapid fire round in which each team was asked questions related to their city. The students participated very enthusiastically. The results of the quiz are as follows- First position- GIIS Surat Second position- GIIS Chinchwad Third position- GIIS Noida

Topic- : Constitution Day
The Constitution Day was celebrated in the school premises in order to pay tribute to Dr. Ambedkar who played a seminal role in the framing of the Indian Constitution as the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of Constituent Assembly and to spread awareness about the salient features of the Indian Constitution. The students of Grade VIII delivered a presentation on the Indian Constitution. They explained the purpose of celebrating the Constitution Day. They also explained the meaning of Constitution and showed the pictures of the members of the drafting committee of Constituent Assembly and read out the name of each member of the drafting committee. After that, they presented some interesting facts on the Indian Constitution. The preamble of the Constitution was read out by the social science teacher, Geetanjali Ma’am. She explained the meaning of -Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic to the students. She explained that the Constitution Day celebrations will revive its basic philosophy of building an egalitarian society without fear or bias. The students also shared their views regarding the Constitution and the need to celebrate the Constitution Day. The assembly was concluded with the thought to uphold the ideals and values of the Constitution and create a nation that would make our founding fathers very proud.

Sri Vidya Mandir, Anandasramam, Salem

Topic- Celebration of Heritage Week 5

A grand gala for a week through heritage club our school propagate and promote the development of human values by encouraging the students to keep the environment clean, help the needy etc. In this regard students were taken to Ramar Temple, Ayothiyapatnam which depicts the incidents from the epic Ramayana, where the students cleaned the surroundings.We have also conducted competitions like Heritage Quiz, Drawing, Ancient Games, etc. This celebration certainly will kindle the students’ interest in Social activities.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Students of Grades 6 as part of their formative assessment during the festival month of October and November put together a project to demystify the various rituals and practices associated with festivals and find scientific and logical reasons for the same. Students as part of understanding the chapter Earth and the solar system also worked on how planets their movements have an impact on Indian festivals and various facets of astronomy related to it. How do the nine planets popularly known as “Grahas” have an impact on our lives? Another popular theme used by students to understand ritual was the association of colors with festivals. The nine day Navratri festival associated with nine colors and how women wear traditional saris on these days using the color scheme was an interesting study. Students also worked on the idea of food and its association with festival. How some fruits /vegetable/grain and cereals are eaten and also how abstinence from some of the food is part of festivals in India. Why Bel fruit is associated with Shivrathri and why rice and wheat avoided during Navrathri why fast during Roza and feast during Iftaar .The discussion and subsequent collage helped give a different perspective to the entire understanding of festivals. Students of Grade 6 & 7 worked on the burial practices of ancient India and in the process prepared a group project on Inamgaon and its importance as Burial sites. They studied it as an important historical site and source for understanding the society and practices associated with people of the ancient times.

DAV International School, Amritsar

Topic- Club Activities for the month of November and Heritage Week Report

To mark the festival of lights, a special program was organized on the premises of DAV International School, Amritsar on 10th November, 15. In the specially designed morning assembly students were informed about the significance of Diwali festival. Tastefully decorated school campus added charm and religious fervour to the atmosphere as the young DAVIANS dressed up as different characters from the Ramayana enchanted all through a short play. Various scenes from the life of Lord Rama were presented through 'jhankis'. Addressing the students, Principal Anjana Gupta said that Diwali is a festival of lights and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement. She said Diwali festival symbolizes love and care. It is the victory of light over darkness, Knowledge over ignorance and good over evil. She told students to celebrate this Diwali in eco-friendly manner. Students, through an awareness rally, conveyed the people to celebrate Pollution Free Diwali’. They raised slogans to create awareness about the hazards of bursting crackers and made beautiful and expressive posters to make it more effective. On this occasion, different activities like card making, lamp decoration, poster writing, Rangoli making was carried out in different grades.

Vigilance Awareness Week
Vigilance Awareness Week was organised at DAV International School, Amritsar from 1st - 6th November CBSE schools in the city. Special morning assemblies were held where students were educated about how they can help in eradicating corruption from the society. Throughout the week different activities were conducted to sensitize the students. Students made eye-catching posters and wrote slogans on anti-corruption. Students had elocution competition on the various topics related to vigilance. They presented a street show to inform others about the need of the hour. On the last day the students took an oath by joining hands to eradicate all kinds of corruption by acting as a strong vigilant and help their country progress.

Children’s Day
The program began with prayer, dance and tributes to Chacha Nehru. Various activities and events were organized and perform by teacher. The day had the theme of love. A special morning was also organized. School Principal MrsAnjana Gupta was also present on this occasion.

Heritage Week Celebrated
As per the guidelines of INTACH, Delhi chapter we also celebrated heritage week in our school from 19th to 25th November. The description of the activities is given below:- Cleaning Drive at Jalianwala Bagh, Amritsar On 21st November, a group consisting of 25 aware and enthused students was led by Mrs. Priyanka Tanteja. They visited the prestigious historical site Jalianwala Bagh, located amidst husting and busting city life. Students undertook the noble task of creating awareness among masses to ensure proper maintenance of this historic site. Armed with brooms, they took part in a massive cleaning exercise at the monument and the surroundings.

A Visit to Serai Amanat Khar
On 23rd November the school INTACH Club organized a visit to a wonderfull historical building i.e Sarai Amant Khanon Lahore-Delhi Road. It was build by Amanat-Khan-Al-Shiarazi who was a great Architect at tha Mughal time.Amanat Khan was also the architect of Taj Mahal, Agra

Fancy dress competition
The INTACH club of the school organized Unity in Diversity day on 24th November in which all students of class participated. To mark the occasion students were dressed in the traditional attire of the different states which presented a colorful spectacle .To add to this flavor, different varieties of traditional foods were excited to see a mini-India with so many different costumers, variety of foods, different culture and tradition

Jawahar Public School, Edava, Kerala

Topic- Heritage club Activity in the month of October 2015


Programme was conducted as a part of inculcating a way of knowing about the past; rather just a collection of facts. To develop appreciation about our great heritage and make children aware about the need to conserve our prestigious heritage.


Students were motivated by the teacher co-ordinators of heritage club to search for pieces of heritage in their home and family. A date was given for them to bring their collections of heritage. Objects were collected on the prescribed date. Heritage club members and teacher co-ordinators actively take initiative to create a heritage stall in association with Science Fair, which provided a platform for showcasing pieces of our great heritage. Lot of motivation was therefore the heritage club members and co-ordinators in the form of appreciation from part of students, teachers, Principal and Parents and the venture turned out a successful one.

Heritage Club Co-ordinators :- Ms. Jayasree. K B, Mr. Ajayesh. S, Ms. Raji. V R and Ms. Dayana Shaju

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage Club activities in the month of October

‘World Food Day’

The students of class IV and V donated fruits which we distributed in Kanhai Village, since the school has adopted this village for community transformation. An enlightening Talk show ‘Say No to Junk Food’ highlighted the importance of healthy eating and role of various nutrients in our body. Special Assembly to mark Gandhi Jayanti and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji’s Birth Anniversary School celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with great fervor and enthusiasm to mark the 146th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji’s Birth anniversary.

United Nation Day
To mark the 70th Anniversary of United Nations, a special assembly was organized. The students of class V-C organized a talk show on World United Nation Day. Why the need was felt to have this organization. The children talked about the I & II World War destruction and the impact of these wars on mankind. The students carried beautiful banners of ‘Turn the world UN Blue’ campaign. The students also briefed the assembly about Indian Model United Nations in schools. The talk show ended with the Question and Answer round based on the United Nations and its agencies and their working.

The students of Heritage Club organized a talk show on the World Unicef Day, its objectives and contributions. They spoke about Alfred Nobel’s visions about UNICEF and also emphasized contributions made by Nobel Peace Prize winners is transforming UNICEF, highlighting the Nobel deeds of Mr. Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Usafzai, who won the Nobel Peace prize in the year 2014 for helping the children who were forced to do child labour and bring about an awakening in the society to fight for their rights.

DAV International School, Amritsar

Topic- Club Activities

Remembering Anand Swami Ji and Swami Virjanand Ji

The morning assembly of DAV International School, Amritsar echoed with hymns and shlokas as students paid obeisance to the learned scholars and philosophers, Swami Virjanand and Mahatma Anand Swami on 26th Oct, 2015. The students paid tributes to Swami Virjanand on his birth anniversary and remembered Mahatma Anand Swami with reverence on his death anniversary. A havan was performed on the school premises for peace and contentment. A special assembly was held to enlighten students about the inspirational lives of these Vedic scholars.

Remembering Mahatma Ananad Swami ji’s birthday
The School organised a series of events in order to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Anand Swamiji on 15th October. He had been instrumental in spreading the light of Arya Samaj amidst the darkness of the world. A special morning assembly was organized in which students were educated about the life of this great soul. Teachers and students jointly participated in the havan ceremony. The students were also shown movie highlighting the great deeds of Swami ji.

School organized a special Morning Assembly on its premises. Young DAVIANS displayed slogans, applauding the actions of this freedom fighter as patriotic and heroic. The celebration aimed to disseminate Gandhi ji’s philosophy, principles and belief in non- violence through proper education and public awareness. Students also took pledge to follow the path of peace and harmony. A small play was also enacted conveying that Gandhi ji never hankered after power and always worked as a selfless patriot for the wellbeing of mankind. Principal Anjana Gupta, while addressing the students, emphasized the significance of this day and briefed the students about Mahatma Gandhi’s life and his contribution in India’s freedom. Further she added that he was truly secular who had always believed in communal harmony. The Principal exhorted the students to imbibe the value displayed by Mahatma Gandhi ji and be morally upright to fight against evil.

Delhi Public School, Sec 45, Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH activities for the month of October’ 15


INTERNATIONAL DAY OF NON-VIOLENCE: Keeping this in mind, knowledge about Gandhiji’s methods of non-violence and how to practice them in life was imparted to the students. Also, students were asked to draw a dove, which is universally accepted as a symbol of peace. Students learnt about a vital part of the National Flag, ‘the charka’. The 3 monkeys is a concept which originated in Japan and has many interpretations. A person should not allow evil to happen in front of his eyes. They should not hear evil and should not speak ill of others. These principles were imparted to students to help them become noble and just individuals in the future. Students donned the roles of our country’s freedom fighters and portrayed the events of the swadeshi and Non-Cooperation Movement. The aim of this activity was to help the students understand the importance of unity, non-violence and how the use of swadeshi products benefited the fight against the British.

The festival of Dussehra is unique in its perception and significance. It is also called Vijayadashami and is celebrated as victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasura In fact, the hidden message that it conveys is the victory of good over the evil and success of truth over lies.


INTACH School team celebrated ‘World Animal Welfare Day’ on 14th October,2015. The students of classes VI and VII held a discussion to gain insight into the cruelty inflicted on animals. Class VIII students wrote a poem about the responsibilities of humans towards animals. This was followed by a pledge taken by the students to be kind to animals.

An educational trip to ‘Red Fort’ was organized by the Indian Traditions and Heritage Society (ITIHAAS) on 10th October 2015 for the students of class VII. The module was all about re living the magnificence that was a hallmark of the age of the great Mughals through stories, enactments and activities. The children learnt about the rich heritage of our country.

An educational trip was organised by the school on 23rd September, 2015, Wednesday. Few students from classes VII and VIII were taken to Jantar Mantar for an event on ‘Autumn Equinox’ (Project Paridhi). The Chief Guest for the same was the Deputy Chief Minister of New Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia. The students were taken for a Heritage Walk around the monument, and given necessary details about the same. They were given an activity to create a simple sun-dial by recording the movement of the sun, on an hourly basis. They were assisted by the volunteers present there

Jodhamal Public School, Jammu

Topic- INTACH Club Activity on Dogri

Jodhamal Public School INTACH Club took an initiative in promoting the rich heritage of Jammu, its local language DOGRI, This intangible Heritage of Jammu is facing the crisis of not being given an actual status but is step motherly treated. The students organized a cultural programme throwing light on how prestigious the language DOGRI is through different activities like speech, play poetry recitation, Power point presentation and dance programme. The chief guest of the day SH. S.M. Sahni Kas (Retd.)Convener, Jammu Chapter along with other dignitaries attended the programme which was highly appreciated by the guest and the audience.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH September activities

To commemorate the United Nations World Tourism Day, which is observed on September 27 each year, this month's INTACH Club activities aimed to foster awareness among the young Indians, the importance of Tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values.

The various activities conducted during the month of September were:

Whilecreating a collage of the Seven Wonders of the World, the students got an insight about the magnificent and flawless architectural beauty.

Walking down the memory lane, the students made expressive illustrations of their experiences and treasured moments spent with their near and dear ones at their dream destination.

Creating a brochure for a state of their choice was a way to foster tourism there. Rendering information about geographical location, historical landmarks, cultural heritage, cuisine etc, the students succeeded in promoting the importance of tourism in the state of their choice.

The Indian Slogan 'Atithi Devo Bhava' which means Guest is God was creatively and artistically depicted in the posters made by the students during this activity.

A souvenir holds a significant role in Tourism, which a person acquiresfor remembrance of the place of visit. Focussing on this aspect, the students designed eye catching and beautiful souvenirs to promote tourism in India.

The students enthusiastically endeavoured in the advertisement activity promoting India as a Dream Destination to the world. They made interesting jingles and catchy one liner which would attract the attention of the tourists



Students celebrated ‘Literacy Day’ on 18th September’ 2015. As an initiative to support education, a poster making activity on the topic: ‘Educate the girl,educate the World’ was organised for the middle school children. Through their posters, the students highlighted the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. The students marked this occasion by taking a vow to promote education in their own small way by becoming a mentor to a non literate person.

Under the guidance of Principal Ms. Aditi Misra, School Organized ‘International Shri Bhagwat Gita Shalok Recitation’in collaboration with Chinmaya Mission, within the School Premises ; Wherein 300 student from different school under different Categories (class III-X) participated enthusiastically DPS Sec-45.

DAV International School, Verka Chowk, Amritsar

Topic- Club activities in the month of August 2015

Under the aegis of Arya Pratinidhi Upsabha, Punjab a mesmerizing Vedic Bhajan Sandhya was organized at Company Bagh, Amritsar on 1st August. The famous Arya Samajee Sh. Inderpal Arya presented a heart ‘Bhakti Ras Lehr’ including soothing and meaningful bhajans. Students sang a melodious Bhajan ‘Om Naam Ka Jaap Karo’. The heritage club organized a visit to Durgiana Mandir situated in Amritsar, believed to have built in the 16th century. On the 69th Independence Day celebrations, a special assembly was organized which began with the hoisting of the National Flag. Cultural programme included a play on the life of Bhagat Singh, dance on the song; Jai ho’, recitation of patriotic poem etc. Principal Anjana Gupta advised the students to draw inspiration from the freedom fighters and contribute something for the country by following the path of righteousness. The school celebrated ‘Ved Prachar Saptah’ from 22nd to 29th August 2015. It started with students conducting the holy hawan and chanted the Vedic Mantras. The relevance of Vedas was explained to the students in their classes by the teachers. A declamation contest on Swami Dayanand was also conducted. A vedic quiz was held based on all four Vedas.

Global Indian International School, Noida

Topic- activities in the month of August

World Peace day- August 6, 2015
The assembly started with a Quote : “Begin your day with prayer and make it so soulful that it may remain with you until evening. Close the day with prayer, so that you may have a peaceful night, free from dreams and nightmares. Do not worry about the forms. Let it be any form, it should be such that it can put us in communication with the Divine.” To inculcate the values of Gandhiji, A Sarvadharm Prayer was sung by the choir group. A sense of belongingness among students was in the air. • Ms. Preeti Rajput was invited as a chief guest. She is a firm believer of Buddhism and practices Buddhism from Bharat Soka Gakkai. She addressed us with a peace Message. Later Preeti ma’am visited MGCUV room at the campus and paid homage to Gandhiji’s idol. The day was filled with array of activities for students from Grade 1 – 8. All these activities were designed keeping in mind the story of Sadako Sasaki. Class 1 & 2 Origami - making crane for peace. Class 3 Story writing – completing the story using multiple choices. Class 4 Story writing – using scrambled sentences. Class 5 Story writing – picture composition Class 6 , 7 & 8 PPT Presentation Class 6 : Sadako – her story retold in a pictorial version Class 7 : Mallalla Yusufzai – A messenger of Peace Class 8 : My Vision on Peace The Display Board for Peace Day, 6th August 2015, was designed by the art & craft teacher, keeping in mind Sadako Sasaki’s story.

International Youth Day- 19th August 2015
International Youth Day was celebrated in the school wherein students of classes 7 and 8 sung a song based on youth and also spoke about the importance of the day. The day started with the morning assembly conducted by class I. After that Shannon and Shrestha from class 7 familiarised everyone with the importance of the day and the role of young generation in shaping the society. They told us that the age group of 15 to 24 years is treated as youth and can play a significant role in building today’s and tomorrow’s nation. The theme for International Youth Day 2015- ‘Youth and Civic Engagement’ was also shared. Students were sensitised of their active role in social and other issues as they are the mirror of tomorrow’s India and also the significant place they hold in the society. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

Community Helpers Activity- 21st August 2015
Visit of various community helpers were organized by teachers to make children understand about the various helpers in our society .They can also identify the helpers with their tools they use in their working. All the community helpers who were called were sitting in a semi circle in amphitheater our campus with their tools like Electrician, sweeper, gardener, cobbler, guard, vegetable seller, electrician and tailor. All the community helpers displayed their tools and explain to kids how they use them. Parents from different fields came and spoke about their respective profession and how they help the society in various ways.

Field trip to Nehru Planetarium and Astronomy Workshop by “Atlantis….going beyond”- August 25, 2015 The field trip to Nehru planetarium was an effective integration to their Unit of Inquiry “Our Solar System”. Students saw a model of satellite launcher at the entrance. They examined carefully the astronaut suit of Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma (India’s first astronaut to set foot on Earth’s moon in 1984). Before the students proceeded to the sky theatre, there was an informative session. They gathered information on night sky, solar system, usage of sundial (Jantar Mantar model) before going for the show “Wonders of the Universe”. The students stayed glued through a description of our solar system, carefully listening and understanding the details and to identify the different planets and even learning to recognise constellations. The show was extremely good and provided a good visual experience as well as factual knowledge of astronomy.

Heritage Education Programme (UNESCO) - 27th August 2015
Heritage education workshop was organised in the school by banglenatak dot com in collaboration with UNESCO. Ms Debjani Bose , the key resourse person for the programme along with Mr. Abhay and Mr. Rahim explained what heritage means in today’s world and why is it an integral part of our life. They also interacted with the children and explained how they have collaborated with UNESCO, which helps in promoting the rural craft. The children were shown the videos on wooden mask, sitalpatti,kantha, terracotta toys, wooden dolls, dokra , clay dolls, chau mask, patachitra and madurkathi. They also had hands on experience of patachitra, a unique style of painting stories on long scrolls of cloth. The Patua (the artist) paints the story and sings it while unfurling the scroll. The most unique thing is that all the colours used by the artist are natural ones, extracted from vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Slogan making competition-28th August 2015
The students made slogans for the plantation drive. They wrote thought provoking slogans on trees and their importance which acted as a wake-up call and reinforced the need to take some action to save the trees. The children displayed their creativity and imagination.

Janmashtami special assembly- 2nd September, 2015
Krishnashtami was celebrated with gaiety which began with Morning Prayer conducted by Grade 1 students. The festival’s importance was explained to the students (when, why and how we celebrate Janmashtami) by Grade 1 students. The tiny tots (Pre-School students) presented a beautiful dance on ‘Mohe chedo na’. Students of Pre- Primary dressed up as ‘Krishna’ and beautiful ‘gopis’ transformed the entire stage into Vrindavan. Dressed up in colourful attire the students danced with great enthusiasm and mesmerized the audience. ‘Bhajan Recital’ was performed by the students of middle wing and spell bound the hearts of the audience. Another soul-touching dance formation was presented by the students of Grade 3 and 4 ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’. Through the symbolic dance and devotional song, the message of Krishna to the humanity was given to the children in a very charismatic manner. The event was concluded with the blessings and motivation by our Principal ma’am Ms. Nandita Dasgupta and Coordinator ma’am Ms. Manisha Bhagee who congratulated everyone on successfully conducting event of Janmashtmi and explained the significance of this festival to the students and the way they can contribute towards social harmony and cherish it all through their lives.

R.N Podar School, Mumbai

Topic- Activities for the month of July and August

Students of Grade VI to VIII learnt the traditional methods of textile printing in the school. All the students of the club learnt 'tie and dye'. Students got cotton fabric and thread and learnt art of tying. They were also shown a ppt to understand different methods of tying a fabric. Then they coloured their fabrics and brought the fabric back to school after drying it at home.

In the month of August the entire school was involved in the celebration of Independence day. All sections of Grade VI presented different patriotic songs. Grade VII performed skits to present the different landmarks in the Indian Freedom struggle starting from the Mutiny of 1857 to the quit India Movement. Grade VIII went a step further they analysed different aspects of the meaning of the word 'Freedom'. Their topics were as follows

VIII A- the secret of happiness is freedom the secret of freedom is courage.
VIII B- you can't separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.
VIII C - freedom is not enough
VIII D - freedom is not worth if it does not allow freedom to make mistakes.
VIII E - freedom cannot be given, it has to be taken.
Students presented skits along with music and discussion on the topic to mark celebration of Independence Day.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam, Chennai

Topic- Heritage Club activities in the Month of August 2015

The club members participated in an INTACH India Heritage quiz 2015 on 1st of August.


Independence Day was celebrated in our school. A senior teacher hoisted the tricolor and the students displayed drawings and charts on the bulletin boards.


On the 14th of August, we had the Filmit workshop in our school premises organized by INTACH. The workshop was conducted under the guidance of INTACH Officials Ms Purnima Datt and Dr. Suresh. The resource persons were Mr. Vinod and Ms. Shreya.


In connection with Madras Day the students participated in” 2015 Young INTACH Madras Day Contest.” Students participated in an essay writing competition and wrote about the unique features of Parthasarathy Temple, Thousand Lights Mosque and St Mary’s Church. The Students Participated in a PPT contest on August 18th organized by Mylapore Times. The theme was Churches in Chennai. Our Students Chose St. Peter’s Church, Royapuram. A film on “History of Chennai” by Dr. Muthiah eminent historian of Chennai was screened in our school auditorium on August 19th. On August 22nd Madras Day was celebrated with a row of events in our school. Bulletin Boards were decorated with colorful charts and drawings. A PPT on monuments of Chennai was done by our 11th STD students and shown to STD IV and V students. A song composed by our teacher was taught by XI STD students to our primary students. A quiz was conducted for Std.V to VIII. The questions were based on monuments and also covered music, dance, literature and legends of Chennai.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, Chennai

Topic- Madras Day Celebrations

As a part of Madras Day Celebrations, the members of the club participated in a flag designing competition. Salient features from some of the best entries were chosen to design a flag for the Madras Day depicting the heritage of the city.

Delhi Public School, Sec 45, Gurgaon

TOPIC- INTACH activities for the month of August’ 15


The students of Class IV participated with commendable fervor in ‘The Saga of Independence’ wherein other classes got drawn in different class level activities.


The Saga of Independence was celebrated on 13th August wherein students revisited India’s history and traced the journey right from the first war of independence to Quit India Movement.


Students drew the National flag and deeply analyzed and understood the reason of prudently choosing the three colours along with the symbolic meaning of Ashoka Chakra.


The most important knowledge that can be introduced in young minds is the awareness on National signs. Children made different national symbols like national tree, bird, game, flag, animal and coloured them all showcasing their creativity.


Students collected various pictures of freedom fighters as per their choice and made a collage out of it. They got ample time to research over these freedom fighters and select their pictures.


Students penned down the slogans used by the freedom fighters at the time of Independence.


The students portrayed themselves enacting as various freedom fighters like Gandhiji, Rani laxmibai etc. and spoke their legendry dialogues.


Students coloured their hands in the tricolor and put an impression in their notebooks. It was just not about coloring their hands but coloring their souls in the tricolor and feel proud being an Indian.


Students participated in this activity in which they unscrambled the words which were the names of the freedom fighters.


A beautiful innovative way of making students feel important and responsible citizens of India and pen down in their own words what contribution they can make to Mother India.


Students celebrated the ‘Day of the World’s Indigenous People’ on13th August’ 2015. The students of the Middle School explored the fascinating world of the tribes of India and wrote about their culture, traditions and lifestyle.


Rakhi symbolizes the bond of love, affection and care. It is the sentiments that matter on this day and what can be a better expression of love than a self maderakhi. Rakhi Making Activity for class VI was held on 11th August 2015 in their respective classes . The students’ enthusiasm and excitement shone bright as they poured their creative skills to make beautiful rakhis using eco-friendly and biodegradable material.


School celebrated the 69th Independence Day on 15th August, 2015 in the school ground. The function commenced with unfurling of the tricolor by the Principal Ms. Aditi Misra. It was followed by release of balloons to commemorate the auspicious day. The Principal invited students of class XI to express their thoughts on this occasion of Independence Day. Voicing their patriotic fervour, the students urged their peer group not to be swayed by western influences but strive for growth and progress of the nation. Reiterating the sentiment, Ms. Aditi Misra asked the children to be the change that they wish to see in their country. She emphasised the role of youth today as the true wealth of a country. To keep alive the flame of national pride, the students enthusiastically rendered a medley of patriotic songs. The celebration drew to a close with kite flying to mark the occasion.

K.L Mehta Dayanand Public Sr. Sec. School, Sec-16 Faridabad

Topic- Van Mahotsav Celebration

Van Mahotsav was celebrated in our school premises on 25th July 2015. It was presided by the Vice President Sh. Anand Mehta and the School Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Meena Thukral who also participated in planting the trees with the children.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya CBSE, Coimbatore

Topic- Heritage Club activities

This academic year started with an active participation of the children in Zonal Level Heritage Quiz conducted in Coimbatore by INTACH.

Activity – 1 June – 1st Week

As a part of the World Environment day Activity, a few Heritage Club children were encouraged to select a tree friend in the school campus and they were induced to find its history and significance and discuss why they choose it as their tree friend.

Activity –2 June – 3rdWeek

As an introduction to India’s ancient tradition of performing arts, the students were given a group activity to draw and paint various postures of our classical dance Bharathanatyam. Children were also made to enjoy performing those postures by themselves.

Activity –3 July – 1stWeek

To create an interest towards our Carnatic music the students were indulged in making their own musical instruments from waste materials They made colourful drums and discussed about the various types of drums.

Activity – 4 July 3rd Week

The children had a group discussion about endangered animals and birds. They discussed about eco system, the role of animals in eco system and the importance of protecting animals, as several species are facing extinction due to destructive human activities.

Activity – 5 July Last Week

As the continuation of the group discussion the children were encouraged to draw the endangered species. They very enthusiastically made fun with colours and enjoyed drawing the endangered species

Delhi School of Excellence, Hyderabad

Topic- Heritage activities for the month of July 2015

Keeping this in mind the students of PP1 and PP2 learnt about Eid and Raksha Bandhan and also learnt the importance and significance of celebrating festivals together. Tiny tots gained knowledge through PPT on festivals, song, quiz and group activity. They all enjoyed singing songs on Raksha Bandhan and learning the importance of having a brother. A mobile group activity to decorate the symbol of Eid was done in the class. Grade 1 students were given the topic Birds wherein the students were taught about what birds are, the different kinds of beaks and their uses followed by a scrap book work. A fun filled and colorful activity was done on coloring the feathers of the peacock using different mediums. Grade 2 had trees as their topic in heritage education which focused on trees and its importance. Various fun filled activities followed like preparation of neem face pack ,touch, feel and taste activity ,coconut water its uses and children relishing drinking coconut water and concluding with making of coconut laddoos and sharing it with students which ultimately raised a big question in the minds of children "Hmmm ... why do we chop down trees and chop up wood.? Children of Grade 3 & 4 were made cognizant of their family and their past by doing a family tree activity wherein the children used different mediums and drew a family tree in the notebook. The topic for Grade 6 was Animals and its importance. Children were enlightened about animals their importance as well as the alarming rates at which their population is going down. An enactment on animals and its importance was done using various masks to highlight the effect.

Likewise the heritage club of Grade 6 designed posters on world environment day bringing the message loud and clear-Save nature-Save earth-Save ourselves. The students of Grade X as part of their heritage club had various activities right from designing a creative cover page to preparation of documentation card on indigenous trees and last a preparation of a scroll on the life cycle of a tree. Likewise an activity called ‘Dadima ke nuske’ was organized on the topic miracle medicines from the kitchen shelf wherein the children came up with different household tips to cure common ailments as well as to avoid certain medical problems in our day to day life, delivering the message loud and clear “Prevention is better than Cure.’ Grade VI & X who are part of Heritage Club in the new Academic Session started their journey with a memorable and exciting trip to Salarjung Museum which enthralled and mesmerized. The visit to the AP State Archaeology Museum an oldest museum in Hyderabad state by Grade III,IV ,V was an exciting and memorable experience where the children explored various artifacts and were enthralled by the museum’s main attraction the Egyptian mummy which was brought by Mahbub Ali khan for a paltry sum. The students of Grade IX and X also visited the Maratha Infantry Regiment which is 250yrs old ,on the occasion of Kargil Diwas .The programme started with the laying of wreath on the war memorial and then taken around the barracks and shown the way the soldiers are trained and lived ..Indeed the most befitting way to pay homage to the 500 soldiers who laid their lives in the Kargil battle against the enemy .’


June 5 World Environment Day was celebrated in school by making the children cognizant about the deplorable condition of environment through a small video followed by a brief lecture by the Science HOD on environment and how to save it and finally the children completed a worksheet on environment. The conclusion of the Environment Day was by planting saplings in the school garden by the school administrator Ms. Rama Devi and Principal Ms. Suparna Mehrotra. Grade VI presented an assembly on ‘Tribals –Their way of life’ were the children dressed in traditional outfits spoke who the tribal’s are and how they are different from mainstream society. The preprimary celebrated Red Colour Day on 26th June’15.They were dressed in robust red and involved in recognizing the colour through various games and activities. Green is the colour of nature, and on 22nd July’15 Preprimary celebrated Green Colour Day with zeal, they started their day with learning to make green chutney and then they made yummy sandwiches with chutney and cucumber slices. Little ones dressed up as vegetable vendors and the preprimary wing was transformed into a bustling raitu bazaar and welcoming the guest, teachers and students by singing songs and selling their vegetables. PPI students watered the plants in the DSE garden. Colour celebration ended with a beautiful frog craft.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic- World Population Day

In 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme recommended that 11 July be observed by the international community as World Population Day, a day to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues. The theme of this year's World Population Day is Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies. Students from class 5-7 along with teachers and Principal Caesar D’silva gathered at HAPPY STREETS on Sunday and interacted with the sea of people. Students discussed and shared their opinions with the audience about the growing and increasing population and its adverse effects. They were inspired to get an overwhelming response and many relevant solutions to the issue to growing population. Students also presented a street play in front of the crowd and conveyed a message to Promote education for all.

This awareness campaign is celebrated all over the world to know the reason of this exploding population and find relevant measures such as education for all, poverty eradication and development. This event was organised to bring public awareness in combating population growth and improving the quality of life. The presentation included relevant aspects such as human rights, right to health, right to education, safety measures, traffic hazards, adolescent education, poverty eradication and empowerment. The presentation ended with a march by GIIS students through the streets and got positive response and applauds from the crowd.

Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

Topic- Celebration of Van Mahostav



Students celebrated Van Mahotsav in the month of July. The objective of the celebration was to create awareness about the importance of trees. The session began by giving children an introduction about Van (forest) Mahotsav (festival) and why it is important. Various interesting activities highlighting the importance of trees were planned. Students drew a scene from the jungle. The sketches came to life on paper as students coloured them in vivid colours. Students were asked to illustrate the importance of saving paper by making a drawing. They came up with brilliant ideas like recycling, avoidance of unnecessary printing, usage of electronic media and age-old verbal communication. Students penned down the importance of conserving trees in the form of poem. Children came up with meaningful stanzas using key words like environment, clean, fresh, greenery and oxygen. The students made a badge on saving trees and coloured it. They wore it in the school thereby spreading the message of importance of conserving trees. The students illustrated the journey of a seed to a tree. They then wrote down the experience of a seed growing and turning into a sapling and its journey towards becoming a tree. The students made a variety of posters on ‘SAVE TREES’ and wrote very interesting slogans on their posters. They then pasted the posters in the corridors of the school. The students also made posters depicting the importance of trees in our lives. Innovative designer bags were made by the students using newspaper. They were then decorated in the class. This made them learn how newspapers can be recycled.

Children imagined that they were a tree about to be cut by a wood-cutter to make money. They articulated their feelings in the autobiography. Their gratitude towards trees increased manifold with this activity. Students were made to write and draw the activities which harm the growth of trees. This activity made them realise that human activities are affecting the environment in a very harmful way. They came up with ideas to conserve the greenery around them, which can be implemented easily. The tree plantation drive that was organized gave students a first-hand experience of planting and nurturing a growing sapling.


INTACH School group celebrated ‘Van Mahotsav’ on 17th July’15. The students of Middle school researched about their state tree and wrote its uses and importance as well as myths and traditions associated with the tree. The students from each section adopted a plant and are nurturing and taking care of the plant. The students were encouraged to preserve trees which play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance. The INTACH club members aslo prepared a board on van mahotsav.

R.N Podar School, Mumbai

Topic- Heritage Club activities

Heritage club R.N Podar School holds sessions for students every Friday. Students of Grades VI to VIII learnt different traditional Street Plays forms of India and performed short plays picking up social issues like child trafficking, to addictions and even on women liberation. In the month of July student learnt Tie and Dye - a traditional form of textile printing. They got cotton cloth and learnt how to tie the fabric later they also dyed their fabrics. The Club Celebrated the 'Birth anniversary' of the Indian Tricolour. They were introduced to story of Shri Shyamlal Gupta- the composer of 'Flag song' and students sang the flag song. Celebrating Kargil Diwas students were shown a documentary of Kargil War and they were introduced to the bravery of the Indian Army and the valor of Indian soldiers.

F. D. High School, Ahmedabad

Topic- Celebration of Digital India Week

"Digital India Week" was launched by Hon'ble Prime Minister on 1st July 2015. To celebrate the Digital India Week, the students were taken to the Paldi Post Office so that the students can get first hand information regarding the working of the post office and the services it provides. The students were taken around by Mr. Shrenit, Lata madam and other staff members of the paldi post office. The students were informed about various dealings done at the Paldi Post office. Working of Speed post, Business post, Media post, retail post, bill mail services, e-post, e-payment, e-money order, Tatkal money, Passport services, Postal Banking services, Postal Insurance and International Money Transfer was explained to the students at the respective windows of operations. Sorting of the mails according to districts was also explained to the students. The students were also shown the working of the PPF and Saving department and the benefits of the same. The students were feeling very satisfied by the response the staff members at the post office. The students thanked all the staff members for taking their precious time out and explaining them the working of the post office.

Global Indian International School, Noida

Topic- Days Celebrated

The celebration of Van Mahotsav Week at GIIS Noida was an ideal opportunity to instill personal and social responsibility in our students towards safeguarding trees and forests. To celebrate the Festival of trees called Van Mahotsav primary students participated in various activities conducted in a weeklong event.

• Activity 1- Slogan writing competition (2nd July ’15)-Grade 6 Chart papers sheets were provided to the students and they were told to bring decorative material to do the slogan writing. Children showed a lot of enthusiasm. Students came up with beautiful and inspiring slogans relating to plants and the earth. Ms. Beena and Ms. Shazia took the efforts to judge the slogans. The award winning students are I- Adwitiya Singh, II- Rajshibhu Pandey, III- Megha Singla.

• Activity 2 –Special Assembly (3rd July’15)- Grade III-B and students of Eco Club put in together presented a special assembly dedicated to Van Mahotsav. The flow of event was
a) Morning prayer song
b) Speech on importance of van mahotsav supported by a presentation
c) Song on trees
d) play on chipko movement flowed by narration on chipko movement
e) Pledge

• Activity 3-Inter house quiz competition-(6th July’15)-Grade 7 & 8- Four student from each house was selected by the house masters to participate in the quiz competition. Students participated enthusiastically. Hibiscus house emerged as the winning house and chrysanthemum house took the second lead.

• Activity 4-Inter house poster making competition (7th July’15)-grade 4&5-To promote environmental awareness Student of class 4 & 5 had participated in poster making competition on this occasion. Each group had made their poster on Tittle ‘Amazing world of plants”. All groups had depicted different ideas on various aspects of plant life.

• Activity 5- Exhibition (10th July’15) - Grade 1-8- this was the final phase of week long celebration of Van Mahotsav. The work compiled by the students as their holiday homework, which was designed around the theme of van mahotsav was put up on display. Thus it turned about to be a grand event involving all the grade from 1 till 8.

World Dance day was celebrated at GIIS Noida on 30 April 2015 with an objective to increase awareness and the importance of dance among the masses. In a special assembly the students spoke about World Dance Day. They explained the meaning of dance, dances of India, UNESCO list of Cultural Heritage and benefits of dance. Students from classes 7 & 8 presented TAP DANCE and students from classes 5 & 6 presented KATHAK TARANA. World Dance Day has given an opportunity to the students to know and appreciate the different dance forms.

As a part of World Population Day, the assembly was started with the Morning Prayer. After that Shreya of grade V explained why we celebrate World Population Day. The students of grade 5 gave a power point presentation on the facts about population. They covered various topics like:

1. India‘s share in world population,
2. Comparison between the developed and developing nations,
3. Facts and figures about the current population.
4. the most striking feature of their presentation was the topic of Rural India.
5. The students used the socio- economic census data and explained about the real condition of rural India.
6. In conclusion they explained the effects of over- population and the possible steps to control population.

A maths quiz was also organized in the assembly. Three students from each house of grades 6-8 participated in the quiz. The First position was secured by Nehal, Avni and Sanskaar of Chrysanthemum House. Varuni, Aniket and Harsh of Hibiscus house stood second. Kanav, Rishikant and Rajshibu of Sunflower house secured third position.

Govt. Higher Secondary School, Dondekala

Heritage Club Activity- Artefact Creation Club (2014)

The school established a heritage club on the 25th October 2014, it was named ‘artefact creation club’ it has 30 members and the office holders are chosen from the students and during the course of the year the club undertook a number of activities were held, the club held its first meeting on 1st November 2014. The first activity undertaken by the club was arranging of bricks on the ground to create a map of India, inside which they planted coriander and fenugreek. The second activity undertaken was cleaning and gardening of the school compound, an art competition was organised in which students decorated rocks, and the students who won were awarded certificates. The club held its meeting again on the 6th December. The club also cleaned the area close to a pond and a temple in the village. The club also cleaned a Nandi statue in the village.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic- Vegetable carvings

OGS Pracheena Heritage club conducts activities every Saturday. The class 6th did vegetable carvings.

DAV International School, Verka Chowk, Amritsar

Topic- Club Activities in the Month of May

Labour Day- 1st May 2015

On this day, a morning assembly was conducted in which a role play was enacted depicted the pathetic condition of labour class and ways to improve it. Students also participated in Card making competition depicting the plight of labour in India.

International Energy Day – 3rd May 2015

A special theme based morning assembly was conducted in which the students were aware of the various sources of energy. A poster making competition on the ‘energy’ was organized. The principal stressed upon the judicious use of natural resources and their conservation.

International Family Day - 15th May 2015

The students of different classes participated in various competitions like card making, poem recitation and poem writing etc.

Delhi School of Excellence, Hyderabad

Topic- Heritage Activities- April 2015

Keeping the spirit alive, DeeSians celebrated the World Heritage Day on 18th April with full zeal and enthusiasm by planning different events to raise awareness .The programme started by welcoming the guest Mr. Ahteram Ali Khan Board Member Salarjung Museum Hyderabad which was followed by a programme depicting India’s dying heritage Kathputli presented by DeeSians highlighting Status of women in India. Grade VI & X who are part of Heritage Club in the new Academic Session started their journey with a memorable and exciting trip to Salarjung Museum in the month of April 2015.The tour started by knowing a brief history of the museum i.e. who its founder was, When and how it was set up. They were also enlightened that it is one of the biggest one-man collection of antiques in the world. The children were enthralled and mesmerized by the global collection of art objects and antiques not only of Indian origin but from countries in the Eastern and the Western hemispheres. The collection left the children spell bound but a few collections which bowled over them where the veiled Rebecca –an enchanting marble statue-the Jade crafted daggers of Emperor Jahnagir, Noorjehan and Shahjahan. Likewise the double figure wood sculpture which stands before a mirror showcasing the façade of non-chalant Mephistopheles and the image of a demure Margaretta in the mirror left everyone dumb founded. It was a delight to watch the children know the various sources of history and how close and accessible they are to them.All in all a memorable and informative visit greeted the children in the new academic session. India is probably one of the richest countries in the world in terms of its history and heritage; in terms of rulers and ruling clans. Keeping this in view Grades III &IV were provided an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and fantasies of marching in a parade and being royal i.e. Kings’ and Queens Parade was their theme where for a moment children stepped into the shoes of famous kings and queens and walked onto the stage with grace and poise. They spoke boldly and confidently about the achievements of various kings and queens which made the audience spell bound and mesmerised. The chief guest and the audience left the show with laurels and applaud. Grades V & VI had group song competition wherein the children through their melodious music highlighted the message of saving our heritage. Grades VII and VIII participated in a stamp making competition. The children made beautiful stamps based on our natural heritage in different hues giving out a powerful message to safeguard our nature ranging from animals to rivers to mountains. Finally the senior lot Grade IX & X had Bulletin Board Decoration wherein the children exhibited their creativity by decorating the board in varied hues of heritage. Various Inter-House competitions were held beginning with, the tiny tots ‘Colouring Competition’. The main aim of which was to make them cognizant of their own heritage. The tiny tots were given colouring sheets which had pre-printed drawing on them. Likewise theme for Grade I & II was respected our Heritage and Preserve Monuments. Students coloured monuments to create awareness about Indian Heritage and thus making a long lasting impression with colours.

Lakshmipat Singhania School, Rajsamand

Topic- Tour of Rajsamand

On 7th March 2015, students were shown the fabulous city, Rajsamand. They visited Rajsamand Lake, Dayal Shah Qila, Irrigation pal and Dwarakadhesh Temple. We along with students went Nau Chauki to clean the area. They made handmade posters highlighting the hygienic and unhygienic environment respectively. People were urged not to pollute the Rajsamand Lake. The pledge ‘I will not litter; I will not allow others to litter’.

Delhi Public School, Sec -45, Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH activities in April 2015

The various activities conducted:
Do your part be eco-smartThis was the basis of the session in which children had to pen down ideas to conserve natural resources of Earth in the form of poem. The children came up with many practical initiatives which can be taken up in daily life. The key words (Earth, birth, water, daughter, tap, sap, lake, take) were provided to the children which helped them to be in their best poetic form.

Mumble tumble activity-In this activity session, the children were given jumbled sentences and were asked to make meaningful sentences related to the topics- Earth Day, water conservation, environment and water cycle. This provided the children with the opportunity to think meaningfully about water conservation, its relation with the environment and the need to conserve the natural resources of Earth.

Illustrations with comic strips- The students made colourful illustrations with profound meaning. They depicted Earth as a sad face and mentioned 5 reasons for its unhappiness using speech bubbles. This was followed by depicting Earth as a happy place. The sad speech bubble was replaced with 5 resolutions that would help the Earth become a clean-green planet.

Enactment of water cycle- This was a group activity involved role by students in which a group of children were made water droplets, another group was made water vapours, another group was made clouds and another group was made rain drops. A student enacted the role of sun shining brightly. During enaction each group was asked to repeat the key words of the water cycle - water droplets said ‘evaporating’, water vapours said ‘rising up’, clouds said ‘condensation’ and rain drops said ‘precipitation’. The children actively participated in the activity and it also helped them to remember the key words related to the water cycle.

Poster Brain Storming session on water conservation – This session was much enjoyed by the students as they put in interesting inputs and innovative ideas for the cause.

Chipko Movement'-The Importance of trees-our green friends was highlighted by the enactment of the 'Chipko Movement'. Students also made colourful illustrations of the movement.

Nukkad Natak- The importance of plants in our life and the significance of maintaining balance in nature was beautifully showcased through a Nukkad Natak. The Nukkad Natak was an endeavor to connect with the audience and spread awareness about ecological balance.

Earth Day Assembly- The histrionic skills of the students emphatically highlighted the significance of celebrating Earth Day every year. The assembly concluded with a pledge taken by the entire Junior school to protect, preserve and conserve the natural resources of our planet.


To enhance and promote the importance of art and culture students of middle school made display boards on the following topics-
Class 6-Folk Dances of India
Class 7- Folk Music of India
Class 8- Folk Art of India

Students of middle school composed a small poem to save planet earth and their contribution towards it

Earth Provides Enough To Satisfy Every Man’s Need But Not Every Man’s Greed. Class VI presented an assembly on Environment on 22nd April 2015.The student conveyed the message to save the Environment through an effective and motivating skit. They reiterated their message through colorful placards. They recited a meaningful and an inspirational poem. All the children of the class enthusiastically participated in the assembly. The Headmistress, Ms.Dipinder Kaur reinforced that it is the duty of each and every child to contribute towards cleanliness and saving the environment.

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon hosted a musical extravaganza under the aegis of SPIC MACAY on Wednesday, 8th April, 2015. The Vice Principal, Ms. Santvna Thadani, welcomed the guests and felicitated them. A much acclaimed and sought after performer Ms. Shruti Sadolikar mesmerized the audience with her mellifluous voice. She gave a brief introduction to the classical and semi classical forms of singing and mesmerized the audience with her rendition in Raag Todi and Raag Tilak Kamod. She performed with her characteristic confidence, giving the raga an expansive treatment. She was accompanied by renowned tabla player, Pt. Vinod Lele, eminent harmonium player, Pt. Vinay Kumar Mishra and two budding artists on Tanpura. Ms Shalini Arora, Senior Mistress, Middle Wing, proposed the vote of thanks.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Heritage Club activities in December 2014

Minority Rights Day is observed on 18th December every year throughout the world. The students of Grade X organized an event for the underprivileged children to commemorate Minority Rights Day. The children started the programme with a medley of songs and a musical presentation using drums which was followed by a number of age appropriate games. The students had also arranged for snacks and refreshments for their special guests. The children were given mementos and gifts that they would cherish and remember for a long time as it was a special moment of joy for them. A group photograph of the students and the excited invitees sealed the moment forever. the event of ‘Cooking without fire with Moms’ was organised, on 19th of December 2014 .Children along with their mothers were seen putting their culinary skills to trial. The little chefs were ecstatic and thrilled and showed off their prized dishes. The Annual Concert for Grade I was held on 19th December 2014. The theme for Kaleidoscope was ‘Colours’. Colours have always been an inseparable ingredient of Indian heritage and tradition, be it the festive vibrance of ‘Holi’ or the harvest festivals.The chief guests for the day were the hugely popular footballers from Pune FC, Mr. Arata Izumi and Mr. Luciano Sabrosa. The skits performed by the students ‘Town White’ and ‘Rainbow’ were spun around the theme of colour. The children also gave a melodious and mesmerizing recital of the classical song -Raga Brindavani Sarang. A bright and dazzling Fashion Show was a special treat for the day. To conclude the event Christmas Carols were also sung along by everyone to usher in the festive season. To bring out the energy and the high spirit of Christmas, GIIS Chinchwad had organized special assemblies on 22nd and 23rd December 2014.The tiny tots of Pre Primary presented the beautiful message of love, sharing, caring and celebrating happiness with friends and family. With the stage set on the Christmas theme, children dressed in red and white were all in cheerful spirits and the atmosphere was festive. The message of love and happiness, the true essence of Christmas was delightfully presented with a merry skit.. The children enacted their roles gleefully and belted out their dialogues heartily. All the children enthusiastically sang along the Christmas Carol ‘Rudolph the red nosed reindeer’ soaking in the spirit of the day and wishing a Merry Christmas to all. Students from French language club presented carols in French to welcome the festive spirit. Extravaganza - the Annual Concert for Grade II & III was held on December 23rd 2014.The theme of the concert was ‘Incredible India’. It highlighted the spirit of cultural harmony and illustrated the rich cultural heritage of India. Students at GIIS Chinchwad come from across the country and world. The theme of the concert was a celebration of the spirit of Unity in Diversity! The performances were a splendid visual of the cultural heritage of India cutting across regions and religions. The vibrant costumes depicting the beauty of our unique culture! The pulsating spirit of Punjab, the beauty of Kashmir, the colours of Karnataka, the serenity of Assam ...were all being depicted marvellously with exhilarating dance, drama, and melodious songs. The concert was immensely appreciated by the parents and the guest audience and was an overwhelming success!

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Activities conducted in April, July, August and September 2014

To mark the World Heritage Day on 18th April 2014, a special assembly was conducted by the Hibiscus house. The aim was to sensitise students towards the different types of heritage monuments of our country as well as in the other countries. The assembly began with the morning prayer song followed by a skit presentation which showcased various heritage sites including monuments, caves, temples and the natural heritage of India. The children were exposed to the world heritage history through a quiz session. GIIS students took a pledge to safeguard their heritage.
On the Special Assembly on Earth Day (22nd April 2014), to promote environmental awareness, students explained the meaning of Earth Day. They explained the importance of three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Tiny tots of classes 1 & 2 brought some used items like: plastic, newspaper, empty plastic bags etc. and explained how these items can be reused before throwing as garbage. The message behind this activity was to tell the students that we should reduce the garbage as much as possible by reusing the items or by recycling them. Students also presented the Facts about the celebration of Earth Day. “Heal the World” and “Janani Janmabhumi” songs sung by the students, to show the gratitude to the Mother Earth with the message to take care to the environment for the sake of our own life. Students took a pledge to ‘plant a tree today’ and ‘go green’.
On Youth International Day (12th August 2014), the assembly started with a vibrant note of good morning. Little ones of grade one and two were dressed in different attire of national leaders, with a message to up-coming youth that we should follow the values of our leaders along with the advancement of technology. A question was put up for the children viewing the program that who is their youth icon? There were vivid replies from many of the students and they were clear in their thought and speech. A Hindi song performance was also done and children sung with full melody. Along with the banners in hand children conveyed some un-forgetful messages to their friends.

The celebration of Van Mahotsav Week at GIIS Noida was an ideal opportunity to instill personal and social responsibility in our students towards safeguarding trees and forests. The focus of these celebrations is towards forming a personal connect between the students and trees through a process of experience, reflection and creation. To celebrate the Festival of trees called Van Mahotsava primary students of GIIS Noida participated in various activities held on 10 July 2014.
Grade III- The students were given old newspaper and they were told to bring decorative material to do a paper bag making activity.
Grade IV- The students of class IV participated in book mark making activity. They brought old pictures, greeting cards, used chart papers, pamphlets, cardboard to make book mark.
Grade V- Grade5 students brought different types of medicinal plants like neem, aloe vera, basil , giloy etc. Each one explained about the particular plant they brought.
Grade VI-To promote environmental awareness Student of class VI had participated in poster making competition on this occasion. Each group had made their poster on title ‘GREEN EARTH, CLEAN EARTH’.
Grade VII- They participated in a massive plantation drive within the school premises. Children along with their class teacher, Ms Guneet K Kochhar and their Eco club teacher Dr. Jyoti Mishra went around the school holding tiny saplings and the water can. On 11th September, 2014, Hindi Doha Recitation was conducted, to instill in children an understanding of “Hindi” language on occasion of Hindi Diwas and develop language skill and inculcate in children deep knowledge and rich wisdom hidden in the Indian culture. Final round was conducted on 11th August, 2014. Kids recited Doha so well that the audience and judges utterly got caught up.
On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, A Hasya Kavi Sammelan was organized in the school on 12 September 2014 in the MPH from 8:30 am to 9:30 am to instill the importance of Hindi language among students. 21 shortlisted students from classes 4, 5 ,6 and 7 presented self composed funny poems. Ms. Meena Rahtogi, a retired hindi teacher was the chief guest as well as one of the judges.

Arya Vidya Mandir DPS Sec 45

The V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir Heritage Club has been buzzing with activity. The theme chosen for this academic term is Science and History- two sides of the same coin. The main purpose of this theme is to bring out how each and every aspect of our Heritage has a close relation with science. It is sad that when we forget the very scientific relevance of our historical treasure, they become nothing but superstitions. The Heritage Club session dwelled on this theme. Students shared information on the scientific principles on which certain monuments are built with the group. It was indeed a thought-provoking one.

Students were lucky to have made three visits this term. The 11th and 12th of December are secured for ‘Archaeology Day’ celebrations by the Department of Extra Mural Studies, Mumbai University. Students of Std VIII along with the Heritage Club flocked to the Kalina Campus of MU to broaden their historical vision. Students got a hands on experience at pottery, excavation, stone cutting,etc. They actively participated in the History Quiz and also bought bookmarks with their names inscribed in Bramhi, Kharoshti, etc. On the whole, it was a very engaging excursion.
Our Club members were on their way to the MMRDA grounds to observe the displays put up for the Indian Science Congress.. The demos, models, charts, videos, samples were a treat to all our senses. They catered to the students interests and quenched their curiosities. They also visited the ‘Rocks and Fossils’ exhibition at Kalina Campus of MU ,organized a s a part of the Congress. Students learnt a lot about stones and how they are excavated. They were amazed to see the various forms of the semi precious and precious stones in their original forms.

Ryan International School, Sector-40 Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage club activities

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon participated in Inter Ryan Skating Championship held in Rohini, Delhi and pocketed great laurels. Arshelle Raheja of class IV did the school proud by winning a silver medal in the competition, while T.A Shreyas from class IV, Aditya from Class V and Siddhant Magon from Class VII won a bronze each. The School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma also motivated them to follow Chairman Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto’s vision of ‘Excelling in Sports’ and representing India at International Sports events. There was an Inter class English Declamation competition on the eve of Republic Day. Points highlighted were –significance of the constitution of India and celebrations and grandeur which mark the event. There were two rounds of the competition where the significance of Republic Day along with the traditions and rituals related to the Republic Day were discussed. Heritage Club organized an activity bonafire to mark the Harvest festival ‘Lohri’ with much aplomb. To celebrate the festivity, students danced and sang on the peppy music. Popcorn, peanuts, sweets like gajak, rewari etc were distributed to the students. The teachers explained to the students the scientific & social importance of the festival that it brings immense joy and happiness to the farmers who are producers of food for us. A morning assembly focused around the value for the month i.e. Graciousness. The assembly began with Bible Reading and prayer by the children of Mahatma Gandhi House. The special feature of the day was the “Fable Narration” by the students of Heritage Club. Students dressed up as the character of the story “The Lion and the Mouse” presented a lively show. The moral of the story was explained. A special assembly was conducted to inculcate the value of graciousness in the students by dramatizing the Bible Enactment “The Gracious Father” on 16.01.15 by Heritage Club. The enactment depicted that a man lived on a beautiful farm with his two sons. School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma highlighted the importance of graciousness in ones lives and how one needs to practice graciousness on the society. Heritage Club, participated in the ‘Beti Bachao – Beti padhao’ competition held by Haryana School Shikshapariyojna Parishad. Posters made by students depicting the role of women in the society were an eye opener. There was a special assembly on 15th January 2015 to mark the country’s 67th Army Day. The students dressed as army officers talked about the role of Indian army and how they are ready to fight at all the hard times at Indian borders as well as with natural disaster. A special assembly was to inculcate the value of Graciousness in the students by dramatizing the Bible enactment ‘Graciousness can win hearts’. The enactment depicted that people still keep themselves in bondage of their sins, hatred and bitterness even though they have been forgiven and set free after their punishment. A street play and a peace march was held at D.T. City Centre based on the theme ‘Swachh Bharat”. Keeping in line with Mahatma Gandhi’s tenets ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ students presented an eye opening street play before the onlookers. To mark the preliminary celebrations of the Republic Day, event was held to show state tableaus showcasing the splendor of Indian states, namely: Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Goa. To observe the Martyrs Day, students prayed for the peace of the country the students of Class VI conducted a talk show on the topic “Different Movements Led by the Gandhi Ji ". The students spoke about like Non - Cooperation, Dandi - March and Quit India Movement few well known slogans stressed upon students of class V A also presented a talk show on the movement as "Quit India movements. A special assembly organized on “National Youth Day” on 12th January 2015 to mark the birthday of Swami Vivekanand. The cabinet members enthusiastically presented a talk show on famous Young personalities of India. Students participated in 14th National Cyber Olympiad and won great laurels. An array of events to mark Republic day was organized in Ambience Mall. The Ryanites displayed the patriotic extravaganza and various performances were presented to evoke the feeling of Patriotism. The scintillating Dance performance ‘Proud to be an Indian’ left the onlookers spellbound.

DAV International School, Verka Chowk, Amritsar

Topic- Heritage Club Activities conducted in January 2015

On 13th January 2015, the students celebrated Lohri with great zeal under the tutelage of Principal Anjana Gupta and Mr. Harpal Singh, Chirman , Nanhi Chhani Foundation. A special cultural bonanza on the theme ‘Kudiyan Di lohri’ was held in collaboration with , Nanhi Chhani Foundation, with an objective to create awareness among the masses regarding the burning issues such as gender, ratio, dowry, female feticide etc. students danced to the drum beats around the bonfire to celebrate the festival. In order to create awareness among the students for the preservation of the heritage site, the students visited Pul Kanjari on January 31, 2015. On the 26th January 2015, the Republic day was celebrated with all its solemnity and grandeur. The celebration commenced with the hoisting of Indian flag by the principal. The celebration also included singing of patriotic songs and dramatic presentation by toddlers. The principal briefed the students about the significance of this day and urged them to uphold the honor, integrity, diversity and uniqueness of India.

PSBB Senior Secondary School, K K Nagar, Chennai

Topic- Heritage Celebrations and madras day celebrations

The birthday of Swami Vivekananda (12 January) has been declared as Heritage Day by the Central Board. On this day, a grand performance comprising various events was organized in the School premises. The Chief Guest was V.Sriram, a music historian who besides having great passion for culture also writes books and hosts exhibitions that present the true meaning and perspective of culture. The event, organized by the Social Science faculty, focused on a form of heritage – Music Heritage. The occasion began with a small introduction to the meaning of heritage and its various types, namely Food Heritage, Literary Heritage and so on. The event later portrayed a “KATHA KALAKSHEPAM” performance by the students of Std. IX and X. The story was about the life of the Nayanmar Thirunavakarasu. It was truly exciting for ‘first-time viewers’. This was followed by a “THERU KOOTHU” that startled the Chief Guest with amazement and rolled the audience into loops of laughter. This joy was further carried over to the “JUGALBANDHI” performance that came up. Though a JUGALBANDHI is only presented by two singers and is basically sung in Hindustani classical music, the students presented yet another new creativity – the performance was a GROPU JUGALBANDHI and it had a blend of both Hindustani and Carnatic raagas. It was truly a heart stirring performance that drove the audience into entity. After appreciating the participants, the Chief Guest delivered an inspiring and educational speech on the importance of Indian culture in other countries and the need to learn art forms and languages that belong to our culture. Through his speech, students were inspired. They were moved after listening to the importance their culture had in foreign countries and the Western world. Many of us feel that we need to imbibe and practice Western values and culture that seem “trendy” and “cool” but we fail to understand that even the people of the West are trying to absorb our values, tradition and culture only for its originality and purity.

The madras day celebrations conducted by PSBB KKN ON 27.8.2014 celebrated 375 glorious years of madras the city that perfectly blends together rich tradition and modern ideas making the city truly cosmopolitan in nature. Following the centuries old tradition the celebration started with an invocation to the almighty .Then a special prayer composed by Mrs.Chitradevi ,a Tamil faculty who brought out the beauty of praying to the supreme deity in one’s own language. This was followed by the chief guest’s introduction wherein Dr.ChitraMadhavan,a renowned art historian was the chief guest and Mr.Vijaysarathy, a man of great calibre was the guest of honour. Karagam the ancient yet charming dance form was demonstrated with such skill and perfection that it made the audience awe in wonder .The dance also won a thunderous applause at the end for the precision and passion displayed by the dancers who had worked hard for the performance to become a success. Dr. ChitraMadhavan, a notable alumna dealt in depth and threw light on the beauty of Indian cultural heritage in and around the city of temples through her video presentation. Next up in line was the video presentation that brought to spotlight the evolution of tamil cinema from the reminiscent and breath taking past to the trendsetting present. This was followed by a skit that showcased the acting greats of the world’s 3rd best industry and the talent behind the screen who have made it possible. Madras Medleys showcased the vocal talents of students and made the audience take a dive down the memory lane. There were a line of competitions that were meticulously planned to bring out and showcase the talent that the future of Chennai possessed in in abundance. The prize distribution done by the Chief guest was done as to spread the idea and richness of madras and encourage those students who had well realized it. To mark the end of the events the principal of PSBBKKN, Mrs. Indra Vaidyanathan delivered her formal vote of thanks thereby thanking one and all who were the backbone of the event and made the event fruitful.