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Bal Bharati Public School, Maesar

Topic: Van Mahotsava, 6th July 2018

The Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar celebrated Van Mahotsava at the Forest Department, Gurgaon. Van Mahotsava is being celebrated throughout India during 1st to 7th July of every year. Shweta Verma and Kiran Sharma along with 26 children of class 6 went to the Forest Department for a plantation drive. The Children enjoyed and learned the value of plants in maintaining the environment. We bought native plants from the Forest Department. During monsoon season we do a plantation drive in a nearby area. Through this activity we inculcate the culture 'love for plants and trees 'among children. Children enjoyed observing the native plants. They were excited about caring for the plants.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Activities for the month of June

Yogasanas are an ancient method to keep the body fit and mind healthy. Every year GIIS try to inculcate values related to Yoga and in the event to do the same an entire week starting from 18th June was dedicated to Yoga and the students were acquainted with the benefits of Yoga. They were helped to understand the various postures of Yogasanas by the teachers in the school. The students enjoyed practising the various asanas. The teachers guided the students in attaining confidence in the various postures that they attempted.

An integrated project presentation was conducted on 15th of June 2018, to showcase the talents of the students in field of Literature, Science and various other subjects where students could enhance their literary, scientific and presentation skills. The Grade V students presented their integrated project on the topic “THE BANYAN TREE”. The students spoke about its historical, mythological, scientific importance and also presented a value based skit and poems in English and Hindi. The students of grade IV presented beautiful drawings and recited heartwarming poems on the topic ‘Season’. The choice of poetries was commendable and the explanation of the model was much appreciable. The parents liked the presentation and were happy with their wards efforts. This event gave the students how seasons is deeply connected to Literature and Art.

Poem Recitation competition

A poem recitation competition was organized on 19th June, where the students actively participated. They recited various poems on various themes such as fiction, nature, comedy with great joy. The competition helped the students to enhance their competitive and reciting skills. Kudos to the efforts put in by the students and their teachers to have put up a great show.

International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 20th June with a great enthusiasm with the support of parental engagement. Mrs. Shalaka Dere, mother of Ruhani Dere helped our students to understand the value of exercise and correct postures in day to day life. The students learnt about various ASANS which will help them to live a healthy life.

On June 21st, a parental engagement programme on “Good Manners” was conducted in class V-D. Students were sensitized with good manners to be followed in doing their regular course of activities whether it is school, home or neighbourhood.

On 22nd June, a parental engagement for grade IV J was also conducted where Mrs. Trupti Rathod came and narrated a story to the students. The story, ‘The magician and the snake’ was cherished by the students thoroughly. She interacted with the students and spoke about the moral of the story as well. The children were very happy and understood the essence of being a cautious citizen.

GIIS Chinchwad tries to hone various aspects of the students to bring out the best in them and make them the responsible youth of our country.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon

Topic: Activities for the month of May



Several activities were conducted to mark the celebration of Cultural Diversity Day and Museum Day for class III, IV and V.

Class III: UTOPIA– Students were given a task to design their own eco-friendly planet and write few lines describing it. In this activity, mentors discussed about the eco-friendly ways in which we all can contribute to save our Earth. Students discussed about different cultures and took few good things from each culture to make their own ideal planet.

WHAT’S IN A NAME activity was conducted wherein students described their name, its meaning, history behind their names and reasons why their parents kept the particular name. This helped them to learn about varied cultures as the students narrated endless stories about their names.

With SUPERB PROVERBS activity mentors talked about the significance of languages and different languages spoken across the globe. Students were taught how to speak Sorry and Thank You in different languages. Proverbs from around the world were also explained. For example – Proverbs about WISDOM – ‘’Wisdom cannot be bought for money (African), All wisdom is not taught in your school (Hawaiian), Too much wisdom is folly (German), Wisdom adorns old age (Russian), Wisdom without use is fire without warmth (Swedish)’’

Students of class IV celebrated Cultural Diversity Day as part of INTACH activity for the month of May. ‘BE MY FRIEND’ activity was done where students greeted each other in any local or foreign language that they know. This activity helped children to learn more about different types of languages spoken in India as well as all over the world and that all languages play an important role in inculcation of basic? human values no matter how different they are.

With ‘FOLKLORE ACTIVITY’ children were introduced to the enchanting world of folklore to understand the characteristics of one's culture. They enjoyed telling short stories and also heard carefully to discuss the moral of the story. This activity clarified several belief systems and showed variety of our culture.

Activity ‘GALLERY STROLL’ enhanced the creativity of children as they made posters on unity in diversity of Indian culture. Later, they showcased them and enjoyed a gallery stroll.

Children were shown video on famous monuments of the world during ‘Magical Monuments’ activity. Later, an open discussion was held on the topic on how they were built and why we must protect them. This helped ? in making them aware about the ways to save the monuments till posterity.

Mother’s/ Father’s Day card making activity was done with great zeal. This inculcated gratitude and bond of love was strengthened. A class assembly also was organized on the topic Our Value System.

With UNIQUE MUSEUMS OF THE WORLD activity the class 5 children were given an introduction to what are museums, why are they set up, where in India do we have popular museums. They were shown videos of museums around the world. They wrote about 5 interesting and unique museums of the world and why these museums are so popular. They were intrigued to learn about quite a few fascinating museums of the world. The class turned into museum showcasing the talent of each child during CREAT a MUSEUM activity. Using the pencil shavings, children creatively displayed their art work. They used colours, glue and pencil shavings to make a frame for these masterpieces as displayed them in the class. Children were encouraged to come in front and talk about the unique thought behind their art work and even autograph their work, before it was displayed.

In Map my India activity, children were given a political map of India. Using the Atlas, children coloured the Heritage site map of India. They coloured and pasted this map in notebooks for later reference. By this they learnt about several heritage sites being restored in our country and varied colours would depict the diversity of our nation. A special assembly was conducted during the month to lay emphasis on cultural diversity and value system.


Heritage walk to Chandani Chowk, spic macay- kathak dance, Mother’s Day card making activity

In collaboration with team ITIHAAS, an educational trip for the students of class VIII was orgaised to Chandni Chowk. The students initiated their walk from St. Stephen’s Church where they were given a brief history about the church. The students got an opportunity to interact with the Imam of the Fatehpuri Mosque where questions about the Islamic law and history of the mosque were answered. The students then visited Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib where Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded on the order of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The walk enlightened the students that the essence of all religions is one although their approach may be different.

To promote cultural awareness among students, a lecture-cum-demonstration by the renowned Odissi dancer, Padamshree Smt. Ranjana Gauhar was organized in the school auditorium, under the aegis of SPICMACAY. The programme was attended by the students of class VII. Smt. Ranjana Gauhar, took the students through the journey of understanding the nuances of the Odissi dance form by giving valuable insights. She spoke about how the language of dance transcends all boundaries. Her performance along with her team of musicians and accompanists comprising of Ms. Vrinda Chadha, Mr. Vinod Kevin Bachan, Pandit Rama Chandra Sahu, Shri Dheeraj Pandey, Shri Prafulla Mangaraj and Ms. Devyani left the audience spellbound. An interaction with the students made the session not only enjoyable but also informative. It was an unforgettable life experience for the students as they were exposed to the rich cultural heritage of India.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in many countries. Students of class VI and VII made beautiful cards for their mothers on 11th May, 2018 as a token of love and appreciation for all that they do for them. Their excitement and enthusiasm shone bright as they made colourful and attractive cards. The activity gave them an opportunity to showcase their artistic skills.


The history students of classes 11 and 12 visited the National Museum in Delhi. A documentary on the Indus Valley Civilization was shown to the students. The movie highlighted various aspects and features of the civilization – the important cities and sites, town planning (drainage system, citadel, and lower town), agriculture (ploughed fields), art and sculpture, seals, etc. The students were then taken to different galleries where artifacts, paintings and sculptures of different time periods were showcased.

The students were shown a skeleton from an actual burial and told about how subsequently important information about people’s lives was derived from the skeletons. The next gallery was based on the Mauryan, Gupta and Shunga- Satavahana Age where we saw various inscribed edicts, stone sculptures and pillars from the stupas of the particular periods. The Buddhist art gallery had sculptures and paintings of Buddha. Original relics of Buddha were also present and we saw a Buddhist praying to the relics with full devotion. The gallery on tribal lifestyle of North-East India (particularly the Naga tribe) was focused on the apparel, head gear, jewellery, ornaments, etc. of the people. The next gallery included a huge collection of musical instruments which were donated to the museum by Mrs. Sharan Rani Backliwal who was the first female instrumentalist of India. Another gallery on wood carvings had a beautiful stone dome of a Gujarat temple which was intricately carved from techniques used in the Mughal era. It depicted the 24 gods of jainas. The arms and armour gallery showcased the swords of Mughal emperors like Tipu Sultan, Aurangzeb, etc. Elephant and horse armours and miniature sized swords made for the princes were among the other pieces in the gallery. The last gallery was based on coins belonging to various periods (Gupta, Mauryan, Kushana, Delhi sultanate, Cholas, Mughal, British, post- independence, etc.). Overall, the visit was extremely informative and was an enriching experience for everyone. It was wonderful to see so many artifacts that tell us about our heritage.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic: World Heritage Day, Malwa Utsav-2018 Lal Bagh Palace

On the occasion of World Heritage Day GIIS Indore planned a visit to Raj Wada for grade 6th students. Raj Wada is a historic monument of the erstwhile Holkar dynasty of the Maratha Empire about two centuries ago; and it is a pride of Indore. Built in 1749 by Malhar Rao Holkar, the building which was the residence of the Holkars is a combination of Maratha, Mughal and French architectural styles, with an imposing façade that leads into a central courtyard and a royal garden. The first floor of the building is a museum which has paintings of the royal family, display of arms & ammunition, currency, weight used in ancient era. The students were enthralled to see old age Dictaphone and Reneo old set, a dictation machine a first sound recording device most commonly used to record speech for later playback or to be typed into print. The students were fascinated to see ancient weapons (swords, guns, bullets and cannons), exquisite vases, pots and utensils. They explored and felt the essence of past by observing the things preserved. The visit also gave them an opportunity to all the students to be acquainted with vast cultural and history of Holkar era.

Students of GIIS Indore also conducted Nukkad natak on “Beti Suraksha” which highlighted issues of sexual abuse, gender based discrimination at home and crime against women and concerning about their growth and safety. The show was presented in Malwa Utsav on 7th and 8th May. Malwa Utsav is a flagship cultural event to celebrate the tradition of Malwa and is organised and conducted by the Indore city administrative body. Every year this event witnesses thousands and lakhs of people who mark their presence at this event. Under the guidance of Principal Ma’am, the students performed in LALBAGH with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. They performed the act for about 7-8 times, as the act was of around 10-12 minutes on both the days. The students designed the props for the play and depicted the story with fineness on the eve of 7th and 8th May. It was also heartening to see the huge crowd enjoying and cheering for the students who so finely portrayed each character. They all appreciated and praise the efforts of students and school to rose such an alarming issues related to the safety of the woman in society and importance of self-defense training.

The show was ended on the note that with changing times, role of women have diversified so the issues concerning their growth, safety and development should now take a centre stage. The role of men is very important here. The youth would have to take the lead in this Men have to make sure that girls get an equal opportunity in every sector. The institution of family should revive its responsibility not to discriminate in gender based discrimination at home. The sons and daughters should be treated equally. The perspective towards women should change to positivism and respect. The people felt that girls and women should be groomed well so that they can take decisions for their own selves.

Mr. Shankar Lalwani chairman Indore Development Authority (IDA) came to witness the event more than twice and praised our students and the initiative taken by GIIS-Indore. Act was prepared by Mrs. Meena Joshi, Mr. Pramod, & Mr. Dhaval. The Complete GIIS teams, right from principal ma’am, both the coordinators, admission team were present during the complete event on both the days. Extra support staff members were deployed to take care of Student’s safety and security.

VidyaGyan School, Sitapur

Topic: Trip to the Residency and the Archaeological Survey of India, 1st May 2018

On 1st May 2018, the heritage club students of VidyaGyan School got an opportunity to visit the Residency as well as the Archaeological Survey of India, Lucknow. The students also stopped by at ‘General Ki Kothi’ where they enjoyed a documentary based on the Residency. The exquisite documentary enhanced the enthusiasm of the students and they were absolutely ready for the first hand experience at the site. Stood between chaotic networks of streets, the Residency was silent and awe- inspiring. The students were inquisitive and curious in learning new facts about the place.

The students also visited the Archaeological Survey of India’s beautiful ensemble of history i.e ‘1857 Memorial Museum’. A 3D model of the Residency was displayed beautifully along with the original letter written by the Resident, murals, Chinese Porcelain, portraits etc. The museum was breathtaking and praiseworthy and left the students spellbound and thoughtful of the history of India. The trip gave them a first -hand experience to learn the struggle and sacrifices of the freedom fighters and the First War of Independence. The students also realize the need to preserve and conserve our heritage and the trip gave constructive outlook to spread awareness about conservation of national and cultural heritage for prosperity. A follow up worksheet was also conducted at the end.

The Foundation School, New Delhi

Topic: Visit to Purana Quila, 1st May 2018

Aspiring archaeologists of tomorrow of The Foundation School, Josip Broz Tito Marg, New Delhi visited the excavation site at Purana Qila on 1st May, 2018 to take a peek at the nuts and bolts of the archaeological excavation, its features and the artifacts found with an objective to ignite in them the curiosity and respect for their heritage. The trip was announced for Classes VI and VII and the children’s excitement knew no bounds when they heard that they were actually going to witness an excavation. All this while, they had only read about archaeological sources of history in their history lessons! “Are we really going to see the artifacts that were buried underground thousands of years ago?” was their query.

On reaching the site and having the ASI official explain about the process of such excavations, the students had a number of queries, “How deep do you dig the trenches? How do you know that the pots belonged to a particular period? Don’t the artifacts break while digging?”etc. They demonstrated immense enthusiasm in seeking information about the past and were elated when they were allowed to touch and feel the beads, figurines, broken pots and a crochet needle excavated at the site. The students found the trip very interesting and learnt a lot! ”

The tangible experience was indeed educative, exciting and enjoyable. A special assembly was conducted at School the next day where the students shared photographs and their experiences with the other classes through a PPT and worked on a worksheet.

The Oriental Seminary School, Kolkata

Topic: World Heritage Day

On the occasion of world heritage World Heritage Day on 18 April 2018, the heritage club of Oriental Seminary School observed the day by organizing a programme featuring a Drawing Competition among the members. The children were asked to draw a picture of any heritage object of the city and write a brief description on it. The contest evoked enthusiasm among the members. The first, second and third position winners were given prizes. It was followed by the screening of three short films on heritage. As the day coincided with Akshay Tritiya, an interactive session was held to make the members aware of the importance of the festival. Passports and badges were handed over to the new members at the end of the programme. The programme came to a close with the distribution of sweets.

Best Heritage Clubs 2017-18


Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai and Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad was awarded the Best Heritage Club Award 2017. We applaud the efforts put in by the teachers and students. The activities ranged from site visits, heritage walks, heritage week celebrations, awareness programmes, art workshops, eco-friendly works and many other school activities.

INTACH Parampara Heritage Club of Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai

The School took an active participation in the heritage programmes. Adding flavor to the motto of the school for the year- “Go Green”, the club involved the students in green initiatives like Lake clean up, Street Theatre, Visit to Green Home and mega plantation drive which turned out to be very successful. Some of the various other activities conducted were- World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was conducted to create awareness and help them become responsible citizen; International Mother Language Day to encourage the students to get familiar with the regional languages; and Conservation of Sea Turtles to create awareness about the plight of these creatures; Street theatre to create environmental awareness and green diwali.

Visit to Green Home

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

The Heritage Club has also been actively involved in spearheading heritage awareness and conservation in the society and the people around them. Some of the activities include celebrating World Environment by creating compost pit to help the students understand how one can utilize everyday throwaway to create something new; World Indigenous people was celebrated to honor the rights of indigenous peoples and their unique contribution to achieving mutual understanding, peace and sustainable development; Green Consumer Campaign was organized to spread awareness among the masses to “Go Green”. A Cycling Rally was organized discouraging the usage of plastic and encouraged following a healthy lifestyle.


The First Runners up were also not far behind.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
Some of the interesting activities conducted were- Heritage Week, during which activities like Tribal Art competition and a food festival was also organized. An exhibition on Antique items was also organized to help the children understand the importance of ancient items and understand its value.

G. K. D Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore
Some of the activities taken up were, visiting the textile museum, playing and learning traditional games, visit to the temples to understand the architecture and a chance to visit Vidhya Vanam, a tribal school at the rural area known as Aanaikatti. The visit has given the students to experience the variety of art and crafts of the tribal people and helped then the importance of keeping our traditions alive.

Bhavan’s Shri A. K. Doshi, Jamnagar
The School has also organised various activities such as celebration of Earth Day, Vanmahostav, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, Christmas etc. Heritage week was also celebrated by visiting the Dattatray temple. The students actively participated in cleaning the temple. The whole week was celebrated by visiting various other places and activities such as art and craft workshop, visit to old age home, Lakhota Lake Museum etc.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Some of the interesting activity organised by the school was a “Rally for Rivers” to create awareness on protecting rivers and water bodies. The Rally began from Sirpur Lake, where a cleanliness drive was carried out by the students and school authorities. Students also prepared a documentary on the dying rivers of India. A visit was also organized to BSF CSWT Campus to create awareness and provide an opportunity for students to observe the functions, roles, and develop respect towards the armed forces for their sacrifices and their contributions to the society.


The members of all the Heritage Clubs have worked towards in bringing creative activities and quality works. The Schools have taken up interesting activities apart from the regular heritage programmes. The following schools were awarded the Second Runners up- Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Chennai, Global Indian International School, Noida, Sunbeam School, Varanasi, Saupin's School, Chandigarh, Delhi Public School, Sector- 45, Gurugram, Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad, Gyan Mandir Public School, Naraina Vihar, Delhi, Modern High School For Girls, Kolkata and Meridian School For Boys and Girls, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Here are few schools and their few interesting activities.

Delhi Public School, Sector- 45, Gurugram
Various activities were taken up by the school. Some of the interesting activity organized was Manuscript designing, which was a poster making and slogan writing competition on the occasion of World Heritage Day. The students designed beautiful manuscripts in their local language in calligraphic style on the ancient epics of India. Museum day was also celebrated by setting up class museums displaying objects like coins, toys etc. The school also organized an activity on the topic “Amazing Archaeology” to give the students an insight into human civilization and the importance of studying and preserving the past. Students also visited Kiran Nadar Art Museum, National Museum, etc. Other activities included Earth Week celebrations, Cultural Diversity, plant adoption, etc.

Sunbeam Suncity School, Varanasi
The heritage club was formed in 2013 and since its inception the club students along with the teachers have been actively taking part in all heritage activities. They took up various activities on Natural Heritage, Importance of Festivals, Visit to old age home, different art activities etc.

Saupin's School, Chandigarh
Different activities were organized such as film making workshop, Lecture on Swiss architect Pierre Jeanerette presentation of family heritage, world book day, World Earth Day, heritage food activity, Museum visits etc.

Global Indian International School, Noida

The School organized a Good Citizen Week to bring out the importance of giving back to our society. To bring forth the value and encourage Sanskrit’s use in augmenting the modern system of education a lecture series was organized. In association with SPIC MACAY a Qawwali competition was also held. The school also took up various activities like World Peace Day, world music day, “Reduce Reuse Recycle” etc.


The Heritage clubs in various schools all over the country have made a considerable difference in their own little way. In order to keep up the high momentum HECS has declared 19 schools to be special awardees which include- Akshara School, Kakinada; D. A. V. International School, Amritsar; D. A. V. Centenary Public School, Visakhapatnam; Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Pendhurthi, Visakhapatnam; Global Indian International School, Chinchwad, Pune; KLES’ International School, Belagavi; Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi; Army Public School, Ambala Cantt; Lord Mahavir Jain Public School, Ambala; Oxford Public School, Gwalior; The Oriental Seminary, Kolkata; Army Public School, Bolaram, Secunderabad; Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad; Delhi Public School, Mandla, Jabalpur; Motilal Nehru Public School, Jamshedpur; P. K. R. Jain Senior Secondary School, Ambala; Army Public School, Shankar Vihar, Delhi; Maharana Mewar Public School, Udaipur; Gwalior Glory High School, Gwalior. Here are few schools and their few interesting activities.

Akshara School, Kakinada
Various activities included Heritage Walk, Heritage exhibition to generate interest and curiosity about the types of heritage, to develop observatory skills and interpret history through models, to learn to care and enjoy India’s heritage. Drawing competition to develop the creative and imaginative skills was also held. A day trip to spend with the tribal was also organized where the students went on a trip to Tribal Museum to learn the lifestyle of the Adivasi and understand the need to protect the tribal people, the forests and be a responsible citizen. Visit to the zoo, Day with street children were also organized.

Oxford Public School, Gwalior
The Club activities were- Special Days/Assemblies such as World Heritage Day, World Nature Day, Swachchta Campaign Week, International Day of Peace, India Tourism Day, International Literacy Day, International Tiger Day, celebration on cultural festivals, the students from V – X also took part in Heritage Olympiad conducted by INTACH, Gwalior Chapter. Classes were also provided to students during club meetings and home periods. Important Facts and information were given to students at different times about Heritage. Digital Heritage Session- Quiz and workshop on vedic mathematics was conducted for students. Special workshop on Madhubani and Marbal texture, Mural was given during Art & Craft workshop in LIFE SKILLS WORKSHOP Various heritage visits and clean up drives were also conducted.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad, Pune

Organized activities on Eco Warriors – the initiative aimed at implementing an effective waste management system within the school premises and also to instill in the minds of the students the need to reduce energy consumption and conserve the energy resources for a greener and safer environment. The school also celebrated a day dedicated to Grandparents to help the children understand the importance of grandparents in their lives. The children recited beautiful poems on the bonding between the children and their grandparents. Various other activities were also conducted by the school.

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

The School conducted many activities through Heritage Club for the students to contribute for Young Intach. Some of the interesting activities are basket weaving; tie and dye activity, art workshop, visit to museums and monuments etc.


Some of the new achievers who also contributed to make a difference include- Ramanujan Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Mehrauli, Delhi; Swami Vivekanand Government Model School, Bhilwara; Shri Shikshayatan School, Kolkata; Model Academy, Jammu; Children’s Academy, Mumbai; Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School, Jodhpur; Shree Mahaprabhu Public School and College, Allahabad; Sushila Birla Girls’ School, Kolkata; Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar; Cambridge School, Noida; St. John’s High School, Chandigarh and Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi.

Views from the members-

I have always been very enthusiastic about clubs since I reached middle school. I always used to face a hard time deciding which club to choose but choosing heritage club as my ideal club has been a very crucial decision on my side. At first I used to think that clubs were just for fun and have no actual importance, but being in heritage club for two years has actually made me realise how clueless I am regarding my own city, its economy, its heritage sites, the role it plays in India and also its history. Being in this club has definitely made me rethink the rich past. I have always loved and enjoyed the innovative and creative assignments of this club.

Aarushi Kaur, 8C, Sushila Birla Girls’ School, Kolkata

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

Activities for the month of April



Children of class III, IV and V were introduced to INTACH, its mission and prominent work done by the organization. The month of April brought with it the celebration of Earth Day. Following activities were conducted in class III, IV and V respectively.

Healthy Basket activity, made them realize the importance of picking a cloth bag while shopping to reduce plastic. In Personal Hygiene activity videos were shown along with elaborate discussions which helped to know different ways to keep themselves and their surroundings clean. During Social Hygiene activity, they all discussed Good and Bad Touch and drew their safe zone. They learnt ways to maintain social hygiene.

Anagram Activity was also conducted where students were given 10 anagrams to solve. The children learnt new words related to environmental issues. They pledged to take care of the planet and do their bit for the Earth. During Water Cycle Activity children drew water cycle and discussed the role of trees in bringing rain and keeping pollution away. Poster Making Activity based on waste segregation helped them to understand the need and importance of 4R’s – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Bookmark Making Activity with ecofriendly material and quote reminded them about the need the hour. They were motivated to conserve resources and play a vital role in protecting the Earth. In Sow a Seed activity where children wrote the steps of planting a mango tree. This helped children learn how to sow different seasonal fruits themselves. With Sorting Trash Activity children made six coloured bins and added given options to each bin according to its colour. This made them aware of the importance of sorting trash in different coloured bins for waste disposal. By way of Newspaper Advisory activity, students contemplated and made conversant advertisements about different environmental concerns. Children learnt to reuse newspaper through Paper Bag Making activity. They also brought Green Foodand pledged to turn vegetarian to reduce carbon footprint. Earth Day extravaganza culminated with Street Play and Class Assembly on the topic “Recycle for Better Tomorrow”. Students passionately decided to do their part and treat every day as Earth Day.



The INTACH school group had organized an activity on ‘MY FAMILY TREE’ for classes 6th and 7th on 13th April, 18. The children collected photographs of their family members along with pictures of their pastime to make their family tree. The children looked into as many generations as they could and pasted the pictures in hierarchical order. The children learnt about their family history. A postcard making activity was organized for class 8 on the topic ‘Save Our Built Heritage’. The activity made students aware of our monuments and made them realize the need to protect places of historic importance. In collaboration with team ITIHAAS, a pioneer in Heritage Education organized an educational trip to Firoz Shah Kotla was also organized on 21st April. The children visited a Mosque, pyramidal structure, the Ashokan Pillar and the area where river Yamuna was located. It was an enriching experience for the students.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Activities for the month of April

We at GIIS, Chinchwad try to hone various aspects of our students to bring out the best in them and make them the responsible youth of our country. With the commencement of the new session children have joined the school with great zeal and enthusiasm. The children conducted a welcome assembly for their peers and introduced the school infrastructure to the new joiners. In another assemble presented by IV B the children spoke about kindness and the use of various gentle words which are all a part of our culture.

The first house meet was held on April 6, 2018 where students were oriented towards the spirit of their respective houses. They were given an insight into the traits and qualities of the element to which they belong. They were also told about how these elements of nature are interdependent on each other. The students of grade 3, 4 and 5 also took part in Elocution competition where they recited poems from different Indian and foreign authors Kudos to the efforts put in by the students and their teachers to have put up a great show. Magic is an art which is practiced by many and very few excel in the same. We had a spectacular performance from a parent in our school premises. Mr. Mahesh Hegde, father of Advait Hegde enthralled our students with his magic tricks and "Hath ki safai" in a scintillating magic show along with his wife and son Advait Hegde. Kids were excited and loved every bit of it. Investiture ceremony- A platform given to students to form a student council for leadership and inspiration to the students, where Maj. General Chauhan was called in as chief guest. The students have been appointed at various posts in the student council depending upon their overall performance in the previous years. The children took great pride in taking the solemn oath to maintain the standards of the school.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic- Sculptural Art Workshop

Deccan Academy in association with Oxford Grammar School conducted a five day Sculptors Art workshop at OGS. Eminent personalities in field of Sculpture like Sri Sampat Reddy, Jameel, Sri Shyam Sundar, Sri Surya Prakash and Sri Raghunandan were the creative minds behind their workshop. The various art pieces were made out of scooter rims, empty gas cylinders, bearings, gear rods, silencers, iron rods breaks, springs and other spare automobile parts. The artisans used these materials and created Sculptures like peacocks, tortoise, Turkey, dragon fly, crocodile human head, swan, two girls playing, a man skating, tribal couple, fishes counts and our School logo the Eiffel Tower. The students of OGS keenly observed the various nuances of iron sculpting and tried to imbibe in them the spirit of creativeness. A person who creates some amazing pieces out of any waste materials and gives shape to it as a force of an exotic piece of art is a real artist.

The Oriental Seminary, Kolkata

Topic- Monthly Report (January- March 2018)

Films on Heritage: On February 8, a few members of our club, led by teacher Ms. Payal Dey, attended the programme of screening of the short films on heritage at Birla High School, Kolkata. They came back with two Best awards in two categories.

Panel discussion on Heritage: On February 13, our teacher and Heritage Club convenor Shri C.P. Ghosal participated in a panel discussion on ‘Heritage Education for The Youth’ at Lincoln Room, American Centre, Kolkata on behalf of our club. His speech on the making of the archive and the heritage club in the school was greatly appreciated by the audience consisting of the heritage activists of different parts of Bengal and a team from Smithsonian Institute of New York, USA.

Heritage Fest: On 24-25 February, a festival on the heritage of north Kolkata was organized by a Hamdasti, a non-profit organization of Kolkata on our school campus. The members of our club volunteered in the festival as guides of the people who had come to visit the old buildings and other heritage sites of north Kolkata that were part of the festival’s attraction.

Heritage location visit for filming: Some members of the club, both students and teachers, visited Latbagan area in Barrackpore which is known for heritage sites of colonial association. The day-long visit on 15 March 2018 was organized for making short films on heritage. It was both an enriching and enjoyable trip for all the members who participated in it.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic - World Sparrow Day 20th March 2018

On the occasion of World Sparrow Day, the students of Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad took the pledge to protect Sparrows and also organized a signature campaign where all the students enthusiastically participated to protect and conserve Sparrows. Sparrows especially the house sparrows is one of the oldest companion of human beings and was once a common bird but unfortunately in the past few years it has rapidly declined. This issue brings to light the vast degradation of our environment and therefore World Sparrow Day is celebrated to give a platform to conserve and protect not only the sparrows but also our environment.

Shree Mahaprabhu Public School & College, Allahabad

Topic - World Sparrow Day

World Sparrow Day is conducted every year on 20th March to raise awareness of the sparrows, especially the house sparrows and other birds too. It is also a day to appreciate the beauty of our environment which we often take it for granted.

Through the diligent effort of the school principal, the school has been able to place various sparrow nests in the school for the birds to nest and also feed the birds. Sparrows have been seen with the human settlement for ages and it is our duty to protect them.

Slogan by Vintage Heritage Club:
"Gauraiya existence needs your assistance"

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic: Green Medicine Day, Rally for Rivers

Global Indian International School celebrates Green Medicine Day every year in memory of Lt. Smt. Kasturba Gandhi who was a great and renowned advocator and supporter of Ayurveda medicines. An exhibition was organized to make students aware of medicinal properties of common herbs and to make them aware of our vast culture of Ayurveda. Students brought many varieties of medicinal plants from their home which contains common ingredients found in our kitchens having medicinal properties i.e tulsi, amla, curry leaves, aloe vera, honey, ginger, turmeric, pepper, lemon, etc. The teachers explained to them about the benefits of Ayurveda and how green medicines are easily available in our own homes. To make the day memorable, students from class 4th went to Sinhasa village near our campus with their teachers and they donated sapling of medicinal plants like neem, aloevera, amla, tulsi etc. to the villagers and explained them regarding the hygiene habits and importance of cleanliness in their surroundings. They marched in the streets of villages spreading the messages of cleanliness and benefits of herbal plants.

A campaign was also raised to create awareness on the rivers that are depleting. GIIS Indore took initiative and joined the mission ‘RALLY FOR RIVERS ‘to create awareness on protecting rivers and water bodies. They started this mission from Sirpur Lake a Bird Sanctuary; Students from class 8th reached the Sirpur Lake and cleaned the areas near it, which had turned into a dump yard. The students conducted the cleanliness drive with the help of school authorities. The cleanliness activity was carried out with much zeal and enthusiasm by the students. Three Students Gourisha Bhatia, Kshitij Bagadia and Yash Vyas from class 9th made a complete research on dying rivers and developed a plot and prepared a short documentary on dying rivers of India, They presented this short movie in GIIS Leaps a unique initiative of GIIS, where students gathered from all the campuses to collaborate, participate, interact and compete with each other and concurrently hone their talents, enhance their personalities. LEAPS 2018 curate events that created a perfect blend of our cultural values and the 21st century pedagogy. GIIS Indore secured 1st position in this category.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram

Topic: Heritage Report for the month of January 2018

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram is very much into protecting, conserving and highlighting India’s Heritage and Culture so we organize activities and Assemblies to spread awareness amongst students and the society.


The Heritage Club of Ryan International School, sec-40, Gurugram organized a special assembly to mark “National Girl Child Day” on 24th Jan. 2018. The assembly was conducted by the Mahatma Gandhi House students, where they organized a Role Play on five successful Indian women in social, education, politics, sports and management fields. Students enacted as successful women personalities with great confidence and passion. The role play successfully brought out the main aspects and qualities of each women leader. And also inspired and motivated us all on the values and learning from their successful life.


Heritage Club, Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram celebrated the 69th Republic Day with all its solemnity and grandeur. The event showcased the pride taken in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of democracy and unity. The school echoed with patriotic fervour as the children indulged in a plethora of activities designed to mark the national occasion.

"Martyr’s day"

A special assembly was conducted on Martyr’s day on 30th January, 2018 as a remembrance of the martyred souls. The presentation commenced with a brief introduction on the life of Gandhiji and how his role in attaining freedom for India was pivotal. Gandhi ji's three messengers or commonly known as the 'teen bandar' represented the principle "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". The students enthusiastically participated in the assembly to show their gratitude towards the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our country and also spoke about Gandhi's principles and ideologies of truth, non-violence, self-sacrifice, peace and love for motherland. Information was provided on the celebrations of Martyrs day in India and assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. They also sang the melodious song 'De di hume azadi bina khadag bina dhaal' which made everyone reflect the sacrifices of this great soul. Our School Head Ms. Nisha Sharma appreciated the assembly and added that we should each walk on the path shown by Gandhi ji and feel the sense of responsibility towards the country and developed love and respect for the martyrs.

Some of the other activities performed for the month of January are Declamation Competition: Topic - “Rights and duties go hand in hand on, Role play competition: Topic- “An inspiring freedom fighter”, Slogan writing competition: “My Nation My Pride”, Art Expression: “Tricolour placard making activity”.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic: Swachh Bharat

No Litter Campaign

Littering and pollution is a major issue around the world today. It affects all of our lives, and will affect us for years to come. It is the result of careless attitudes and improper handling. We can prevent all this harm to our planet by reducing, reusing and recycling. We can save so much of earth by making it look better and keeping it clean and putting things where they belong if we don’t litter. Indore Municipal Corporation has run a serious drive to segregate waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The waste which can be recycled is separated and sent to various places for treatment or recycling. The biodegradable waste is being turned to compost. Keeping this in mind GIIS group of schools initiated a drive against – LITTERING. No Litter Campaign was the projects given to the students of GIIS. All the students have shown immense enthusiasm and energy in running this drive successfully in Indore City. Indore has set a benchmark by securing first position in cleanliness of surroundings.

Some of the activities done by the students are:

Best out Of Waste- A step towards 3 R’s. Different useful products like ice cream sticks, CDs and used bottles were used to create table Dustbins and eco-friendly Dustbins. The dustbins were placed in the school to make the students aware of littering and making the premises clean.

Poster Making Activity

Beautiful posters with catchy and informative designs were made and also used during the campaign.

No Litter Rally

A campaign rally or a march can be an extremely powerful way of expressing public feeling on an issue. The same idea had been used to spread the message. Flyers, posters and slogans were used to encourage people to participate in No Litter Campaign.

Nukkad Natak

Drama and song are the best means to spread message of awareness. The students of Class VI presented a ‘Nukkad Natak’ on NO LITTER at one of the busiest squares of Indore. The people gathered around to view the act. The posters, slogans and the voice of kids moved the people. A local channel had covered the complete act. People got the message and understood that it is our individual duty not to spread litter and ask others also to do the same.

Thanks Giving Day with Safaikarmis of IMC

IMC- Indore Municipal Corporation has deployed around 10000 safaikarmis in all the areas of Indore. These people come with the Garbage Collection Vehicle and collect dry and wet garbage separately from all the houses. These people are diligently working day and night to keep Indore clean. Even during Diwali they were present on their duties even at evening for collecting garbage. IMC and safaikarmis are very strict with all the people, shopkeepers and vendors for any act against the rules. People are now fined for spreading litter.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: Swachh Bharat Campaign

Some resource persons from Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation came to Oxford Grammar School on 9th February 2018 to create awareness on the mission the State Government civic body would be intensifying its activities for attaining higher level of cleanliness and sanitation in the city. Biodegradable carry bags are distributed to students. A rally was also organized where the students took active participation

On 17th February, on the occasion of Chief Minister of Telangana K. Chandra Sekhar Rao’s Birthday, Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan urged the school teachers, students and various organizations to participate in Swachh Survekshan which was held at Uppal Stadium. Home Minister Naini Narsimha Reddy urged people to make the city secure the top position in cleanliness, at “Swachh Surveskhan 2018 campaign. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is striving hard to improve its performance in the Swachh Survekshan 2018 rankings by conducting different awareness programmes and involving citizens in different initiatives. GHMC Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy has urged the citizens to give a missed call on 1969 and help Hyderabad bag top position. The Oxford Grammar school took active participation in the swachh campaign.

KLES’ International School Belgavi

Topic: Field Trip to Kittur on February 2018

The young Intach members of KLE’s International School visited the Kittur Fort. Kittur Chennamma was the Queen of Kittur, a princely state in Karnataka and she was one of the Indian female rulers to lead an armed rebellion against the British East India Company in 1824 because of the effect of doctrine of lapse. In the state of Karnataka, she is celebrated along with Abbakka Rani, Keladi Chennamma and Onake Obavva, as the foremost women warriors and patriots.

The young students toured the ruins of Kittur Fort to understand more about the great queen Rani Chennamma of Kittur. They also visited a museum which displays numerous articles of that period. The students learnt the amount of sacrifices that were done to achieve freedom and value their freedom more.

The students also visited a bangle factory nearby which produces glass bangles. They were mesmerized by the beauty of the bangles and the art of bangle making. It was a lovely and a great learning experience.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: Workshop (23rd – 25th Jan. 2018), 31st Hyderabad Book Fair (Jan 2018)

Balachelimi in association with School Radio conducted a 3 day workshop i.e., from 23rd January to 25th January, 2018 on School Radio at Oxford Grammar School, St. No. 13, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad. The Chief Guest for the program was Prof. Vinod Pavarala, UNESCO, Chair on community media, University of Hyderabad and Mr. Sumanaspati Reddy, Program Head, All India Radio, Adilabad. The workshop focused on orienting the students on improvising Communication skills, Enhancing Public Presentation skills, Building confidence levels. It also creates the platform to showcase their talents in creativity, innovations, technology and also to find solutions in their respective fields of study.

On the 31st Hyderabad Book Fair, the students of Oxford Grammar School performed a classical dance, Bihu dance and Lavani dance for the inaugural on 18th Jan for the inaugural function. The 31st Hyderabad Book Fair was inaugurated at NTR Stadium by Energy Minister G. Jagadish Reddy and closing ceremony was attended by Minister Harish. The book fair is a 10-day affair ending on January 28th. The organisers have listed an interesting line up of events on all the 10 days to attract children to the fair. The concluding day would saw Okka Nimsham (one minute) where contestants spoke for a minute in Telugu without using a single word of English. There are 213 participating booksellers this year. A painting competition was also held in collaboration with Oxford Grammar School on 21st Jan 2018 for classes 1 to 10 where the students took active participation. The students also performed a puppet show on 20th Jan.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic: Makar Sankranti, Hobby Club Presentation

Global Indian International School has always encouraged the students to remain in touch with their culture and history. Each festival is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm and same was done on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. The teachers narrated stories of Makar Sankranti to the children of grades 3 to 5 and the children wrote some beautiful stories relevant to today’s era keeping the festival of kites in mind.

It was even more colourful and fascinating for the children of grades 1 and 2 as they participated in the inter house Kite making competition. The entire area of the 1st graders was beaming with beautiful colourful kites.

The school also observed a weeklong celebration for the 69th Republic Day where special assemblies were conducted across various grades. Global Indian International School strives to make Patriotism a way of living for our students and instils in them the pride of belonging to one of the oldest nations of the world. The pride of being Indians resonated in the hallways of the school during the Republic Day celebrations, a perfect platform for our students to reflect on their patriotic selves.

Hobby Club Presentation

The school caters to the artistic needs of the children as well. As part of our extra-curricular activities we conduct Hobby Clubs on various fortes. We put up the artwork learnt by the students in this session along with music, dance, drama etc. The hobby club includes various skills like needle work, theatre, drawing and painting. All this is surely leading to the holistic development of the students of GIIS which the society of today if looking forward to.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: DHAATU INTERNATIONAL PUPPET FESTIVAL 2018, December 31st 2017- 7th Jan 2018.

The DHAATU INTERNATIONAL PUPPET FESTIVAL 2018 was held in Bangalore (Bengaluru), India held from December 31st 2017 to 7th Jan 2018. Students of 8th grade from Oxford Grammar school, Hyderabad performed a puppet show name "Bantuklal and cucumber". A puppet parade representing various Countries and States like Moscow and St. Peters burg from Russia, Germany and Austria and from India, Telangana, Mumbai and Gujarat performed at the puppet show. On the closing ceremony, the students were awarded with participation certificate and memento by Anupama Hoskera Festival Director, Dhaatu International Puppet festival.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: National Jute Board Workshop 3rd January, Sankranti Celebration 11th January

A workshop was organized on 3rd of January by the National jute Board at Oxford Grammar School. It was a student outreach programme to motivate the school students – the future decision making citizens of India, to shift towards using more eco-friendly products in their daily life, to save the earth from Pollution. This is really an extension to the Swachh Bharat Mission of the Govt. of India. The jute fibre is a renewable natural resource with excellent ecological characteristics, is light in weight, low in cost, non-toxic, biodegradable, and recyclable. As jute is biodegradable environment-friendly natural fibre, it is becoming more acceptable in an ecologically conscious modern world. The hazards of using synthetics and plastic products are being experienced every day, though not always noticed, through the clogged drains and death of grazing animals Spot Quiz contests, slogan / poster contests was arranged and as a token of recognition and incentive, jute products useful for the students are awarded. Two decorative items of Jute conveying the message of the usage of jute was presented to the school for their permanent display.

The School also celebrated Sankranti on the 11th of January. The festival marks the beginning of a six months auspicious period for Hindus known as Uttarayana period. Makar Sankranti is an important pan-Indian solar i.e harvest festival. The festival was celebrated to let the students know the significance of the festival. A Kite flying competition, Rangoli competition was held and also a skit was performed by students at the festival.

Epistemo Global, Hyderabad

Topic: Republic Day Celebration

The 69th Republic Day was celebrated at Epistemo Global with great pride. The entire school was festooned in the bright saffron white and green colours of the national flag, as students and staff gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion with patriotic fervour. The occasion was graced by the distinguished dignitaries, executive member of the board of Samaikya Group, Ms. Padma Kolli, Ms. Lakshmi Krishnan, Counsellor and Head of Centre of Excellence, our Principal Mr. Ravi Kumar and our teaching faculty. The Celebration began with the hoisting of the national flag followed by the singing of the national anthem. It was then followed by the march past from the students of the four distinctive houses namely Odysseus, Pythagoras, Archimedes and Socrates and also a performance of a song “Sare Jahan Se Accha by Grade 3 and 4 with utmost spirit and zeal. The learners displayed synchronisation and team work which helps raising their self-esteem, developing self-confidence and realising leadership and coordination skills as a team. The Principal Mr. Ravi Kumar addressed the audience and reinforced their confidence with words of inspiration. The learners also performed smart display drills using colourful pom-poms and rings as props. The purpose of drills was to hone the fine motor abilities, co-ordination, speed, balance and sharp reflexes. Learners of Grade 1 and 2 conveyed a beautiful message through their endearing dance performance in which they emphasized on the need to foster peace, harmony, respect, unity and brotherhood amongst people to overcome divisive forces that constantly try to tear us apart. Learners also showcased their energy, enthusiasm and teamwork in a wonderful display of pyramid. Finally, the floor was open for the little dancers who gave a splendid performance.