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Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic- Annual Cultural Festival, 9th Dec 2017

Oxford Grammar School celebrated the 37th Annual Cultural Festival on 9th December, 2017 at Lalita Kala Toranam under the theme “World of Dreams”. There was an array of display on strategic planning and orchestration of various academic and cultural programmes. The students exhibited, representing arts and crafts, heritage, bio- diversity etc in series of stalls. The students also presented the activities with great enthusiasm and capacity, presenting bench mark performances highlighting the versatility of Indian traditions like folk dances, Sufi, Kashmiri and English skits like spoof and chameleon and also drum story by primary kids. The programme was largely attended by parents, guests and student community.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic- Visit to BSF CWST- Know your forces

On the auspicious occasion of 52nd Raising day of BSF at the central Schools of weapons and tactics, GIIS Indore organized a visit to BSF CSWT to create awareness and an opportunity for students to observe the working of BSF and to develop respect towards our Arm forces, their sacrifices, and their contributions to society. The visit was to give an insight into the hardship and challenges faced by the security forces at the borders. In campus, they visited Artillery Museum, where they were introduced to the functions and roles played by Artillery, one of the most important section of the Indian Army, during the various wars fought by India with the neighbouring countries. The students also learned Information about the transition of weapons from bidirectional guns to modern artillery, about its rich past and foundation, the mountain artillery's immense hard work of carrying the ammunition to highest elevations, various life-size models of artillery guns, ammunition and missiles used during warfare. They learnt how soldiers attack the enemy in rough and tough terrains, a short movie on BSF prepared by National Geography Channel was shown to the students. Mr. B.K. Singh second-in-command and DIG Mr Arun Tamble briefed the students about the raising of the BSF and duties performed by troops of the battalion along the border round the clock. They also guided the students about how to enter in Arm forces and how they should prepare themselves for the entrance exams. The Students also got an opportunity to lean and handle weapons at the shooting range. This visit left its imprint deeply in the student's mind that they are inspired to join Indian Arm forces as their career it instills a sense of responsibility, courage, faith, and other positive characteristics in students.




The month of December was dedicated to educating and creating awareness regarding the importance of renewable sources of energy amongst children. This awareness program was initiated to mark National Energy Conservation Day which is celebrated on every 14th December in India. The students were introduced to the topic of renewable sources of energy and their advantages and also the importance of conserving non-renewable sources available to us as they are limited and can get exhausted. The students were made aware of the fact that the origins of man-made sources are due to human activities. The pollution of air, water, and soil due to industrialization, electricity generation, etc. occurs from man-made sources. On the other hand, natural sources occur without any intervention from human kind. This includes energy from sun, and wind, water bodies, plants, trees and so on.

Colourful posters were made by the students on conservation of energy. The activity gave the students an opportunity to brainstorm and discuss various ways of creating consciousness in the society. Followed by a brainstorming session and discussion, students were asked to select a topic for Energy Conservation collage. The students worked in groups and with the help of pictures, words, phrases from old newspapers illustrated their themes like Waste reduction, Live and stay green, Save Water etc. They also shared their collages and discussed the message each collage portrays. In the end they devised their very own plan of action to follow in order to conserve energy at their homes and school.

A Nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people’

India is a culturally rich country with diverse traditions, beliefs, social customs, habits, language and festivals. The students of class III took their parents on a virtual journey through the ‘Land of Wonders’- INDIA. They expressed their knowledge about the diverse and effervescent culture of our country as they staged their performance - ‘My Colourful India’, on 9th December, 2017. The Parents caught a glimpse of the state artifacts which were followed by a warm traditional welcome to the classroom. They were mesmerized with the unique facts shared by the young children about the ‘Land of Diversity’. This was followed by a vibrant dance depicting our country’s varied culture. At the end, the melodious choir touched the core of each and every heart present.

Soaked in the spirit of Christmas, a Christmas celebration was organized where the children presented the Assembly with fervor and joy. A skit presented by the students, reflecting the Yuletide spirit of ‘The Joy of Giving’ and the arrival of Santa dancing to the tune of Jingle bells filled the children with joy and excitement. The Principal Ms. Aditi Misra encouraged the children to donate generously to the needy and emphasized the true essence of Christmas. A Card Making activity was conducted for the students. Xmas trees, reindeers and snowmen were artistically displayed in their cards together with thoughtful messages for their parents and friends.

Various activities were also organized for the Middle Wing group.

Energy conservation day was organized with the students of class VI making the Save Energy’ badges depicting the concerns and measures to save energy. The students of classes VII and VIII made banners and info graphics showing how simple steps of energy conservation can make a big change. The activity gave them a platform to showcase their talent and made them realize the importance of energy conservation. ‘Shri Bhagwat Gita Shlok Recitation’ organized by the Chinmaya Mission, on 03th December 2017 wherein 319 students participated. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from the children in different Categories. Delhi Public School, Gurgaon secured appreciation prizes under various categories

A visit to Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park was organised for the students to give them an understanding of the importance of conservation and preservation of trees and appreciated the beauty the nature. The visit motivated the students to take care of their environment and to maintain cleanliness around them.

Visit to camp Sierra gave the students an opportunity to learn pottery making. The bullock cart ride added an extra zing to the students’ happiness as they experienced something new, which is not a part of their regular urban lifestyle. The camp culminated with an interesting magic show which left the audience spellbound and intrigued. Overall, it was a fun experience for one and all.

“The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.” -William Lawrence Bragg All great things begin with a small step and one such endeavour of DPS Gurgaon is the Science Fest, ‘SEEK –Ek Khoj’. What started as an initiative to encourage curiosity and originality in thinking has become an annual event celebrating the wondrous world of science. This year the Science Fest was held from 28th-30th November for classes VI, VII and VIII respectively. The fest was inaugurated by the Principal Ms. Aditi Misra who lauded the collaborative effort of teachers, mentors and students. The students participated enthusiastically with the guidance of the teachers. The fest included research by the students in the areas of Nutrition and Health, Electronics and Robotics, alternative sources of energy etc. The three science clubs Pulse, Allotropes and Redshift collaborated to create a conceptual model of a human brain to explain the structure and functioning of the brain. It was a unique integration of concepts of physical, chemical and biological aspects of the brain. Parents also witnessed the short films created by the young moviemakers to elucidate the different concepts of science. ‘SEEK-Ek Khoj’ was an enriching experience for both children and their parents and had various activities and games especially designed for parents. The valuable feedback of the judges helped the students to understand the concepts of science in a better manner.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic- Energy Conservation

The young students of GIIS Ahmedabad, with the help of the teachers of conducted two activities to observe energy conservation.

“Healthy mind resides in healthy body”

Activity I: The ‘GO GREEN CYCLE RALLY’ was conducted in the GIIS Ahmedabad campus on the November of 26th at the Godrej Garden City venue. The primary goal of this event was to instil awareness on the impact of environmental conservation and the mission was to draw in attention to a healthy lifestyle that encouraged greenery and energy conservation. To instil the message of how important personal hygiene as well as a clean environment is the students of the Green Campus Club enacted a robust street play. About 130 students participated in the event showcasing the slogans, raising their banners and aiming to create rampant awareness about environment conservation. The air of the rally was highlighted by our slogan ‘Go Green, don’t be mean’ which made our message crystal clear.

The GIIS Ahmedabad with Godrej Green City actively participated in initiating the ‘Tree Plantation Drive’. Trees were planted around the venue to set a good example in preserving the environment. The ’Go Green’’ program was finally concluded with the collaborative team effort and commitment that we all shared towards our Mother Nature. This was indeed a day of pleasantness and excitement wrapped in with an empowering note of Green Awareness.

Activity II: In an endeavour to conserve energy GIIS Ahmedabad planned to shut down the electricity supply for an hour. The meter readings were taken and data was collected for the amount of energy that was saved for an hour. The students and staff were happy that they were a part of the drive to conserve energy and the students were able to adapt to the situation and make necessary arrangements to continue with their studies. By reducing emissions, energy conservation is an important method to prevent climate change. Energy conservation makes it easier to replace non-renewable resources with renewable energy and is often the most economical solution to energy shortages. Hence, energy conservation is the need of the hour and there is a need for serious thinking to improve this sector by inducting new technology, attracting more investment, developing non-conventional sources and inculcating habits for saving like change in the individual habits, utilising latest technology, reduce the subsidy and increase the price of the energy.

Oxford Grammar school, Hyderabad

Topic- Excursion

The students of Oxford Grammar School Hyderabad went for an educational tour to Delhi, Agra, Fatepur Sikri and Udaipur. The students were quite excited and inspired to see the rich cultural heritage our country has. The beautiful architecture of the monuments gave them a sense of understanding of how buildings were built during that time and how much of hard work and labour was required to finish. The tour gave them a good understanding of the historical significance of the monuments.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic- World Heritage Week

To celebrate the Heritage Week, GIIS, Ahmedabad conducted a GSE Heritage Quiz on 24th November 2017 through Web Ex. The participating teams were - GIIS Campus (Noida, Surat, Bangalore, Chinchwad and Indore). The quiz questions comprised questions from Heritage (festivals, performing arts, dance, music, monuments, books, authors). The following rounds were conducted- MCQ's, One -word, Visual, Audio and Rapid Fire). Indore team secured First position. The quiz was conducted by four students guided by their S. St teachers. In all it was a great experience for the students who showed lot of enthusiasm while preparing quiz questions and conducting it. They learnt a lot of information about the rich culture of India.

A special visit was also made to Jumma Masjid which is at the old city of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is filled with monuments and has recently been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Jumma Masjid is one of the beautiful monuments that Ahmedabad is proud of. The masjid with the walls painted with excerpts from the Quran, one of being Allah’s Prayer, its majestic domes, numerous pillars and vast courtyard is also a prayer ground for the Muslim community to come and offer their prayers. Some of the students of class 9 brought along placards to perform a small street play sensitizing visitors on the importance of these monuments. A guide then showed us around and explained to us about the various features of the mosque. The students also visited the Bhadra Fort led by the teachers. The Badra Fort, whose entrance was marked by the famed “Teen Darwaza” or three doors before proceeding there, we went to offer our prayers to the guardian goddess of the city, Bhadrakali, an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi, also known as Nagar Devi. The class was then split into two groups of sixteen people each, as only a small number of people at a time were allowed to see the fort. The doors leading to the fort were huge and made of solid wood but the entrance to the interior of the fort was totally different. The guide there then explained why the doors were so small - when an enemy puts his head first while entering, he can be identified and shot down. It was disappointing to see graffiti and scribbled messages scrawled across the monument’s wall. We formed a small group to perform a crisp and catchy street play which beckoned to a lot of people passing by and tourists to a great extent. We as the youth of tomorrow, we pledged to encourage one another to protect and preserve our heritage for generations to come.

Delhi Public School Nadergul, Hyderabad

Topic- Independence Day, International Girl Child Day, World Heritage Week

The month of August named after the Roman Emperor Augustus is a month of energy, activities, full of passion, vigor and vitality. The Delhi Public school Nadergul, celebrated Independence Day with the true spirit of selfless sacrifice (motto of DPS- Service before Self). Different activities were planned ushering in the spirit of sacrifice. The students of grade 7 celebrated the Independence Day along with the inmates of the Chanchalguda Jail. The students presented a skit on the major movements of the Indian freedom struggle. The students of grade 6 celebrated it at the Government school in Imjapur while a few sections of students along with their teachers went to the Old Age Home at Badangpet and spent some time with the inmates there. A few sections of grade 5 reached the police station at Adibatla to celebrate the 73rd Independence Day celebrations while a few other sections celebrated Independence Day in an Orphanage at Gurramguda. All other students of Pre – Primary and Grades I – IV celebrated the national festival in the school premises with the pre-primary students taking the center stage. The day also marked a cartoon carnival with some of the students of grades I and II dressing themselves in their favorite cartoons and spoke about them. It was fun filled day for the lower class students to see all popular cartoons. Celebrating the UN International Girl Child day on 11th October, the students were told about the importance and awareness about the conditions faced by girls. It was a learning experience for the students that all girls and boys are equal with no difference. The students with great zeal shouted the slogan ‘save girl child’. The School also celebrated the heritage week with great enthusiasm.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic- Visit to Old Age Home (Diwali celebration), Children’s Day

GIIS Indore celebrated Children’s day & Dress up Day with their Pre-Primary students on 13th November in the school playground. Children were Dressed in vibrant costumes and armed with fitting props, these little artistes played out a wide array of Disney and cartoon characters. The teachers planned special activities and games for children, also dressing up as characters, sang and enacted on stage to entertain the students. Event was graced by our beloved Principal Ma’am, followed by the delicious treat of pastries and jucie. This day is commemorated with immense joy, enthusiasm and magnificence. It was a fun- filled day and all the children enjoyed and had a memorable time. The higher students took the theme “SPREADING HAPINESS” to celebrate Chldren’s day in a different way. Special Children were invited from MukBadhirSangathan to celebrate Children’s Day along with our students. 5 Boys and 5 Girls along with their teacher Mrs. Suchi Patrick joined the celebration. Though the children with their teacher explained the entire program to them in sign language and GIIS students also greeted them in their sign language. As a token of love they were given a rose each along with a special gift. Children of MukBadhirSangathan were welcomed as chief guest and our children were honoured as guest of honour. The teachers lined up fun activities like poetry, song in Sanskrit, parody dance, followed by some childhood experience sharing by Principal like Principal GIIS, Dr Capt.Dinisha Bhardwaj Singh blessed the students and conveyed the important message that a child should always remain alive in all human beings. All the students and steachers enjoyed the day to their fullest.

With the idea of instilling a sense of responsibility in the students for the old age, GIIS Indore organized a visit to ‘Old Age Home’ on 16/10/2017. The students of class 9th along with the Principal and mentors went to celebrate Diwali to spread happiness in their home and lives. It was an unexpected visit for them that cheered them up from the core of their heart. The students enthusiastically distributed sweets and fruits along with Diwali greeting cards and earthen lamps to all of them that were made by our students especially for them. They exchanged Diwali greetings and also shared their life experiences with each other. The whole event rekindled the feeling of responsibility in our children that they will cherish forever.

Spring Dale Senior Secondary, Amritsar

Topic- Heritage Festival

A 'Heritage Festival' was organized by The Heritage Club of Spring Dale Senior School, Amritsar, on October 13, 2017 at the school campus. The fair was named as ‘Rangle Punjab Di Sifat Sunava' (Telling praising tale of Colourful Punjab). The objective of the festival was to sensitize the students about the rich culture and heritage of Punjab by displaying articles. Traditional games like Pithu Garam and Kotla Chappaki and stalls of antique items were exhibited which attracted the attention of many students. Old coins, ancient musical instruments, jewellery, manuscripts, hand woven Phulkari and blankets were some of the interesting things presented at the festival. The students who stay confined to their books experienced rare sight of actual heritage glimpses of the agrarian state known for its rich cultural heritage.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic- Art Fest

On the occation of Childern’s Day, the students of Oxford Grammar School, celebrated the day by conducting “Art Fest”. Young artists displayed their artistic skills and exhibited their master pieces in a very innovative way. The main aim of conducting the festival was to expose the hidden artistic skills of the young and talented artists which they have been acquiring through the years. The school aims at the holistic development of the student’s creativity and create a pathway to the young artist and an opportunity to bring out their inner talent.

KLES' International School, Belgavi

Topic- Water

"Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!"

Every educated person knows that 71% of the earth is made up of water, but most of it is saline water and only 3% of it is drinkable! But what are we doing as citizens of the world to conserve what little is remaining?!Children of today are citizens of tomorrow. We at ‘Intach club – Dharohar’ at Kles’ International School, Belagavi wanted our students to be aware of their environment and ways to preserve it. Our young learners wrote about one water source they know about, its uses, how it is depleting and ways to conserve it. The young learners were awe inspired by nature’s power and how human beings destroy their eco system due to their greed for power and materialistic pleasures. They came to a realization that they can definitely make a difference by not only conserving their natural heritage but by also making people around them aware of it.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram

Topic- "National Poetry Day", "International Day of Disaster Reduction", 'World Food Day'

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram is very much into protecting, conserving and highlighting India Heritage and Culture so we organize in to time activities and Assemblies to spread awareness and amongst students and the society. The Heritage Club of the school celebrated National Poetry day on 12th October 2017 with great enthusiasm and vigour. The day was celebrated with an enlightening Role Play of famous English poets where the students dressed up as well known personalities from the field of poetry like Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning, John Keats and William Wordsworth and highlighted the significant features of their life. They also spoke about their early life and the inspiration behind their famous works. Through their Role Play the students emphasized the importance of imbibing the values of hard work and perseverance to achieve the glory of success. The life story of these poets inspired the students to not to be discouraged by the failures and difficulties in life and ambition being the driving force, they should override all the difficulties.

A special assembly on the occasion of International Day of Disaster Reduction was also celebrated on 13th October. The day promotes preventive measures to reduce the risk of natural disaster. On this day students of Class III-F presented a talk show to create awareness on different types of disasters. They also told that reducing the disaster risk should be the priority for everyone. They opined that by tackling vulnerability we can reduce the risk of disaster and hence build safer and resilient communities. Students suggested that risk of disaster can be reduced through a combination of disaster management and community led mitigation measures. In order to prepare the children in case of emergency mock drill was also conducted in the school premises.

The Heritage club students also celebrated ‘World Food Day’. An enlightening Talk show by class IV-D ‘Say No to Junk Food’ highlighted the importance of healthy eating and role of various nutrients in our body. The students informed everyone about basic terms like balanced diet and pyramid through an interactive talk show. Students also stressed on the fact that if everyone monitors their daily diet then the person need not face the health problems related to unhealthy eating.

Another activity that was taken up by the Heritage Club on 17th October was a ‘Poster Making’ on the topic ‘Conservation of Natural Resources’.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic- International Children Film Festival

The Pracheena Heritage Club members of Oxford Grammar, Hyderabad attended the 20th International Children Film Festival as delegates which is held at Hyderabad from 8th – 16th of November 2017. The International Children’s Film Festival of India, better known as ‘The Golden Elephant,’ is in its 20th year, organised by Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI), aims in bringing imaginative and delightful international and national children’s cinema to young audiences.

Epistemo Global, Hyderabad

Topic- Run for Unity

The learners of Epistemo Global, Hyderabad observed Rashtriya Ekta Divas with great enthusiasm. Participants arrived much before the sunrise and assembled on the school ground for the event. It was quite encouraging to see more than thousands of students come together to participate in the five km marathon. The marathon was conducted under separate categories including senior citizens, men and women above 25 years, boys and girls below 25 years. It was a great feeling to see participants from all walks of life coming together for the cause of unity with great zeal. Chairperson Ms. Swarajya accompanied by the principal of Vikas the concept School Mr.C Ravi Prasad, encouraged the participants. Mr. Kshitij Kashyap, the chief guest for the event, who himself is an avid cyclist, fitness enthusiast and a marathon runner, flagged off the event. The other included dignitaries Mr. B. Surendra Nath, vice Chairperson TVS Banjara Hills, Mary Prabhakar Reddy MPTC,VP,R.C Puram. Other enthusiastic participants were BHEL Yoga team members, Spoorthy Health club members and Samaikya Youth association Nallagandla members. The winners were honoured with gold, silver and bronze medals and all participants were given certificate of participation. The event was marked by song and dance performances depicting patriotism and the program concluded with people standing in unison for the National Anthem.

Epistemo Global, Hyderabad

Topic- United Nations day, Field Trip to ICRISAT

United Nations Day was celebrated in Epistemo Global, Hyderabad to mark the anniversary of the Charter of the UN. The learners of grade two represented themselves as the member countries of the UN and explained its importance. They also explained the importance of world peace and presented a song. The assembly was concluded with the pledge to maintain world peace and work for humanity. Learners of Grade 10 of Epistemo Global School were taken to ICRISAT (International Crop Research Institute for Semi- Arid Tropics) to learn through experience. As a part of the induction process a video was shown to understand the broad goals of the organisation i. e to bring down poverty, hunger and malnutrition. It is done by looking for better resources in agriculture and better management of natural resources, like soil and water. Students were also taken to a bio research lab to understand the different kinds of soil and the crops that grow in them. The main crop research work is done on Pearl Millet, Sorghum, and Chickpea. Various methods of water harvesting were also explained to the students. The field trip was very informative and gave an insight about the importance of being a good global citizen.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic- Gandhi Jayanti

The students of class 5 B and 3 A presented an assembly on Gandhi Jayanti on 4th Oct'2017. The day emphasized on the need of thought, word and deed to be in harmony and Gandhian values of honesty & equality were expressed through skit. The skit was prepared with the help of INTACH students. The INTACH students told the students to take a pledge to follow Gandhi’s path of truth, non-violence, self-reliance, equality, self-control and selflessness. The team of INTACH presented a speech on the role of Mahatma Gandhi in making India independent and his struggle for independence through non-violence. A speech was given by one of the students dressed up as Gandhi, followed by a Sarvdharm Prayer of Gandhi. The programme ended with a wonderful performance by our school band followed by an Inspirational Speech by Our principal Sir, Mr. Caesar D'silva on the transition in the life of Mahatma Gandhi as was evident in his attire at different stages of his life.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic- "Oath Ceremony of Swachhata Brand Ambassado"

Indore has emerged as the cleanest city of the country in the Swachh Survekshan Rankings 2017. All 434 cities across the country were ranked based on their cleanliness quotient across five categories which included waste collection, solid waste management, behaviour change communication, toilet construction and strategies to improve sanitation. To celebrate the success of this mission, Indore Municipal Corporation under the guidance of Mayor Malini laxman SinghGaur and IMC commissioner Manish Singh launched Swachhata Brand Ambassador. Around 500 schools were invited for the grand oath ceremony. Askit and Nukkad natak were also presented by different groups to spread the awareness of cleanliness in city. Different Swachata committees were established in different schools of Indore which consists of 5 students and a lead teacher, who will take care of cleanliness in the city as well as nearby communities. GIIS Indore also proudly initiated and under the lead of Ms Sarika Bhatia Academic coordinator with five students (Gourisha Bhatia, Kshijij Bhangaria, Omni Manvani, Komlika Vyas and Yash Vyas ) from class 9th took part in the Oath Ceremony of Swachhata Brand Ambassador held at Basketball complex Indore on 3rd October 2017.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon

Topic- Gandhi Jayanti, Dwali, Wild life Week, Trip to Amritsar

On the occasio of Gandhi Jayanti, the junior and middle wing organized a special assembly to celebrate the teachings of Gandhi and to increase consciousness among the children through various activities. Children drew beautiful charkhas and dove, the symbol of peace. Also a role play on Swadeshi movement was enacted which increased their awareness about khadi movement. The students also learnt about the ideologies of Gandhiji and made beautiful illustrations of the ‘Three wise monkeys’, representing the principle ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’.

To celebrate the festival of lights- Diwali, a special assembly was conducted. The Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra emphasized on the importance of saying ‘No to Crackers’ and urged the children to be sensitive to the environment by celebrating a clean and cracker free Diwali. A pledge was also taken to celebrate a cracker free Diwali and as part of ‘Harit Diwali - Swasth Diwali’ campaign by the Government of India. This was followed by a presentati0on of a short poem and a skit in which students dressed up as various characters from the Ramayana and depicted Lord Ram's return to Ayodhya after vanquishing Ravan in a battle. The assembly came to a close with a traditional Diwali dance performance on a devotional song dedicated to Lord Ram. A Diya Candle decoration activity was also organized where Classes VI, VII, VIII participated using eco- friendly and biodegradable material to decorate the diyas and candles. It was a befitting start to the much loved festival season. The efforts of the children were lauded by everyone.

To celebrate the festival of lights- Diwali, a special assembly was conducted. The Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra emphasized on the importance of saying ‘No to Crackers’ and urged the children to be sensitive to the environment by celebrating a clean and cracker free Diwali. A pledge was also taken to celebrate a cracker free Diwali and as part of ‘Harit Diwali - Swasth Diwali’ campaign by the Government of India. This was followed by a presentati0on of a short poem and a skit in which students dressed up as various characters from the Ramayana and depicted Lord Ram's return to Ayodhya after vanquishing Ravan in a battle. The assembly came to a close with a traditional Diwali dance performance on a devotional song dedicated to Lord Ram. A Diya Candle decoration activity was also organized where Classes VI, VII, VIII participated using eco- friendly and biodegradable material to decorate the diyas and candles. It was a befitting start to the much loved festival season. The efforts of the children were lauded by everyone.

Wildlife week was also celebrated to bring awareness about wildlife and environment. The INTACH club organized various activities on the occasion. It focused on increasing knowledge on conservation and protection of wild life week through slogan and posters The students of class VI wrote poems on their favourite animal to showcase their love whereas students of classes VII and VIII designed beautiful picture postcards on the topic ‘Save the Sparrow’ and ‘Wildlife Sancturies of India’. The students participated enthusiastically in these activities.


An educational trip to Amritsar, Punjab was organised for students of Class X from 14th October’ 2017 to 16th October’ 2017 aimed at apprising the students with the culture and history of Punjab. The trip covered landmarks in Amritsar relevant to its culture and the independence movement of India. The students got an opportunity to get get a glimpse of Punjabi culture through displays such as cottages, huts, charpoys, traditional music and dance presented by a cultural group of performers. The second day entailed a visit to the Golden Temple where the students got to witness the mesmerizing appearance and the rich history of the temple, and were also familiarised with the religious importance of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs. This was followed by a visit to Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah Border, where they got to watch the armed soldiers on the border. Visit to the Govindgarh Fort was an enchanting experience. Students learnt and explored the lesser known facts about Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Students also saw a 7D movie which gave a vivid glimpse of the life and times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It was a great experience for the students to be able to go beyond what they had been learning in textbooks and helped them gain a new perspective towards the history of Indian Independence. All in all, it was a perfect blend of fun and learning, and a very enriching experience for all the students.


Delhi Public School, Gurgaon's first Inter School Humanities Fest, Neev 2017, was hosted by the Social Science Club, Dharohar, on 10th October, 2017. Nine schools from Delhi-NCR participated in this fest. The Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra in her inaugural address welcomed the participating schools and emphasised that in contemporary times when the world is facing so many issues, Dharohar-the Social Science club, would provide a platform to students to understand their culture better and will enable them to connect with our past and heritage. She also announced that the host school would participate in all events but not compete for awards. This was followed by a speech by Anoushka Sur, Co-Founder and President of Dharohar. The fest included five events, GazeSSt: Historical Newspaper Making, Ramp Talk: Indigenous Costume Description, the movie making event: Through The Lens, the quiz: QueSST and Agyatra: the treasure hunt. The school premise was setup like a traditional Indian bazaar and a Rajasthani folk song ‘Padharo mahre desh’ was sung. The students of class 9th participated in a treasure hunt event, Agyatra. It was a fun and an enriching activity for the participants. Students of class 10th prepared beautiful cover pages of special editions of newspapers from the reign of Hitler, Stalin, Ashoka was among others for the event on historical newspaper making. The Ramp talk event was participated by class of 11th students wearing costumes of tribes in India walked the ramp and supported by power point presentations. The participating schools brought vigour and enthusiasm on the stage as they depicted the costumes of various Indian tribes, the Toda tribe and the Naga tribe amongst others. The audience was left spellbound. Through the movie making event: Through The Lens, short movies were made by students of class 11th showing the bazaars and by-lanes of India that have fascinated the travelers and locals alike. The quiz: QueSST, was based on extended social science which posed a challenge to the participants and left audience on the edge of their seats The results of various events were announced by the Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra and the overall winner trophy went to DAV Public School. The vote of thanks was delivered by Jahnavi Mukul, Co-Founder of Dharohar.

Epistemo Global, Hyderabad

Topic- Diwali Celebration

Epistemo Global, Hyderabad organised a special assembly on the occasion of Diwali. The whole school wore a festive look with diyas and lanterns adorning the corridors. The pre-primary students and teachers were all dressed in the ethnic attire. The special assembly began with a morning prayer, followed by a rangoli decoration, diya painting, dance and songs. The teachers talked about the significance of Diwali and why it is celebrated. The learners were sensitised to the ill- effects of bursting crackers and guidelines on a safe and green Diwali were shared with the students. The tiny tots of EG sang ‘Ayi diwali’ and showcased the spirit of the festival through a spellbinding dance on the song ‘Happy Diwali’. It was indeed a very colorful and joyous occasion.

Epistemo Global

Topic- Dussehra and Durga Puja Celebration

A morning assembly was presented by the learners of grade 3 on the occasion of Dussehra and Durga puja on 18 September 2017. The young learners dressed in traditional Indian attire depicted the story of Lord Rama & Sita, Goddess Durga’s killing of Mahishasura and the defeat of Ravana through a skit and also spoke about the significance of the festivals and how it is celebrated across the country. They told how this festival gives the message that good always triumphs over evil and to overcome evil inside us. To close the assembly on a high note, the learners performed “Garba” and wished “Happy Dussehra and Durga Puja to one and all.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Teachers Day, Gandhi Jayanti

GIIS Chinchwad celebrated Teacher’s day in the school’s premises amidst much fanfare involving staff, teachers, students and management of the school. A special assembly was conducted by grade 11 students where the Students performed a plethora of programmes like song, dance and skit. The assembly concluded with Director Principal Dr. Mrs. Amrita Vohra’s address. The students also conducted tug-of-war between teachers of Primary and Secondary teachers. This month also marks the beginning of India’s biggest philanthropy festival- Joy of Giving week, and the school organized a donation drive for the marginalized sector of the society. There could not be a better day to hold this drive as Gandhi always professed the kind act of ‘giving’. Compassion, respect for others, empathy, forgiveness, integrity and other virtuous qualities essential for peace are motivated by the human heart and spirit. This innate spirituality was the fundamental truth of Gandhiji’s life and remains to be the universal principles and values that all people acknowledge. Students of grade IV-A visited the Sneh Foundation School to share quality time with the pre-school childern. The students had an interaction with the students, played games, shared finger food with them and also gave them notebooks. The school is under Sneh foundation which is our CSR partner. This was done to enhance compassion in our students and help them understand the value of sharing and caring.

Global Indian International School, Bangalore

Topic- World Tourism Day

The students of GIIS, Bangalore on the day of World Tourism Day, created a poster making activity to create awareness about the importance of sustainable tourism. World Tourism Day 2017 presents a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the contribution of sustainable tourism to development among public and private sector decision-makers and the international community, while mobilizing all stakeholders to work together in making tourism a catalyst for positive change. The students enthusiastically participated in the poster making, bringing in their creative minds.

GIIS Ahmedabad

Topic- Green Consumer Campaign

GIIS Ahmedabad believes in preserving and promoting green environment, nature, art, culture and heritage as it is an active member of INTACH. In order to spread awareness among masses to ‘Go Green’, GIIS joined hands with Adani Shantigram for a 2km cycling ride on Sunday, 10-09-2017. The interactive presentation of GIIS Green ambassadors on benefits of cycling and discouraging the usage of Plastic was appreciated by the audience. Students started their presentation by performing a street play wherein they introduced people to “Plastic Pollution” which involves the accumulation of plastic products in the environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, or humans. Suggestion on steps and measures that can be taken to put a break to the growing Plastic Pollution was given by the students. They highlighted banning of plastic usage in day to day life and how following the mantra of 3 R’s- Reduce, Resue, Recycle can bring about a change in everyone’s life. GIIS ambassadors of Go Green also emphasised on how riding a cycle can be beneficial for their health and a help in reducing the carbon footprints and saving fuel and energy. After the presentation, people shared their feedbacks and suggestions on becoming a GREEN CONSUMER and following a healthy lifestyle.

Message from GIIS GO GREEN Ambassadors

“Instead of thinking ‘my house, my family or my area’, we should instead think of it as ‘my earth’; only then can we make a difference.”We ought to go green in order to save the life of future generations.”

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Tribute to Tamarind Tree

On 27th September, 2017, students of Pracheena Heritage Club gathered under the Tamarind Tree in the Osmania General Hospital premises to commemorate the Musi River Floods and remember the victims of the devastating historic event, which occurred on 28th September, 1908. It was this Tamarind tree which saved dozens of people during the floods. The Tamarind tree has been remembered along with the victims who lost their lives.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

The Festive Fervor

Festivals prove to be wonderful opportunities of bonding, spreading love and embracing each other’s religion, customs and traditions wholeheartedly to celebrate and enjoy the joys of life. The month of August proved to be a ride of fun moments with back to back festivals allowing our students to understand and stay rooted to our traditions.

Dawning on Indian traditional attire, the students looked beautiful for the festivities in school. All the rituals and customs pertaining to Ganesh Chaturthi, Rakshabandhan and Janmashtami were followed orienting our students to understand the importance of these festivals. The birth of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami was celebrated with pomp and splendor. Little ones danced to the tunes of “Madhubanmeinjokanhaiya…” and did the “DahiHandi”. They also enacted various scenes from Lord Krishna’s life.

Students made cute rakhis to observe rakshabandhan and understood the story behind celebrating the bond of sibling love. During Ganpati, special assembly and class activities were conducted to celebrate the festival and modaks were distributed among all.

KLES’ International School, Belagavi

Topic: Intach Heritage Tour

The INTACH club of KLES’ International School, Belagavi had organized a heritage tour for the young Intach members of the school on 29th July 2017 to make them aware of the immense cultural and architectural treasure we have in India.

The students were taken to Badami, Pattadkal and Aihole which have been given the status of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The Badami Chalukyan architecture was a temple building idiom that evolved in the 5th – 8th centuries in the Malaprabha river basin, in present day Bagalkot district of Karnataka state. According to historian K.V. Sunder Rajan, the contribution of Badami Chalukyas to temple building matched their valor and their achievements in battle.

The young Intach members were mesmerized by the beauty of the magnanimous structure. They were accompanied by Ms Seema Jalgar (co-ordinator INTACH Kles’ International School) Ms Sarojini D (member of Intach, Belagavi Chapter) and Mr Yashodhar Jain.

It was truly an awe-inspiring experience for the students and will be etched in the minds of the young Intach members for a lifetime.

KLES’ International School, Belagavi

Topic: Intach Heritage Club Quiz Report

The Belagavi Chapter of INTACH had organized a Quiz on 20th July 2017 at Bhaurao Kakatkar College, Belagavi led by Dr Meena Mohite, Co-Convener of INTACH Belagavi Chapter and presided by Ms Swati Jog, member of the Chapter.

Around six schools from Belagavi participated in the competition with teams of two students. The quiz consisted of two rounds, a preliminary round and a final round. The preliminary round was a written test. The best four teams moved to the next round. KLES’ International School qualified for this. Interesting questions based on National Heritage and local history were asked.

Our school secured the fourth place.
It was a great opportunity for our young learners to enhance their knowledge about the beautiful culture and heritage of our country.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: Interaction with the Telangana State Forest Academy

Telangana State Forest Academy (TSFA), Dulapally gave permission to our school for a visit. An official from the Academy interacted with members of our Heritage Club on the importance of forests and usefulness of forest trees. The students took a walk in the natural forests – a nature trail scaling a small hill with a beautiful panoramic view of 200 acres.

GIIS, Indore

Topic: Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration, Independence Day Celebration

One of our core values is social responsibility & we in GIIS Indore incorporate that in our teaching and learning various customs, festivals and traditions from all over the world. Ganesh festival is a very important one for our local culture and has been celebrated here for centuries. So, to keep traditions and its importance intact and to protect our surroundings from additional pollution, our tiny toddlers from KG II, prepared beautifully decorated clay idols of Ganesh with the help of their teachers. Students of Nursery decorated the Ganesh picture worksheets and KGI has shown their creativity by making Ganesh with spray painting. They sang beautiful bhajans in assembly and the teachers recited short stories related to lord Ganesh. The Ganesh idols were sent to all the parents with a request to have clay Ganesh idols in their homes for this Ganesh Chaturthi and also educated the students to request their parents not to immerse their Ganesh idols in the river or any other water bodies as they are polluting water but can immerse the idol in the tank or in the buckets in their respective houses which can be further used to water the plants.

Independence Day was also celebrated with enthusiasm, patriotism and excitement. The day marks the 70th anniversary of our Independence and a great show was put up by the students. The function commenced with flag hoisting by honourable Chief Guest Mr. Naval Singh, Second-In-Commandant –BSF (awarded Police Medal for gallantry by our Late President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam). The tricolor flying high in the sky marks the sacrifice and integrity of our nation. He motivated the young children about their duties as youth. Under the guidance of Dr. (Capt.) Dinisha Bhardwaj (Principal - GIIS Indore), team GIIS prepared and presented a flash mob dance activity at the Treasure Island Mall. The Treasure Island mall is one of the most famous malls of Indore and is usually crowded with youngsters of the city. Forty Five students from the campus had prepared a special patriotic dance piece with each song depicting love for our country. The flash mob activity was a huge success as the crowd cheered for our students. Principal Ma’am accompanied the students to boost their moral and support them throughout the show. A quiz based on the Independence theme was also conducted for the crowd present. Various questions were asked and for every correct answer chocolates were distributed among the audience. The objective behind conducting this activity was to establish a strong community to connect and enhance confidence of our students as they perform in front of thousands of spectators. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.

Epistemo Global Hyderabad

Topic: Vinayak Chaturthi, Tribal Dance Competition, Film It Workshop, Pingali Venkayya Jayanti

The Epistemo Global of Hyderabad celebrated Vinayak Chaturthi with full zeal and enthusiasm. Learners of Grade 4.com presented a skit depicting the birth of Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The young learners displayed sincere concern for environment and advised all to use environmental friendly material while engaging in the festivities.

Under the aegis of “INTACH FILMIT”, enthusiastic learners of Epistemo Global participated in a workshop conducted at P. Obul Reddy Public School on 22nd August 2017. The learners learnt the techniques to make good movies and select relevant topics. The workshop was very informative and interesting for the learners.

A Tribal dance competition was also organized for the young learners of grades 3 and 4. The students put up scintillating performances of the Santhal Tribe of India, Zulu of South Africa, Inuits of Canada, Aborgines of Australia. The spectators were enthralled to see the enthusiasm and energy of the learners and applauded their energetic performances.

On 2nd of August, an assembly on Pingali Venkayya Jayanti was celebrated. He was an Indian freedom fighter and the designer of the flag on which the Indian national flag is based. The learners of 5.com shared the information on the journey of Indian national flag. Pingali Venkayya designed a flag to unite the nation. He sought the approval of Mahatma Gandhi, who suggested him to incorporate a charkha in the flag to symbolise the economic regeneration of India. The assembly was very informative.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: Making of Clay Ganeshas

The Pracheena Heritage Club of Oxford Grammar School, during their Saturday club class, made Ganeshas out of clay to create awareness and also the importance of Lord Ganesh festival. The students wanted to point out that during the olden days, Ganesh idols were made from clay in their own homes and also immerse them in their own ponds and tanks to symbolize the circle of creation and dissolution of nature. The use of synthetic materials and chemical paints while making idols leads to widespread water pollution and is very harmful to the living bodies in the water and therefore the students wants to encourage everyone to use natural methods and not to pollute the water bodies.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram

Topic: "Respect for Parents Day", Birthday of Legendary Singer "Kishore Kumar", "Independence Day", "National Senior Citizen Day"

The heritage Club of Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram organized an exuberant assembly to celebrate “Respect for Parents Day”. This day was created to remind everyone that parents deserve our respect and love. The students performed enthusiastically on the value of parents and be good role models in the society.

The birthday of legendary singer “Kishore Kumar” was celebrated by organizing a special assembly to commemorate the legend, where the students presented a marvelous talk show. The young students wore colourful clothes and balloons to acknowledge the singing legend and grooved over the folk songs from Kishore Kumar’s birthplace. A birthday song was also presented for the artist. It was a fun-filled assembly loaded with numerous relishing songs and everyone relived the golden era of music through the efforts of children.

The heritage club of the school also celebrated the 71st Independence Day with much grandeur and aplomb. The eventful day began by flag hoisting and grand march past followed by the national anthem. God’s blessings with recitation of Bible verses and special prayer for our Motherland and fellow citizens along with melodious prayer songs sung by the school choir gave a pious start to everyone’s day. The extremely talented Ryanites also presented a mesmerising skit ‘The Spirit of India’ which highlighted the contributions and sacrifices made by the brave hearts. A lively Street Play on ‘Save the Girl Child,’ was performed where the students highlighted the grave issue of gender inequality and presented effective ideas to curb the issue. A spectacular Patriotic dance performance by the young dancers ended the celebration.

The school celebrates the National Senior Citizen Day on August 21st each year. This year a talk show on how to show Respect to our Senior citizens was presented by the students where they emphasized that senior citizens are an important part of the society and must not be ignored. The Ryanites expressed their love, respect and their importance in one’s life.


Topic: International Peace Day, International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant’
Celebrating the International Peace Day, students of grade 7 represented GIIS AHMEDABAD at the GSE 2017. The wonderful creation of God was showcased through a model made by them– The Tree of Life which was made with plastic bottles, old newspapers, branches and twigs with utmost dedication, love and care. The birds made out of clay represented different values, peace, unity, tolerance and brotherhood and these values theses values were stressed upon to follow in our lives.

On the occasion of the International Day of the World's Indigenous People which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the landmark UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, the students of Class IX presented an assembly on the theme “World’s Indigenous People” along with some students from INTACH. The students prepared a PPT which contained details about the indigenous people. It was very informative and was followed by a Quiz based on the PPT. The students participated enthusiastically and also presented a tribal dance of the Siddi tribe (originally from Africa but have settled in India for a long time) of Gujarat. The dance was praiseworthy and the viewers were mesmerized by the dance performance.

GIIS, Ahmedabad

Topic: Environment Day, World Population Day

The young INTACH members along with grade 6 B of GIIS, Ahmedabad put up an assembly on World Environment Day with a message that the environment has become the most important issue in the world. The students presented a PPT on the issues the environment is facing along with a skit presentation on the theme “Save Environment”. The well-put up skit left the viewers enchanted with the theme and its message. The students considered the problem of scarce resources such as water, electricity, forest etc. with the comparison of the present times with that of their grandparent’s time where life was so simple and there was no need to conserve our environment. So, they discussed on various issues about the hazards brought by the excessive use of technology. They presented various methods such as 4 R’s to conserve our resources in the form of skit, posters, objects (cloth bags, plants). The attempt made by the team and students proved successful by the end of the assembly with children promising to abide by the message conveyed. It is amazing to know that such young children understand the meaning of the fact that Mother Nature has the power to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one’s soul!

On the occasion of World Population Day the young student members of INTACH presented a program to spread awareness about the ever increasing population and its effects. They shared some facts about the global population and also presented a skit where they talked about various problems arising due to the increasing population. The issues presented in the skit were related to scarcity of the resources such as water, electricity and other issues i.e. pollution, poverty, unemployment. The students also prepared slogans to spread awareness about the same.

INTACH, Kasargod Chapter

Topic: "Kilukkampetty"- Children’s Camp

INTACH, Kasargod Chapter in association with Folk land, International Centre for Folklore and Culture and Edayilakkad Navodaya Library conducted “Kilukkampetty” a seven day summer camp at Edayilakkad riverside on 15th May, 2017. About 100 students participated in the camp. The camp was addressed by Dr V. Jayarajan, Convener of Kasargod Chapter and Prof. Chandradas, eminent theatre personality and Director of Lokadharmy, a Kochi based theatre inaugurated the function. This year’s camp was dedicated for commemorating the renowned dramatist, theatre director and poet, Sri Kavalam Narayana Panicker. The Natakakalari (Theatre workshop) was led by Sri. Gireesh Sopanam, National Sangeeta Nataka Akadamy winner. The second day of the camp began with the drama class of Mr. Gireesh. Dr. Anila Sunil who is a Mohiniyattam dancer (Payyanur college lecturer) and Ms. Navaneetha the national winner of My City My Heritage competition of INTACH visited the camp. The third day of the camp was blessed with the presence of four renowned persons such as Kavalam Narayana Panikkar’s disciple, Mr. Anil Pazhavila, (Sopanasangeetam teacher), Mr. Ramdas, Mr. Santosh and Mrs. Natasha, research scholars. Mr. Anil and Mr. Gireesh entertained the children by singing songs and also Mrs. Natasha performed a Maratha action song for the children. Puppetry making was one of the highlights of the day. The fourth day continued with the drama class and memory games that enhanced the concentration power of the students. On the fifth day of the camp, the programme was conducted by Mr. Gireesh, Mr. Anil, Mr. Sudharshanan (Akashavani A grade Music composer), Mr. Janardhanan (renowned Thabalist), singers Mr. Arun and Mr. Sarath. They entertained the children by singing film songs and poems and of Sri. Kaavalam Narayana Panikkar. Mr. Sudarshanan explained about composing music through examples. On 20th May 2017, the guest of the day was Sri Krishna Prasad (Natuvydhyar) who also distributed fruits (black plums) among the children and other camp members urging them to reflect upon the importance of planting trees in the household and stressed on the defects of having soft drinks and fast food. On 21st May 2017, M P Raghavan (Lyrist) visited the camp and entertained the camp members with one of his song about the river Kavvayi. As the camp was conducted near the ferry, all the tourists who arrived at the riverside visited the camp. Through the 7 day long training, the campers put on a show on Kavalam Narayana Panikkar’s drama “Vachumattam”, which was staged before 50 years. Folkland Chairman, Dr. V Jayarajan also shared his experience with Kavalam Narayana Panikkar. Valiyaparambu Gramapanchayath President Mr. M T Abdul Jabbar inaugurated the Valedictory function.

Presidency School
Bangalore North

Topic : World Environment Day

The Presidency School, Bangalore celebrated the World Environment Day. A special assembly was held with the school theme “Empower”. The theme for 2017, “Connecting People to Nature- in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator” was also shared. The assembly began with a thought on environment which was followed by a skit performance by the students highlighting the problems due to deforestation. Special placards, slogans depicting the general problems faced due to depletion of forests, water crisis, global warming and excessive use of plastic were displayed and the problems were also addressed with solutions that were practical and doable for all. The celebration was held to create awareness and take a pledge to empower one another in saving nature and to ensure a healthy future. The school will continue in its endeavour by extending its green fingers into the neighbourhood and planting 1000 saplings, each donated by a ‘green contributor.’

Pracheena Heritage Club
Oxford Grammar School


The Pracheena Heritage Club of OXgord Grammar School, Hyderabad organized a visit to Telangana Botanical herbal garden near chilkur which has 500 different plant species in 56 acres. The visit is to not only enhances the knowledge of the students on medicinal plants but also create awareness and their uses in our daily life.

The Members also visited ICRISAT on August 3rd. The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is an international organization which conducts agricultural research for rural development, headquarters in Patancheru (Hyderabad, Telangana, India). The Members also participated in rally for lakes 2017 on August 5th at Necklace road and accepted to be lake warrior and took pledge to take a step further towards the mission of "Rejuvenating all Hyderabad lakes.”

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram

Topic: World Paper Bag Day, Flag Adoption day, “Birthday Celebration of Chandra Shekhar Azad and Bal Gangadhar Tilak” and World Tiger Day,

The Heritage Club of Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram organized their monthly activities-
“World Paper Bag Day”

The students of Heritage Club staged a talk show on the occasion of “World Paper Bag Day” and sensitized its students about the burning need to protect and preserve our environment. The club believes in nurturing love and empathy towards the environment. They encouraged the audience to discontinue and discourage the use of polythene as it harms our surrounding and nature. They gave details about how poly bags have a negative effect on our environment and can even prove to be fatal if animals consume polythene bags strewn on the streets.

“Flag Adoption Day”
A morning assembly was organized by the Heritage Club students with great zeal and enthusiasm. They presented a talk show based on Flag Adoption Day. The students carried Placards of our national flag and spoke about the three colour bands, Saffron indicating strength and courage, white colour indicating peace and truth with Asoka Chakra also known as the Dharma Chakra and the last band green, showing the growth and auspiciousness of the band.

“Birthday Celebration of Chandra Shekhar Azad and Bal Gangadhar Tilak”
On the occasion of our renowned freedom fighters Charndrashekhar Aazad and Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak, a lively programme was organized to reflect on their sacrifices for our country. The students of Heritage Club paid a tribute by enacting the roles of “Chandra Shekhar Azad” and “Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak”.

‘World Tiger Day’
‘World Tiger Day’ was celebrated through an enlightening talk show presented by the students of class IV E. Through the talk show, the students apprised the audience about the origin of this day and the reason behind the celebration of this day. They spoke about the alarming decrease in the number of tigers in the world due to unchecked hunting and poaching of this majestic creature which was the main reason behind the celebration of ‘World Tiger Day’. They also discussed about the various measures taken by the government to stop illegal killing of tigers and to increase the number of tigers and stabilise the balance of eco system.

The students took part in banner making activity (It’s our duty to save environment), badge making (Environment), self composed poem in Hindi (Patriotic poems) and slogan writing about independence and freedom

Oxford Grammar School
Pracheena Heritage club, Hyderabad

Topic: International Tigers Day, 28th July

Pracheena Heritage Club Members of Oxford Grammar School visited KBR Park for International Tigers Day on 28th July, which was organised by Hyderabad Tiger Conservation Society (HyTiCoS), a voluntary organization working exclusively for Conservation of Tigers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The aim is to bring awareness and attention among students to protect and expand their habitat and stop their decline. The students dressed in tiger costume, painted their faces and also wore tiger mask and recited poems about the national animal of India. Placards like SOS (Save our stripes) are also displayed to create awareness about tiger conservation.

Aggarwal College Ballabgarh
Faridabad Chapter Activity

Topic : Young Heritage Declamation contest

Young Heritage Declamation contest was held on 6th April, 2017 at Aggarwal College, Ballabgarh in Faridabad where 35 girls of young Intach members and nonmembers attended and participated in the contest. The topic of the contest on “Our Heritage and Monument” was conducted in English and Hindi. Prizes were also distributed to the first, second and third winner and also two consolation prizes were also given.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon

Topic : Van Mahotsav, World Ocean Day, International Yoga Day

The Junior Wing of DPS, Sec- 45 commemorated the World Environment Day and Vanmahotsav Week with various activities spread over the entire month. The activity was to create awareness about Vanmahotsav- an annual tree planting festival were the students were told the significance and story behind the festival. Badges and posters about ‘Save Tree’ along with beautifully illustrated the ‘Journey of a Seed to Tree’ was created by the students. In the following week poster making activity was conducted to enumerate the importance and usefulness of trees where the students made paper bags and greeting cards to showcase the need to increase its usage. The power of students’ expression was well framed through the ‘Fun With Flowers’ activity. To mark the World Ocean Day, students were briefed about various facts and importance about the oceans of the world with the introduction of the difference between sea and ocean along with activities like ‘Fish Origami’. The ‘Bottle Cap Fish Craft’ captured children’s imagination at its creative best and the ‘Salt and Water Density Experiment’ engrossed the curious minds.

The Middle Wing celebrated International Yoga day after the summer break with a refreshing yoga session. The children also made clay models of various yogic exercises. A three day visit to Ramthambore national park was also organized. The visit was to give an experience to explore nature and the wilderness, watching the birds, tigers and learning about the flora fauna. A talk by a Naturalist on the park was also given. The activity on plant adoption was also carried out. Each class of middle school adopted a plant and placed it outside their class, taking care of the plant. Poster making activity was also organized where the students enthusiastically participated and drew about trees on the myths and medicinal value. A special assembly was conducted by students of class VII to celebrate Van Mahotsav, the festival of trees. Students recited poems on deforestation and its disastrous effects. A skit was also presented on the occasion followed by a pledge to keep the environment clean and pollution free. Another activity was carried out by students of class VI where they researched and explored about the environmental wisdom of the ancient people of Indus Valley Civilization. The students had an educative session learning about various green lessons from Indus Valley People such as rain water harvesting, natural dyes, natural materials for building and many more such techniques.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic : Visit to Krishnapura Chhatris

A visit to Krishnapura Chhatries for Class 5th students of GIIS, Indore was organized in a view to sensitize the students about their rich heritage. The Krishna Pura Chhatri of Indore is a monument that portrays bravery and courage. The chhatries were built in the late 1800 in the memory of the Holkars. The tombs are built on the cremation spot of the Holkar rulers near Rajwada. There is also a temple that was built for queen. The most eye catching parts of the chhatri were the statue of fighting soldiers, the musicians, courtiers etc. The Krishna Pura Chhatri is one of the beautiful architectural heredity of the Indore city. The artistic external carving on the idols and figures of God and goddess made it distinctive. The students were so thrilled to see the place. The teachers explained about the architectural beauty and the glorified past of the place of the place. The students of GIIS, Indore took the initiative by taking this mission of ‘Conserving Heritage by making beautiful hoardings of Swacch Bharat, they started sweeping and cleaning the associated area of Chhatri to save and maintain the beauty of the gorgeous heritage and pride of their city. All the students enthusiastically participated saying the slogans of save the Heritage, save the Earth, save the environment. The school children were so excited that they gave a thought that if new generation wants to enjoy our lovely heritage then its safety is important. Safety can be achieved easily if we take care of cleanliness. An oath was taken that they would try to maintain and protect their other historical places. The missions of Clean India, proved to be successful and the children were very proud to be a part for such an honourable job and work for the pride of their nation.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic : World Day against Child Labour, Importance of Grandparents, Krishna Janmshtami, Importance of National Integration

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad held an assembly to observe the World Day against Child Labour in an effort to sensitize the audience on the saddest concern of the world which is child labour. Child labour is one such stigma of our society that deprives our children of basic necessities and privileges of life and more importantly their innocence and childhood. The students spoke about the harmful effects of child labour has on the innocent children on their physical and mental development. A ‘nukkadnatak’ was performed which was focused on how the children who are put into earning their daily living fail to get necessary education and are being enslaved, separated from their families and exposed to serious hazards illnesses. The students also shared on the statistics of Child Labour across the world which showed that industries like Firework manufacturers, mining industries, carpet industry, diamond industry etc. engage children in Child labour. Principal Dr. Amrita Vohra spoke on the occasion saying, “Children desire to be wanted, shown affection and appreciated. Quality education is a right of our children. It is unfortunate that many have still not seen the radiating light of education and there are hundreds who are devoid of the playful years of innocence because of a few elements that snatch them off their rights and bond them with labour”

Alex Haley rightly said, “Nobody can do for little children what Grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” They have the magical aura that adds a wonderful glow and charm to their grandchildren’s life. They appease, soothe, and impart values with tremendous ease. They hold a special place in the lives of the little. Global Indian International School, Chinchwad celebrated the importance of grandparents and observed a special assembly for this. Children recited a beautiful poem on the bonding between the grandchildren and grandparents that highlighted the pure and innocent bond. They spoke on how grandparents love their grandchildren selflessly and serve as confidants, best friends and mates. The emotional relationship between Grandparents and their grandchildren can significantly affect the grandchildren. Grandparents play a 360 degree role and provide for a wholesome development and growth of children that has positive benefits on their emotional, spiritual, social and physiological development.

Janmashtami was also celebrated where students dressed up as little Radhas and Krishnas in Indian attire and finery. A dance performance on “Madhubanmeinjokanhaiya” was the highlight of this program and it was endearing to witness the little ones dancing to glory. Small episodes from Krishna’s life were enacted by the children that showed the way he was adored even for his mistakes. A song was also performed and was greatly appreciated by all.

An assembly on the importance of ‘National Integration’ was also conducted where students were sensitized towards having a feeling of equality and tolerance irrespective of caste, creed, language, color etc. The students exhibited their unity through a skit performance and showed varied religions, traditions, caste within our nation. The message given made it clear that there is more power in unity than division. The intention of observing National Integration assembly was to make students live in unity, peace, and spreading of love and brotherhood among the fellow students.

Oriental Seminary, Kolkata

Topic : Monthly Activity

The heritage club of Oriental Seminary, Kolkata conducted their monthly activity. The students along with the teachers participated in the programme with great enthusiasm.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic : Heritage Exhibition

An exhibition on Heritage was organized by Pracheena Heritage Club Members of Oxford Grammar School. The exhibition on Heritage was organized to showcase the beautiful and important heritage of Hyderabad, where the students creatively displayed various photographs of the living heritage found in Hyderabad, like the Bidriware, an important metal handicraft found in south India and also of the cultures of Hyderabad. Models of heritage buildings were also created and displayed by the students along with photographs on manuscripts were also beautifully displayed. The students actively participated and shared their knowledge on the rich heritage of Hyderabad.

Children’s Academy,
Ashok Nagar, Mumbai

Topic : A display of heritage and culture of Aamchi Mumbai

On 8th of July, 2017, the Heritage club 'Virasat' of Children’s Academy School, had organized a programme to display the rich and vibrant culture of Aamchi Mumbai. The day also coincided with the 1st PTA meeting day. The students were dressed up in complete traditional Maharashtrian attire welcoming the parents. The students had put up a display of T-shirts showing their creative talents. All these T-shirts showed the very symbols and identity of Mumbai like the local trains, dabbawalas, Vada paav, Dahi-handi celebration etc. There were also boards put up on which the students had written the 'Must-see' places of Mumbai. Along with the students, the teachers too, showed great enthusiasm, support and contributed in the event’s success.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic : Celebration of Yoga Day

22nd June, 2017 Global Indian International School (GIIS), Indore was all set to explore its inner strengths with International Yoga Day celebrations taking place in the campus. In collaboration with Axis Bank, GIIS Indore had conducted a live practice session of the asanas for the school staff, teachers, students, and parents.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. (Capt.) Dinisha Bhardwaj - Principal, GIIS Indore said “Yoga is pronounced wrongly, it should be called as yog. Derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. Yoga is a 5000-year-old discipline dealing in physical wellbeing of the human body. Yoga is not just exercise and asanas. It is the emotional integration and spiritual elevation with a touch of mystic element. Yoga is not a religion; it is a way of living that aims towards 'a healthy mind in a healthy body. It is not just one day practise but we should adapt this in our daily life for our physical and mental wellbeing.”

As the celebrations continued, each one present was engaged in various types of pranayama activities followed by meditation for calming the mind. Closing the ceremony with a pledge, each confidant present pledged to include yoga in their daily lives, as the discipline brings a lot positive differences if practiced in routine.

Best Heritage Clubs 2016-17


Sunbeam Suncity, Varanasi
Aghaaz, the Heritage Club of Sunbeam Suncity, Varanasi devoted the year 2016-17 to heritage centric events. They started with designing the heritage club soft board followed by several cultural and educational events like; Heritage Assemblies, practicing yoga on Yoga Day, in-school Heritage Quiz, scriptures quiz, jewellery designing, Petra painting, Tabla jugalbandi, fancy dress, Rangoli competition, heritage theatre, poster making, wall tempera, heritage walks, Gramin school cultural fest, heritage exhibition, dance drama performances, and more.

Global Indian International School, Noida
Dharohar, the Heritage Club of the Global Indian International School, Noida, took up various activities to promote awareness about the rich culture and heritage of India. They took up activities like a presentation on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, preparing Bhangra dance on Baisakhi, educational trip to Jodhpur, poster making, mime on water conservation, tree plantation, van mahotsav celebration, practicing yoga on Yoga Day, Human Values Week, Green India Business Model Competition, Diwali themed- Art and Craft Exhibition, Peace Relay on Peace Day, Community Helpers Day, Inter GIIS Heritage Quiz, Heritage Walk, Sports day – Indigenous games, Agricultural farming and adoption of land by GIIS, Green Medicine Day to name a few.

First Runners Up
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad
The Heritage Club of Bharatiya Vidya Bhanvan’s had an enthusiastic approach towards the heritage in 2016-17. They kicked off the year with the celebration of the heritage week with various activities for different classes. They further took up activities like; fancy dress competition, pot making, singing competition, dance competition, heritage debates, art exhibitions, art and craft mela(with several workshops on pottery and bangle making etc.), eco- friendly Ganesha making, cultural outreach programmes, annual day based on- My City My Heritage, rally on Ekta Diwas, toys from trash, and many more.

First Runners Up
Bhavan’s Shri A. K. Doshi Vidyalaya, Jamnagar
The Heritage Club of Bhavan’s Shri A. K. Doshi Vidyalaya recognised the days of importance and designed activities around them to generate heritage awareness amongst the students. They celebrated events like the Yoga day, Teacher’s day, World Literacy Day, Hindi Week, Gandhi Jayanti, and Van Mahotsav Week with activities like: drawing competition, medicinal tree plantation, rally, essay writing competition and elocution competition. They also celebrated World Heritage Week by organising activities like; mehendi competition, Warli painting workshop, musical concert, pottery workshop, art and craft exhibition, and more.

First Runners Up
Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ Public School, Jaipur
The Heritage Club of Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ Public School took up heritage and intertwined it with the spirit of hospitality for the tourists who visit Jaipur. They believe that sharing their heritage brings utmost happiness. The girls from the heritage club hosted two foreign delegates and introduced them to the Indian culture and heritage. They also conducted various activities and interactive sessions for them like; sari wearing, rangoli making and mehendi wearing etc. Apart from this, they participated in the walks held at the City Palace and Jaigarh Fort, they had workshops of tie and dye and marbling, participated in heritage quiz, etc.

First Runners Up
Delhi Public School, Sec. 45, Gurugram
The Heritage Club of the Delhi Public School, Sec. 45, Gurugram is spread across the different wings of the school for maximum participation. Different set of activities were taken up by different wings on the same event or topic. Every month the school recognised an important day on the calendar and weaved junior wing, middle wing and senior wing activities around it. The junior school took up activities like; poem writing on natural heritage, forest scene illustration, badge making, paper bag designing, tree plantation drive, etc. At the same time, the middle wing participates in activities like; design your own manuscript, heritage walks, skit on the life of Rabindranath Tagore, visit to museums, letter writing competitions, Jungle Trip to Ranthambore, Quiz on Incredible India, Geeta chanting, etc. The senior wing participated in activities like; Heritage Ramp walk, Quiz competition- from past to present, best out of waste, visit to Parliament House and Patiala House Court, etc.

Second Runners Up
Global Indian International School, Indore
The Heritage Club of Global Indian International School, Indore took up activities that entailed research work. In the year 2016-17 they took up activities like; board making and decorating, museum visit, warli art workshop, rakhi with rakshakas(police offices and army officers), poem recitation, mime skit performances, ramp walks, exhibition cum sale of paper quelling jewellery, heritage walk to Laal Bagh Palace, cleaning of monuments, etc.

Second Runners Up
Akshara School, Kakinada
The Nagarajuna Heritage Club of Akshara School, Kakinada displayed excitement and vigour in celebrating the heritage of India though the year 2016. They identified days of importance and took up activities not only on the school level but also on the community level. They also participated in pan India competitions held by INTACH, like; My City My Heritage- Essay writing and painting competition. Activities like the nature walk, heritage exhibitions, puppet shows, heritage walks, bird watching, beach festival, cleaning of Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple, trip to an old age home were taken up by the students. Apart from this, the students also participated in intra school floral art and performing arts competition.

Second Runners Up
Gwalior Glory High School, Gwalior
DAI-MIRAAZ, the Heritage Club of Gwalior Glory High School has taken up various activities to support and conserve the heritage of India. They took up teacher training programme to increase teachers’ awareness and enhance their skills within their school. The students of the heritage club also took up activities like; inter school mime competition themed ‘Save the Tiger’, Arsh-talk by eminent writers on literary writing, Inter-school documentary making competition, INTACH Heritage Quiz, INTACH Heritage Olympiad, photography workshop, heritage walk, vedic maths workshop, doll making workshop, and many more.

Second Runners Up
D.A.V. International School, Amritsar
The Heritage Club of D. A. V. International School, Amritsar teaches its students to stay involved in activities of cultural importance. In the year 2016-17 they organised events like, Road Safety Week, poem writing on the World Book Day, Painting Competition on World Astronomy Day, Teej Celebration, yoga practicing on Yoga Day, Slogan Writing Competition on World Habitat Day, etc.

The Oriental Seminary, Kolkata

Topic : Museum Day

Heritage Awareness Through Exhibition
‘Our Old Little Things’ on show on World Museum Day
Students had a gala time on 18 May 2017, World Museum Day. Students brought various interesting objects of yesteryears from home. Things used by their ancestors fifty to 150 years ago. It was a pop-up museum under the banner ‘Our Old Little Things’ held at our school archive. Inaugurated by the teacher-in-Charge of the school by lighting a lamp, the exhibition featured wonderful little old things of personal attachment. A Boy of class VIII brought his great grandmother’s ornament box with Mughal decoration on it, gifted to her by a zaminder. Another student came up with century-old flower vases. Someone had a covered sherbet tumbler made of white marble-stone that once belonged to his grandmother. Another boy brought a very old kerosene lantern. Among other old exhibits collected by students were a curious-looking iron pichkari, coins as old as of late 19th century, a showpiece made of segun wood depicting trees, elephants and animals in a forest, a gift to his great grandfather by a local zaminder, a lamp-stand made of unpolished rockstone and many other household items used not less than a century ago. The teachers too did not lag behind the students. They also joined the show with various things of the British era. Among them were a 100-year-old glass shade of a chandelier lamp, old spectacles of Mahatma Gandhi fashion, Shorthand pencils and mosquito repellents of the British era, a bag made of apple seeds any several other curios. The museum was an exhibition of various such interesting old items of sentimental association brought by the members from home. They collected the items and whatever information available from the elders of the family. The students, teachers and the non-teaching staff of the school went round the exhibition with deep interest and excitement. The backgrounds of the exhibits were described to the visitors by the collectors themselves. That the pop-up museum was a success was evident from the fact that the visitors themselves started talking in a tone of discovery about the old household items they have at home, which they never cared for. They requested the club to continue to hold such exhibitions so that they can make their own contributions in the near future. The NCC unit of the school was in charge of managing the crowd. A toffee to everyone was the parting gift of the club to the visitors.

Epistemo Global, Hyderabad

Topic : Ambedkar Jayanti

Ambedkar Jayanti was celebrated at Epistemo Global to commemorate the birth anniversary of B. R. Ambedkar.

A small skit was organised by the students of grade 5. The students showed the discrimination faced by the people of lower castes in India. The students shared the ideals and beliefs of Dr.Ambedkar. They spoke about the values he stood for to fight the caste system in India. They also shared some interesting stories of this life. Ms. Geetanjali concluded the assembly by sharing the things we can learn from Dr. Ambedkar’s life. The students were very motivated by the presentation. They pledged to be firm determined and serve the society just like Dr. Ambedkar.

Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

Intach Activities For The Month Of May

Junior Wing

All About Me And My Family: This activity gave the students’ family members an opportunity to be a part of the child’s creative experience.The students of class 3 wrote a few lines about ‘Myself’ and illustrated their favorite pastime. The activity-The story of my name helped the students to find out and learn about their name and depict with the help of illustrations. In addition the students of class 5 asked their family members to make their own family tree and look into as many previous generations as they can. The students collected photographs of the different members of the family and made a family tree and wrote a brief note of each member.

States Of India:
This activity helped students explore more about the different States of India and appreciate their varied cultural diversity. The students of class 3 spoke about the State they belong to and the language spoken there. Students of class 4 and 5 gathered information about the food, performing arts, famous personalities, festivals etc of their respective State and pasted related pictures.

Warli Art
The students also made beautiful patterns and drew sceneries in Warli art-a style of tribal art.

Father's /Mother's Day Card Making Activity
On the occasion of mother’s day and father’s day, a card making activity was organized for the children of classes 3, 4 and 5. The children enthusiastically made cards for their parents using eco-friendly materials like pencil shavings, paper cuttings etc. They affectionately decorated their cards and wrote loving quotes for their parents. It was heartwarming to see children make beautiful cards and express their love and gratitude towards their parents.

Middle School

Museum Day
To celebrate Museum Day, INTACH school group had organized an activity for the middle school students on 2nd May’2017. The children brought artefacts such as coins, pottery items, ancient toys, stamps etc and set up their own class museum. The activity helped them focus on enquiry, information processing, reasoning, communication and observation skills. It also impressed upon cultural learning within the classroom.

Visit To Shiv Nadar Museum
Students of Middle Wing visited an Art Exhibition at Kiran Nadar Art Museum, New Delhi. It was interesting and helped children understand and appreciate the artworks of different artists.

Senior Wing

Visit To National Museum
The students of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon visited the National Museum in May 2017. The students had the opportunity to visit the various galleries such as the Indus Valley Civilization, the Gupta Period, coins and currency, Buddhism, etc. The students also saw two short documentaries on Buddhism and Indus Valley Civilization. It was a great educational experience for the students which helped them gain knowledge about various topics.

Global Indian International School, Noida

DHAROHAR Club Report (May)

May Day
"All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence" - Martin Luther King Junior

GIIS, Noida observed with due solemnity the Labour’s Day on 1st May, 2017

Students from Dharohar Club of GIIS, Noida highlighted the theme ‘Dignity of Labour’ through a special assembly.

Prayer marked the beginning of the programme followed by a Power Point Presentation which underlined the following points:

Origin of the Labour Day(It’s History)
Labour Day in India
Why is Labour Day Celebrated?
Haymarket Massacre
Labour Day celebrated all around the world
Lauded the ceaseless effort of the work force of the nation especially in the school

A special tribute was paid to all the labourers through a beautiful poem on the efforts of the workers was recited by Bhani Kaur of 5-AThe Assembly came to an end with Ms. Manisha Bhagee, co-ordinator mam’s message requesting everyone to respect and assure a dignified life for all and prepare a thank you note for the helping hands around us.The session came to end with the National Anthem.

World Dance Day
India is a country whose rich dance heritage has inspired many international dance forms since many years. In 1982, 29th April was declared as World Dance Day by the International Dance Committee of UNESCO to increase awareness about the importance of dance among general public. And to persuade governments all over the world to include dance (and allocate a proper place) in all systems of education across all countries.

Also known as International Dance Day, World Dance Day was celebrated at Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida with much anticipation and zeal. Students of grades 3, 4, and 5 conducted a special assembly to bring forth the importance of dance in our lives. After remembering the Almighty through prayer “There shall be showers of blessings”, girls from Grade 3, 4, and 5 performed Vandana in the praise of Lord Ganesh; who is the Lord of Beginnings, a patron of art and science, and Deva of intellect and wisdom.

Continuing with the colourful and musical celebrations, group of students discussed the reasons behind celebrating the day. Important elements of dance such as Nirtta, Nirtya, Natya, Abhinaya, Rasa and Mudras were also pondered upon in a special ppt presented by students on stage.

Students from the Dance club of GIIS Noida, paid a special tribute to the rich dance heritage of the country by performing a Kathak Jugalbandi in Teentaal on stage. Adding to the whole charismatic aura of the celebrations, Baani Kaur and Vamika Pawah from grade 3 shared views by famous dance personalities from the Golden Era of Dance.

Pictures of the Event:

Earth Day Celebration
A special assembly on ‘Earth Day’ was conducted by the Class 6 students of GIIS, Noida on 21stApril 2017. The assembly commenced with the prayer followed by the thought for the day that quoted Ms. Margaret Mead’s emphasizing the need to change no matter of whatever the age of an individual would be.

The Power Point Presentation was prepared by Students of Class 6 highlighting the growing problems of air, water and soil pollution, and requesting students to plant trees, pick up trashes and to perform acts of service to earth.

Thereafter, the school choir inspired the entire school with their thematic song celebrating the Earth day through the Song Every day is Earth Day. The lyrics of the song was heart throbbing.

Think about the deep blue seas,
Think about the plants and trees
Think about the things you see every day
Think about the way you live
Think about the things you give
A what if every day was Earth Day? Hey!!
Every day is Earth Day!
Wherever we roam, Our Earth is our home

In continuation of the vigorous and on-going endeavours to create awareness among the students about Disaster Management Ms . PallaviKulshrestha, the teacher representative and the Floor Marshal for the Mega-Earthquake Evacuation drill conducted the first session throwing light on the appropriate steps that one needs to ensure during the evacuation process in times of emergencies.

Champaran Satyagraha Assembly
The Assembly started at 8:10 with the morning prayer by school choir. As we celebrated the ‘Champaran Satyagraha’, it was imperative to apprise students about the details of the agitation in Champaran by Mahatma Gandhi against injustices.The compering for the day was done by Sameeksha of class VIII who talked about the significance of the Champaran Satyagraha and the reason why we are celebrating it.Harsh of class VIII presented the thought for the day –“Satyagraha is a relentless search for truth and a determination to search truth” and discussed its meaning.

PowerPoint Presentation on “100 years of Champaran Satyagraha” was prepared by students of class VIII and was presented by Antara, Aman and Saksham.A beautiful song on the spirit and determination of indigo cultivators to fight against British was sung by School Choir.
Song url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OnNOzGfloo

A video clip from movie Gandhi was shown to the students to portray the charisma of Gandhiji to fight against the evil but with truth, non-violence, perseverance and determination.It showcased the miseries of landless peasants, small cultivators, peasant- women etc.It covered the struggle done by Gandhiji in Champaran.
movie url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg8IidoHADg from the movie "Gandhi"

Pictures of the Event:

World Heritage Day Assembly
‘World Heritage Day, it was imperative to apprise students about the details of the meaning, importance and steps to be taken to conserve our Heritage.The compeering for the day was done by Bhani Kaur and Sahil, students of class V-A who talked about the significance of the Heritage Day and the reason why we are celebrating it.Amani and Ayush of class VI-A presented the thought for the day –“Our Heritage and ideals –the things which we live by and teach our children are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings” and discussed its meaning.

A poem on ‘Our Heritage’ was recited by Navya of class VI-A.A short skit was staged by the students of class VII-A to sensitize the students and create awareness to conserve our ‘Building Heritage’.

PowerPoint Presentation on “UNESCO THEME FOR 2017-SUSTAINABLE TOURISM” was done by students of class VI-A and some Tips to be an eco-friendly and responsible tourist were shared by them.

The students took an Oath to keep the Legacy of Heritage intact by making every possible effort to protect, promote and preserve all kinds of Heritage. Afterwards a message was shared by the Academic Coordinator, Ms. Manisha Bhagee in her address to the students wherein she asked the students to live and promote the Heritage of our nation in all aspects. The assembly was concluded with a National Anthem.

Pictures of the Event:

Epistemo Global School, Hyderabad

Topic: World Health Day and Ugadi Celebration

The World health day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7th April under the sponsorship of world health organization. In 1948, WHO held the first world health Assembly. The Assembly decided to celebrate 7th April of each year with effect from 1950 as World health Day.

The World Health day was celebrated at EG on 7 April 217 to provide an opportunity for the learners and teachers to come together for one day to focus on actions that can improve the health of the people. The students of grade 5 presented their views on how to stay healthy and fit. They displayed various posters on healthy habits. They also explained how one can be healthy and happy through proper eating habits, regular exercises, morning walk and following good habits. Exercises and healthy foods are the way to keep body and mind healthy as well as avoid health hazards.

Students of pre - primary performed a number of cultural programmes,like songs and dance wherein, few learners explained the importance of the various rituals on Ugadi. Toddlers also made rangoli at the venue using coloured powder and flowers. Principal Ms. Suparna Mehrotra and Vice-Principal Ms. Gowri Sarkar were charmed by their performances and joined them in making rangoli and later danced along with them. On the occasion, they said that such celebrations would help children understand customs and tradition better.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam MHSS

Topic: World Heritage Day- 18th April 2017

On the occasion of World Heritage Day, Traditional Games of India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Malayasia were taught to the students of class I and II. They played games like Palankuzhi, Pandi, Seven Stones, Five Stones, Tug of War, Dragon’s Tail, Ball and Cup, Hide and Seek and Sack Race. The Students played these games with lots of enthusiasm. In the times of increasing dependency on technology and virtual games, this activity gave students a new method to harness their valuable energy, while teaching them a lesson in heritage and sportsperson spirit.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic: Movie Festival on Wildlife and Environment

The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and also to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness for humans and other species alike. To spread awareness about our wildlife & Environment “The Nature Volunteers” a renowned non profitable NGO organised a three days movie festival in Indore.

From GIIS, Indore 150 students along with their parents & 5 teachers participated in this festival with great enthusiasm. The show was open for all, so parents have also shown their love towards nature by bringing their kids to the venue. First day two movies were screened based on the conservation of Tiger and water. The first movie was “Corbett’s Legacy” in which they have shown the life of Jim Corbett and how he became a famous conservationist from a famous hunter.

Students got a glimpse of how movies can be used as a medium to spread a message. Students are now excited to take up different topics to make movies about heritage awareness.

Global Indian International School, Chincwad

Topic: Promulgation of the Core Values in GIIS

Values are very important to any school as they govern us in our daily life, whether we recognize them or not, they guide our decision making in everything that we do. That’s why GIIS Chinchwad devised a way to inculcate Gandhi ji’s values and principles in the students. The school adopted these values and provided a framework to school and students, which will ultimately help influence and shape the students’ culture. They, the word "MAHATMA" holds all our values together as:

Manage with Information and Metrics
Agility and Adaptability
Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Practices
Attitude before Knowledge
Team Work
Mentor, Coach and make a difference
Ambience for Learning

In the assembly, students spoke about the values and how can they imbibe core values propagated in the school leading to a righteous life. Students shared their thoughts through a short performance signifying different core values of the school. Their thoughts reflected how GIISian values have made a difference while dealing with a situation.

Dr Vohra said, “Gandhiian values are such that hold true even in today’s times and play a major role in imbibing in the youth the way to lead their lives purposefully.”

For the love of Mother Earth

To bring awareness toward environmental protection, World earth day is celebrated on 22nd April worldwide. On this day, students at GIIS demonstrated their support and concern towards mother earth. They discussed “how with some conscious efforts they can contribute to save our planet?”

“Social Animal“– the most intelligent creature on earth is to be blamed. Many children came with thoughts, “how they can save our mother nature?” Few students came with suggestions like being eco-friendly, planting more trees; less use of energy, less use of plastic, use of public transport can help to save our planet. They were made aware that how 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) can help us to save our earth from devastation. Students understood that it’s in our hands to save and keep earth beautiful.

On this occasion Principal, Dr. Amrita Vora said, “Devastation of Mother Earth is really a big concern which is immensely affecting our climate. As responsible human beings, we collectively need to take care of our mother earth who has blessed us with all recourses for our survival and one day we all have to give her back in one or the other way”

Spring Dale Senior School, Amritsar, Punjab

Topic: Heritage walk to 'The Golden Temple'

The students of Spring Dale Senior School, Amritsar, Punjab went to the Golden Temple like a tourist who has come there to explore and adore this symbol of peace and humanity. Before entering the Temple they passed through the new facelift which stretched from the historic town hall to the Golden Temple. This stretch is called the heritage street and very beautifully depicted the art and heritage of Punjab. The road also represented the values of our freedom struggle by erecting a unique rock sculpture in front of Jallianwala Bagh which is lit with an eternal flame of our freedom struggle. A dilapidated building of Dharam Singh Market has also been given a facelift to spell the grandeur of Amritsar markets. As they went inside the temple through this alluring street they stopped at every information point to grab as much as knowledge as they could. The students also enjoyed the palatable Guru Ka Langar which is served to all faiths, backgrounds, society's without any discrimination. They admired the beauty of the place; the amazing carvings, the huge architecture, the divine peace and the charming sanctum sanctorum. We even visited the Sikh museum, The Ajaib Ghar, which depicted the Sikh warriors and their struggle to keep this faith of Sikhism alive. The visit to the museum instilled in us a feeling of patriotism and respect for our country and religion. All in all, a group of 20 Spring Daleans and 2 teachers had an ethereal feeling in the spiritual atmosphere and an unforgettable experience.

F.D. High School, Ahmedabad

Topic: Heritage visit to Gujarat Vidyapith and Kanoria Art Museum

On the occasion of the Heritage Week (19-25 November), UNESCO Heritage Club 46 students of F.D. High School, Ahmedabad along with Mr. Shoaib Tirmizi(Asst. Teacher) and Ms. Khatija Shaikh(Shikshan Sahayak) were taken on heritage city tour to museums at Gujarat Vidyapith and Kanoria Art Museum. Dr. Tejal Adharyvu, chief curator and care taker of the Adivasi museum at Gujarat Vidyapith explained the importance of the museum to the students and then took the students to the different dipartments of the museum explaining them various highlights of the artifacts displayed. Mr. Vishnubhai Patel was very cooperative and gave a helping hand to the students.

The students were then taken to Kanoria Centre for Art. Here the students met Mr. Shahidhusen Ansari, renowned Jardoshi work artisian. He showed the students different work of his including various UNESCOheritage Monuments he had made with Jardoshi. Haider Ahmed art exhibition by artisits of Hyderabad and Ahmedabad showcased in the same campus was also visited by the students.

The students also visited L D Museum of Endology and N C Mehta Art Museum. After Lunch the students visited Jeevantirth, Vadaj where in Aadhar Heritage Film Festival was held. Different short films on various heritage and different heritage technology which are on the brink of extinction. The students also shared their experiences with the promoters of the Heritage Film Festival.

Delhi Public School, Sec.-45, Gurugram

Topic- Activities for the month of February



Basant Panchami is a festival that highlights the onset of spring season. The students of Junior Wing were up in celebrations, seeking divine blessing, on the occasion of the auspicious Basant Panchami. Students were enlightened with the story of Basant Panchami and how Goddess Saraswati bestowed on earth her blessing of voice, music, speech and knowledge. Learning about the significance and the rituals involved with this festival helped all to stay connected with our culture. Students made badges symbolic to the festival. They indulged into the tasty platter of yellow food too. A special assembly on Basant Panchami was presented by Jamuna house to invoke blessings of Goddess Saraswati, the deity of learning and creativity. Assembly began with a graceful Saraswati Vandana. The students enlightened the audience about how Basant Panchami is celebrated in various states of India through an engrossing skit. The assembly drew to a close with a ‘Devi Vandana’ dance.



Students of DPS Gurgaon eagerly await Seek-EkKhoj, the Science Fest of Middle School, a platform to translate ideas into reality and give wings to dreams of budding scientists. Ms.AditiMisra, Principal, DPS Gurgaon, declared the fest open by unravelling a maze in our body. A brainchild of Pulse, the Biology Club, and this maze depicted the various levels of organisation of the human body. Other activities like ‘walk in cell’, study of the type of leaf introduced an element of fun in the study of biology. Parents and students enjoyed the execution of Rube Goldberg Machine designed by Red Shift, the Physics Club. The machine is a device that is deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion, generally including a chain reaction. Allotropes, the Chemistry Club cast its spell by various tricks that made use of chemical changes. The magical contact explosive, fortune teller jar, bleeding lemon left many astounded. ‘Periodically’ introduced learners to the periodic table and highlighted the uses of elements in daily life. Innovation always gets applauded and this year, the icing on the cake was movie making where children from different sections made movies based on science in everyday life. These movies were made under the guidance of the teachers of ICT department and shown in the auditorium. Ideas of eager students nurtured by enthusiastic mentors and shaped by the inspiration and encouragement of the teachers found a final shape in the various projects put on display. Confident explanations and interesting activities left the parents, judges and visitors spellbound. Concepts like working of dams,burglar alarm, water purifiers, optical illusion, surface tension were presented through exhibits and working models. The projects were judged by a distinguished panel of judges. According to Marcel Proust - The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. Seek EkKhoj is a step in that direction.


An educational trip was organized by the school to the National Science Centre; Delhi for the students of class VIII .The visit proved to be a great way to arouse curiosity in the minds of school students and was a thrilling and motivating experience.

The Science Centre provided a whole world of wonder and amazement with 137 interactive ‘hands-on’ exhibits. The students were excited to observe certain exhibits which had similarity to their science projects during the science fest- Seek: Ek Khoj. Wrestling the gorilla arm, virtual makeup, find the direction of sound, walking through the mirror maze, infinity well, animated dinosaurs, resvponding to electric shock, lifting a lid against an electromagnet and many others caught the attention of students instantly and they thoroughly enjoyed being part of these fun filled activities


Students of classes VII and VIII brought laurels to the school by winning Best Film with Best Direction for ‘The Flight of The Crow’ and Best Original Story for the film ‘Kaan Mailia’ in the Filmit competition by INTACH. These films were selected from more than 200 entries in the NCR of which 10 were screened. The guest of honor for the event was Dr. Nila Madhav Panda, an acclaimed film maker. He appreciated the efforts of the students to showcase the heritage of India. Bhavini Pahuja and Bhavya Manchanda of class VII were also awarded second prize and special mention prize for ‘Dilli Ki Shaan’ competition at National Level. They made documentation cards on natural and built heritage of Delhi and supported it with an illustration.

Sri Sarada Secondary School, Chennai

Topic: Plantation Activity

The Sri Sarada Senior Secondary School, Chennai, organised a plantation activity for the middle school children for instilling the importance of the natural heritage that plays an important role in our daily life.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: Indian Council for Cultural Relations Art Gallery visit.

Students of the Pracheena Heritage Club from Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad visited the Indian Council for Cultural Relations Art Gallery. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) was founded in 1950 by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, independent India’s first Education Minister. Its objectives are to actively participate in the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes pertaining to India’s external cultural relations; to foster and strengthen cultural relations and mutual understanding between India and other countries; to promote cultural exchanges with other countries and people; and to develop relations with nations. ICCR owns a rich collection of exhibitions which are sent for display in major festivals and art events abroad.

The students learnt to appreciate the various aspects of Indian and International culture through the visit.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Mat. Hr. Sec School

Topic: Heritage Club Month Report - January

Road Safety Week
The road safety week was celebrated from the 11th of January to 17th of January. The students prepared charts and spoke about the importance of safety while driving as well as walking on the roads

Republic Day
On the occasion of Republic Day the tri colour was hoisted by a senior teacher, the pledge was taken, patriotic songs were sung by choir and students spoke about the importance of patriotism

Martyr's Day
The students observed 2 minutes silence at 11 am and they prepared charts on Gandhiji and also on other Martyr’s of India, they understood the meaning of Martyr and the sacrifice they have done for the independence of our country.

The students were very enthusiastic to find out about the protest lead by the youth demanding Jallikattu in Tamilnadu, they gathered information about these and were happy to present it to the class.

Global Indian International, Ahmedabad

Topic: Martyr’s Day (January)

Global Indian International School, celebrated the Martyr’s Day today, on the 30th of January 2017 in memory of he who died so that we may live peacefully - M.K.Gandhi. Students were prepared with an assembly in order to educate the other students staring from grade 1 to grade 8. The assembly was conceptualized around the ideology of Gandhi, the three principles that he wished for us to follow:-See no evil, speak no evil, hear no Evil.

Students took up the role of depicting Munna and Bapu inspired from the famous Bollywood movie- Munnabhai MBBS. Munna claimed to have understood the ideologies of Gandhi but was upset that the generation today still does not understand what he has. Gandhi proves the change in our generation with a small skit. All three principles, also called Gandhiji ke teen Bandar were seen on stage.

The assembly was succeeded by the song- Ae mere vatanke logon sung beautifully by a grade 6 student. It instilled a wave of patriotism amongst all the young eyes.

2 minutes of silence was practiced in the memory, for it is our duty to remember those who served the nation, all of them gave some, while he gave his all! Students were overwhelmed with the message received by them and Munna was convinced that Gandhi is still alive with us through his ideologies. Gandhiji walked through the crowd with a smile dominating his face in peace of what he has left behind and in pride to see the youngsters stand up to his words!


Topic: Republic Day Celebrations


The INTACH Heritage Club students celebrated India's 68th republic day with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor.

This opportunity was utilized to teach children about various facets of the country like the meaning of Republic, why we celebrate Republic day on 26 January, the role of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar in drafting the Constitution of our country, importance and significance of Amar Jawan Jyoti.

A wide range of special activities, centered on the theme, were conducted to instill the spirit of national pride and love for the country.

Through these various interesting activities students felt proud and happy for being citizens of the world's largest democracy. They not only enjoyed the activities but went home proud and happy Indians.

A special assembly on Republic Day was presented. The assembly commenced with a patriotic song which was followed by a skit emphasising on the importance of Republic Day. A graceful dance ‘Hum Hain Hindustani’ marked the culmination of the assembly.


Each student of middle school was assigned the name of an Indian state. The students then researched about that state and designed a postage stamp or a post card to be used by its citizens. The students made beautiful stamps and post cards on a physical feature, person, landmark or dance forms etc. that the state is noted for. The students also presented their stamps and post cards in the class explaining why they chose to use the image they used. The activity made children familiar with the varied historical, architectural and cultural heritage of our country. The INTACH Heritage Club members of the middle school also prepared a board on the topic ‘Republic Day’.