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Global Indian International School, Noida

Topic- Activities conducted in August and September 2014

To mark the World Heritage Day on 18th April 2014, a special assembly was conducted by the Hibiscus house. The aim was to sensitise students towards the different types of heritage monuments of our country as well as in the other countries. The assembly began with the morning prayer song followed by a skit presentation which showcased various heritage sites including monuments, caves, temples and the natural heritage of India. The children were exposed to the world heritage history through a quiz session. GIIS students took a pledge to safeguard their heritage.
On the Special Assembly on Earth Day (22nd April 2014), to promote environmental awareness, students explained the meaning of Earth Day. They explained the importance of three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Tiny tots of classes 1 & 2 brought some used items like: plastic, newspaper, empty plastic bags etc. and explained how these items can be reused before throwing as garbage. The message behind this activity was to tell the students that we should reduce the garbage as much as possible by reusing the items or by recycling them. Students also presented the Facts about the celebration of Earth Day. “Heal the World” and “Janani Janmabhumi” songs sung by the students, to show the gratitude to the Mother Earth with the message to take care to the environment for the sake of our own life. Students took a pledge to ‘plant a tree today’ and ‘go green’.
On Youth International Day (12th August 2014), the assembly started with a vibrant note of good morning. Little ones of grade one and two were dressed in different attire of national leaders, with a message to up-coming youth that we should follow the values of our leaders along with the advancement of technology. A question was put up for the children viewing the program that who is their youth icon? There were vivid replies from many of the students and they were clear in their thought and speech. A Hindi song performance was also done and children sung with full melody. Along with the banners in hand children conveyed some un-forgetful messages to their friends.
The celebration of Van Mahotsav Week at GIIS Noida was an ideal opportunity to instill personal and social responsibility in our students towards safeguarding trees and forests. The focus of these celebrations is towards forming a personal connect between the students and trees through a process of experience, reflection and creation. To celebrate the Festival of trees called Van Mahotsava primary students of GIIS Noida participated in various activities held on 10 July 2014.
Grade III- The students were given old newspaper and they were told to bring decorative material to do a paper bag making activity.
Grade IV- The students of class IV participated in book mark making activity. They brought old pictures, greeting cards, used chart papers, pamphlets, cardboard to make book mark.
Grade V- Grade5 students brought different types of medicinal plants like neem, aloe vera, basil , giloy etc. Each one explained about the particular plant they brought.
Grade VI-To promote environmental awareness Student of class VI had participated in poster making competition on this occasion. Each group had made their poster on title ‘GREEN EARTH, CLEAN EARTH’.
Grade VII- They participated in a massive plantation drive within the school premises. Children along with their class teacher, Ms Guneet K Kochhar and their Eco club teacher Dr. Jyoti Mishra went around the school holding tiny saplings and the water can.
On 11th September, 2014, Hindi Doha Recitation was conducted, to instill in children an understanding of “Hindi” language on occasion of Hindi Diwas and develop language skill and inculcate in children deep knowledge and rich wisdom hidden in the Indian culture. Final round was conducted on 11th August, 2014. Kids recited Doha so well that the audience and judges utterly got caught up.
On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, A Hasya Kavi Sammelan was organized in the school on 12 September 2014 in the MPH from 8:30 am to 9:30 am to instill the importance of Hindi language among students. 21 shortlisted students from classes 4, 5 ,6 and 7 presented self composed funny poems. Ms. Meena Rahtogi, a retired hindi teacher was the chief guest as well as one of the judges.

Global Indian International School, Noida

Topic- Activities for the month of October 2014

GIIS Noida students of SUNFLOWER HOUSE conducted the Special Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti on 1st October 2014. Honorable principal madam, students and staff members homage Gandhi ji and Kasturba ji with flower petals & diya. Then students shared some facts about Gandhi ji’s life to understand his character. This day we were also blessed with our second Prime Minister Shri. Lal Bahadur Shastri ji, students shared some values and morals of his life also. The young students of Class 1 & 2 tribute the great leaders with their skit and Gandhi ji’s favourite bhajan “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram…” where as senior students recited a short story and sung the bhajan “Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye je…” by singing these bhajans students created a peaceful environment and pay tribute to the Father of the nation. The assembly was over with Principal Madam’s speech and Sarva Dharma Prayer sung by the whole school. To learn something from Gandhi ji’s life, we conducted a school wide activity of badge making. In this activity each student as well as teacher chooses a value from Gandhi ji’s life, (Ahimsa, Truthfulness, Honesty etc. ) Prepared a badge for him/her self and wear it for the day. Our tiny – tots are no where lesser then any-body else in the school they also took part in today’s ceremony by colouring the worksheet with Gandhi ji’s picture and his famous teaches “See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil” in the form of three monkeys.
Celebrating animal week was an ideal way to help little children know more about the different animals in the world. Students started wondering, inquiring and discussing as they walked past the rainforest, desert, arctic & the aquatic regions which were created to arouse curiosity and interest about animals and their habitat. There was lot of fun and excitement for students who were transported to the animal kingdom through various presentations in the form of songs, rhymes, knowing about animals & their babies, animal parade, stories and dramatizations.
The following activities were performed in the school.
1. Pre- Nursery recited a poem ‘Down in the Jungle’
2. Nursery children spoke few lines on different animals
Each section had different themes
Nur-A – Wild Animals
Nur-B- Farm animals
Nur-C- water animals
Nur-D- Endangered animals
Nur-E- Birds
3. K.G performed on Jungle Story
4. All pre-primary children took out ‘Save endangered animals’ rally in the school premises by holding placards to sensitize the students and the staff of the school about the endangered species.
Apart from the different activities a movie was shown to kids of pre- primary in A.V room
Movie was on jungle and farm animals.

Ryan International School, Sector-40 Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage club activities

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon participated in Inter Ryan Skating Championship held in Rohini, Delhi and pocketed great laurels. Arshelle Raheja of class IV did the school proud by winning a silver medal in the competition, while T.A Shreyas from class IV, Aditya from Class V and Siddhant Magon from Class VII won a bronze each. The School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma also motivated them to follow Chairman Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto’s vision of ‘Excelling in Sports’ and representing India at International Sports events. There was an Inter class English Declamation competition on the eve of Republic Day. Points highlighted were –significance of the constitution of India and celebrations and grandeur which mark the event. There were two rounds of the competition where the significance of Republic Day along with the traditions and rituals related to the Republic Day were discussed. Heritage Club organized an activity bonafire to mark the Harvest festival ‘Lohri’ with much aplomb. To celebrate the festivity, students danced and sang on the peppy music. Popcorn, peanuts, sweets like gajak, rewari etc were distributed to the students. The teachers explained to the students the scientific & social importance of the festival that it brings immense joy and happiness to the farmers who are producers of food for us. A morning assembly focused around the value for the month i.e. Graciousness. The assembly began with Bible Reading and prayer by the children of Mahatma Gandhi House. The special feature of the day was the “Fable Narration” by the students of Heritage Club. Students dressed up as the character of the story “The Lion and the Mouse” presented a lively show. The moral of the story was explained. A special assembly was conducted to inculcate the value of graciousness in the students by dramatizing the Bible Enactment “The Gracious Father” on 16.01.15 by Heritage Club. The enactment depicted that a man lived on a beautiful farm with his two sons. School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma highlighted the importance of graciousness in ones lives and how one needs to practice graciousness on the society. Heritage Club, participated in the ‘Beti Bachao – Beti padhao’ competition held by Haryana School Shikshapariyojna Parishad. Posters made by students depicting the role of women in the society were an eye opener. There was a special assembly on 15th January 2015 to mark the country’s 67th Army Day. The students dressed as army officers talked about the role of Indian army and how they are ready to fight at all the hard times at Indian borders as well as with natural disaster. A special assembly was to inculcate the value of Graciousness in the students by dramatizing the Bible enactment ‘Graciousness can win hearts’. The enactment depicted that people still keep themselves in bondage of their sins, hatred and bitterness even though they have been forgiven and set free after their punishment. A street play and a peace march was held at D.T. City Centre based on the theme ‘Swachh Bharat”. Keeping in line with Mahatma Gandhi’s tenets ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ students presented an eye opening street play before the onlookers. To mark the preliminary celebrations of the Republic Day, event was held to show state tableaus showcasing the splendor of Indian states, namely: Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Goa. To observe the Martyrs Day, students prayed for the peace of the country the students of Class VI conducted a talk show on the topic “Different Movements Led by the Gandhi Ji ". The students spoke about like Non - Cooperation, Dandi - March and Quit India Movement few well known slogans stressed upon students of class V A also presented a talk show on the movement as "Quit India movements. A special assembly organized on “National Youth Day” on 12th January 2015 to mark the birthday of Swami Vivekanand. The cabinet members enthusiastically presented a talk show on famous Young personalities of India. Students participated in 14th National Cyber Olympiad and won great laurels. An array of events to mark Republic day was organized in Ambience Mall. The Ryanites displayed the patriotic extravaganza and various performances were presented to evoke the feeling of Patriotism. The scintillating Dance performance ‘Proud to be an Indian’ left the onlookers spellbound.

Delhi Public School, Sec- 45, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage club activities for the month of January 2015

TOPIC-REPUBLIC DAY- The INTACH club celebrated India's 64th republic day with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervour . Students presented an assembly on the topic – ‘Republic Day’ with 100% participation. The students made colorful placards on the fundamental rights and duties of the citizens. They noted down the various rules of handling the National Flag. They learnt the names of the members who were a part of the drafting committee of the constitution. Students took a pledge that they would abide by the principles mentioned in the constitution. Various merits of being a part of a republic country were also discussed during one of the sessions.



INTACH had organized an activity on Tiger Tales for the middle school students. The students researched and wrote about the unique features of a tiger, its habits and habitat, steps taken for tiger conservation and tiger reserves in our country. The children participated enthusiastically and learnt fascinating facts about our national animal.


Students of Class-IX went for a heritage walk to Qutub Complex, Jamali Kamali and surrounding structures at Mehrauli Archaeological Park. They explored the basic concepts of architecture and how they reflect the advent of Islam.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Heritage Club activities in December 2014

Minority Rights Day is observed on 18th December every year throughout the world. The students of Grade X organized an event for the underprivileged children to commemorate Minority Rights Day. The children started the programme with a medley of songs and a musical presentation using drums which was followed by a number of age appropriate games. The students had also arranged for snacks and refreshments for their special guests. The children were given mementos and gifts that they would cherish and remember for a long time as it was a special moment of joy for them. A group photograph of the students and the excited invitees sealed the moment forever. the event of ‘Cooking without fire with Moms’ was organised, on 19th of December 2014 .Children along with their mothers were seen putting their culinary skills to trial. The little chefs were ecstatic and thrilled and showed off their prized dishes. The Annual Concert for Grade I was held on 19th December 2014. The theme for Kaleidoscope was ‘Colours’. Colours have always been an inseparable ingredient of Indian heritage and tradition, be it the festive vibrance of ‘Holi’ or the harvest festivals.The chief guests for the day were the hugely popular footballers from Pune FC, Mr. Arata Izumi and Mr. Luciano Sabrosa. The skits performed by the students ‘Town White’ and ‘Rainbow’ were spun around the theme of colour. The children also gave a melodious and mesmerizing recital of the classical song -Raga Brindavani Sarang. A bright and dazzling Fashion Show was a special treat for the day. To conclude the event Christmas Carols were also sung along by everyone to usher in the festive season. To bring out the energy and the high spirit of Christmas, GIIS Chinchwad had organized special assemblies on 22nd and 23rd December 2014.The tiny tots of Pre Primary presented the beautiful message of love, sharing, caring and celebrating happiness with friends and family. With the stage set on the Christmas theme, children dressed in red and white were all in cheerful spirits and the atmosphere was festive. The message of love and happiness, the true essence of Christmas was delightfully presented with a merry skit.. The children enacted their roles gleefully and belted out their dialogues heartily. All the children enthusiastically sang along the Christmas Carol ‘Rudolph the red nosed reindeer’ soaking in the spirit of the day and wishing a Merry Christmas to all. Students from French language club presented carols in French to welcome the festive spirit. Extravaganza - the Annual Concert for Grade II & III was held on December 23rd 2014.The theme of the concert was ‘Incredible India’. It highlighted the spirit of cultural harmony and illustrated the rich cultural heritage of India. Students at GIIS Chinchwad come from across the country and world. The theme of the concert was a celebration of the spirit of Unity in Diversity! The performances were a splendid visual of the cultural heritage of India cutting across regions and religions. The vibrant costumes depicting the beauty of our unique culture! The pulsating spirit of Punjab, the beauty of Kashmir, the colours of Karnataka, the serenity of Assam ...were all being depicted marvellously with exhilarating dance, drama, and melodious songs. The concert was immensely appreciated by the parents and the guest audience and was an overwhelming success!

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Topic- Activities conducted during the month of August – December 2014

Aseema Trust along with Lalit Kala Academy conducted a workshop called “ Space and Roots” to bring together traditional visual artists, contemporary artists and school children on 13th and 14th of August 2014. Seven students along with a teacher participated in this exciting workshop and learnt the art of making traditional paintings like Warli Painting, Tanjore painting and Kalamkari Paintings. They also learnt the various methods of drawing traditional kolams.


Independence day- 15.08.2014

On the occasion of the Independence Day our Principal Madam hoisted the tricolour . This was followed by a skit in Tamil by students . Some students made colourful charts on the theme of Freedom Struggle , which were displayed on the board.

Madras day celebrations

Students of std VII and VIII participated in large numbers. These students made models of built heritage like the Central Station, Anna University and various temples around the city . Some of the students depicted the Marina Beach , The Light House and the statues along the Marina. Models of the fishing villages were also a part of the exhibition. Typical food which are famous in Chennai like the Idli, Vada, and Sambar were also on display . A bunch of students were seen making craft items from eco –friendly palm leaves. Traditional Kolam was drawn on the floor too. Some of the students were dressed in traditional attire. There was a Bharatanatyam dance recital and also a patriotic group song sung by students in the school auditorium.

PRADHARSHINI - 14TH August 2014.

Our Interschool literary and Cultural Fest- Pradharshini 2014 organized by our school on 13th and 14th of August 2014 focussed on Heritage also. A set of activities had been grouped under the event “ Namma Chennai” which were held on 13.08.2014. This had been done specially to mark the 375th birthday of our city.

Valluvar Kottam Exhibition – 26th August 2014.

The students of std. IX participated in an exhibition –“ What I like about My Madras’ It was conducted by United Way of Chennai ( NGO) in association with The Times Of India . It was held at Valluvar Kottam and nearly 100 city schools (both private and Government) participated in this event . Models of Built Heritage, Natural heritage and charts depicting the rich heritage of our city were displayed in the stall.

Acharya Devo Bhava- Teachers’ Day Celebration 05.09.2014.

The Guru is accorded the highest honour in our culture . On Teachers’ Day members of our Club paid tribute to their teachers by giving them with hand made greeting cards, chocolates and roses . Posters were put up in the school to mark the occasion. The students worked with great satisfaction on seeing the teachers walking with a smile.

Onam – 07.09.2014

Students wrote about Onam , the Harvest Festival of Kerala and read it out to their classmates. Some of the students shared their experiences in their hometown about this Festival.

Marina Beach Cleaning 20.09.2014

Some of the students embarked on Marina Beach cleaning campaign on the 20.09.2014 to create an awareness on the importance of keeping our environment clean. This was an initiative taken to keep our surroundings clean and help protect our mother earth from environmental degradation. Students also made posters on the topic of “Transport versus Pollution “ and “ Global Warming “

Children’s day- 14.11.2014

On the occasion of Childrens’s Day students decorated the notice board and also drew Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s picture. Students also made posters .Students came to school in colour dress and sweets were distributed on this joyous occasion.

Students at the parampara farm

Students from std. IX and XI visited a farm near Goomidipoondi on 29th November. This farm is known for organic farming and students learnt the traditional method of paddy cultivation. They were enlightened on the importance of using herbal medicines for curing common ailments. Some of the students had hands on experience on sowing the plants themselves. They came back with lot of enjoyable memories of this educational field trip!

Peace rally- 29.11.2014

Students participated in a Peace Rally on 29.11.2014. They carried placards and posters on Gandhiji’s principles of Peace and Non violence, along with them. Some of the posters depicted slogans on Swatcha Bharath too. It was an initiative to create an awareness among the local public about the importance of having a clean environment and at the same time to spread the message of peace .

Traditional dance recital

Students of the Primary classes participated in the Project Day on 23.12.1014.The students fron std II to V took part in various activities. They made display charts on various aspects of Heritage. Some children had made models of monuments of Chennai. Traditional dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Mohini Attam, Manipuri, Kathak were also performed by these students. Some students took part in a puppet show , to highlight the message of Swacha Bharath.

DAV International School, Verka Chowk, Amritsar

Topic- Heritage Club activities for the month of December

Christmas was celebrated on December 22, 2014, began with the enactment of Christmas carols which were sung by the school choir followed by an enactment, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. Students danced and enjoyed the Christmas party and ended with the distribution of gifts by Santa. On December 3rd, the students of IX and X stood in silence for a few minutes as a mark of respect for those killed. The INTACH club also organized paper reading competition in which students mentioned in details the reasons and effects of this tragedy. On December 8th, the club organized a visit to Gurudwara Shri Nanaksar Sahib, a mark where Guru Nanak Dev Ji stopped while going to Batala. The visit was to inculcate the values of secularism and hunmanity in students.

Global Indian International School, Bangalore

Topic- Activities conducted in the month of December 2014

Students of Grades 1 and 2 visited Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore on 15th December. They watched the show "The Solar System" with great excitement as it was the show which sparked curiosity among the students. students from grade 3 to 6 visited the Government Museum (Bangalore) on 16th December 2014. This museum was established in 1865 by the Mysore State with the guidance of Surgeon Edward Balfour who founded the museum in Madras and is supported by the Chief Commissioner of Mysore, L.B. Bowring. It is one of the oldest museums in India and the second oldest museum in South India. The galleries cover sections that span sculpture, natural history, geology, art, music and numismatics. On 16th December 2014, the students of Grade I B presented their assembly on the theme “Human Rights Day”. The assembly started with the school prayer followed by Principal's message. The moral talk on "Honesty" was given by the class teacher of Grade 1 B. Shreemoyee and Anudeep spoke about" Human Rights Day"For the first time, the students from CCA - Bharatnatyam class performed a dance program which was worth-seeing. The Assembly commenced with an encouraging speech by the Principal followed by the school prayer. Kaira and shreya presented their thoughts on the theme “Human Rights”. Sri Karthik, Joshua and Tanish presented a ppt on the field trip for which the theme was Biodiversity. The Bharat Natyam club of GIIS Bangalore presented a mesmerising performance comprising of Slokas, MooshikaVahana, SaraswatiNamastetu and Angita to give a remarkable ending to the assembly. The gems of Class 2 A conducted their assembly on the Value ‘Determination’on 22nd December, 2014. The class teacher of 2 A then gave a moral talk stating that Determination is a positive emotion that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. The theme of the assembly was a power point presentation on the ‘Karnataka State’ highlighting the physical features i.e. location and neighboring states, tourism, cuisine, places of interest and amazing facts about the Karnataka state which was brilliantly presented by Arudhra and Emma. The students then sang a melodious song ‘We Shall Overcome’ and then presented a skit on the story ‘King Bruce and the Spider’ emphasizing that how determination and strong will can help us achieve our dreams and goals. The Art and Craft Club of GIIS Bangalore presented a huge range of activities highlighting that through self-expression and creativity, children's skills develop naturally and their ability to create soars. The kids learnt Magic painting, Diya decoration , making of a teddy bear from an old CD, free hand drawing, Warli painting, Origami etc. Grade 6 students conducted the assembly on the theme “Karnataka “, in which the students showcased the vivid culture and rich flora, fauna of the state. The Students presented a skit to demonstrate the vibrant culture of Karnataka. Club presentation was given by students from Grade III to IV. Students played RAAG Bhopali on the keyboard which is a Hindustani classical raga.

Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh

Topic- Heritage Club activities

The club has 3 teachers Ms Sonia Malhotra, Ms Radha Bahuguna and Ms Sharmila Bhowmick and comprises 159 students. The technical help is provided by Ms. Meena Rawat. In the month of April, class VI students performed a clay modelling activity during which they made various kinds of artifacts. The underlying idea was to help them to understand history and its sources. On the occasion of Independence Day, the Dharohar Club organized a quiz based on our freedom movement and national heritage. The well researched and challenging array of questions elicited enthusiastic responses from the students.The students of the Club have donned the cap of Film Director and are already into making movies on our heritage. (Under the Film IT project of INTACH.) We have already uploaded three movies made by the students. The students of classes VI, XI and XII visited the government museum and art gallery, Chandigarh on 17th and 18th Oct. 2014. It was a great learning experience for the students as they observed unique collection of gandhara sculptures, miniature paintings and manuscripts. The club launched a cleanup drive- Swach School Abhiyan on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti. The School premises were cleaned by the members of the club. A poster making competition was also organised by the ‘Dharohar Club’. The theme was ‘Cleanliness’ and the results were Mehak, Arpit X B and Gaurav of X D bagged the 1st position while Aditi X C, Shreya X A were awarded a 2nd position followed by Sanya X B, Bhavya and Vibhuti X C who were adjudged at the 3rd position. The school led by the Head Boy and Head Girl pledged to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at all times so as to maintain a clean environment and thus ‘Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya’. The club in association with the Interact club organized a Fancy Dress Competition for classes VI and VII and Scene Enactment Competition for classes VIII and IX. The students dressed up as a historic figure or a personality who has contributed towards national harmony. Trip to Anandpur Sahib and Virasat-i- Khalsa The students of Class IX visited Anandpur Sahib, the place where Khalsa was born and The Virasat I Khalsa the museum showcasing the heritage and culture of the region.

Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage club activities for the month of December 2014

The need of the hour is therefore to create awareness and sensitize people particularly children to the harmful effects of pollution, share information, find ways to reduce pollution, promote ecofriendly practices to create a better, healthy and happy world. Keeping in tandem the various activities conducted during this session. A brief introduction of meaning of pollution was given by the teacher. The different types of pollution - air, water and land pollution and their causes were also discussed. This was followed by learning and reciting poem on pollution. Children also pledged their commitment and dedication to keep their surroundings clean and adopt ecofriendly practices to minimize pollution. A healthy discussion on air pollution and ways of reduction were initiated. Students participated enthusiastically and gave their valuable inputs on minimizing the effects of air pollution. The children were made aware of these potentially damaging human activities which have culminated into severe health effects for us, as rivers are the source of our water supply and food. The children made wonderful illustrations on Pollution and penned down beautiful poems to express their views on different types of pollution and how it has significantly caused damage to our environment. This also gave them the opportunity to reflect on their learning and brought to the fore their creative and artistic skills. The harmful effects of uncovered garbage, open defecation on human health were discussed. Children took keen interest and also suggested ways to prevent and minimize land pollution.

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon hosted a Kathak dance performance under the aegis of SPICMACAY. The show commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the renowned kathak dancer, Smt. Rani Khanam. The Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra, welcomed the guests and felicitated them. An outstanding exponent of Kathak dance Smt. Rani Khanam mesmerized the audience with her lecture cum demonstration. She gave a brief introduction to the classical dance forms of India, specially ‘Kathak’, and went on to demonstrate ‘jugalbandi’ with ‘tabla’. She also performed on a small excerpt from the life of Krishna and Radha, and ended with a brilliant performance of ‘Thumari’ based on ‘Raag Kalawati’. Her disciples, Falgun and Saira joined her on the stage. Smt. Rani Khanam was accompanied by Ustad Amjad Ali as the vocalist, Ustad Naushad Ahmed on ‘tabla’ and Ustad Nasser Khan on ‘sarangi’. Ms Dipinder Kaur, Headmistress, Middle Wing, proposed the vote of thanks. Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students as they got a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of India.

The INTACH School group conducted an activity for classes 6 to 8 on the topic, “Energy Conservation”. The students touched upon the different facets of conservation of energy at home, in factories and the road. The students enthusiastically participated in the activity and understood that simple tips promise big savings over the years.

DAV International School, Verka Chowk, Amritsar

Topic- Heritage Club activities in November 2014

Excursion to Hari Ke Pattan
It is the largest bird sanctuary of India which gets birds from far off places such as Siberia and Eastern Europe. In order to create awareness among the students for the preservation of this beautiful natural heritage site, INTACH club organized a trip on 25th November 2014. Students were excited to see stork and cranes in the Beas River. Students also visited the Gurudwara Sahib. After bird sighting they were asked to collect feathers fallen in the forest and to write a report on it.

Celebration of Children’s day
It was a fun filled day for the students. The special morning assembly was organized to mark this day. The assembly began with a tribute to Chacha Nehru. The students performed many activities which included informative play, enactment and songs. Principal Mrs. Anjana Gupta addressed the children and encouraged them to dream big and work hard.
INTACH club members researched and wrote articles for the INTACH Newsletter on a myth or a story associated with water harvesting system of their region.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Activities in The month of November 2014

The month of November started with the celebration of Guru Nanak Jayanti. The theme for the month was highlighted with the help of the thought "Help the Needy ". The entire school echoed with the mantra of ‘EkOmkarSatnam’ or ‘One God’ as the innocent voices of the Pre-Primary children sang it. The little ones dressed in vibrant colours as members of the Sikh community, performed the PrabhatPheri (the early morning religious procession to the Gurudwara) in the school assembly. Children enacted various incidents from Guru Nanak’s childhood and delivered his sermons. The importance of ‘Langar’ –Common Kitchen, where food is served free and with equal respect to all visitors in Gurudwaras, irrespective of the religion, caste, financial status etc, was highlighted. Children chanted ‘WaheGuruji DaKhalsa…WaheGuruji Di Fateh’ in chorus . The environment of the assembly turned divine with their chanting!!! Children relished the Prasad served to them at the end of the assembly. Muharram was also observed in GIIS keeping in mind the martyrdom of Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad who was brutally massacred in Karbala . On 14th November 2014, the students wore colourful clothes and the school looked like a carnival ground. Teachers from all the segments - Pre Primary, Primary and Senior School came together to put up an entertaining and colourful programme for the students, which made the day full of enjoyment and laughter. A unique project on the colourless, odourless and formless, yet the lifeline of every form of life on earth, ‘WATER’, was assigned to the students. Unique topics like, water and religion, water and medical science, water and festivals and water as a mythical spiritual power, were given to students of grade VI and VII who also had a field day exploring water in its different facets beyond its identity of being a thirst quencher. From time immemorial story telling has been an integral part of Indian heritage and culture. To continue with the tradition, the mothers were invited to become a part of the ‘Book Week’ and organized a story telling session for the children of the Pre Primary section. It was story time with a twist - mothers turned out as story tellers for the day. There were voice modulations, colourful props and animated story telling of- Cinderella!! Snow White!! Tales from the PanchaTantra!!......each story presented vividly and remarkably. The students of grade I and II were taken on a field trip to The Tribal Museum at Koregaon Park, Pune. They were able to have a hands-on experience of the lifestyle of the tribals and were in-fact amazed to see that in this era of technology, there still exist people who follow such lifestyle. Children saw pictures of different Adivasi tribes, such as Madia tribe along with the utensils and weapons used by such tribes. It was interesting for the students to be able to see the jewellery and Warli paintings used by the tribal people. The Museum also had different coloured masks of the Gods and Goddesses that these tribes worship.

F D School, Juhapura, Ahmedabad

Topic- "Aadhar" Heritage Film Festival

"Aadhar" the Heritage Film Festival was organized at our school on 24th November 2014 between 7.00to 9.00pm.Total 10 Short films depicting our valued heritage were showcased during the festival. This included films like : Sultan, Hand Made in India, Sand Casting, Unfolding the Pata Story, Natyaanubhav, Pehli Lakir, Taaziya, Warakh, Traditional, Dance of Goa, Stone Carving, It Takes a Village, The Idol of Kinnal, Kabir ke Zulhe, The Mask Of God, Jashn e Ishq, Dhumantu and Akshay. The main Objective of this festival is to create awareness of the rich and diverse heritage of our country in the children and youth of today so that it may remain safe and secure for future generations to come. This festival was attended by over 400 students, parents and dominant personalities of the area. Also present at the event were Mr. Shafibhai Maniar, Vice Chairperson, F. D. Education Society along with other members of the society.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- World Peace Day

Heritage Club Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon has always been presenting educational and informative morning assembly for the students. With this view in mind the students of VG presented a lively Role play on Nobel Peace Prize Winners 2014” to celebrate “World Peace day”. Students shared the message that peace can only achieved by spiritual growth. Peace cannot be achieved through violence; it can only be attained through understanding. They enacted as Ms. Malala Yousfzai an activist for girl child education and Kailash Satyarthi an activist against child labour. The role play was enjoyed by one and all and it even made everyone realize the importance of peace.

Global Indian International School, Bangalore

Topic- Activities conducted in the month of November 2014

Universal Children's Day
"We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well-being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind." Grade 6 students conducted the assembly with the theme Universal Children's Day.The assembly commenced with the prayer to seek blessings from almighty followed by the pledge administered by Chandu.The thought of the day was shared by Madhumita.Aakarsh with her team of reporters (Noel,Janagan,Chandu and Mouna) presented the news across the globe. Vashu and Madhumita spoke about Universal Children’s Day ,which is celebrated on 20 th of November across the globe . Ashrin and Urshitha highlighted the contribution of Malala and KailashSatyarthi “2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winners” towards child welfare. Following the same tune, a vibrant performance was presented by the students. Quality Circle Presentation was led by Keertana and Zaiba

Topic- Children’s Day (14th November)

Chacha Nehru's love for roses as well as children is a well - known fact. He has often compared the two saying that children are like buds in a garden. They should be carefully and lovingly nurtured as they are the future of nation and citizens of tomorrow. Children, the most innocent creation of Heavenly father, are believed to be the best messengers for spreading the fragrance of love, peace and harmony. The school organized various events to celebrate Children’s day in the school premises. The event commenced with mind boggling games which the teachers had prepared for the students. This was followed by a heart warming dance performance by the primary teachers. Not only this, the children also got the opportunity to watch the movie RIO II in the AV room accompanied by their teachers. Lastly, they were provided with sumptuous refreshments from school. It was a day full of fun and frolic and everyone, including the teachers had a memorable day. The pre-primary children were all ushered into the AV Hall and their joys knew no bounds when a surprise was revealed. A MAGICIAN had come to school!! The kids had a magnificent time watching him doing the most marvellous tricks. This was followed by the Drawing and Colouring competition. All students participated eagerly and then enjoyed games in the classroom. They enjoyed the snacks provided from school and celebrated a day full of fun and laughter.

Topic- Kannada Rajyotsava

On 19th November, 2014, children of Grade 5 presented their assembly on the theme “Kannada Rajyotsava”day. It was anchored by RishikPawani. The pledge was commanded by MehulTulsani. An enlightening Thought for the day was shared by Lokin. An article emphasizing on the importance of Kannada Rajyotsava was read by Nishitha( in Kannada) and Allen (English). Students enthralled the audience by presenting colorful dance showing the various folk dances of Karnataka. Lastly, the Principal addressed the students and explained to them the importance of celebrating the day.

Topic- National Library Week

November 14th is a special day in India as it is the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Since this day is also celebrated as Children’s Day, we are reminded to celebrate both India’s history and future. But did you know that there is a third reason why November 14th is important? Since 1968, November 14th has been the kick-off to India’s National Library Week! Established by the Indian Library Association, November 14th-20th has been set aside as a time to appreciate libraries and honor their importance. If you have never been a part of National Library Week festivities in India, you are not alone. Many people do not know that this week exists! But what most of us DO know is what an important resource the library can be, especially in schools. A successful school library is an inviting space that not only provides the books necessary to support learning in the classrooms, but also encourages reading for joy amongst children. Reading for joy is a great indicator of success in schools for children. Those students who love to read will read more, which will enhance their comprehension and improve learning in all subjects. Thus, GIIS Bangalore, participated in National Library week in association with Hippocampus in various activities related to reading. On 17thth Nov grades 5 and 6 were part of a story telling session with Ms.Ashanehamaiah and they thoroughly enjoyed it. On 22ndNov our pre-primary kg2 kids got a chance to attend a puppet show by Ms Vijay Lakshmi Nagaraj.and we bet they had lots of fun.

Step by Step High School, Jaipur

Topic- Kahani Festival

India is endowed with a vast and ancient cultural heritage that has shaped the lives and value system of our people. With the objective to nurture curiosity and revive the age old cultural tradition of ‘Kissagoi’ or story -telling, the Kahani Festival was organized on November 10-11, 2014. The Heritage Club of the school actively participated in the event by organizing various workshops. The audiences were given the opportunity to create and share their stories and explore the various tools of storytelling, narration, writing, animation and traditional forms of illustrations. A Kathak workshop was organized by the famous dancer Rashmi Uppal. She enlightened the students about Kathak as a dance form and how the word Kathak is derived from the word ‘Katha’, meaning the art of Storytelling. In ancient India, there were Kathakars, who used to recite religious and mythological tales like those of the Ramayan and Mahabharata, through dance, music and mime. Another enjoyable workshop was the Nagada fun workshop on Indian Kettle Drums by Nathoo Lal Solanki. He brought as many as 30 to 40 drums with him and the children had a gala time beating on the drums and getting acquainted with our traditional folk instruments. Umesh Kumar conducted the workshop on puppet making techniques and also trained the students on various Puppets, Sock Puppets, Muppets and Shadow Puppets which left many of the kids brimming with creative satisfaction. The festival concluded on a happy note with an open microphone session where children were asked to narrate stories written by them.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Puppet show

Heritage Club Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon has always given stress on the development of values and culture, with this view in mind the students of class IV A presented a ‘Puppet show’ based on the value of the month “Loyalty” and also taught students that how loyalty is the foundation of true relationship. Only those who are loyal and faithful could understand its essence. They also understood that honesty and loyalty are keys to the success. All the students enjoyed and overwhelmed with the emotion of loyalty and were very thankful to the school head Ms. Peeya Sharma for inculcating good values and learning in them through play way method.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Children’s day celebration

Our school celebrated the Children’s day with great pomp and splendor on 14th November 2014, in the form of a special assembly conducted by the teachers. Children being the god’s best creation and the true messenger of peace and harmony deserved a grand celebration to celebrate their childhood. Keeping this in mind, the teachers at Ryan lived up a series of entertaining items to shower love and blessings on little Ryanites. The entertainment began with a value based skit, staged by the teachers, which made the children aware of the value-‘Loyalty’ and its role in framing one’s future character. The skit was followed by the parody of peppy songs which forced the children to tap their feet and sing along melodiously in tune with their teachers. There was a small ‘talk’ on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and later a quiz was put up to the children to answer simple questions related to Chacha Nehru. On the special Occasion our honorable Chairman Sir, Dr. A.F. Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto sent their warm wishes and special messages for the Young Ryanites to motivate them to lead a life of dignity and success. Highlighting the importance of the day in children’s life, the Head of the school Ms. Peeya Sharma urged the children to follow the footsteps of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and strive to accomplish any task with their head held high.

Veda Vyasa D.A.V. Public School, Delhi

Topic- Heritage Club Activities

The students made exhaustive study and power point presentations on “Natural Heritage”, project on “Clean River Ganga”, “Ways to conserve the Flora and Fauna”, “Conservation of Tigers” “ Hills and Mountains of India” etc. They also made presentations, collage, charts, debates, group discussions, and bulletin board decorations etc., all showcasing the heritage of the country.

The study on Architectural heritage included an in depth research of world heritage sites like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Humayun Tomb etc. They also highlighted the role of UNESCO in maintaining the architectural heritage. With the onset of festivities from October the students also made a collage show casing the celebration of different Indian festivals. The Heritage Club Exhibition displayed all the creative and exquisite masterpieces which displayed our rich and varied culture and heritage.

The students of the school also participate in various competitions and excursions organized by INTACH like Heritage Quiz Contest, Creative Painting Competitions, Visits to archaeological excavation at Purana Qila etc. Our students are engaged with INTACH in Film Making Technical workshop and also participate in various projects organized by them. They have also submitted their articles and paintings enthusiastically for INTACH heritage club newsletter and received the certificates for the same.

Global Indian International School, Bangalore

Topic-INTACH Activities conducted in the month of October 2014

Gandhi Jayanti- Students of Grade 5 presented their Assembly on the theme “Charkha” on 8th October, 2014. The children presented a small skit which emphasized the purpose of using Charkha by Father of Our Nation. A musical performance and a prayer song on Matahma Gandhi added a lot of value to the assembly. Our Principal addressed the Assembly with a speech which highlighted the importance of Gandhiji’s values with respect to modern society. Eid Celebration: Pre Primary students did a few activities in class on to celebrate the joy of Eid. KG2 students prepared kheer with the help of their teachers and enjoyed tasting it. Students of KG1 coloured the picture of a mosque and Nursery students did vegetable printing of moon and stars and made a greeting card. Teachers narrated the meaning of Eid and why it is celebrated and some of the important rituals that are performed.

Diwali : The Pre Primary students celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm and spirit. Students came dressed gaily in ethnic wear giving the entire section a wonderful festive look. The AV hall was beautifully decorated and the students assembled for the assembly presented by KG1 E.
Adding colour to the celebration were the students from grades 1 and 2 who enthusiastically participated in the Diya decoration competition. The interest shown by the students in decoration was evident in the vibrant designs that emerged at the end of the contest.The students of grade 3 to 6 created colourful Rangolis as a part of house activity on 21st October. All students wished Happy Diwali to everyone with these 2 events.

Grade 1(B) presented assembly on 28.10.14 on the theme “JUSTICE”. Justice means concepts of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, religion, equity and fairness
Assembly - On 29th October 2014, the students of grade 3A conducted their assembly on the Topic ‘Ahimsa or Non-violence’. The presentation commenced with an introduction to Ahimsa, used by Mahatma Gandhi as a tool to fight the British rule and help India gain independence. The students also presented a wonderful skit wherein through a simple classroom example they conveyed how non-violence can help us achieve our goals. Once again, the students of Grade 3A were successful in mesmerizing the audience with a spectacular dance performance.

Ryan International School, Sector – 40, Gurgaon

Topic-Awareness on Cleanliness

Awareness on Cleanliness
Following the guidelines of the Founder Chairman Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto who has always motivated the students to take complete care of Health and hygiene and even inspired by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who initiated the Swatch Bharat-Swatch Vidyalaya campaign the school also undertook the noble task to train the students for the same. The students were made to realize that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” with the same view in mind, the students of class III D took over the task of the cleanliness of the school medical room. The enthusiastic young Ryanites were well prepared for the job. They cleaned the complete room using the broom, soap, cleaning solutions, dusting cloth and water. No corner was left untouched. The room went through a thorough cleaning process. It was really praiseworthy that the students were well conscious for their own cleanliness and hygiene as they used gloves while cleaning the room. Not only this, the students even washed their hands with soap and water when task was complete. Enthusiastic Ryanites cleaned the complete room and left it sparkling clean. They realized that no job is big or small and it is the prime duty of each and every person to take care of personal hygiene as well as to clean the surroundings. The middle wing put forward their efforts in spreading awareness through the essay writing Competition on topic “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. The class III also joined their hand by reciting the poem on Swatch Bharat. The School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma was full of appreciation for the great work accomplished by the Ryanites. She motivated the students to continue to work with the same perspective in future too.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad, Pune

Topic-Club activities conducted in September

Club activities conducted
1st October, saw the initiation of ‘Shramdaan’ in view of the ‘Swahch Bharat Abhiyan’ initiative launched by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Students were sensitized about the importance of cleanliness. All students participated in cleaning their class rooms with great zeal and enthusiasm. Further, a ‘Peace Walk’ was conducted by students of grades III and IV where students dressed in white marched across the school campus holding placards with peace slogans. The key event for 2nd October was the unveiling of the ‘Gandhi Wall’. The noble thought of dedicating a wall in the school premises depicting the life and values of Gandhiji was realized on this special and apt day. This wall has been specially designed in a way that it depicts the values and special events of Gandhiji’s life. The honour of inaugurating this wall was given to the parents followed by lighting of the traditional lamp. This was followed with the garlanding of Bapu’s bust coinciding with the sound of Bapu’s favourite bhajans being sung in the background. A special assembly was held, that consisted of various skits by students that revolved around Gandhiji’s values. The celebration concluded with an Inter House Collage Making activity based on the various phases of Mahatma Gandhi’s life. The students were also shown movies related to the theme chosen for the collage making activity to help put things to perspective. The various activities conducted at GIIS left a positive impact on the students and created a sense of pride and respect for the Father of the Nation. Two special assemblies were also held at GIIS Chichwad to celebrate “Eid-Al-Adha” and the “International Girl Child Day”. While the special assembly on Eid highlighted the importance of charity and sacrifice, the International Girl Child Day assembly addressed gender inequalities and the various forms of discrimination and abuse suffered by girls around the world. Deepawali, also known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ was uniquely celebrated at GIIS Chinchwad. The tiny tots of the Pre-Primary section started off the celebrations with unique events like ‘Rangoli Making with Fathers’ and ‘Toran Making with Mothers’, from waste material on October 14th, 2014. A Greeting Card Making Competition across classes III-V saw students using junk innovatively to create masterpieces, clearly corroborating the need to recycle waste in all forms. The traditional “Kila”(the importance of Kilas/Forts which forms an integral part of the history of Maharashtra dates back to the times of Shivaji) was also designed by the seniors of classes IX and X, using clay. Decoration of these Kilas presented a delightful sight with each group vying to display their best. To further add to the zest and enthusiasm of the festivities, students from classes VI-VIII, decorated diyas with colourful trivia and ethnic glitter. A special and informative assembly which stressed upon the importance of a pollution free and safe Diwali was also conducted for the students.

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage Club Activities

Gandhi Jayanti
The INTACH Club, Junior Wing, dedicated the month of October to the Father of our Nation. A House Assembly showcasing the three monkeys was received with great understanding and a thunderous applause. The students then articulated and illustrated the same during the activity periods. Non violence and truth were the two most powerful weapons used by Gandhiji and students were made to understand this by way of stories and narration of anecdotes. They even learnt the lyrics of the song 'Raghupati Raghava Rajaram' and sang it melodiously. 'Everyone must be his own scavenger' was often quoted by Gandhiji and we correlated it with the 'Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan' that has been started by our Premier. This highlighted the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and also accentuated the fact that our surroundings are but a reflection of ourselves.

Celebrating Environment Friendly Diwali
DPS INTACH group organized an activity to spread awareness against the hazards of Diwali. An interactive session was held for the students of classes VI-VIII discussing about the health and environmental hazards caused by burning crackers. The aim of the activity was to sensitize the students as well as find alternate ways of celebrating Diwali without harming the environment. The students urged their school mates to celebrate ‘Pollution Free, Green Diwali’. The enthusiastic students participated with zest and zeal and wished each other happy and joyous Diwali.

Rangoli Making
Middle school set the mirthful and joyous mood for the Diwali festival with Diya and Candle Decoration for class VI and Rangoli Making Competition for classes VII and VIII. The students made beautiful, creative and eco-friendly rangolis.

Heritage Walk to Red Fort
Delhi Public School in collaboration with ITIHAAS organised a heritage walk to Red Fort for class VII students. The educational tour began with a general understanding of the architecture followed by introduction of Mughal history and its glory. The students got an in-depth knowledge about the empire, the ruler and the architecture. They saw the Lahori Darwaza, the Char Bagh, diwan-i-am, diwan-i-khas and visited the Fort Museum. The trip was enjoyed thoroughly by the students who also participated actively in the discussions.

F. D. High School, Sarkhej Road, Juhapura, Ahmedabad

This is to inform you that our school was adjudged one of the Four Best Schools at National Level in the Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2013 held at CEE (Centre of Environment Education) on 14-10-2014. 5 schools from Gujarat were shortlisted along with 10 other schools from All India. F D School students had successfully completed projects in all the five themes of the Paryavaran Mitra Programme. A Pilot Electricity saving project undertaken by 30 students of the schools helped them save 2061 units of electricity in a month. The students also planted more than 250 saplings in the school compund to make a way for green campus. AMC and the Chairman of the School Board successfully kick started th Campaign against Dengue and Malaria in the school by a workshop to stop the spreading of Malaria Mosquitos and ways to stop them. The students were given a project to look out for the breeding places of mosquitoes and ensure that they do not find way to grow. The students also visited various museums to understand and preserve our rich heritage. Rain Harvesting system and Waste water management system were introduced to save water. All the activities were carried out throughout the year in the able direction of Mr. M. I. Gena, Principal, ECO Club In Charge Mr. Yusuf Khatumbra, Librarian Mr. N. M. Abbasi and valuable support from all the staff members of the school.

Cornerstone, Old Town, Zunheboto, Nagaland

Topic- Visit to Heritage Park

The school club has been conducting heritage activities on a regular basis as a part of which they visited the Heritage Park on 1st October 2014.

Global Indian International School Chinchwad

Topic- Club activities conducted in September

3rd September 2014 a visit to the mythological and spiritual Pataleshwar Temple caves was organized for classes IX and X. Students were very excited to visit a place that had such a close relationship with our past and heritage. The students were spell bound to see the caves carved out of a single basalt rock. The wall carvings were very beautiful. Some paintings were incomplete and that left the students curious to know more about them. The information board put up in the premises gave explicit details about the history of these caves. The students were eager to note the information. The caves have a Shiva-Linga which is as old as these caves. The students were amazed and captivated by the serenity and peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the bustling city. The festival of Onam was celebrated with great enthusiasm with the theme “Significance of Onam”. A skit depicting the significance of the festival Onam along with a performance on the regional form “Kaikotikali” was presented by the students. A Power point presentation showcasing the rituals and events of the 10 day celebrations of Onam was presented for the students. 8th September was celebrated as International Literacy Dayaiming to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. A presentation and a skit based on the theme “Each One Teach One” was organized that aimed at inculcating the importance of education to all. 14th September, Hindi Diwas was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. This day is celebrated in honour of our National Language. 8th-12th September was observed as Hindi Week in GIIS Chinchwad. Various interesting, creative and educative activities were conducted across the classes. The Hindi Diwas special assembly commenced with addressing the importance of the National Language, focusing on Hindi as a versatile and rich language. The main attraction of the assembly was the humorous skit on the ‘Influence of Idioms on Our Life’ beautifully presented by the students.

Global Indian International School Chinchwad

Topic- Visit to Raja Vanarai - a Self-Reliant Village

Students of classes VI, VII and VIII of Global Indian International School Chinchwad, visited a self-reliant village named Raja Vanarai continuing with the trend to find various innovative ways to help imbibe good values.Before the visit, students were sensitized regarding the trip to this unique village named Raja Vanarai. The students were briefed about how the village has accrued a name for itself by adopting the various methods like rain water harvesting, biogas plant and the progress in horticulture. The village situated 70 kms. away from Pune, is the proud recipient of the ‘Best Village Panchayat’ title. Vanarai was formed by Dr. Mohan Dharia in the year 1982 and after securing success it was registered under the Charitable Trust Act in 1986. During last 25 years Vanarai has reached all parts of Maharashtra and other states of India. The organization has been instrumental in changing Government policies for development through people's involvement.By 1990 Vanarai started working in the village. With active involvement of villagers, watershed development works were started. In addition to this, works like vocational training in milk production, improved practices for farmers etc. were carried out. As a result of this, remarkable results were seen.155 families staying in fetid slums of Pune and Mumbai have returned to the village Smt. PratibhataiPatil, former President of India had visited the village and appreciated the villagers and the NGO for the progressive work shown by them.
The students were greeted by the village Sarpanch and he was kind enough to share some amazing facts about their village’s self reliance and development which includes 20-30 thousand litres of milk produced everyday by the Jersey cows. The milk is sent to the nearby towns including Pune. The children got a unique opportunity to witness the different projects undertaken by the village like the biogas plant, rain water harvesting, and the various farming methods adopted by them. They also demonstrated the crops of lemon, sweet lime, custard apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, and groundnuts to the students. The village has an in-house school, which is 102 years old. The students were taken through the school and were given information regarding the same. The construction of the high school was carried out with the donation received from every family in the village. In the village every family shares the burden of work by contributing towards it by the way of “SHRAMDAAN”. There are 30 students from this village school who are studying abroad, and the cost has been sponsored by the Leelawala Foundation. Our students were thoroughly impressed by this unique experience that was not only informative but also an eye-opener. It helped the students to understand that using good system and creative thinking coupled with some good team-work can help any group progress and attain new heights of success. They were given a worksheet as a post activity to write about what trees and vegetation they saw and talked about with the villagers, which they completed enthusiastically.

Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony, Delhi

Topic- A Talk by Dr. Swapna Liddle

On August 21, 2014, Dr. Swapna Liddle, Co- convener, INTACH Delhi Chapter, took the students of Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony on a journey to the three important monuments of the Mughal era- the Taj Mahal, the Humanyun’s Tomb and the Red Fort in Delhi and we discovered some undiscovered facts. With an introduction to thirty four World Heritage sites in India and thirty nine in Germany, Dr. Liddle , through her fascinating presentation focused on the intercultural influences on the building features and artifacts, some which were familiar styles of domes, arches, pillars, gardens etc., but delving deep she pointed out , not only the workmanship of artisans but contrived the alchemy of far flung cultural influences. She revealed various facets which brought to light aspects that had previously been ignored. She shared her observations on how different styles had been adopted and linked their architectural style to the Tomb of Timur in Samarkand, the Iranian concept of the Charbagh in Tehran and the peitra dura technique which was imported from Italy. She illustrated The Chinese Clouds in Mink pottery also seen in the carvings at Red Fort and the Kalash, a very Indian concept which has become an integral part of these monuments. Dr. Liddle also came up with an anecdote on how the famous Pandara Road in New Delhi got its name. Throughout the session we could literally feel the magnificence of the rich Indian legacy and were spell bound by the unmatchable insights we got from her about our rich cultural heritage and architectural past. It was indeed an enlightening talk by the Heritage crusader, Dr. Liddle. The exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge fostered a lot of enthusiasm and creativity and this will bear fruit in the future, in the project of conserving the wonderful built heritage sites.

DAV International School, Verka Chowk, Amritsar

Topic- Heritage club activities conducted in August 2014

The club organized various activities such as heritage walk, visit museums, historical places etc. On the Hiroshima day on 6th August, students took part in poster making competition with' peace 'being the main theme. Tree plantation drive was also organized on this day. On 9th August, school celebrated Raksha Bandhan, students performed short play to show special bonding between brothers and sisters and also organized different competition like Rakhi making competitions, card making competition etc. Different activities were organized on the Independence Day, children dressed up in saffron white and green color and there was a colourful presentation of cultural events including a skit by class V. During the Janmashtami celebration, students were dressed up in ethnic outfits, depicting dramatic enactment of the life of Krishna. Students sang devotional songs and exchanged gifts. Principal Anjana Gupta briefed the young learners about the history of this day. There was a visit organized to the Golden temple and Sikh Museum on the 21st August 2014. Established in 1958, Central Sikh Museum exhibits paintings of Sikh guru, saints, warriors and rich collection of coins, old weapons, manuscripts, rarest strangled instrument, guns of Sikh Raj, etc.

Bhavans Shri A.K. Doshi Vidyalaya

Topic- Indian Heritage quiz competition

An Indian Heritage quiz competition was organized by "Xpress minds" which was initiated and supported by INTACH on 22nd July,2014 at Shri Satya Sai Vidyalaya in which 28 students of our school participated. Many other schools also participated. One of our students Pratik secured 2nd rank in prelim round of quiz competition amongst all the school.

Chiranjeev Bharti School, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage club activities

Visit to Farukhnagar
To encourage and spread the concern for conservation of our rich heritage and to uphold the sanctity of the same, the social Science Department of the school in collaboration with INTACH , organized a short trip to Farukhnagar on 02.09.14 and 03.09.14. The purpose of the visit was to experience the beauty of the sites situated there. 350 students of classes IX and X accompanied by various teachers were part of this Heritage trip. The students visited Delhi Gate, Sheesh Mahal, Bawari and chatri the monuments of Mughal era .

(Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) organized India quiz and students actively participated.

The social science deptt and Heritage club "VIRASAT" took the initiative of celebrating world population day-a day on which international community works together to raise development issues. A cultural fest was organised on 11th july 2014.Each class was assigned a particular state and an exhibition was put up by classes VI-X covering all aspects of the state assigned viz. handicrafts cuisine culture festivals costumes and mode of state culture legislature. An inter house dance competition was organized as an educational activity to enlighten students about dance forms of different states. The concept was to promote national integration and to gain knowledge about human resource. Trustee Ms Archana Luthra and Principal Ms Sangeeta Saxena applauded the social science deptt for their wonderful effort.

Inauguration of Museum "Dharohar"
As an initiative of Heritage club, school created a small museum to depict our rich ancient past and named it "Dharohar". It was inaugurated on 13 August, 2014 by Mrs. Goldi and Principal Ms. Sangeeta Saxena. It has the collection of old coins, currency along with utensils of bronze, copper and pottery. It displayed one spiritual corner to mark the Indian secular culture. Another corner depicted the tools and weapons of early man made by class VI students. Depiction of tribal masks and old clothing patterns, jwellery display and wooden craft work all in totality made the reason for applaud.

Heritage day celebrations
On 18 April 2014, a special Assembly was conducted National song was sung. Heritage pledge to conserve our heritage was taken. A small speech was given on significance of the day. Poster making competition was organized for classes VI TO VIII.

Kadamba INTACH Club GIIS Bangalore


The occasion of ' Janmashtami', was celebrated with great enthusiasm at GIIS, Bangalore. The students were dressed up in colourful robes of Lord Krishna, Radha, and gopies as they commemorated the human incarnation of Lord Krishna. The event commenced with a melodious bhajan followed by a musical presentation dedicated to Lord Krishna. Not only this, the gymnasts had been preparing for days for the `Matki Todh', which happened amidst much enthusiasm. Shri Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with fervour by the Pre Primary students who immersed themselves into the spirit of Janmashtami by coming to school dressed as Radha and Krishna. The KG2 students enjoyed painting matkas and decorating it with sequins and ornaments. Teachers narrated stories of Krishna. The students were enthralled to hear about the birth of Lord Krishna and the Bal Leela story. They also enacted as Krishna playing flute and eating butter. Nursery students sang Achutham Keshavam and were excited to know that Krishna loves butter the most. The students of KG1 did a worksheet on pot decoration and students made crowns with feathers and wore it. The Pre Primary kids were also able to watch the matki phod by the Primary students and everyone enjoyed the activities thoroughly

Kadamba INTACH Club GIIS Bangalore

Indian Independence Day:

The 68th Independence Day was celebrated with great fervor and zeal at GIIS Bangalore on 15th August 2014. The event commenced with paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our Nation followed by flag hoisting ceremony by our revered Principal, Mr Ramesh Mudgal. Depicting through a variety of cultural programmes, the relevance of Independence day was portrayed by the students. Mr R. Sudheendra, a visually challenged artist was present at the celebration as a Special Guest. Mr.Sudheendra has mastered the skill to paly 5 different musical instruments on his own without the help of a teacher. A Parent Child Patriotic Song competition added colour to the celebrations with parents taking part in the event. The event concluded with prize distribution followed by National Anthem and resolve by all present to work for the country to make it a developed nation. The Pre Primary students celebrated Independence day on 14th August with fervour and gaiety. Students were asked to come dressed as freedom fighters and they came to school attired as Pandit Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lokmanya Tilak, Rani of Jhansi, Kittur Rani Chennamma, Mahatma Gandhi and many other famous people who fought for the liberation of India. During assembly they sang patriotic songs and paid respect to the National Flag. The activities continues in the classroom where they each spoke a few lines about the personality they represented. They also made the National Flag, wrist bands, national symbols and did many other art activities.

Kadamba INTACH Club GIIS Bangalore

International Day of the World's Indigenous People:

On 6th August 2014, the students of grade 3 B presented their assembly on "International day of the world's Indigenous People'. The assembly started with prayer followed by pledge by Abhiram. An enlightening thought was presented by Tanmay. Students also reported on the News around the world. Abhiram highlighted the features of Quality Circle. A PowerPoint presentation entitled 'International day of the world's indigenous people and Quality Circle' was shown to all. The students presented a group dance. They will present the analysis and action plan in their next quality circle presentation. The assembly was further made interesting with the felicitation of students Arjun Srikanth and Uma Maheshwari for having topped the school in July edition of Mathlathen 2014. The assembly concluded with the national anthem.

Kadamba INTACH Club GIIS Bangalore

Hiroshima Day: Prayer for Peace KG2

6th August 1945 was the day when an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, followed a few days later by another dropped on the city of Nagasaki. The bombings ended World War II by bringing about the surrender of Japan, but at a terrible price - the two cities were destroyed with many more people dying from injuries and illness. Students of KG2 did an origami activity of folding paper cranes in memory of Sadako Sasaki a Japanese girl who was two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945, in Hiroshima, Japan. Sadako is remembered through the story of a thousand origami cranes before her death, and is to this day a symbol of innocent victims of war. The story was narrated to the students and they observed a few moments in silence to pray for peace around the world. They also held their paper cranes and took a pledge that they will never cause harm or injury to anyone.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage club activities in August 2014

Month of August was dedicated to our freedom fighters, martyrs and soldiers who fought selflessly and sacrificed their lives to free our nation from the clutches of our oppressors- the British kingdom. Children being the future of our nation are an integral part of any Independence Day celebration. Various activities conducted during this session. A brief introduction of meaning and significance of independence was given by the teacher. A healthydiscussion on how it is celebrated followed by India's struggle for Independence was initiated. Children participated enthusiastically which not only encouraged them to reflect on their own learning but also augmented their knowledge by engaging in group discussion AND concluded by singing patriotic songs including our national anthem. The children made wonderful illustrations on Independence Day and the tricolor. They were apprised of the rules for hoisting our national flag and what the colors of our flag symbolize. National Symbols of India were explained by the teacher which later culminated in a quiz. Children felt a sense of pride in reciting the slogans by some of the prominent freedom fighters such as " DilliChalo" and "Give me blood and I will give you freedom"- Subhash Chandra Bose "InquilabZindabad" – Bhagat Singh etc. Children of classes
III and V were taken to the auditorium to watch the spectacular show "Saga of Independence "presented by the children of class IV followed by beautiful song and dance sequences including many famous patriotic Bollywood numbers.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon

Topic- Hiroshima Day

Hiroshima Day has been observed with peace marches to commemorate the dropping of the first bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6th August 1945. As an initiative to support peace and abolish wars and nuclear weapons, the students of classes 6 to 8 took a pledge to promote harmony, goodwill and non-violence in the world. This was followed by a poster making activity on the topic: "WE WANT PEACE NOT WAR."Through their posters they spread the message of peace in the world.

Ryan International School Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic - Role Play Competition

Heritage Club organized a Role Play Competition on ‘My Favourite Political Leader’. The students enthusiastically participated in it. They came up as great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Bhagat Singh, Smriti Irani and even as our newly elected Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi. The students had complete knowledge about their favourite leaders and spoke confidently about them. The young Heritage warriors showed their deep interest for the great politicians. The Ryanites expressed their desire to work selflessly for the nation. The school Head Ms. Peeya Sharma was overwhelmed to see the love of the students for their motherland and motivated them to come up as true citizens of India

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic - Celebrating Kargil Victory Day

Heritage club celebrated Kargil Victory Day on 24thJuly 2014 by organizing special assembly where students enthusiastically participated in poetry recitation. They filled everyone there with a feeling of pride by their patriotic poems. The Ryanites also presented an informational ‘Talk Show ‘on Kargil War. Everyone presented their paid the tribute to the martyrs of this war. Head Mistress Peeya Sharma spoke few words about the Kargil War and informed the students why the day is celebrated as ‘Kargil Victory Day’. To pay the homage to the martyrs of Kargil War, Rakhi Making Competition is also organized on 1st August, where the rakhies made by the students will be sent to the soldier across. This activity was organised to show love and respect for the Kargil Martyrs and to make the students realize the great sacrifice made by them.

Topic - Celebrating Quit India Movement Day

Heritage Club celebrated Quit India Movement Day on August 07, 2014.The thought provoking skit by class IV C enlightened the audience how the movement commenced and contributed immensely in marking 15th August as an important date in history of India. Students dressed in colourful costumes as soldiers and freedom fighters aroused the feeling of patriotism in all present there. With such beautiful patriotic feel in their young minds, the students of class –VI enacted a skit. They represented the national leaders - Gandhiji, Subhash Chandra Bose and Sarojini Naidu by dressing up beautifully in suitable attires. They inculcated the feeling of love for our country by an effective enactment of Quit India Movement with effective and catchy slogans. The agony of Indians during the colonical designs of British was depicted. The bloodshed, the imprisonment, the rebellion executing of non-violence with great values were the subjects of discussion and made the centre of attraction for enthusiastic and attentive audience. The students took part in the interactive question answer session with a true ‘Indian’ spirit in them resulting to be called as a mesmerizing audience.

Adarsh Bal Niketan English Medium School, Jhunjhunu

Topic - Site Visit

The student members of ‘Heritage club’ visited the site where tribal people live. They interacted with them and came to know about their living & culture and wrote about their experience & views about the tribe ‘Luhar’. They were escorted by their mentors Mrs. Anita & Mrs. Seema, social studies teachers.

Ryan International School, Sector-40 Gurgaon

Topic - World’s Population Day

A Special Assembly was held to mark the World’s Population Day. The assembly started with an interesting talk show by class VII B students aiming to aware the students about the forthcoming demerits due to the increasing population. The students discussed the adverse effect of population in our day to day life including the crowd on the roads, markets, railway stations. More over the competition level which students have to face in various competitive exams, in different college admissions etc. It was a kind of eye opener to all present there and the students could relate this problem to them rather than taking it just another social issue discussed over and over. The students showcased many related problems through catchy banners being used in the talk show.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic - International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day was celebrated to instill in the students the value to respect and cherish the precious gift of friendship. The students of class V thanked Lord Almighty for bestowing this special bond. The young Ryanites also staged a ‘Radio Jockey Show’ on the same. The show highlighted the fact that friends are an inseparable part of our life and they always are trustworthy. They also opined that friends might not at times give advice, solutions or cure but rather just share our pain and touch our heart with a tender hand. They help us our weaknesses and help us realize our strengths. The vibrant songs added to Radio Jockey made the atmosphere livelier.

Ryan International School, Sector-40 Gurgaon

Topic - Heritage Club Activities in the month of July 2014

Environment March
An environment March on 24th July 2014 was organized to celebrate the “Environment Week”. The students of VI D passed a march in the market of Sector-31with a view to awake and encourage the people towards making the environment green and clean. Students took the initiative to say ‘No to poly bags’ by distributing their handmade bags to people. Some of the best handmade paper bags were selected and displayed in the reception area of the school premises. Various slogans like “Each one plant one” “Green nature, better future”, “Avoid using poly bags”, “Save trees, Save life” etc. were spoken during the week.

International Tiger’s Day
International Tiger Day was celebrated on 30th July, 2014. The students of class VII participated in a talk show to raise awareness for tiger conservation. They also spoke on how to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitat of tigers. Each one spoke about the decreasing number of tigers and expressed their views in a unique way. They showed concern how to conserve and protect them. The students made posters which showcased their sensitivity and creativity.

Special Assembly: Environment Day
A special assembly was held on Environment Day on 28thJuly. As environment is one of the vision points of Chairman Sir, Dr A.F. Pinto so Ryan International School, Sector 40 always takes the opportunity to work towards the betterment of environment. The guests of honour were Dr. Sameer Sharma, Ph. D. (Pharma), Group Leader, Daichi Sankyo India Ltd and Mr Vaibhav Mittal (Team Leader Technical Field). The assembly began with Bible reading followed by the plantation by the guests. The school choir group gave a warm welcome through a welcome song followed by welcoming the The colourful and interesting talk show on the environment was much appreciated by everyone. The wonderful message of ‘each one plant one’ was given by the students of Class II through an inspiring skit. A mesmerizing dance performance on ‘Go Green’by the students of Class I stole the show. Guests encouraged the winners of inter-class Memorabilia competition (Class II) by giving their winning certificates. Aryan Sharma and Ashwika Taneja got first position and Parth Goyal, Hitanshi and Yash Chaturvedi got second position. School Head, Ms. Peeya Sharma appreciated the efforts of young students and the teachers and thanked the guests for encouraging the students.

Street play
A Street play was organized on conserving environment. Students went to Sector-14 market. They distributed paper bags and bookmark to the shopkeeper and passersby. The street play had a major impact on the mind set of people present there. It definitely changed the way people perceive and look forward to nature(forest) for their desires.

Inter-house Debate Competition
Inter house Debate Competition on the Topic “Natural Disaster Man or Act of God” for the students of class V. The young Ryanites spoke enthusiastically as they were all well prepared. They came up as adept orators and spoke confidently both in favour and against the topic. They came forwarded confidently with their thoughts and even supported them with facts. The Ryanites showed their concern for the Mother Earth as floods, landslides, storms and droughts are the treats on its existence. Every child in his speech expressed to desire to protect the environment and urged one and all present there to comp up saviors of the planet.

R.N Podar School, Mumbai

Topic - Kargil Vijay Diwas

In an effort to inculcate the feeling of patriotism among the students, Heritage club R.N Podar School celebrated Kargil Vijay Diwas on the 25th of July 2014. All the students of classes VI to VIII prepared greeting cards thanking Indian Armed services. The event was in the form of a competition based on the matter in the cards, originality of ideas and presentation. Students made the event a true success and prepared beautiful greeting cards for the soldiers. Some of them chose to sing patriotic songs in their class during the event. The greeting cards were later parceled to 5 different army head quarters of the regiments that had been a part of the Kargil war.

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

Topic - Heritage club activities for the month of July 2014

Topic - Parent's day
To enable children articulate their love and immense gratitude towards their parents, various enriching and creative activities were held in this month. The first session began with a brief interactive session on importance of parents followed by making a parents day card. It was heartwarming to see children make beautiful cards for their parents and expressing their love for them in simple words. A session was conducted wherein children expressed their feelings for their parents. Their love for their parents reflected in their eyes as they talked about the little things their parents do for them. They wrote a paragraph on what they appreciate in their parents. The session of making illustrations of parents was much enjoyed by the children as it also gave them opportunity to exercise their creative skills. They also gave interesting title to their parents like 'Awesome Parents!', 'Loving Parents', etc. A discussion on what they would like to talk about with their parents helped them realise that sharing with parents is of immense significance. The month long activities dedicated to parents was an excellent way to remind children the unconditional love that their parents shower on them. INTACH school group celebrated parent's day. An activity was organized for students of classes 6-8 in which they wrote notes of gratitude for their parents. These were then gifted as token of love to their parents.

Topic - Van Mahotsav
The spirit of Van Mahotsav was celebrated by the students of middle school. The members of our heritage club went to different sections very enthusiastically informing about the need to preserve trees. They shared information about the vanishing forests and its adverse effects on the environment. Our environmentalists also discussed the measures to conserve trees.

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Topic- Heritage Activities- June 2014- Natural Heritage

In the month of June, the tiny tots of pre-primary learnt about the importance of trees. The first thing they learnt was ‘Save trees, save the environment’. The month of juicy mouth watering mangoes had the tiny tots learn about mango tree through PPT, fun facts and worksheets followed. Making of a mango shake and relishing it as well, was a highlight. They learnt the importance of mango leaf in the culture of India and were taught how to make toran [a decorative door hanging made by tying mango leaves on a string]. The tiny tots enjoyed learning fun facts about mangoes, mango tree and mango leaves. The first and the second graders started the Heritage class on the topic Water – where the students recited a beautiful poems on water. A PPT was shown to them to identify the areas of water. The children drew lot of pictures to show the sources of water in colourful piece of art and craft. To beat the heat, mouth watering Chaska-Maska(Nimbu pani) was made and enjoyed by the students and they noted down the recipe. Wow! Little salt and mint tasted absolutely refreshing. To work and learn in groups an activity on healthy competition was conducted where grains, cereals, surf powder and suji powder was used to show the theme ‘Aqua’-a life for all. Documentation card was made with information on the local water body, the river that flows, the depth of the lake and its uniqueness. Grade 4 children were taught to make mango panna as it is a summer cooler and helps greatly in beating the heat in the summers. They were told to avoid unhealthy soft cola drinks in the summers and take recourse in the bountiful blessings that Mother Nature gives us. Grade 5 students started their session on the topic Animals wherein they were shown a Power Point Presentation titled 'The Call Of Nature' on Endangered Species which was followed by a PPT on Bird sanctuaries in India .Map work was done , where the children marked any five bird sanctuaries in India. An interesting activity on nest of birds was done where the children tried to make nest out of twigs and other materials. A documentary on a weaver bird making a nest was shown to the children which was greatly enjoyed.Grade 6 deals with Heritage as a Club activity every Saturday where a systematic syllabus of 80 minutes was chalked out to bring awareness on different aspects of Heritage in the young minds. The children got a brief overview of natural heritage which was followed by an activity where the children marked the kinds of forest in the scrap book. The life cycle of forest produce was drawn by the children. The children were made aware of the different state trees and flowers of India. Likewise, to arouse the creative minds of the children an activity of making quotes on trees was done. Fibre to Fabric was the topic given to the students to make a scroll on the complete life cycle of a cotton plant right from its inception till it is finally consumed and reused and the students in groups made an artistic and creative scroll on the given topic. Classes VII & VIII deal with ‘WATER’, under natural heritage. Students composed poems on the given theme and presented in the class. The best ones were presented on the School bulletin board. Subsequently, there were different activities like role play, puppetry, song composition,Poem, recitation model presentation depicting WATER CYCLE. The session ended up with a discussion on ‘water conservation’.

We decorated the Heritage Board for the month of June on the topic –Natural Heritage where the children made scrolls, wrote poems on trees, map work on different forests of India etc. This year the Heritage Facilitators are from grade VI - Ms Chetna and Ms Manasvi .

R.N Podar School, Mumbai

Topic- Crafts Mela and Nature trail with tree plantation

FOR CLASSES 6, 7 and 8
23rd JUNE - Class 6
24th JUNE - Class 7
25th June - Class 8





TIMINGS - 8.30 TO 11.30

'Vriksha Shiksha' IS OUR DESIRE...

Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage activities for the month of May
Topic- Museum Day

The INTACH club activities during the month of May were dedicated to the museums as they are a nation’s memory bank and represent the cultural soul of the nation. The activities conducted during the sessions focussed on apprising children on the role of museums in society which includes collecting objects and materials of cultural, religious and historical importance, preserve them, research into them and present them to the public for the purpose of education and enjoyment. They were made to understand and appreciate the importance of museums in inculcating a sense of pride in the achievements of their forebearers through the tools and materials housed in the museum.

The children participated in the discussion with great enthusiasm, sharing their own experiences of the museums they had visited which ranged from the Doll Museum,Rail Museum and National Museum in Delhi which they visit as part of their ‘Delhi Darshan Trip’ in the junior wing. Children were aware of the famous museum Louvre, Paris. They gained knowledge about various terms associated with a museum like curator, artefacts, galleries etc. The session culminated with children illustrations of their visit to a museum.

Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage activities for the month of May
Topic- Visit to Kiran Nadar Museum

30 students of Junior Wing visited an Art Exhibition on 7th May ’14 at KiranNadar Art Museum, New Delhi. It was interesting and helped children understand and appreciate the artworks of different artists.


Topic- International Museum Day

INTACH school group celebrated International Museum Day on 2nd May 2014. The middle school students researched and wrote about the unusual museums with different specializations.

The children participated enthusiastically and learnt about fascinating exhibits contained in these out of the ordinary museums.


Topic- Visit to National Museum

30 students from Middle Wing visited an Art Exhibition “Rupa-Pratirupa-The body in Indian Art” at National Museum on 1st May ’14. It was a nice and informative experience and it helped children to understand and appreciate the artworks of different artists.


Topic- Spic Macay

The school hosted an Odissi dance performance under the aegis of SPIC MACAY. The show commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the renowned classical dancer, Smt. Kavita Dwibedi. The Principal, Ms. AditiMisra, welcomed the guests and felicitated them.. Ms. Kavita correlated the Odissi dance form with mathematics and gave a lecture cum demonstration before every performance. While speaking about the navarasas, she added that dance is a form of meditation, a celebration of life and a gift of God. Smt. Dwibedi was accompanied by Shri. Prafulla Kumar Mangaraj on mardal, Shri.Suresh Sethi as the vocalist, Shri.Gopinath Swain on violin and Shri Vishwanath Mangaraj on manjira. The performance ended with the students thanking the esteemed guest for giving them valuable insights into various facets of the Odissi dance form and helping them come closer to this classical dance form. Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students as they got a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of India.

Govt. Degree College (Boys), Udhampur

Topic- Heritage Club Activities

In 2010, to mark the golden jubilee of the college, the institution adopted many innovative measures including the setting up of Heritage club. Since then , the activities conducted by the club includes workshop on Dogra folk art, two- day workshop on Dogra wall paintings, exhibition on heritage weapons, heritage walk to Ramnagar, Ghoda Gali etc, Lohri celebrated with tradition fervor, celebration of Christmas, Basant Panchami etc. The teachers and students would be organizing more heritage related activities.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Celebration of Mother’s Day

Keeping in sync with Founder Chairman Sir Dr. Augustine F. Pinto’s vision of expressing gratitude for all that God provides us and for a wonderful family that he has blessed us with, the children got involved in various activities to show how deeply they respect and love their mothers. The tiny tots of Montessori made vibrant cards with heartwarming messages for their ever loving mothers. They even made ‘Utility baskets’ using paper to help their mother get more organized. The Montessori wing had also organized events like ‘Mumma’s recipe’ and ‘Fashion show’ for their ever willing and enthusiastic mothers. The contests saw the overzealous and high spirited mothers participate vehemently. Classes I and II made glittering crowns for their fairy mothers to treat them royally. Students of classes III to V composed poems showcasing their endless and ever prevailing love for awesome mothers. The school also organized a special assembly to commemorate the occasion wherein the students presented a talk show on the ‘Significance of Mother’s Day’ and a skit on the topic ‘A Meticulous Mother’.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Special Assembly remembering the martyrs of the Jallianwala Bagh

An informative talk show was conducted to apprise the students about the contributions made by the common people of India during the freedom struggle. The children threw light on great deeds of Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and King Martin Luther pertaining to non-violence and their peace movements. The School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma appreciated the laborious efforts of the students and emphasized in inculcating the value of patriotism, peace and non-violence.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Celebration of World Laughter Day

On 5th May’14 to mark the ‘World Laughter Day’, the message of happiness among the students was spread and let them know the importance of ‘Laughter’. ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ was the message given by the students through Talk Show, Radio Jockey Show, Laughing exercises, Poetry Recitation. Students came dressed up as Charlie Chapline and clown. Many of them came with smile badges and brought some placards related to the topic. All the students enthusiastically participated to make it a success. The School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma encouraged the students to follow Chairman Sir Dr. Augustine F. Pinto’s vision of adapting a healthy life style. She advised the students to distress through laughter and laugh often as it is contagious and spreads like fire.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Declamation Competition on ‘Global Warming’

In creating awareness among the students to take care of our Mother Earth as it is the heritage for all of us, a Declamation Competition was held for the students, providing them a platform to express themselves as best they could. The event topic was-‘Global Warming’. All the students were full of enthusiasm as they prepared themselves to compete with their classmates. The declamation showed the sensitivity of the young generation towards environment. Their love for Mother Earth was clearly evident. It was time for them to share the ways they had adopted to save our earth from global warming. It also gave some new ideas to the students. The students with the best presentations were awarded. The competition encouraged the students to hone their speaking skills as well as to build up more confidence in facing an audience.

Gundecha Education Academy, Mumbai

Topic- Introduction of "Heritage Club"

The school is interested in introducing "Heritage Club" at our school and also organizing various activities related to inculcate cultural consciousness in the young Indian minds and has on many occasions been awarded for the various initiatives taken. The school would like to open a heritage Club in the school premises to foster awareness in students.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Celebration of World Heritage Day

Ryan International School, Sector-40 celebrated World Heritage Day in the school premises on 17th April’14 with great enthusiasm. The endeavour was to make the students understand the fact that World Heritage is the shared wealth of humankind & protecting and preserving this valuable asset demands the collective efforts of the international community. This special day offers an opportunity to raise the public's awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability. The guest of honour was Mr. Atul Dev, Convener, INTACT, Gurgaon. Students presented an interesting & informative act on the ‘Seven Wonders’ of modern world. An informative and educative talk show was also organized by the Ryanites. The students danced to the rhythmic steps presented by tiny tots. The performance indeed was captivating and left everyone spellbound. Apart from this all parts of the assembly had the “World Heritages” as the underlying theme to emphasize on its importance for our future generations. This was in keeping with our respected Chairman sir’s vision point of promoting cultural values & heritage. The guest Mr. Atul Dev was full of praise for the efforts of the students. Our respected principal, Ms. Peeya Sharma appreciated the students & motivated them with her encouraging words.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Celebration of Earth Day

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon organized a Special Assembly to mark the Earth Day Celebration on 22nd April’14. The guest of honour for the day was Mr. Brijeshwar Tyagi, Security Manager for Medanta who is closely associated with Environment and disaster management . It was a day to share the incredible efforts put by each Ryanite throughout the year to celebrate the presence of nature around us. The young Ryanites participated in the Inter Class Debate Competition ‘Are we really nurturing the nature’ to reaffirm our collective responsibility and to promote harmony with nature. The thought provoking talk show- ‘Together we have and we can… ‘was the limelight of the day. It updated the rallies organized by the school and encouraged everyone to be a part of it. The enthralling dance performance had the dancers expressing their love for nature through the fusion dance. It focused on green cities, mobilizing a million of people to create a sustainable and a healthy environment. To give wings and reality to the vision of the Chairman, Dr. Augustine F. Pinto’s, for saving and creating a healthy environment, the school encourages each child to plant saplings on their birthdays and celebrates Earth Day and Environment week, with plantation drive, rallies and street plays. It was an immense proud moment for the School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma whose ideas and hardwork were shown and depicted in the special assembly. She encouraged the students and motivated them to continue with their effort to create a conductive environment for the animals and humans to live a healthy life.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- Potter's wheel Demonstration

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon organized a ‘Potter’s wheel’ demonstration for the students of classes III to V. Mr. Amar, a potter, demonstrated the interesting but fast diminishing art of pottery. He made pots, diyas and various animals with clay and attracted students’ attention. The enthusiastic Ryanites got the opportunity to make pots and animals themselves. They had the feel of the potter’s wheel and the technique to be used. Mr. Amar gave them tips to have a better result on the wheel. He told them to check the amount of water to be used and the pressure to be applied. He suggested using the hands and fingers softly and gently. Ryanites were highly impressed and extremely thrilled. The activity was in sync with Chairman Sir Dr. Augustine .F Pinto’s vision of preserving the rich art, culture and heritage of our country. School head Ms. Peeya Sharma motivated the young Ryanites and encouraged them to protect our country’s vast heritage. She, with her inspiring words, ignited the feeling of responsibility towards India’s heritage among all the Ryanites. The students expressed their gratitude and desire to have more such workshops in future.

Delhi Public School Maruti Kunj Gurgaon

Topic- Cultural Fest

The Heritage Club, Delhi Public School Maruti Kunj Gurgaon organized a Cultural Fest ‘Glimpses of Indian Culture’ presented by the students of class VII. The six sections of class VII were representing the six regions such as North, South, Central, East, North East and West India. The participants from all the six sections of class VII were divided into groups of seven-eight students. Each group was depicting the glimpse of India’s diverse culture which included music/dance/drama/art/painting/craft/dress/famous personalities /skit (language and literature)/cuisines/architecture (model) etc of a particular state/union territory of India. During the cultural fest, children decorated their classrooms and it seemed like the entire Indian culture came in the sections of class VII. Students depicted very beautiful, charming and awesome pictures of important and interesting cultural aspects of our country. The event was organized on 06.02.2014(Thursday) during the school hour only. In the first half, all the children from class VII arranged and decorated their respective class rooms with the articles, posters etc. depicting the particular region/states. In the second half, Students welcomed the respected principal Mrs. Rachna Pandit , Vice principal Mrs. Ritu Malik, Head master Vinod Papareja and Head mistress Sarita Ahuja (Primary wing) to visit the cultural gully of India . Most of the students were in the traditional attire of their respective states/regions. They decorated their stalls with models of monuments, miniature paintings, handicraft, traditional clothes and embroidery, geographical features, bio-diversities etc. They also performed the classical dance/drama like Kathak, Oddisi, Bhangra, Garba , Bamboo dance , regional songs , skit in regional language, festival celebrations etc. of different states. The fragrance of entire top floor of the school was filled with the aroma of different Indian cuisines like Kashmiri Pulao , Makkae di roti and Sarso ka saag, Hyderabadi Biryani, idli , dosa, sambhar, fish, Bhel poori, Litti chokha, , sandesh , rosegulla , dal bati choorma , dahi , makhan lassi and Gujrati dishes like Khakhra, jalebi etc . The children also presented power point slides depicting the cultural aspect of different regions of India. The entire programme was organized by the sheer enthusiasm of the students of class VII. They not only collected the information but prepared all the events by themselves with the help of their peers and under the guidance of the teacher in charges Mr. S. K. Yadav, Ms. Abhilasha Sinha , Ms Deepa Sharma, Ms. Bala Parasar, Ms. Raj Dahiya along with the great support of Vice principal Ritu Malik and the teachers from Social Science Department. Some senior students of heritage club Parv Dahiya, Pragya , Dipti Rohilla, Deepanshi and Shranjan also shared their creative ideas with the juniors and helped them in the preparation. Well experienced and senior teachers like Ms Ritu Wadia , Ms Manju Mehrotra and Ms Gurprit Kaur took the responsibility to accomplish this tedious task.

R.N Podar School, Mumbai

Topic- The 'Earth Day' celebration

Heritage Club organised the 'Earth Day' celebration by taking the students in the the lap of nature, right there to Powai Nisarg Udyan, just next to Powai lake, wetlands on 22nd april 2014. The students were thrilled to be amidst the flora and fauna. We saw some of our students becoming photographers, identifying the various trees, enjoying the enchanting view by the lake side, preparing skits to save Earth. They also got to see some Migratory Cranes which are rare to see. Kaveesh khattar won the tree identifying contest, she identified 36 varieties of trees. Worksheets regarding the wetlands and pollution and how to save the pristine atmosphere were also distributed, each student got a certificate of participation. It was a wonderful experience enjoying nature.

R.N Podar School, Mumbai

Topic- Heritage Quiz

On the 26th of April 2014 , Heritage Club attempted to bring to the participants and the audience a glimpse of our journey through India's cities and cultures, festivals and people, its languages and vignettes, its mountains and rivers, its beaches and monuments, its wildlife and scenic beauty and its magnificent Heritage. Putting up this quiz has not only bought our students immense knowledge of our country but has also re-reminded us of the lessons it nurtures us in and its own unique story it speaks to the world. Along with the quiz, we also had Tabla Jugalbandi, a kathak and a Bharatnatyam dance as fillers between the quiz. Students also spoke about the Earth day well spent. They showed few slide shows and documentaries of what they had clicked during Earth day at Powai on the 22nd April. Everyone went home basking in the knowledge of the many facets of Indian Heritage.

Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Amritsar

Topic- Trip to Company Garden

On 7th August 2013, the school organized a trip to company garden to visit Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum and Panorama. We were struck by the beauty of the panorama. We have seen many objects related to the life history of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. We learnt that he was known as Sher-e- Punjab who conquered 11 kingdoms of Punjab. He was a great warrior, a fearless soldier, able administrator and clement ruler of Punjab. We planted some saplings of Jasmine plants in the garden to give message that one should plant more trees to keep the environment clean and green. This was really knowledgeable and inspirational to all.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic- Heritage Exhibition

Pracheena Oxford Grammar School Heritage Club arranged exhibition of antiques and artifacts. Club Members shared great enthusiasm and brought many exhibits and explained about them. Around 300 items like gramophone records, old letters, panders, spice boxes, vessels of brass, copper etc were exhibited. A street play on Cosmopolitan culture of Hyderabad was presented.

F D High School, Juhapura, Ahmedabad

Topic- Heritage Film Festival

F D High School, Juhapura, was the Venue Partner in the recently concluded "The Heritage Film Festival" organized by Aadhar, an NGO based in Ahmedabad. Aadhar works to develop programs and opportunities that support traditional artisans and craftspeople of India in an effort to sustain their livelihood, thereby contributing to our collective heritage. The 2nd Annual Festival showcased 36 short films based on this years' theme “Visual Narrative Arts & Handicrafts of India". Shri Ashoka Chatterjee, Shri Hridaynath Gharekhan, Smt Villoo Mirza were judges alongwith other well known personalities in the fields of Indian Handicrafts, heritage and film making. The selected films were screened at Kochrab Ashram, Jagdip Mehta Heritage House, Central Jail, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad ni Gufa, F D UNESCO Heritage Club, F D School, Juhapura, Seth C N Vidyavihar and Vishala. F D UNESCO Heritage Club, F D School, Juhapura, had submitted a short film "Resham ka Haar-Pavitra"which was awarded a special mention award. The film was made by Farhan Gena with active support of Principal Mr. M I Gena and Asst. Teachers Mr. N. P. Shaikh, Mr. S. H. Shaikh & Mr. A. V. Malvat.

Kendriya Vidyalaya no 1, Amritsar cantt

Topic- Heritage Walk to 11 heritage sites and cleanliness drive

The Heritage club of the Vidyalaya is actively participating in activities related to awareness among the students as well as teachers about our rich heritage. The Vidyalaya took part in Heritage walk with the help of District Tourism Department. 60 students from classes IX & X along with three teachers participated in this walk. They visited 11 sites of Heritage importance in Amritsar city. Mrs. Kusum Malhotra, Principal took keen interest and made all efforts to make this event a grand success. She flagged off this team on November 19th 2013. This event was to sensitize the participants about their rich heritage. They undertook cleanliness drive on the route to these sites.

INTACH Salem Chapter

Topic -Heritage Club Tour

About 65 students of INTACH Heritage Club of Holy Angels School, Salem visited Jaipur as a part of their Heritage tour this year. INTACH Salem Chapter made all arrangements for their tour. The Tour commenced by train on 7th of Feb 2014 and reached Jaipur on 9th. They started back on 11th and reached Salem on 13th Feb 2014. They visited almost all heritage places in Jaipur and were in Jaipur for 3 Full days.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Matriculation Hr. Sec School, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Topic- Heritage Club Activities in the month of January

INTACH Tamil Nadu Chapter had organized an Inter School Essay Writing and drawing competition on 07.01.2014 for the topic “My living Icon” participated by 109 Students from seven city schools. Dr. S. Suresh, Tamil Nadu State Convener was also present during the occasion. He spoke to the participants about the various Living Icons in our State and city. By participating in this event, the students learnt about the various living personalities who have contributed in a big way in conservation of heritage around us. These living icons belonged to various fields like art & craft, dance & music, sports, environment conservationist and films too.

Republic Day- 26.01.2014

Republic Day was celebrated in our school by hoisting the tricolor by one of our senior teachers. This was followed by a patriotic song and a speech in Tamil by the students.

Visit To Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary -27.01.2014

Students of STD VI and VII visited the Vedanthagal bird sanctuary on 27.01.2014. The students gathered information regarding various birds which migrate to this bird sanctuary every year.

Martyrs’ Day 30.01.2014

Our club members participated in a programme conducted by ASEEMA trust along with Aalaap, The U .S. Consulate General Chennai, Gandhian Integrated Forum Trust , Sarvodaya International and Sri Krishna Gana Sabha to mark the Sarvodaya Day. The participants got the opportunity to view the images and videos of Gandhiji and Martin Luther King on screen as they sang some patriotic songs along with other city schools.

Delhi School of Excellance, Hyderabad

Topic- Annual Day celebrations on the History of Hyderabad

Embracing Heritage: Jashn - An Odyssey of Emotions

JASHN-“An Odyssey of Emotions” was the theme of the first annual Day celebrations based on a book written by author and historian Mr. Narendra Luther ,an eminent authority on the history and culture of erst-while Hyderabad state and its rulers. Mr. Narendra Luther, retired Chief Secretary was the Chief Guest of the evening. The venue, Taramati Baradari was apt for a theme like , Jashn which epitomised Quli Qutab Shah , the founder of Hyderabad and the builder of its architectural centrepiece-The Charminar. It beautifully depicted the story of Quli Qutab Shah who ruled Hyderabad in the 15th Century, his meeting with a beautiful Hindu girl, his marriage with her, the construction of Charminar and a cosmopolitan Hyderabad that we see today. Among the dignitaries were present the Chairman, Mr . Madhusudan Rao whose invaluable service in the field of education is immeasurable, Vice Chairman Mr Santosh Kumar, Director Mr Dharanidhar, Director SPS Ms. Shilpa Ravi ,Convenor, INTACH , Hyderabad Chapter Ms.Anuradha Reddy and the most respected administrator of DSE group of institutions Ms Rama Devi. The programme commenced with an enchanting performance by the students of Pre Primary, who were dressed up like Kondapally toys popularly known as Kondapalli Bommalu. Adorned in bright and vibrant colours, the children depicted the village life of Andhra Pradesh through a series of scenes .They all had come alive to be a part of this jashn. The senior girls performed on ‘Navarasas”. The dancers through beautifully rhythmic patterns showcased the nine rasas- shringara, hasya, karuna, raudra, veera, bhayanaka, bhibhatsya, adbutha and shantha. ‘Musi Ke Us Paar’ beautifully potrayed the story of how Quli Qutab Shah met Bhagmati and married her. ‘Etched in Stone’ highlighted Quli’s desire to construct a monument resembling heaven on earth and the construction of Charminar. The students formed the Charminar and their well lit headgears added awe to the whole scene as Charminar glowed in the dusk in the backdrop of the historical ruins. ’Wah!Wah!’-the mushaira was a short presentation comprising on Quli Qutab Shah and his court poets. They recited genuinely funny and illuminating poems which kept the audience mesmerized. The second issue of ‘Aranyani’- The Heritage newsletter, was inaugurated by Ms Anuradha Reddy, Convenor, INTACH, Hyderabad chapter, which highlighted the activities done by the students in their heritage education class. Heritage movies which have been shot by the school team were also screened .The first movie was about the 400 years old Baobab tree at the Golconda Fort which is a protected monument of Hyderabad. The second movie ‘Khada Dupatta’ featured the beauty of the traditional wedding dress of Hyderabadi muslim brides. ‘Coin Talk’ featured a conversation between three coins belonging to the Akbar era, British Raj and the contemporary one rupee. The next movie was on the famous ‘Irani Chai’ which is synonymous with Hyderabad. The principal Ms Suparna Mehrotra read the annual report and updated the parents on the prominent achievements of the school during the academic year 2013-14.The scenes ‘Bakti Ki Bavana’ and ‘Triump over Disgrace’ highlighted the end of atrocities and the victory of good over evil. The programme concluded with a confluence depicting the cosmopolitan twin cities of today which included an exuberant dandiya dance, Punjabi giddah and the most celebrated bonalu festival. A marvellous fire works display culminated the celebrations. The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms Lakshmi , the Headmistress. The annual production was directed by the principal Ms Suparna Mehrotra , who not just took Jashn to all the students and teachers but also drew them close as a team for this grand show.

Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

Topic- Republic Day Special

Junior School

Republic Day celebration was the theme for the Junior Wing in the month of January. A wide range of special activities, which centered around the theme, were conducted to instill the spirit of national pride and love for the country. This opportunity was utilised to teach children about various facets of the country like the National Pledge, Preamble, National Flag and so on. Age-appropriate activities like drawing and colouring the National Flag, quizzes, singing the National Anthem, creating awareness about National Symbols and Preamble, drawing of the emblem etc. were conducted. Children enjoyed singing Vande Mataram. Students not only enjoyed the activities but went home proud and happy Indians.

Middle School

INTACH members researched and wrote articles for the INTACH newsletter on a myth or a story associated with a local mountain or hill or an exciting experience of Rock Climbing.

Shekhawati public school, Dundlod

Topic- Establishment of a Heritage Club

We the family of SPS Dundlod informs you that we have established a Heritage Club in our school, inspired by INTACH Workshop held on 16-17 Dec. 2013 at Jhunjhunu. We organised a "Half-Marathon" from our school to Dundlod Fort. The theme of this event was to spread awareness among the public about the ill effects of the smoking and drugs on the society. Children performed a street play on this theme in the town. We visited the Dundlod Fort along with children. The historical and heritage importance of the fort was briefed to the children by Thakur Raghvendra Singh Dundlod (Owner of fort) on this occasion. They were briefed to keep the valuable rich heritage intact. The owner of the fort Thakur Raghvendra Singh Dundlod appreciated our initiative in this regard.

INTACH Hyderabad Chapter And Sri Venkateswara College Of Architecture, Hyderabad

Topic- Educational Tour

An educational tour is being organized on the 8th of June 2014,with the cooperation of ASI Hyderabad circle and Dept. of Archeology and Museum; for the first year B. Arch students. The objectives of tour are to show the students the Heritage Buildings of the old city area and to give them an insight regarding the Islamic Architecture and the Ornamentation methods they adopted during that period. The students will be required to sketch the ornamentation at the site. The places of visit include Qutub Shahi tombs and the Golconda area. The timings are 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Veda Vyasa D.A.V Public School, Delhi

Topic- India Revisited-the annual Exhibition

An Annual Exhibition of myriad hues of Indian culture and heritage- ‘India Revisited’ was organized in the school grounds by the junior wing of Veda Vyasa D.A.V Public School, from 20 Dec.2013 to 23Dec.2013. Students showcased their work and presented the incredible and enchanting India as a mosaic of faith, culture and heritage. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. N. K. Uberoi, chairman of the school, accompanied by Mrs. Purnima Datt, Principal Director HECS, INTACH. Guests were spellbound by the splendid and vibrant presentation of the exhibits. Principal Mrs. Chitra Nakra and Supervisory head Mrs. Vandana Chawla highly appreciated and encouraged the young minds in their endeavor.