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KLES International School, Belagavi

Diwali 2019

The Intach heritage club ‘Darohar’ of KLES International School conducted an activity on how Diwali is celebrated in different parts of the country in different ways, legends and myths associated with these rituals and practices. Each student shared the various diwali celebrations done in each place.

Army Public Schoool, Shankar Vihar

150th Years of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary

'In a gentle way, you can shake the world', this quote by Gandhiji has been adopted as the motto by the students of INTACH club at Army Public School Shankar Vihar. In order to mark the 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary, they joined hands with the school members to ensure that his teachings and life principles percolate deep down to each member of the school, be it their younger peers, teachers, non- teaching staff and the school support group. Several events were planned and organized to keep alive the Gandhi Philosophy. The INTACH club students joined hands with the Book Reading Club to arrange a Book reading session on "Evoking the Gandhi in you"! With the Selfology club, they took Clean India campaign many notches higher, with each student acting as a Clean India revolutionary in and outside the school. Students also promised to abide by the campaign- ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa Abhiyan’, with the pledge to keep school, home, city clean. The students also shed light on Gandhi Ji’s invaluable contribution in India’s freedom struggle and how his principles of truth and non-violence are still remembered today, through a special assembly conducted along with the Hindi Dramatics Club. They took it upon themselves to spread the message of endurance, peace and harmony by marching in unison with 150 Class I and II kids dressed up as Gandhiji. Singing of “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram….’ and other Bhajans that were close to Gandhiji's heart, which aptly matched with the principles of our ‘Father of the Nation’. Students also encouraged younger kids to take part in poster making, coaster decoration and Slogan writing competition on the birth and life of Gandhiji. The students thought of the most innovative ways of talking to the class III and IV kids about the teachings of Gandhiji - a puppet show. The students enjoyed the spectacular show and took Gandhiji's learning into their heart. The students not only paid homage to Gandhi ji but also talked to children about Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India, whose birth date coincided with Mahatma Gandhi.

Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

INTACH Activities for the month of October, 2019

The month of October saw a lot of celebrations like Gandhi Jayanti- “Birthday of Beloved Bapu”. The air was filled with lot of festivities such as Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali and the same were reflected by the activities conducted in the INTACH club in this month. An activity based on Gandhi Theme with informative videos and PPTs were shown to Classes 3, 4 and 5. A special assembly was held in school in the remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi. The amazing performances enthralled the audience as they watched the presentation.

Dussehra was celebrated with a special assembly with a message of victory of good over evil and the festival of lights, Diwali was presented by the students of Class IV and V. Students were sensitized that by celebrating Green and cracker free Diwali, they can help protect the environment. The assembly left everyone awestruck with its impressive characters and strong message.

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon had organised an educational tour for the middle school to Ahmedabad and Lothal for the students from 4th October’19 to 7th October’19. The visit was aimed to help the students learn about the rich heritage the ancient Indus Valley civilisation and also the culture of Gujarat. The students were awestruck by the sight of the world’s earliest known dock. Visiting the heritage sites of Gujarat was another interesting experience and helped them to gain new perspective towards the architecture and history of Gujarat.

An Inter House ‘Rangoli’ competition for the students of class VII and VIII was held on 23rd October, 2019. Each house had a team comprising of six members, three from each class. The students participated with immense zeal and enthusiasm to create bright and colourful rangoli. The judging criteria were based on colour combination creativity and neatness.

To mark the beginning of the festive season, children of classes VII and VIII participated in the Diya making activity held on 17th October, 2019. The students made colourful and attractive diyas using Origami – the art of paper folding. They used newspapers, flyers; pamphlets etc to make the diyas and participated in the activity with great enthusiasm. It was a befitting start to the much loved festival season. The students also visited an ancient house which was a bustling centre of hand artisans working on beautiful karigari, paintings etc. Interacting with the artists and watching them work was insightful. The students also watched a movie on Nayi Taleem explaining us the importance of spreading cooperative education instead of competitive. Further enhancing the idea with 3H’s Head, Heart, Hand working together in balance. It was an amazing experience to be a part of such an enriching workshop as it connects us to our grass roots.

St. Antony’s Higher Secondary School, Thanjavur

Science Exhibition and Cleanliness drive

The Heritage club members of St. Antony’s Secondary School took part in the School level Science Exhibition. Fossils were also displayed on the occasion.

A clean campaign Swachhata Hi Seva & Partatan Parv Celebrations was organized by India tourism, Channai at Thanjavur from 2nd October 2019 where the young heritage club members of St. Anthony’s Secondary School participated.

Ganges Valley School, Hyderabad

Heritage Club Activity for the month of September 2019

Bathukamma Festival Celebration
The festive mood of Bathukamma and Navratri started in Ganges Valley on 26th Sept. when the children of Pre-Primary celebrated Bathukamma along with their friends and teachers. The kids danced to the tunes of Bathukamma around the flower stack made with medicinal flowers and leaves also learning the values and significance of the festival.

Art Corner
The auspicious festival of Dussehra was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm where Grade III recreated ‘RavanDahan’ in their art book by drawing an effigy of Ravana burning with a pledge in mind, to forgo all their bad habits and follow good habits.

Green Colour Day Celebration by Pre Primary
Green Colour Day celebration was celebrated to help the pre primary children recognize and understand the importance of green in our National Flag and traffic lights that symbolizes prosperity and safety respectively and was also familiarized with the significance of green in the nature and our surroundings. The children came dressed in different shades of green – aqua green, bottle green, parrot green and apple green.

Show And Tell Competition
With immense zeal and gusto the little Gangians spoke about their favourite toy for the Show and Tell competition. Show and Tell is a mandatory pedagogy followed in Ganges that creates an opportunity for the kids to improve their speaking and presentation skills. It was a pleasure to listen and watch them speak with excitement about their favourite toy with their friends and teachers.

No Pen Day Activities
“We’re putting down our pencils and picking up our language, number crunching and sporting with Lessons”. Our primary students had a fun filled no pen/pencil day being engaged with various hands on activities.

Hindi Diwas Celebration
Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September of every year at Ganges to inculcate love for Hindi language and get knowledge. The gangians showcased various cultural performances that depicted the significance of Hindi language.

Teacher’s Day Celebration
Ganges Management strongly believe “ Gratitude is the best Attitude” and on the occasion of teachers’ day, the school presented gifts to their teachers wrapped in a newspaper saying no to plastic and to create a green environment.

Visit of an Astronaut from Nasa
Gangians explored new frontiers of possibilities with Dr Donald A Thomas, an astronaut from NASA. He ignited a new hope and a secret little dream in every Gangian’s heart he met – to think big, work hard, face defeats without being defeated of purpose. It was truly a magical and surreal experience for all.

Creative Art Corner on Eve of Landing of Chadrayaan-2
The Outer space always fascinates not only children but to adults as well. However, the pragmatic mind sometimes overlooks the sense of wonder but continues to be a major part of a child’s imagination. With Chandrayaan-2 making headlines and conversations all across the world, Our Gangians also contributed their imagination through their artwork.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Activities for the month of September

A series of activities were carried out for the heritage club students of Oxford Grammar School. The students of primary and middle school had workshop on diya making and clay ganeshas, to create awareness that clay is environmentally friendly material. A visit to Salar Jung Museum was also carried out for the grade 5 students. The students were taken on a journey of the museum by Mir Yousuf Ali khan where they learned and gained experiences learning about the history displayed in the museum.

The students of grade 6 visited the sita ram bagh temple to study the architecture of this 186 year old temple which has the fusion of Mughlai, Rajasthani and European. The temple has 108 pillars and step wells. This temple has won INTACH award. Students of 7th grade also explored the architectural beauty of Paigah tombs and its history.

Grade 8 students visited Golconda Fort to learn more about the 13th century fort which is considered as one of India’s most outstanding citadels. Grade 9 students paid a visit to Bidar. The city is known for it’s Bidri handicraft products, and its rich history. Bidar is also considered one of the holiest places for Sikh pilgrimage. A Handloom exhibition was also organized by the heritage club members of Grade 6 to 9. The objective is to generate awareness about the importance of handloom industry and its contribution to the socio-economic development. The handloom sector is one of the richest and most vibrant aspects of the Indian cultural heritage. Weavers are keeping the traditional craft from different states alive.

Delhi Public School, Sec- 45, Gurgaon

INTACH Activities for the Month of September

Junior School

Different activities were conducted across the month to make students aware about the impact of human activities on the ozone layer and how tourism is becoming an important industry.

World Ozone Day

The Class III, IV and V Students were introduced to the term ozone layer and its importance in our atmosphere through interesting videos and explanations by the teachers. They learnt about various ways to protect the ozone layer and drew the various substances that are causing the depletion of ozone layer in their notebooks. The main aim of this day is to make students aware about the alarming rate at which holes are made in this layer. Students made logos of products which are Ozone friendly and CFC free. Students were also sensitized that by doing their little bit, they can bring huge change in the surroundings. Simple things like buying local goods, not using chemicals to clean things, minimizing the usage of cars, etc. can in turn help save the environment in long run.

World Tourism Day

Heritage Club members of Classes IV and V celebrated World Tourism Day in the form of various activities to make the children aware about various tourist attractions of our world and different service industries involved in tourism. Students made a poster depicting what is their idea of tourism, how they perceive it and want to promote it. It gave them an insight into this interesting and colourful industry and brought them closer to their heritage.

HINDI DIWAS - Taking pride in our Hindi language and to spread its message, Hindi Diwas was celebrated with great fanfare in the school. Different inter class activities like Sulekh, Quiz were organised for class III, IV and V. An Inter school Poem Competition-Tarang was also organized on this occasion. The topic of the poem was special indeed, ‘Ahinsa – Hamari Pehchan’. Children from different schools showcased their talent and presented heart whelming poems dedicated to 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.



INTACH school group organized a travel brochure making activity for the middle school students. Children conducted research and made informative travel brochures depicting the various tourist attractions of any one state of India. They included information such as location, major cities, historical sites, language, food etc. in their brochure. They also used maps and pictures to make their brochure attractive. The activity helped students better understand the history, culture and geography of the state. The students enjoyed the activity and presented the information creatively.


To promote the importance of “Water Conservation”, an interactive session was organized, wherein the senior council members of the ‘Jal Sansad’ from Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, addressed the Eco Warriors of the Middle School and sensitized them about the judicious use of water. The session began with a question, ‘Why there’s a need to conserve water?’ Members of the Jal Sansad opened the forum for discussion and interaction with Eco Warriors. During the discussion, students of Classes VI and VII came up with innovative ideas and shared different ways to conserve water. Taking the discussion further, senior council members accentuated the fact that “Every Drop Counts”. They encouraged these Young Saviours of the Environment to act as messengers and spread the awareness on the need and ways to conserve water by acting as a model for others to emulate. Following the footsteps of our great leader, Mahatma Gandhi, the Eco Warriors pledged to exemplify the famous quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Neerja Modi School, Jaipur

Heritage Club activity for the month of September

Members of Miras, the Heritage Club of Neerja Modi School had their monthly club meeting in the month of September. The members made an insightful session on the traditional cuisine heritage of India. From the northern to the southern and from the western to the eastern, children got a brief account about the special food and dishes of various states. Extremely enthusiastic members also brought their favorite traditional food item and presented it in front of all, telling about the specialty, nutritional benefit and history about that food item. The delectable food items were later shared among the members.

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

Intach Activities For The Month Of August

Junior Wing:
The INTACH club in the school oraganised a variety of activities based on the important day, festivals and events celebrated worldwide in a particular month. The month of August resonates with the spirit of Independence. A quiz on "India’s struggle for Independence" was conducted along poster on National Symbols and videos about National Flag, its feature and importance.

On the occasion of International Day of World's Indigenous People, an activity of poster making was taken up to help the students understand the various Indigenous tribes in India. Independence Day was also celebrated with zeal with the annual talent show where the little performers metamorphosed into valiant freedom fighters and portrayed the history of the struggle for independence from the onset of the first struggle in Misra, Director Principal, followed by the National Anthem. In her address to the teachers, students and earned freedom by promoting peace, harmony and brotherhood. The celebration culminated with a medley of mellifluous patriotic songs performed by the junior and senior school choir to pay tribute to the Rakshabandhan, Eid and Janmashtami were celebrated with special assembly conducted for the occasion. The students and the staff participated with full enthusiasm and zeal.

Middle Wing:
The middle wing section of INTACH school group organized a Coaster making activity and Rakhi making activity. Children made beautiful and colourful coasters inspired by Indian folk and tribal art motifs and rakhis too on the occasion of Rakshabandhan showing off their creativity. The rakhis along with affectionate and heartfelt messages will be sent to the soldiers posted at the border. Inter House Quiz Competition was also conducted on the topic ‘Incredible India’. It was a very informative and enriching competition for the participants. All the teams participated actively.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Report on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day

The students of Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad visited a municipal school were the students sung song, performed dance based on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day theme. The students taught science experiments to them and even they taught different origami art. At the end chocolate were distributed to Hiroshima and Nagasaki Daywas conducted by students of grade 6 C in the MPH. The assembly started with the prayer followed by the thought and the news. The students presented a melodious song along with a skit with and how do we celebrate Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day was shown through a PPT and a video. A pledge on peace was also taken by the students. The assembly came to an end with a peaceful message by our Principal Sir.

Neerja Modi School, Jaipur

Monthly Meeting of Miras-the Heritage club

The August month meeting of the heritage club Miras was held on 17th August 2019. During the meeting students presented PPT and charts on forms of storytelling - Puppetry, Mohiniattam, Kavads, Phad, Kathak, Kathakali, Villu Pattu etc. A tree listing activity was also done in which students tried to identify trees in school campus. The students also planted few plants and pledged to take care of them.

Bharatesh English Medium School, Belagavi

Yoga Day, Guru Poornima and Rakshabandhan

The Bharatesh English Medium School organized a series of activity such as-
Yoga day celebrated on 21/06/19 in the school ground. Heritage club children performed yoga. They spoke about the importance of Yoga. Music day was celebrated on 21/06/19. The heritage club children spoke about the importance of music and made the charts of musical instruments.

Guru Poornima was celebrated on 16/07/19 where the children made charts, and spoke the importance of the day and performed the drama.

Raksha Bandhan was celebrated on 17/08/19. The children spoke about the significance of the festival and school. There was programme of tying rakhis to auto drivers from different communities.

Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar

Report On Unison Fervor

Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar, celebrated the grand day of 73rd Indian Independence Day as ‘Unison Fervor’ in its campus. The occasion was graced by the benign presence of the Chief Guest Ms. Rashmi Anand, who is an author, counselor and a social worker.

The entire celebration was based on the theme of ‘Unison Fervor’. The theme represented oneness of thoughts and feelings as exemplified by the syncretic culture of India which also finds resonance in each member of VDJS. Through an all encompassing depiction of eight representative states woven with elements of dance and music along with integration of social studies lessons the spirit of Unity in Diversity was brought out as the defining feature of our motherland. The message was conveyed through the medium of tableaux. Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Assam, Maharashtra, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana were the states chosen for the same. Each tableaux comprised a representation of its flower, bird, animal and eminent personality along with a supporting informative commentary for the edification of the audience.

From Shivaji to Sonam Wangchuk, red panda to squirrel and different trees and flowers the girls carried out each role with aplomb and conviction. The perfectly synchronized dances of each given state performed by girls attired in spectacular costumes were absolute showstoppers. The event concluded with the melodious rendition by the school choir who represented the theme of ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ through a medley of songs from different states showcasing the linguistic diversity of the country and ignited in our hearts the admiration for the diverse languages in India. The theme of ‘Unison Fervor’ not only brought out a treasure trove of rich culture, tradition and folklore of our country but also an essence of oneness amongst each other. The event was a grand success due to the efforts put in by all. This ‘Unison Fervour’ again set an example to the entire VDJS sorority and the guest that ‘Unified we Rise’ and reinforced the value of oneness in securing our Independence. Everyone went back with tremendous learning and deep appreciation for the richness of our culture and heritage.

Ganges Valley School, Hyderabad

Heritage Club Report

The school celebrated Yellow day on 30th August, were all the students were dressed in yellow. With the Ganesh Chathurthi just around the corner, they decorated the cut-out of Lord Ganesha with turmeric powder which is a natural colour, one among the bounties gifted by the nature. Besides this, the school also celebrated Telugu Diwas with due respect for Telugu language on 28th August where the Gangians showcased the cultural significance and tradition of people in telugu states with their songs and dances.

Special assemblies were also conducted on the occasion of Janmashtami, Independence Day, Garbology, Rakshabandhan etc. The celebrations were done with great zeal and enthusiasm, bringing out the rich heritage and culture of the country. Special guests Group Captain Mr. Kanan D Pillai, Mrs. Vani Gokaraju, Executive Director, Academic Director Ms. Vimala Chandrasekhar graced the occasion on the celebration of Independence Day. The Principal, Mrs. Suparna Mehrothra also addressed the gathering.

Tie and Dye activity was also organized to help the students learnt the art form and also have a glimpse of our rich tradition and heritage. Making the best out of waste has been a part of human life since the early ages. It was the human creative mind that gave birth to this extra ordinary idea of using unwanted material in a useful way. A classroom activity was organized to learn about the importance of recycling and move forward to make a greener future.

The young Gangians also took a nature walk and explored and learnt the significance of the national tree i.e the Banyan tree and state tree Shami. The students pen down some few lines of the Shami tree in the campus and took an oath to protect our natural heritage.

The students also attended the Filmit workshop held at JHPS, Hyderabad on 14th August conducted by INTACH. It was an interactive session and students were excited and ready to take on this challenge. FILMIT workshop was a great platform for students to learn about film making and its technicalities. Students from Ganges had a great time and now are all geared up for shooting more and more films.

St. Antony's Higher Secondary School, Thanjavur

Heritage Club Activity

The Young INTACH Heritage Club members of St. Antony's Higher Secondary School, Thanjavur held their monthly meeting on 5th August with the Club incharge Mr. I. Kulandaisamy who presided over the meeting. A. Srison, the Student from 6th standard delivered his speech on the topic "my heritage is my pride". The members also conducted the heritage expo at Idhaya Children's home, Manayeripatty, Club incharge Mr. I. Kulandaisamy and his daughter Miss. K. Arockia Suguna both they displayed their collections. Coins and currencies of more than 200 counties and stamps, fossils, antiques were also displayed. Sr. Pouline has arranged for the event. A heritage quiz was conducted by INTACH Thanjavur chapter. The school also celebrated the Teacher’s day celebration. Mr I. Kulandaisamy the incharge of Thanjavur St. Antony's Heritage club received the Best Guide award and supreme teacher award from WIN TV on 31st August 2019. A felicitation meeting was organized by the Heritage club boys. J. Joy Prince the junior leader delivered the speech in appreciation of the teacher. The junior secretary S. Ifan welcomed all and senior secretary A. Nickolas thanked everyone present at the meeting. After the formal meeting there was essay writing conducted on the topic cleanliness of water bodies.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Heritage Club Activities- National Handloom Day, Heritage Walk, Global Tiger Day

The National Handloom Day is observed annually on 7th August. To honour the handloom weavers in the country and generate awareness and also highlight India’s hand loom Industry, the 8th grade students were to taken to Pochampally Hand loom Park Ltd on 8th August. This study is a part of Heritage activity. In Pochampally dyeing is done with the tie and dye technique in which the warp, weft or both use tied-dyed before weaving to create designs on the finished fabrics. The students gained hands on practical knowledge on weaving, tie and dye process, interacted with weavers and their hard workmanship.

Heritage walk from Charminar to Chowmallah

A Heritage walk was organized on 11th August by Pracheena Heritage Club Members with Vice Chair Person Mrs. Prarthana Madam and mentor Latha began at the Charminar. The Guide Raize gave some background flavour of Hyderabad and then leading the walkers through narrow winding lanes till the Chowmahalla Palace. The numerous small shops and dwelling places that clutter the entire area around the Char Minar, left one wondering whether it wouldn't be possible to relocate them to the Basement level, leaving neat and clean lanes and alleys at the Ground Level, to enhance the tourists' viewing experience of the historical structures and the various architectural styles on display. The walk ended with a modest breakfast and all in all it was a very pleasant experience and learnt the rich history and awareness created to protect the monuments

Global tiger day awareness programme

Global Tiger Day, often called International Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness fortiger conservation, held annually on 29th July. The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues. The members attended the event which was conducted by Hyticos, State Forest Department and WWF-India at KBR Park on 27th July to create awareness on protecting tigers and join the movement for the conservation of tigers. British Deputy High Commissioner Andrew Fleming was the chief Guest. R. Shobha IFS was the Guest of Honour and attended by Forest Officials.

Interaction with Solders

The students got the privilege to visit AOC and meet Armed Forces and tie Rakhi to them. They interacted with the soldiers and they shared their experiences with students.

St. Antony's Higher Secondary School, Thanjavur

Heritage Club Meeting and Heritage Expo

St. Antony's Higher Secondary School, Young INTACH Heritage club meeting was held on 5th August, 2019. Club incharge Mr. I. Kulandaisamy presided over the meeting. A. Srison, the Student from 6th standard delivered his speech on the topic "my heritage is my pride". The Club members had an eventful meeting.

The Heritage Club also conducted the heritage expo at Idhaya Children's home, Manayeripatty, Club incharge Mr. I. Kulandaisamy and his daughter Miss. K. Arockia Suguna both displayed their collections. Coins and currencies of more than 200 counties and stamps, fossils, antiques were also displayed at the expo. Sr. pouline has arranged for the event.

Delhi Public School, Lava, Nagpur

Installation of Heritage Club, 2nd August, 2019

INTACH Nagpur Chapter is happy to let you know that on 2nd August 2019, Delhi Public School, Lava, Nagpur formally inaugurated Heritage Club in their school. A formal function where Dr. Virag Sontakke, Curator of Central Museum Nagpur was the chief guest and Dr. Madhura Rathod and Ar. Nitika Ramani from INTACH Nagpur Chapter were guest of honour. Children themselves conducted the program. They showcased the importance of conserving and preserving our heritage (both tangible and intangible) with a skit performance that was very well articulated and presented. The heritage passport and badges were distributed to the students. The Principal of D. P. S, Lava asked the heritage club children and teachers to take a pledge and concluded the program with vote of thanks and national anthem. This was a small initiation from INTACH Nagpur Chapter in association with Architectural Sankul and hopes to grow with many schools getting associated to contribute towards spreading heritage awareness. Thanking all at INTACH New Delhi for facilitating the support and cooperation from time to time.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Tree Plantation day

On the occasion of the fifth phase of Haritha Haram, members of the Heritage club of Oxford Grammar School planted saplings and also distributed saplings to teachers, students and parents. The members also did a vertical gardening project on the occasion of green wall campaign. For the conservation of Forest workshop, the members did Chipko movement and Apiko movement skit, song and speeches to create awareness to save forests and importance of forests. The members also campaign to ban plastic covers and use the cloth bags. All the students actively and enthusiastically participated in the activity.

KLES' International School, Belagavi

Indo-German Cultural Exchange 2019/20

As a part of the school’s International outreach, 10 students from class 10 and class 12 namely and 2 teachers participated in a cultural exchange programme at Ruebekamp Schulzentrum, Bremen in Germany. Cultural exchanges provide an opportunity to explore other cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, languages and much more. Hence, such opportunities make you view the world with a different lens. This provides alternative perspectives! It broadens one's horizons and increases the tendency of acceptance. The team left India for Paris on the 2nd of July where they spent a day enjoying the beauty of Paris, cruised on the river Siene and had a fun filled day at Disneyland. The Indian group also visited Brussels and Amsterdam and headed towards Bremen on the 18th of June and met their host families and the 2 teachers Ms. Sandra Bosch and Ms. Nadine Korzeniowsky. They stayed there for a period of 15 days wherein they attended lectures in the Bremen University, Cuxhaven which is a World heritage site [Wadden Sea], Hamburg and learnt and worked at ways of measuring and curbing pollution. It was also a beginning of a new friendship between the two countries! The team returned back to India on the 4th of July.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Report on Van Mahotsav

Global Indian International School celebrated Van Mahotsav celebration. It was held on the MPH on 3rd July, 2019. All the students came dressed in green. The event started with the Morning Prayer followed by the thought. Ms. Renu Seth was invited as the guest as a part of the LLS. Ms. Seth is the Director of the H B Kapadia Group of Schools. She is also the Founder of Green Principal’s League, which works for the sustainability of Environment and Humanity. The guest was gifted with a Tulsi sapling by the Principal. ANukkadNatak based on the disasters of deforestation was presented by the students of grade 6. Ms. Seth appreciated the GREEN ETHICS initiative taken up by all GIIS Schools. She spoke on the importance of planting trees and suggested ways to conserve our environment. This was followed by a Q/A session wherein she insisted on Rain Water Harvesting and asked the students to volunteer to plant trees in various places like Police Station or a Blind School. Principal Sir in his message thanked Mother Earth for our existence, shelter and nourishment. We need to respect and love Mother Earth. He also insisted to encourage Project Elevating Greens, by our school. He asked the students to take care of the plants with love and affection. As a part of Van Mahotsav, all the classes were given a sapling which was to be planted in the allotted places. Each class will then take care of their plants and help to make the school a GREEN SCHOOL. Two students from each class were selected as winners based on their innovative ideas to come dressed in green. They were awarded certificates of Green Ambassador for the same.

St. Anthony’s, Thanjavur

Heritage Club Meeting

Weekly meeting of St. Anthony's Heritage Club was held on 24th July, 2019 in the school campus. Headmaster Rev. Fr. A. Savarinayagam presided over the function. Kailaimamani S. Ramanathan treasurer INTACH Thanjavur Chapter and Mr. Swamynathan INTACH member both they felicitated the cadets of young INTACH. The Heritage Club Incharge teacher Mr. I. Kulandaisamy explained the importance of antiques. Students actively presented their information on History. There were some ancient things were displayed too.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic: Celebration of International Yoga Day

GIIS Ahmedabad organized a Yoga session to celebrate “International Yoga Day” in the MPH for the students of grade 1-10. The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to every soul in the world. This celebration gave a great opportunity to the students to imbibe the value of self-discipline, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried every day. The day began with different competitions like poster making, slogan writing, essay writing & poem writing on "International Yoga Day”. The children got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body. Mr. Bhagirath Gohil, a renowned yoga and naturopathy expert was invited to grace the occasion. The event started with the garlanding of Gandhiji’s bust by the guest followed by the Morning Prayer. Ms. Ruchika presented a Tulsi sapling to the guest after which he gave a short speech on benefits of yoga in today’s modern world. He asked the students to have appositive attitude and a willingness to accomplish their task. A short presentation on 8 limbs of yoga, different asanas and yoga postures like Vrikshasana, Uttaanaasana, Trikonaasana, Bhadrasana, Shashankaasana, Bhujangasana, PawanaMuktaasana were shown by the sports teachers. Excellent display of flexibility and co-ordination by the teachers left the audience awestruck. The students’ presentation of various asanas was no less. Finally the session ended with Pranayama, meditation & sir’s message on how important is being fit and healthy in life. The interactive Q/A session between the expert and the students gave an insight to them as to how they could increase their concentration to stay focused in academics.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: Celebration of International Yoga Day

On the occasion of Fifth Annual - International Day of Yoga 2019, Sri Sadguru Sri Mallikarjuna Garu, addressed the students of Oxford Grammar School, Himayatnagar. Sri Sadguru Sri Mallikarjuna Garu advised students to practice yoga on a regular basis. He elucidated the history of several asanas. He stressed on the importance and benefits of Yoga. He instilled the essence of unification of mind, body and soul through meditation. The young Oxfordians enthusiastically participated in performing various asanas to inculcate moral values in their long run of life.

Neerja Modi School, Jaipur

Installation of INTACH Heritage Club

The Neerja Modi School, Jaipur is happy and delighted to set up a heritage club in the school from this academic session. The school has named this club as MIRAS-THE HERITAGE CLUB, wherein the word ‘miras’ is derived from an Arabic word which means ‘heritage’. The club is open to students from class VI to VIII and currently consists of 50 members. The meetings of the club are to be held once in a month. Under the esteemed guidance of our school teachers and senior students, the club made it to its first meeting which was held on 20th April, 2019. The joyfulness and excitement amongst the members to know more about heritage made this meeting a successful one. Students of this club were told about Heritage, Culture and Art of India. The students were briefed about what INTACH is and the importance of protecting and preserving one’s heritage. The students were also told about the various types of heritage. An interactive session was also taken up by our core members and teachers who answered to all kinds of interesting questions that were put up by our young exciting minds. Children were encouraged to feel the heritage in each and every aspect of their life. An activity was conducted by the club where the members were asked to write about the types of insects, animals, flowers they see around their habitat, so that they could be made more aware about their environment and natural heritage. Also they were asked to express their feelings upon few questions such as: What does heritage mean to them? Why do they want to be a member of this club? What can the member do to save the heritage of the city? Etc. A documentation card making for an Art Form was given to the members as a holiday assignment which they have to submit after their vacations expressing about their interest in an Art Form. Thus, the heritage club feels honored to make a small step towards inculcating and spreading awareness in the society towards Heritage and hope to make the best efforts towards Heritage Conservation and Education.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon

INTACH activities for the month of May

‘All for one and one for all keep biodiversity or our future may fall'

The students of Junior School, INTACH Club celebrated World Migratory Day and World Biological Diversity Day. They were made acquainted with the term ‘Biodiversity’ and the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats. The students of Classes III, IV and V learnt through numerous fun filled activities about the importance of both the days celebrated in the month of May. The students were enlightened briefly about the importance of migratory birds in our ecosystem. The students drew beautiful logos on the theme. Videos shown and role- play visualization themselves as birds were performed. This activity gave them the platform to showcase their talent and made them realized the importance of birds and their diverse habitats. The school also organized a three day adventurous and enlightening tour to Jim Corbett National Park for the students of classes IV and V from 2nd May'19 to 4th May '19. It was an exciting trip which helped the students to appreciate nature and the need to preserve our forests and animals living therein. This excursion created an everlasting impression on the young minds about the need to safeguard our ecological inheritance.

INTACH school group celebrated International Museum Day on 8th May 2019. The middle school students researched and wrote about the unusual museums with different specializations. The children participated enthusiastically and learnt about fascinating exhibits contained in these out of the ordinary museums. The school also organized an educational trip to National Gandhi Museum for students of class 8 in association with ITIHAAS. The students got an opportunity to witness the display of a rich collection of photographs, original relics and letters belonging to the Father of the Nation. Each picture had an interesting tale to narrate. The instructors from Itihaas shared many stories and facts about his life. A charkha session was also organized wherein the students got experience on how to spin a yarn.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic: World Earth Day

The Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad had a weeklong celebration of World Earth Day on April 22 with a special assembly on the theme Nurture the Nature by the students of 8 B to mark the 49th anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement. This day is celebrated each year to remind us about the need to protect and safeguard our environment so that we can make this planet a better place to live in for our future generations. It was a great day to showcase environmental education, highlight efforts to make the school eco-friendly and engage the whole student community in making a difference. A week long cleanliness drive ensured that the students neatly turned out their classrooms. Children also participated in creative activities like slogan writing, Collage-making, poster making and poem writing displaying their artistic and linguistic skills while showcasing their awareness about conserving natural resources. As a part of the Awareness Drive, the students displayed posters carrying slogans on World Earth Day and Nurture the Nature in the neighboring localities. Boys of grade 8B presented a unique street play wherein they addressed important issues like pollution, garbage, extinction of flora and fauna, etc. They also provided solutions like registration, recycling, carpooling, spreading awareness for environmental protection. Mrs. Darshana Malkani narrated a touching poem on nature's plight, and how humanity is racing ahead without caring for Mother Earth. A PowerPoint presentation sharing the history and the importance of this significant day was followed by an awakening video which showed how our actions can impact mother Earth. Organic vegetation, saving the endangered species, avoiding the use of plastic and taking initiatives were some of the solutions provided to save the environment. The girls of the class presented a unique dance showing the consequences of what would happen if the trees no longer existed. It also helped to awaken the spirit of living in harmony with the nature for a peaceful existence. Principal Sir concluded the assembly by appreciating the children's efforts and also enlightened the GIIS students about the "Elevating Green" and "Unival" project. He reminded the children of their responsibility towards Mother Earth and administered a pledge to protect and save our fast depleting natural resources and that we would respect our natural inheritance and be good caretaker of their planet. There is HOPE if people will begin to awaken that SPIRITUAL part of them, that heartfelt knowledge that we are CARETAKERS of this PLANET.

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

Intach Activities for the Month of April

“What a country chooses to save is what a country chooses to say about itself”.

With the quoted belief, the Junior School INTACH Club introduced the students to the aim and purpose of having the INTACH club in our school, they were made familiar with the enriching and fun filled activities planned for this month. Children of class III, IV and V were introduced to INTACH, its mission and prominent work done by the organization.

The Junior Wing conducted activities on the theme World Health Day, Earth Day and World Heritage Day. The theme of World Health Day “Universal Health Coverage” and the slogan “Health for All” were explained to the class. Students were made aware about the role of nutritious food in their growth and development. A brief introduction to the importance of celebrating Earth Day was given to the students by informative videos as well as discussion in the class. They designed badges on the theme ‘save mother earth’. Students also took active part in sharing their ideas for a clean and green Earth as well as saving and preserving the heritage and drew attractive illustrations in their activity notebooks. A video clip of the world heritage sites in India was shown to increase their awareness about the Heritage monuments and sites in our country. Quiz on Heritage sites of India saw enthusiastic participation of the students wherein they learnt about the need of preserving heritage sites and were made aware of new facts about the heritage sites in India. ANAGRAM solving activity helped children learn new words related to environmental issues. Students of Junior school participated in World Heritage Day organised by ITIHAAS, a competition on 3D exhibits from waste material on the theme UNESCO World Heritage sites in India,at Purana Qila,New Delhi. They presented their model on Darjeeling Himalayan Railways and made the school proud by securing the second position in Junior School Category.

The middle wing students VII wrote interesting and unknown facts about monuments of India on the occasion of World Heritage Day on 5th April. The students participated enthusiastically and highlighted the measures to preserve the monuments and keep them alive for upcoming generations. Students of class VIII prepared an itinerary of Gurgaon titled- ‘Gurgaon City Tour.’ These activities helped students gain an insight into the rich cultural heritage of India. To promote cultural awareness among students, Delhi Public School Gurgaon, under the aegis of SPICMACAY, organized a lecture-cum-demonstration on Thursday, 11th April, 2019 in the school auditorium. The renowned Manipuri dancers, Padma Shri, Raj Kumar Singhajit Singh and Ms. Charu Sija Mathur performed for the students of classes VI-IX. Students from various other schools of Gurgaon were invited for the same. Ms. Archana Prasad, Head of Spic Macay Gurgaon Chapter, also attended the programme. The show commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the eminent artists and the Director Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra. The distinguished guest artists were then felicitated with tokens of appreciation. Shri Raj Kumar Singhajit Singh and Ms. Charu Sija Mathur, took the students through the journey of understanding the nuances of the Manipuri dance form by giving valuable insights. They spoke about how the language of dance transcends all boundaries. Their performance along with their team of musicians and accompanists comprising of Mr. Jagannath Ghoshal, Mr. Pradeep Singh, Mr. Sarat Singh and Ms. Laxmi Devi left the audience spellbound. The interactive lecture-cum-demonstration with the students made the session not only enjoyable but also informative. It was an unforgettable life experience for the students as they were exposed to the rich cultural heritage of India.

The Oriental Seminary, Kolkata

Topic: World Heritage Day, 18th April, 2019

On the occasion of World Heritage Day on 18th April, 2019, the Oriental Seminary School organized an audio-visual quiz contest. The quiz was organized to sensitize the students to know more about their heritage and also about the interesting facts of their city Kolkata. The Quiz was based on the following topics-

1. Identifying Indian musical instruments
2. Famous heritage sites of India
3. Wonders of the world
4. Interesting facts about Kolkata

Prizes and sweets were distributed to the students at the end of the event. The event was thoroughly enjoyed both by the students and the teachers as well.

Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad

Topic: International Mother Language Day 21st February 2019

Children Educational Academy in association with Oxford Grammar School hosted International Mother Language Day on 21st February, 2019 in School premises. The dignitaries for the event were Dr. Gangadevu Yadaiah, Dr. K. Narender, Prof. Nizam College Vernacular language experts, teachers and Pracheena Heritage Members attended the program. The programme was presided over by Children Education Academy, Chairman & Bala Chelimi, Editor Mr. Manikonda Vedakumar, who emphasized the importance of mother tongue in every body’s life and nothing can replace the beauty and comfort ability of mother tongue. Languages must be taught by parents, teachers in play way method as mother tongue is heard by child even in the womb. Chief Guest Dr. Gangadevu Yadaiah, son of soil, social activist, worked for upliftment of tribal people of various districts of Telangana. He informed the audience that languages started spoken orally then lead to the formation of the script, while some languages don’t have script. Telugu, for instance is spoken all over the world for its sweetness and rhythm. The writers Mr. Gangadevu Yadaiah read out beautiful short poem which children enjoyed thoroughly. Languages build contacts, improve relationship and make movement in the world comfortable. Language can be learnt not only in books but by getting exposure, reading and writing. UNESCO survey informed Telugu as an extinction language. Dr. K. Narender insisted on using mother tongue at home, calling parents and relatives in mother tongue and advised students to be vocal in mother tongue whichever they have.

Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurugram

Activities for the month of January 2019

Month of January brought with it the thrill and excitement. Starting with the celebration of Republic Day, a special assembly on the occasion of the 70th Republic Day was conducted in the school auditorium. Posters on Republic Day were made enthusiastically by the students as they learnt about the importance of being a republic nation. Holding to this spirit several activities were conducted during the month such as Indian Army Day, National Tourism Day, Makkar Sankranti, National Voters Day, Swami Vivakananda's birthday/ National Youth Day. The students with the help of the teachers enthusiastically participated, observed and discussed about the importance of each activity. Posters, videos and talks were organized to give a better understanding to the students of the various activities that were conducted.

DPS, Gurgaon, in association with INTACH club, organized an inter school poster making and essay writing competition– Paani Ki Kahani- My Water Heritage on 23rd Jan 2019, for students of classes VI to IX, to instill in them a deep love for our culture and heritage. The Director Principal of the School, Ms. Aditi Misra, felicitated the guests and the dignitaries for being a part of the event. She also stressed on the importance of water heritage and how this competition will help the students to spread awareness and work towards preserving each little drop of water. The guest speaker for the event was Professor Parul Munjal, Associate Professor at Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon. The other distinguished guests were Major Atul Dev, Convener INTACH Gurugram Chapter, Ms Namrata Mishra, Chairperson, Education Committee, INTACH and Ms Anjali Saran, Executive member, INTACH Gurugram. Major Atul Dev in his address appreciated the students for their knowledge and awareness of their heritage and culture. Prof Parul Munjal, the guest speaker, reiterated the importance of water conservation and spoke about the heritage of Gurgaon. The program ended with the vote of thanks, proposed by Ms. Namrata Mishra. The informative and interactive session enriched the students.