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Delhi Public School, Sec.-45 Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH activities for the month of October

The topic of the INTACH Club for the month of October was ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. The activities for the students of classes 3, 4 and 5 were framed accordingly. To begin with the activities, a brief history of the life of Mahatma Gandhi was narrated by the teachers. The teachers also explained them the two main pillars of Gandhian beliefs; Satyagrah and Non-Violence. The students shared their views on the importance of Truth and Non-Violence.They also spoke on the importance of celebrating Gandhi Jayanti. In creative writing, the students wrote the ideologies of Gandhiji. The other activities included drawing the symbol of peace(the Dove) and the Gandhian ideology(The three monkeys) and a role play on swadeshi movement. The students were asked to illustrate the importance of the three monkeys in the present scenario. Apart from the above activities, a special assembly on Gandhi Jayanti was presented by the students. They presented a skit on Gandhi Jayanti and recited a poem on Mahatma Gandhi.

To emphasize the significance of celebrating festivals, a special assembly on Dussehra, the festival that resonates with the victory of good over evil was presented by the energetic students on 5th October 2016. This was followed by a sonorous choir and a short skit depicting the varied ways in which Dussehra is celebrated across India, signifying the victory of good over evil

The students of class IV and V went for an educational trip to “The City Beautiful”- Chandigarh. It was an opportunity for them to explore the different aspects of this modern city.
Students visited the iconic Nek Chand Rock garden, Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara and the newage museum, the Chattbir zoo and Virasat-e-Khalsa, where the scintillating effects of light and sound used to showcase the glorious history of Punjab and Sikhism left the children mesmerized.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the INTACH club brought awareness amongst the children and revived the pride for the hand-spun ‘Khadi’ which was also used as a tool for bringing about our freedom struggle. The students of the middle school researched and designed beautiful and innovative advertisements to promote Khadi.

Keeping up with the school motto ‘Service Before Self’, the students of DPS helped in raising funds for ‘TAMANA’- a nonprofit voluntary organization working for the cause of intellectually challenged and autistic children. The students put up food stalls during the break for five days in a row. They worked tirelessly and their enthusiasm was praiseworthy.

A poster making activity was organized on 13th OCT 2016 in the middle school. Students participated with great enthusiasm and as responsible citizens created awareness on the need to celebrate festivals without polluting their surroundings. The students highlighted the significance of Diwali as the ‘Harbinger of Joy and Prosperity’. The students made use of eco–friendly material, thought provoking slogans, eye-catching pictures to drive home the message that celebrations should not cause inconvenience to the community but reinforce the thread of unity in diversity that binds our social fabric.

The students of class VII presented a thought provoking assembly on the topic- ‘Crackers spread pollution not love and harmony’. The assembly started with a wonderful Diwali song. The children showcased eco-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali. The students the need to reduce and avoid bursting of crackers and took a pledge to have a GREEN DIWALI.

The middle school set the mirthful and joyous mood for the Diwali festival with Diya and Candle decoration and Rangoli Making competition for classes VI-VIII. The students made beautiful, creative and eco-friendly rangolis.

Kiran Public School, Farrukhabad

Topic- Craft Workshop

The students of Kiran Public School, as part of their heritage club activity organised a craft workshop on the 18th of October 2016 in which students made different types of objects to showcase their talents. The winning students group was felicitated by the School Principal. The coordinator of the Heritage Club Mohammad Aqib Khan facilitated the event.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Gandhi Jayanti and Conservation of Forest

In a special assembly, students put up a skit depicting various scenes from the Mahatma’s life which reflected his values. The students also did a ‘Dandi March’ where over 200 students voiced their opinions on issues like gender equality, save a girl child, freedom, Digital India, Make in India, Terrorism and various other contemporary topics. With posters in their hands the students rallied around drawing attention of the general public while sensitizing them on the issues.

The students of our school got involved in an activity where they expressed their thoughts on ‘conservation of forest’. This was a literary activity accompanied with their drawing skills. The children put on their thinking caps and wrote their expressions with great excitement.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic- World Literacy Week

Students from grade 8, took up the role of being reporters wherein they posed various questions to the teachers on their point of view of literacy, the hard work needed behind it and how long it took for them to reach the place they presently are in. Grade 4 children excitedly then presented a skit before the entire school also portraying the value and importance of being literate. In the end, 8th graders were set to give it an entertaining yet inspirational ending. Two students had written poems, one in English and one in Hindi. While one shared the negative side of the state of literacy in our country, the other protested in Hindi, stating we have come a long way and now there is no looking back.

We chose the topic on essay writing; students were given a power point presentation on how to write an essay without errors. Post that we conducted an essay writing competition for students of grade 6, 7, and 8 on the topic-‘English- a language or a subject?’ We came to know the point of view of children as to they considered English as just a subject taught in school or a language meant for communication.

We conducted a workshop and taught children the various basic signs for communication to help one who is not so lucky when in need.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic- ‘Indian Museums’

The theme for the INTACH for the month of September 2016 was’ Indian Museums’. Students of class 3rd and 4th pasted the beautiful pictures on chart and wrote the names of museums in beautiful handwriting. They came to know about various museums like Salarjung museum, Indian museum, National museum, National Rail museum, Victoria Memorial and many more. When they were in the course of their research, they came to know about the artifact that were kept inside them, the beautiful swords, seals, clothes, coins, arrows, books, skeletal, jewelry etc. The presentation of the picture and writing work was done in the form of newsletter which made it more attractive. Students of class 8th were taken to an adventures trip to the museum of Indore known as ‘Central Museum’. It was a great experience for them. Each section has different exhibits. In the arms section are displayed old swords, spikes, daggers, helmets, bows and arrows and other weapons of war. There is a model of a battle scene in a glass case. The adjoining room has articles of household use, dug up from old historical sites. They give a picture of the domestic life of the ancient people. There are pots and pans, silver ornaments, bangles, footwear, clothes and musical instruments of various kinds. In the sculpture section are the life-size statues of Gautama Buddha and idols of gods and goddesses. Yet another section has a large number of paintings. These are paintings of court scenes, horse races, fights of wild animals and dances. The paintings of the Mughal period are the wonderful specimens of art. The museum boasts of a wide range of Parmar sculptures from inglajgarh which actually originated here. Also, the museum has a huge variety of coins, proportioned figures and intricate ornamentation. Children enjoyed a lot and gained knowledge very closely.

Kiran Public School, Farrukhabad

Topic- Setting up of Heritage club

A heritage club was formed in Kiran Public School, Farrukhabad, the heritage club of the school aims to play a major role in heritage awareness among school students, it will regularly organise events such as exhibitions, heritage walks, awareness workshops. One such activity organised by the heritage club of the school was an essay competition on “Attractive Forests”. 53 students of the school participated in the event. The children wrote about the rich natural heritage of India, in terms of forests their use and importance.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Activities in the month of September

Urja drawing Competition
In the search of good artists at our school we conducted a Poster Making Competition, where the Topic given was ‘Save energy’, and our students tried to, put their thoughts on the canvas to motivate elders to work forward to save the same. The students from grades III to V drew beautiful drawings to explain to us the essence of saving energy.

Folk Tales About Lord Ganesh
To mark the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, we a GIIS, Chinchwad organised a story telling activity named-Folk Tales about Ganesha. The children of Grade II came up with numerous stories to enlighten each other and had great fun and understanding of the festival.

Write up on- Role of Forests in History
The students of grade III were exposed to the importance of Forests with an exclusive thought of getting write-ups from them. The students did a lot of research on the Forests and came up with beautiful write-ups in their House Activity period.

Elocution-Myths and Folklores related to forests of Maharashtra
This month brought a festive mood and fervour in our students and we tried to bring out the best by giving them various opportunities to dive into the story books and find out about the folklores of the state. Students of grade 2 and 3 participated in elocution and they presented the stories with exceptional enthusiasm and zeal. The students enjoyed listening to the stories and learnt a lot from them.

Hindi Diwas at GIIS Chinchwad
Marking the “Hindi Diwas” and celebrating the richness of this language, Global Indian International School, Chinchwad held a special assembly to celebrate the Hindi Divas. The assembly began with a rendition by the school choir on the importance of Hindi language in our lives and how it acts as a bond of unity, irrespective of any caste and culture. This was followed by a short skit depicting the role of punctuations in the language and how each one of them has its own importance in making the language complete and meaningful. A small riddle activity was held to arouse curiosity and also give an opportunity to the students to develop their creative thinking. Students also stated that Hindi is the No. 9 Universally loved and spoken language. Dr Amrita Vohra one the occasion said, “It is very important to reiterate in the young students respect for their national language. Though we wish to excel in English as it is the widely used communicative language, we should always be reminded of the roots from where we grow.”

Delhi Public School, Sec.-45, Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH activities for the month of September

Junior Wing

World Tourism Day
The INTACH School Group celebrated World Tourism Day in the form of various activities spread over the entire month. During the first week, the students learnt about tourism and its importance. They also learnt that the Indian tradition of hospitality is known the world over for its warmth and affection. This exactly is the reason why millions of tourists every year love to come to India. The junior students drew colorful illustrations on the topic ‘The place I visited during my summer vacation’ as well as ‘Dream destination’. During the second week, students pasted pictures and collected information about the ‘Seven wonders of the world’ which are the masterpiece of the skill and hardwork of the people of that era and represent the global heritage. The poster making activity on the topic ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ was very interesting and informative. Students also designed creative Souvenirs to promote India as a tourist destination.

Hindi Diwas
Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 14 September in the school to mark the importance of the country’s most widely spoken language and pay tribute to the mother language of India. A special assembly marked the occasion with a speech highlighting the importance of Hindi language in the contemporary society followed by a melodious song and a NukkadNatak based on the language.Various activities and competitions were conducted during the week like hand writing competition, quiz, advertisement writing, illustration of poem and board decoration and display based on the life and contribution of famous authors and poets.

Middle Wing

World Rivers Day
To celebrate the World Rivers Day, DPS students participated in various activities organized by the school INTACH group on the topic ‘Ganga: Hamari Dharohar’. The students of class 6 wrote about the cultural importance of river Ganga. Class 7 students wrote about any one legend associated with river Ganga. Class 8 students suggested steps that can be taken to keep river Ganga clean and expressed their creativity with a slogan on river Ganga. The children participated enthusiastically and accompanied their write-ups with illustrations. These activities sensitized the students towards the need of saving our national river, Ganga: The lifeline of the country.

Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Ambala Cantt

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Topic- Madras Day Celebration

Our Club organized the following events in our school premises on the 3rd of September 2016, for the parents and grandparents.

The events conducted were:
Quiz on the Heritage of Chennai
Kolam – Traditional Kolams
Oratorical Competition – Nenjil Nindravai
An exhibition on Sri Marundeswarar Temple- the club members prepared charts on the heritage of this temple and told stories related to the temple. The stories told by the members were on Moondru Vinayakar – three Vinayakar, Marundeeswarar – the main deity is Shiva in the form a=of a physician, Aalaya Mahimai – temple’s uniqueness Aalayapinpuranuzhaivayilpattriyakathai (story about the back entrance to the temple, Suriyan – sun god, Valmiki - the poet, Brahma, Vedam, Kamadhenu, Yaman, and Bringi. The students of standard IV & V recited Slokas from Shiva Puranam.

Dr. C.L. Mehta Sishya OMR School, Chennai

Topic- INTACH Heritage Quiz

The school conducted our Third Edition of INTACH Heritage Quiz 2016-2017, as part of Madras week celebrations. Thirteen schools participated. The programme was lively, enriching and mesmerizing thanks to Dr. Narendran, our Quiz master. It was a day of leaving experience for all of us. INTACH team, Chennai helped us write from conceptualizing to final conduct of the programme. Our school is indebted to the Intach team member for their continuous support for making our Indian culture vibrant with their constant and continuous activities throughout the year.

Ellen Sharma Memorial Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Chennai

Topic- INTACH club- activities for 2016-17

18/06/2016 - The First Session

In the First Session the students were briefed about the INTACH club . The PLEDGE was taught to them.

02/07/2016 - Environmental Day 2016

Charts were displayed in the assembly emphasising onEnvironmental Protection. A short speech was given by Saisri andPrema about Environmental Day.

16/07/2016- Vanamahotsava ( Tree planting)

Students planted Temple trees in the school campus and watered them by fetching water in the pots.

20/07/2016- Madras Day Celebration 2016 - A Beginning

We began the celebration with the Film Show on Madras.

22nd Aug - 27 th Aug 2016: Madras Day Celebration 2016Important places of Madras such as Mylapore, Guindy Lodge, Parry’s , Perambur, Thiruvanmiyur, Santhome Cathedral and Luz church were explained with charts. Charts showing the Marina beach, Vivekananda House, Mount Road were displayed too . Drawings of Sir Thyagaraya Chetty and Thomas Parry were also displayed.

27th August - eighty five students and six teachers visited Fort St. George and the Fort Museum. We had a Heritage Walk near the Viveka Vivekananda House with our school Banner. The first term activities culminated with the Madras Day celebration.

The PSBB Millennium School, Gerugambakkam, Chennai

Topic- Madras day activities

Our school participated in various madras day activities in PSBB School, K K Nagar, Chennai.

Folk dance of Tamil Nadu won first prize.
Poster making
Drawing competition on Indian heritage and baged prizes.
Quiz competition

Lady Andal Venkatasubbarao M.H.S. School, Chennai

Topic- A visit to the Madras Literary Society- 03/09/2016

Heritage club members of the School visited the oldest library in Chennai on Saturday between 10 A.M and 12.30 P.M. The Library known as the ‘Madras Literary Society’ was opened by the British in 1812 A.D. It is situated in the DPI building, College Road,Nungambakkam. The students went on a walk around the building, finding out many unique things. The society was a repository for the Literary, exploratory and scientific discoveries and experience of the civil, military and judicial officers of the Madras Presidency. Our students planned to give a helping hand in the restoration of many of the old valuable books which really need to be preserved.

Army Public School, Shankar Vihar, Delhi

Topic- Inter House Heritage Quiz

The Inter House Heritage Quiz was conducted on 2 September 2016 in the Multipurpose Hall. The theme was Indian Heritage. Each House sent a Team of 3 students belonging to different levels from classes 6 -10. The audience was Class VI. Through a draw of lots the Teams were assigned their names viz. Rig Veda; Sama Veda; Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda.There were 4 rounds starting with a General round. The Second Round was based on Indian Mythology. Round Three was the theme round. The Teams during the draw of lots got their Themes two. The 4 Themes were – Built Heritage; Natural Heritage; Intangible Heritage and Performing Arts. The last was the Visual Round. The Quiz Masters were Prateek of Class XII E and Jayati Palsokar of Class XI E.

Sri Sankara Sr. Sec. School, Adyar, Chennai

Topic- Various celebrations

Environment Day - Celebrated In June-2016

Students of Std-VI,VII and VIII celebrated Environment Day by creating awareness on protecting the environment. Posters and charts were made by students and these were displayed around the school premises.

Observing Hiroshima Day-06th August 2016

Students of class VI observed Hiroshima Day by preparing charts. Ms.BananiDhar, Social Science Teacher spoke to the students about the importance of observing this day and also the reason behind the bombing that resulted in the death of millions of people. Students understood the importance of tolerance and communal harmony.

Madras day celebrations - August 22nd to August 28th

various activities were conducted for classes VI to IX. This year's theme was Landmarks of Chennai.Posters, Models and Powerpoint presentations were prepared by students on the various landmarks and heritage sites of Chennai.

Food Mela

Students of Class VI presented a Food Mela to appreciate the richness and variety in our cuisines. In the process, they learnt about our rich culture and the scientific processes associated with Indian cuisines

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Peace Day

The young GIIS'ians spread their messages of peace and harmony by hanging “Paper Cranes” throughout the campus. They also worked on creating Peace bulletin boards, each displaying what peace means to them. A special assembly marking the day was presented where the students spoke on the purpose, objective and methodology of how the day is commemorated in the loving memory of Sadako Sasaki, who folded paper cranes wishing for the peace of her countrymen who lost their lives in the brutal nuclear attack of Hiroshima. In the assembly, the GIIS family also took a “Peace Pledge” to bring in love and make this world beautiful. The students did a week long campaign urging everyone to give peace a chance and bring in prosperity for the human race. Special worksheets to reinforce the idea of what peace and global harmony is, quiz for senior students on peace day, slogan writing and poster making were other activities conducted during the week to engage students in the belief of peace. The peace ambassadors of GIIS Chinchwad spread the message of peace through acts of mutual respect, tolerance and love. Principal Dr Amrita Voha on the occasion said, “When you change your thoughts, you change your life. As you manifest happiness in your thoughts, it reflects in your action as our thoughts dictate our behavior. At GIIS Chinchwad, we lay a foundation of positive thoughts that spread messages of Global Harmony.”

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic- Club activities of July

The theme for the INTACH work for the month of July, 2016 was’ Indus Valley Civilization’. The work on this theme was divided in the students for research on different fields. Classes 3rd to 5th did the research work on cities and geography of Indus valley civilization. For this they prepared beautiful charts. They also wrote about the time it flourished in the basins of the Indus River, one of the major rivers of Asia, and the Ghaggar-Hakra River, which once covered Northwest India and Eastern Pakistan. Classes 6th to 9th worked on Art and craft, Trade and transport, writing system and religion. On these topics they took initiatives to make charts as well as miniatures of models that made the theme more attractive. While researching they realized that the Inhabitants of ancient Indus river valley had developed new techniques in handicraft and metallurgy. The students with the help of clay created beautiful designs of tools, weapons, pots and other handicrafts. They were amazed to know that Indus cities are noted for their urban planning, baked brick houses, elaborated drainage system, water supply systems, and clusters of large non-residential buildings. On that the students prepared a creative chart, graph and symbols of seals with the help of thermocole and clay on a hard sheet and cardboard. Harappans worshiped father god and mother goddess as well as lord Shiva. They believed in Yoga and Meditation too. Apart from this many more facts about the civilization were disclosed to the students. Every child on the theme had shown their enthusiasm and put their best efforts to make it more interesting and knowledgeable. The board was well decorated with beautiful charts of Indus civilization.

Army Public School Bolarum, Secunderabad

Topic- Heritage Activity Exhibition

Class XII and XI Humanities students who are also heritage club members put up an exhibition on Handlooms of India starting from the history of cotton and cloth to the process of weaving and printing. Each student was allotted one state. They had to exhibit which type of handloom the state was famous for, and show the material and other interesting information related to it. In the centre two young children were made to dress up as Gandhiji and Kasturba working on the charkha. All the teachers were asked to wear handloom sarees, salwar suits / shirts. The visitors were made to sign a petition that they will wear and encourage handlooms of India. They were also informed that August 7th is National Handlooms Day.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic- ‘Female Indian Freedom Fighters’

The theme for the INTACH for the month of August 2016 was’ Female Indian Freedom Fighters’. To mark the quintessence of Independence and unsung Saga of many freedom fighters who devoted their livesto get freedom for us a short skit competition was organised amongst all GIIS of India on August 12, 2016 from the students of classes 6th to 9th to mark the glory of our beloved freedom fighters. The competition was over V/C. GIIS- Indore hosted the event. The theme of the competition was ‘Short Skits from Freedom Struggle’.The VC rooms were perfectly decorated to the theme of Indian flags. The schools which participated were Chhinchwad, Noida, Surat and Ahemdabad. The tricolour flower decoration in their VC room was befitting the theme. The spirit of nationality was presented in the form of Patriotic song ‘Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil me hain’. Classes 6th to 9th of GIIS Indore participated in this skit which was beautifully presented in the form of live characters of our Female Indian Freedom fighters, all the characters were nicely dressed that they straight away took us to the old era , where Bharat Mata explained about that how the females struggled in every part of India without getting scared. The skit which was beautifully presented in the form of live characters of our Female Indian Freedom fighters, all the characters were nicely dressed that they straight away took us to the old era. Academic Head Ms.Sunita Jaisingh and Ms. Vaishali Borde Co-Scholastic Head GIIS motivated the participants through her words. She congratulated GIIS-Indore for hosting the competition. They asked the students to maintain the dignity of our precious Independence through their good deeds and efforts. They had really represented the true spirit of Nationality. Classes 3rd and 4th collected pictures of female freedom fighters pasted it in creative style with special cuttings to give them more attractive look with the names of the fighters written in attractive manner Class 5th prepared beautiful weapons like sword, arrows, Bombs which were really good and gave new energy to the theme. The poem on Rani Laxmi bai was also written in creative style. Also they wrote about the biography of freedom fighters females was really tremendous.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad

Topic- Club activities for July and August 2016

Collage making on War Heroes

On July 28th 2016, the students were given pictures of martyrs and a lot of information about them was shared with them. The students later read and understood the efforts that our war heroes have put in to give us a free and liberated nation to live in. the children were asked to make collages using pictures from the collection and present it to the class.

Independence Day

The celebration is huge across the country and we at GIIS also celebrate the occasion with great fervour and enthusiasm. The students and teachers collect to witness the flag being hoisted. A special assembly was conducted by the children to celebrate Independence Day in advance and to enrich everyone’s knowledg a lot of information was shared in the assembly.

The bond of pure sibling love

GIIS celebrated Rakshabandhan a day early on Wednesday, marked by usual fervour and gaiety that one associates with this auspicious occasion. A day prior to the festival, girls were busy selecting the best rakhis for their brothers and celebrating this beautiful bond of unconditional sibling love. A takeaway of rakhi-making activity was held for tiny tots where they made adorable rakhis for their brothers. A special assembly was conducted to mark the importance of this occasion and students spoke about the relevance of celebrating this festival. Students depicted through an endearing skit the customs and traditions followed during this festival. A beautiful dance performance was presented to scale up the celebration and festive mood enthralling the audience. Students also were found to be donning traditional attire during the day. Girls dolled themselves up in bandhani, kalamkari, silk and netted outfits.

Eye Level Literary Award

The Eye Level Literary Award hosted an activity where our students were given the freedom of expression. The topic given was “Family” and the children were asked to draw, colour and write about their family. The children took great interest in depicting their loved ones through crayons and words and it gave them a better understanding of their own family.


To develop that feeling of Patriotism GIIS celebrated ‘Patriotic Week from 8th August to 12th August’ 2016.

Day-1 : During Circle time- information about our leaders, national symbols, meaning of patriotism etc. was given to children. PPT/videos were shown to children about the same.

Day-2 : Group Activity- National symbols, Children did different activities like palm painting, paper tearing, thumb printing etc. on national Flag, National Symbols, animal, flower etc.

Day-3 : Display of all group activities ( by all classes)was done, the children went around to see this display . Children sang the patriotic songs in their respective classes.

Day-4 : Children will come dressed up as their favourite National leaders, and spoke few sentences on what they have dressed up as, in their respective classes.

Day- 5 : Special Assembly by K1A/ K1L, The whole pre- primary section attended the assembly, where they sang patriotic songs. Few parents were invited to sing few patriotic songs.

Earth Day

GIIS Pre-Primary celebrated the Earth Day on 22nd April’ 2016, with this aim. All the classes had a brainstorming session during Circle time about how to conserve our Mother Earth by keeping it clean and planting more trees. It was followed by a PPT and videos on Our Mother Earth. Children did group activities on the cutout of Earth like making a collage, magic painting etc. They also planted the sapling and did worksheets on the same. These activities conveyed the message and understanding why in India trees are worshipped, as they are friends to Mankind.

Health and hygiene week

GIIS Pre-Primary had ‘Health and Hygiene Week’ from 25th April ’16 to 29th April’16. Our teachers had brainstorming sessions with our children about cleanliness and Hygiene. A demonstration was done on how to brush our teeth, wash our hands and clean our handkerchief. A resource person from Medical background was called to have an interactive session on this topic. All the classes then did group activities in their respective classes.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic- Vanmahostav Week

Students of grade 5 B, presented a well knitted assembly consisting of skit, dance, song, plantation etc by a few teachers. The skit depicted a scene of an assembly of animals who complained about human beings being so selfish and all the human activities that deplete natural resources endangering the environment. To teach them a lesson, they went on a strike stopping the supply of all the animal products to make realize that the environment is a substantial part of our lives to keep the earth inhabitable. Students danced to the tune of the famous song- saari umra hum, mar mar ke jee liye, ik pal toh ab hame, jeene do jeene do reflecting the lives of trees. A choir of singers sang a melodious song. The assembly was ended with an initiative being proposed to the principal who planted a few saplings motivating the students to go green.

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Topic- Heritage club activities

Grade III & IV
The Heritage Club at DSE Banjara Hills started on April 4th where the students of grade 3 & 4 were given an introduction with the help of a PPT to the different types of heritage and heritage club. Gradually the students learnt to draw a flow chart on the different types of heritage along with learning the contribution and achievements of famous scientists and mathematicians of ancient India by making a chart. Later the display of videos and the practical exposure enabled the children to gain knowledge about the reasons behind the scientific application of kajal, the benefits of yoga and the rivers getting polluted. Lastly tracing the path of the rivers of the south and making a note of their basins left an impeccable mark on the students learning.

Grade V & VI
The concept of heritage was introduced to the students of grade 5 & 6 on April 1st with the help of a PPT and also learnt the uses of naturopathy by making Kashaya. In the further classes the children were briefed about the contribution and achievements of famous scientists and mathematicians of ancient India as well as the astronomical advancements in Ancient India. The ultimate enjoyment for the students took place when they could trace the path of the river Brahmaputra in the east and its basin.

Grade VII & VIII
Further the students of 7 & 8 were exposed to the understanding of our heritage were they gained the knowledge of the historical, modern mathematicians and astronomers of India as well as the importance of the work done by them, along with a discussion over the handouts on famous scientists’ hometown and their migration to south and research done there. Moving ahead they were given an interesting hands on topic to research upon and find the scientific facts behind the ‘Breaking of fast with dates’, ‘Parsi death ritual’ and ‘Body movements during a Muslim prayer.’ It was a fun filled and enriching class when the students presented the information to the rest of the class and also solved a crossword puzzle on the Heritage cities of India.

Grade IX & X
Nevertheless the students of grade 9 & 10 also had the opportunity to explore the living heritage of India which constitutes of the complete literature. With the help of videos the students developed their knowledge about the heritage structures and monuments along with the transformation of the same during the course of time into resorts. They were elated to understand the difference in the heritage of India and its varied culture as the time passed by. The reminiscence of the past glory through great heroes like Karna of Mahabharata and Rama of Ramayana, the greatest epics of Indian history has been imbibed in the learning of the children through visuals and they could easily differentiate between Achilles of Illiad and Karna of Mahabharata, by understanding the importance of our greatest history. Lastly the students were enlightened with the knowledge of the Rabindranath Tagore’s work and as a part of understanding his manuscripts filled with art the students were shown a picture (given below) which had Bengali-script of “RA-THA”. The children further gained knowledge of the similarity his designs had to that of the traditional Haida carvings of the past.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- World Paper Bag Day

The students of class VD staged a talk show on the occasion of “World Paper Bag Day” and sensitized its students about the burning need to protect and preserve our environment. They encouraged the audience to discontinue and discourage the use of polythene as it harms our surrounding and nature. They gave details about how poly bags have negative effect on our environment and can even prove to be fatal if animals consume polythene bags strewn on the streets. They advised the assembly to use jute bags, cloth bags and paper bags as alternates as they are environment friendly. They opined that polythene bags should be banned as they are non- biodegradable and cannot be recycled. The impressive talk show really influenced the Ryanites as they pledged to check the use of polythene and say no to it. They also made bags and distributed them to the shopkeepers in the neighboring market. School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma hugely appreciated the attempt and motivated the gathering to use the environment friendly alternates of polythene and be the guardians of our environment.

Topic- World Environment Day

School organized a special assembly on 22nd July to mark World Environment Day. The day began by evoking God’s blessings with Bible reading and a special prayer offered for the well being of environment. The day’s guest of honour Mr. Ramesh Chand Kataria, Associate Vice President & Head-EH, Jindal Stainless Steel Limited and Ms. Padma, Director- Business Development Sampoorna, Zero Waste Ltd. commenced the celebrations by planting sapling in school premises as a gesture to mark environment conservation. Enthusiastic members of Environment Club of school presented an insightful presentation impressively displaying the unparalleled and persistent contributions made by the club towards environment. Students inspiringly highlighted various initiatives taken by the club to do their bit to save Mother Earth. Environment sensitive Ryanites expressed their valuable views regarding environment protection through an amazing and lively skit ‘let’s join hands to nurture the nature’. Students confidently put forward their views through their splendid performance and spread the message of understanding the dire need for everyone to be environment conscious. The week long Environment Day celebrations comprised of a debate competition in which students of class V particitated. The topic of debate ‘Are we really doing enough to keep our surroundings green?’ was effectively discussed both for and against and the winners of the same were duly awarded during special assembly. First prize was shared by Pragya Singh Pundir and Laavna Arora, second place was bagged by Saishna Sharma and third position was secured by Arush Singh. The winners were duly congratulated for their worthy performance. Rhythmic Ryanites added zing to the day’s celebrations with an upbeat and mesmerizing dance performance which was highly applauded by all. The celebration of World Environment Day earnestly spread the awareness regarding the need to protect environment and Mother Earth and also reverberated with respected Chairman Sir, Dr. A. F. Pinto’s vision of ‘Environment Conservation’.

Topic- National Flag Adoption Day

School marked the National Flag Adoption Day on 22nd July as the students of Jawaharlal Nehru House presented a Talk Show on the significance of National Flag. The enthusiastic Ryanites expressed the importance of this day that the Indian National Flag came into existence in its present from at the meeting of Constitutional Assembly on 22nd July 1947. The students recalled the words of the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, “a flag not only of freedom for us, but a symbol of freedom to all people.” The students emphasized the significance of the three colours of Tiranga Saffron which stands for renunciation, courage and sacrifice, white colour which symbolizes the truth, peace and purity and green colour which symbolifies our relation to the soil. Green represents the auspiciousness of the land. It was stressed that the chakra reminds us that those who work under the symbol of this flag have to follow their work principle and keep on moving in that direction. The entire presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all present there. The students adorned themselves with tricolor bands and ribbons which added vibrancy to the show. The students were dipped in patriotic fervour and paid tribute to the national flag with honour and pride in their hearts.

Topic- Kargil Day

School organized an assembly to commemorate on Kargil Day on 26th July 2016. Students of class 4E enthusiastically presented a Role play on the heroes of Kargil War. They threw light on the lives of heroes of Kargil war who placed their heart and soul to protect our country and sacrificed their lives to guard our borders and for the comfort of the countrymen. Students talked at length on the life of Captain Saurabh Kalia, Captain Vikram Batra and Captain Manoj Pandey who with their dedication and love for their nation lead their team in adverse conditions to achieve success in saving our borders. This role play helped students to understand the feeling of patriotism and also the details of Kargil war. It helped create awareness about the reasons of this war and why this day is celebrated as “Vijay Diwas”. A special prayer for Martyrs was also conducted in the assembly to pay homage to all brave souls.

Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Topic- World Paper Bag Day

The students of class VD staged a talk show on the occasion of “World Paper Bag Day” and sensitized its students about the burning need to protect and preserve our environment. They encouraged the audience to discontinue and discourage the use of polythene as it harms our surrounding and nature. They gave details about how poly bags have negative effect on our environment and can even prove to be fatal if animals consume polythene bags strewn on the streets. They advised the assembly to use jute bags, cloth bags and paper bags as alternates as they are environment friendly. They opined that polythene bags should be banned as they are non- biodegradable and cannot be recycled. The impressive talk show really influenced the Ryanites as they pledged to check the use of polythene and say no to it. They also made bags and distributed them to the shopkeepers in the neighboring market. School Head Ms. Peeya Sharma hugely appreciated the attempt and motivated the gathering to use the environment friendly alternates of polythene and be the guardians of our environment.

Delhi Public School, Sec.-45 Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH activities for the month of July

Tree’s depleting number has become a serious issue. To make the students aware of this issue and taking initiative towards it, ’Van Mahotsava-The festival of trees’ was taken as the topic for this month by the Intach Club. Students illustrated forest scene which helped them to appreciate the beauty of trees. They were asked to emphasise about the importance of saving paper. They came up with brilliant ideas like recycling, use of electronic media etc.To spread awareness about ‘Save Paper- Save Trees’, students made beautiful badges with message of conserving trees written on them. They wore these badges for the whole week to make all the students conscious about their effort to conserve and preserve trees. The creativity and innovative ideas and thoughts were artistically depicted in the posters made during the activity. A healthy discussion on how to make Earth a better place was initiated which lead to a conclusion that Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are three keywords which have to be adopted in our daily lives to make Earth a better place to live. As the students realized that plastic is non biodegradable and destroy the environment, they made exemplify paper bags from newspapers. To admire the beauty and boon called ‘Life’, students were asked to classify the trees according to the states in which they grow. Through this activity they were able to understand the importance of biotic and abiotic components of nature which helps in the growth of trees. The students were made to identify these adversities and present them through drawings. This activity made them realise that human activities are effecting the environment in a harmful way. Children enacted the pain and trauma of a tree about to be cut, throwing light on the importance of life. This made everyone sympathetic towards the trees. They also pledged : ‘ Each One, Plant One’. Tree plantation drive was conducted in the school to foster in them the feeling of planting and conserving the flora. Their excitement of planting trees was beyond explanation.

International Yoga Day
The students performed various warm-ups, yogic exercises and Suryanamaskar after which they felt rejuvenated and energetic. The significance of yoga was also discussed with the students.


Jungle Trip to Ranthambore
The school had organized a 3-day Jungle Safari to the Ranthambore National Park It was an exciting experience for the students as they got an opportunity to see animals like spotted dear, sambar, blue bulls, wild boars and rare species of birds. They were fortunate to have a spectacular view of tiger, tigress and their cubs in the wilderness.

Quiz on Incredible India
An Inter House Quiz Competition for students of Class VIII was held on 14th July, 2016. The topic of the quiz was ‘Incredible India’. It covered topics like Indian culture, religion, literature, art, mythology and architecture. The students enthusiastically participated in the competition and enhanced their knowledge.

Best out of waste
Students of class 6th participated in an activity on the theme ‘Best out of Waste’. This activity not only helped the students to enhance their creativity and presentation skills but also helped the students to realize the importance of recycling and reusing waste material available to them.

Tree plantation drive
Tree plantation drive was conducted in the school surroundings and neighbourhood to foster in them the feeling of conserving fauna. The students planted more than 300 saplings.

World Population Day
INTACH school group had organized a poster making activity for classes 6th to 8th on the topics ‘Environment and Population’ or ‘Ill Effects of Population Explosion’. They realized that the overgrowing number of people means overuse of resources which leads to scarcity of food and also causes pollution, unemployment, corruption and umpteen numbers of related problems that are making this world a difficult place to survive.

Filmit Workshop
Six students attended the filmit content and technical workshop on 20th and 22nd July respectively.

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Topic- World Environment Day

The team on INTACH along with grade 5 put an assembly on the 29th June 2016, conveying the message that saving the environment has become the most important and sudden issue in the world. The students dedicated the assembly to the saving of trees with the beautiful true story of Amrita Devi, the Goddess and the founder of Chipko Movement, who chose the environment over life. The children understood the fact that with the death of Amrita Devi was born an inspiration to save the greenery around them. The attempt made by the team and students proved successful by the end of the assembly with children promising to abide by the message conveyed.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Chennai

Topic- Different Dance forms of India

World environment day was observed with a special Assembly by the students of standard VIII. Students spoke about the importance of preserving the environment and the present condition of the environment. They took oath that they will be torch bearers of preserving the environment to posterity. They made slogans and charts to create awareness about the environment. Our students also took part in a rally to create awareness about environment. They went around the neighbourhood of Thiruvanmiyur to spread awareness. Bulletin boards in the school were filled with charts.

To create awareness about oceans the students wrote catchy slogans and marked oceans on the world map. A cross word puzzle on oceans was done by the student.

A special Assembly was conducted to create awareness about abolition of child labour. Our Teacher along with a student read out the pledge.

A special Assembly was held and students of Standard VIII. Spoke about the importance of Yoga and about its impact in the day to day activities of an individual. Our students participated in a special programme to commemorate the Second edition of the day. Students were given books on yoga.

Global Indian International School, Indore

Topic- Different Dance forms of India

The theme for the INTACH work for the month of June ‘2016’ was’ Different dance forms of India’. People of all age group start tapping their feet after hearing the word “Dance”. The main purpose of this theme was to make the children aware about the classical dance as well as other forms of Indian dance. Dance not only generates happiness in our life but it also tones our body and removes harmful toxins in effective manner. Classes 3rd to 5th collected pictures and images of different dance forms of India. They made beautiful charts where they pasted the pictures and wrote names of different dance forms in beautiful calligraphy. On the hard sheets and even on thermacol the cutting of different dance forms were presented in innovative manner. Classes 6th and 7th collected information as well as pictures on the classical dance form of their choice. The details were written on a chart with attractive poses of dance forms on it, like Bharatnatyam, Kucchipudi, katthak, Manipuri and many more. The explanation of the dance expression was also mentioned. Classes 8th and 9th collected details on origin of classical dance and their importance in our lives. They also presented the autobiography of our famous Indian classical dancers like Mranalini Sarabhai, Birju Maharaj, Mallika Sarabhai even our famous Indian actress Hema Malini who is a great Bharatnatyam dancer. The most interesting part of this theme was students of junior classes dressed themselves beautifully in different dance costumes and their photographs were clicked. All the students enjoyed a lot working on this theme.

Delhi Public School, Sector-45, Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH activities for the month of May

Music, dance and theatre is an integral part of India's culture. Therefore, in this month we laid an emphasis on the learning and the comprehension of the vast cultural diversity of India. This opportunity was utilised to teach children about various facets of the cultural diversity which are as follows:
• Word Cloud
• All about me and my family

Session I- Word Cloud
In this session students were given words related to cultural diversity and they were asked to make a word cloud related to that word. It was very fun filled and interactive session as it gave an opportunity to all the students to apprehend more words related to the diverse culture.

Session II- All about me and my family
This activity required the children and their family membres to be a part of their creativity and innovation. It was an opportunity to incite and learn all about themselves and their ancestors. The students were asked to explicit about themselves and their favourite pastime. The students came up with creative ideas and it was a fun filled session. in this session students were given an occasion to lay an intensity on their name and its origin. In addition the students asked their family members to make their own family tree and look into as many previous generations as they can. The students collected photographs of the different members of the family and made a family tree and wrote a brief note of each member. The students also shared their family history and amusing family stories with their peers. It was an engrossing session for all the students.

Students celebrated the 155th anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Various activities were organized for Middle School children to pay tribute to the noble laureate. Students of class 6 were trained by the music department to sing Ekla Chalo Re…..They also wrote the meaning of our national anthem written by Rabindranath Tagore. Class 7 children designed cover page of stories written by Rabindranath Tagore. Students of class 8 enacted the glimpses of his play ‘Kabuliwala’.

Students of Middle Wing visited an Art Exhibition at Kiran Nadar Art Museum, New Delhi. It was interesting and helped children understand and appreciate the artworks of different artists.

Avid readers of class X visited The National Archives of India. They listened with rapt attention as the tour conductor took them back in history reviving incidents of the eras gone by. Students were enthralled by the Preservation Section where books are fumigated and conserved by preventive and curative methods. A tour of the record rooms where they saw census records and papers related to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose left them awestruck.

Letter writing is an essential skill and can be fun. To introduce children to the joy of writing a letter and to promote awareness amongst the present generation , a Letter Writing Competition was held by the Postal Department of India for the students of Classes IV – VIII in their respective classes. Children enthusiastically participated in the activity and posted the letters themselves in a post box provided by the Postal Department.

The international anti-Tobacco day is observed on 31st May to remind ourselves about the same. Delhi Public School, Gurgaon celebrated the same day not only to observe but to pledge to seriously ponder, think and to prevent the young ones from this menace..The students enthusiastically participated in poster making activity on the topic ‘SAY NO TO TOBACCO’.

DAV International School, Amritsar

Topic- INTACH Club Activities (April)

Baisakhi Celebrated
Baisakhi, the most popular festival celebrated in the vibrant state of Punjab, marks the beginning of the harvest season. In an effort to take the students close to their roots and cultural values, DAV International School, Amritsar celebrated Baisakhi festival in school during Morning Assembly on 12.04.2016. Various activities marked the celebration in which the students participated with full enthusiasm and vigour. A poem highlighting the importance of cultural and ethical values of Punjab was recited by students collectively. The most popular dance of the State ‘Bhangra’ performed by the students hogged the limelight. On this occasion, Principal Anjana Gupta advised the students to remain connected and close to their cultural. The celebration was a huge success overall.

World Heritage Day Celebrated
To develop a sense of belongingness to our tradition, culture and heritage,” WORLD HERITAGE DAY ‘was celebrated in our school 18.04.2016 with great zeal and zest. In order to convey the social message to protect and preserve the valuable assets in the form of historical monuments, Principal Anjana Gupta emphasized the dire need of preserving the heritage, adding that it is our moral obligation to safely pass the prestigious heritage to our offspring. A declamation contest was organized in which the students of classes XI & XII participated enthusiastically.

Global Indian International School, Noida and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad and were awarded the Best Heritage Club 2014 award.

Global Indian International School, Noida

Heritage club activities of 2015-16 included celebration of international days such as World Heritage Day, World Dance Day, World Music Day, Hiroshima Day, Earth Day, Van Mahotsav, World Population Day, Peace Day etc., educational tour to Jaipur and Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan, Nehrau Planetarium etc, celebration of Ambedkar Jayanti, Independence Day, Onam, Janmashtami, Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra, organized cleanliness drive from 5th to 8th October etc

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School, Hyderabad

The club organized various competitions during Heritage week, celebrated Janmashtami, Guru Purnima, Pongal, Sankranthi, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, Ramzan, Republic Day, etc, made eco friendly Ganesha Idols during Ganesh Chaturthi, organized pet show, self defense training to girls, Diwali Mela, activity on Saving Earth and Nature, Literary fest, Hindi saptah, Telugu Week, etc celebrated Road Safety Week, World Yoga Day, Hiroshima Nagasaki Day, World Muisc Day, Nutrition Day, world Food Day etc.

Second Prize

Delhi School of Excellence, Hyderabad

Various activities held in the school includes celebration of Eid, RakshaBandhan, Ganesh chaturthi ,Diwali, Pongal, Gandhi Jayanti, Guru Nanak Jayanti, days such as World Environment Day, Kargil Diwas, World Heritage Day on 18th April, Hindi Diwas, Rashtriya Ekta Divas, etc field trip to Salarjung Museum, Stat e Archaeological Museum, etc.

Delhi Public School, Sec 45, Gurgaon

Club held various activities including enactment of water cycle and Chipko movement, poster brain storming session on water conservation, celebration of Earth Day, Heritage Day, Museum Day, Day of the World’s Indigenous People, Literary Day, International Day of Non- Violence, Animal welfare Day, Van Mahostav, Children’s Day , World Tourism Day etc, trips to Qutub complex, Kiran Nadar Museum, Jantar Mantar, Tughlaqabad Fort etc.

Guru Nanak Khalsa Balika Intercollege ,Varanasi

Third Prize

Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata

Various activities conducted by the club includes visit to CIMA Art gallery, Arts acre, Victoria memorial and poster making competition, Princep Ghat, Bihar, Jain temple Pawapuri etc organized classical music session with Rupa Chowdhury, Children’s Day mini fete, clean up drive at park street cemetery etc.

Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Pendurthi, Visakhapatnam

Heritage club conducted many activities such as joint school science exhibition on Ayurveda, Heritage Sabha, celebrated World Photography Day by clicking pictures of monuments in Vizag, Heritage Week, Doctors day, Matrubhasha Dinotsavam, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Janmastami, flowers day, Ganit week, etc, music concert by Spic Macay, heritage walk to Thotlakonda, etc.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Matriculation Hr. sec. School, Chennai

Club activities includes celebration of theme days such as Road Safety week, National Youth Day, Birth anniversary of Subash Chandra Bose, World Wetland Day, World Environment Day, World oceans Day, World Ozone Day, World post Day etc, Talk on conserving India’s Magnificent Wildlife and Exhibition Of Splendors of Indian architecture by INTACH Chennai Chapter, visit to Vaidya grama, Adyar Poonga, heritage walk to High court etc.

Army Public School, Shankar Vihar, Delhi

Topic- INTACH Club Assembly

INTACH and Heritage club assembly was held on 9th august 16. Students from the club presented the assembly on “International Day of World’s Indigenous people”. Their assembly was based on the issue of tourist disturbing the culture and heritage of “Jharwa” tribe. In Andamans .The assembly unfolded with a thought of preserving the culture of indigenous people. A skit was presented by the students to sensitize the people on the issues and problems faced by the tribes. Poem was presented by the students. The students took a pledge to help sustaining their heritage and culture.

St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi

Club organized ‘Danube meets Ganges- ADunaés a Gangesztalálkozik-‘, an Indo-Hungarian Art exhibition, Art Competition on ‘I Care for My Family’, ‘I Care for My Nation’ and ‘I Care for My Planet’, Manthan – an Inter Class Dance Competition, Crafts Awareness Programme, ‘Card Making’ activity, Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Durga Puja, Dussehra,Navratras, Diwali, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Basant Panchami, International Peace Day, Communal Harmony Campaign Week was celebrated etc.

Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

The heritage club activities of 2015-16 includes Heritage day celebration, organized Go Green Rally, awareness campaign against child labour, Flag making activity, Kite decoration and slogan writing activity, Badge making activity on Environment, visit to Tamil Nadu Fair’ at Connaught place, Wall magazine – illustrating moral values learnt, trips to Feroz Shah Kotla, Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat etc.

Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh

Visakha Valley School, Visakhapatnam

Various club activities includes Fancy Dress Competition on Traditional and Ethnic dresses of India, Poster Making on Save the Monuments of Visakhapatnam, Essay Writing on Heritage Hidden In cotton, quiz on ‘Indian Monuments, held an exhibition of Art and Crafts and Plantation Drive, Trip to Hawa Mahal and the theme park- Ramanarayanam, celebrated International Day of Forests, Women's Day, Yoga Day, Music Day, Van Mahotsav, World Nature Conservation Day, etc.

Visakha Valley School, Visakhapatnam

Sri Sankara Sr. Sec. School, Adyar, Chennai

Heritage Club activities are birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, World Water Day, World Environment Day, World Heritage Week, Madras Day, birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Van Mahotsav Week, Pongal, Republic Day , Independence Day, Navarathri, Diwali, Thyagaraja Aradhana celebrations etc, students maintain a herbal garden, Talk on Conservation of wildlife etc.

Sunbeam Suncity, Varanasi

Various club activities include maintaining club board on themes such as Tehzeeb e- Hind, conducting assemblies on topics such as craftsman etc, cleanathon, programmes on endangered languages, ancient sports and modern games, visiting Sarnath, holding heritage exhibitions, clean up drives, celebrating heritage day etc

Special Mention

Meridian School For Boys and Girls

Several activities planned were visit to Butterfly and Deer Park, cleaning of Bapu-Ghat, field trip to Golconda Fort, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti celebrations, meeting Princess Ezra at Chowmahallah Palace, Excursion to Rajasthan and Punjab, Heritage Corridor, Chankya Chandragupta Play, Desert Dreams-A vibrantly colourful presentation, Celebration of cultural festivals etc.

My School Satya Surabhi, Kodaikanal

The activities conducted by club are working towards saving nature. cleaning Kodaikanal and its water bodies, Forest Reserves, spreading education and awareness amongst the tourists , adopted Pambar stream and the forest cover around it, activities on Living Heritage inlcudes Dhol Cholam A folk Dance from Mani Pur (Sponsored by Spic Macay), Pinnal Attam aFolk Dance Form of Tamil Nadu, Bommal Attam a Folk Dance of Tamil Nadu etc, Celebration of World Tiger Day, cleaning of Valakattu Odai water body, a study tour was conducted on the legends, architecture and history of Madurai’s Meenakshi Temple etc.

Oxford Public School, Gwalior

Heritage Club undertook activities such as adoption and Heritage Walk to Tansen Tomb, Photography activity & Workshop of the tomb, Heritage Quiz (CBSE, INTACH, In-House), Heritage Olympiad, Painting workshop in Chitera painting, Vaidic Mathematics Workshop, Celebration of Heritage Week, Celebration of Audio Visual Heritage Month under which many more activities such as showing of Film Festival (Old Films like Mother India, Raja Harishchandra [first silent movie] etc. and also presentation on old Musical Instruments, Hand painted film poster making competition etc were done, Heritage Exhibition, Various Social Science Projects on monuments, culture and past etc.

Step by Step High School, Jaipur

Activities conducted by the club are field trip to Barefoot College (NGO), workshop on ‘Conservation and Preservation of Artefacts’, workshop on 'Holistic Health Through Yoga', “Cartiste” workshop focussed on the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan, adopted of ‘Hawa Mahal’ for cleaning and maintaining it, Kahani Festival, Kathak workshop, documentation event on 'Preserving the Diminishing and Dying Arts of India’, inviting eminent authors in school for talks and discussions, awareness campaign on rain water
Conservation etc

Vidhya Peetham, Salem

Heritage Club Activities of 2015 – 16 are celebrating of Aadi Perukku, Vinayagar Chaturthi, Raksha Bandan, Gokulashtami, Navarathri, Diwali, Pongal, Onam, Children's Day, Thiru Karthigai deepam etc, Rangoli and sikku kolam competition, Margazhi Rangoli Utsav, visit to the government museum etc.
Conservation etc

New Achievers

A.M.S. P.Obul Reddy Public School, Hyderabad

Club activities include awareness on different forms of dance, their costumes and culture, traditional food and their recipes made during the festivals, many periods and dynasties, different religions widely practiced in India like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism, different ancient crafts of India like Bidri work, Kalamkari, Pottery, Nirmal and Tanjore paintings etc , visit to Golconda Fort etc.

Hill Top School, Jamshedpur

Heritage Club held activities such as showing PowerPoint presentations explaining the different types of Heritage (Natural, Built, Living and Material, project on GAP (Ganga Action Plan), a project on ‘Trees’, a field trip to the Coin Museum in Sakchi, ‘Heritage Walk’ around their city of Jamshedpur (Bistupur), collage making on 5 Historical Sites in India, various quizzes, crossword puzzles, various cultural dance, musical and puppetry workshops in collaboration with Spic Macay etc

TI Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai

Club activities includes "Dream Madras 2015" exhibition and a Puppet Show, Celebration of Onam, Navratri and depiction of Mahishasura Vadham, Krishna Jayanthi, Pongal and showing different folk forms of Tamilnadu such as Kummi (a dance form) and Villupattuu (story presented in the form of a song), Margazhi Mahotsavam – Kolam Competition, visit to Kanchipuram to learn the art and architecture of the Pallava Period etc.

Diamond Jubilee High School For Girls, Mumbai

Heritage Club activities are Quiz competition held at Bhau Daji Lad Museum, awareness programme on conservation of Natural Heritage and three different skits in 3 different languages (English, Hindi, Marathi), celebration of Gandhi Jayanti and the importance of Khadi, field trip to the Gateway of India, PPT presentation and a short fashion show on the clothes of different states of India etc.

Delhi Public School, Sector-45, Gurgaon

Topic- INTACH activities for the month of April


Celebrating Earth Week
The students were ready for celebrating Earth week after they were made aware of natural heritage like water, trees and animals, built heritage like monuments and cities, material heritage like museum and art, living heritage like craft traditions, performing arts, literature and community. The students made illustrations depicting our planet Earth as very sad with speech bubbles mentioning 5 reasons for its unhappiness. This session was followed by a ‘HAPPY EARTH WEEK’, wherein students depicted how they would make earth clean, green and pollution- free. The Importance of our green friends-TREES, was highlighted by enactment of the 'Chipko Movement'. The budding poets came up with brilliant poems on 'Earth' with the aid of a few help words given by the teachers. The class V students became writers by coming up with extra ordinary autobiography of a sad earth. The students prepared placards and posters to ‘Save Earth’ with innovative names of movements and messages for a clean and green Earth. Student drew water cycle and then showed their theatrical capabilities by enacting a skit on the same. Students also tabulated water conserving activities for 7 days.


Topic- World Heritage Day
The INTACH School Group conducted an activity for the students of middle school on the topic ‘Design Your Own Manuscript’. The students designed beautiful manuscripts in their local language in calligraphic style on the achievements of rulers of the ancient, medieval and British period in India. Students of DPS Gurgaon participated in the world Heritage Day celebrations organized by ITIHAAS in collaboration with ASI at Jantar Mantar, Delhi on 18th April’ 16. A group banner making completion was held on the theme ‘Heritage and Me’. Our school was awarded Runners up Prize for the same.

Spic Macay
To promote cultural awareness among students, a lecture-cum-demonstration based on the Indian classical dance form of Kathak was organized at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon on 7th April, 2016 in the school auditorium, under the aegis of SPIC MACAY which was attended by the students of class VII. Ms. Archana Prasad, Treasurer (Gurgaon Chapter) of SPIC MACAY was also present on the occasion. This was followed by Ms. Monisa Nayak’s, Kathak Dancer, enthralling performance interspersed with a talk on the history and evolution of Kathak as a dance form. She not only demonstrated the various mudras, but also kept the students engaged by involving them in interactive learning alongside. Her team of musicians and accompanists comprising of Shri Yogesh Gangani, Mohd Ayub Khan and Ms Shruti Tanwar added to the magic of the awe-inspiring performance.

Earth Day Celebration
DPS Gurgaon celebrated earth week from 18th April to 23rd April 2016. The importance of environment and how it could be preserved was discussed in the classes. A pledge to protect it was taken by the students. Various activities like poster making, designing infographics on protecting our planet Earth were organized for the students. Power point Presentation on Earth Day was shown to the students.

Visit to Qutub Complex
DPS Gurgaon in collaboration with ITIHAAS had organized an educational excursion for students of class 8 to Mehrauli Archaeological Park on 23rd April’16. Students were educated about the history of Qutub Minar, Iron Pillar, Jamali Kamali and Alai Darwaza. The instructors from ITIHAAS organized various activities for our students and narrated lots of interesting stories.


Visit to Parliament House Police Station and Patiala House Court
Delhi Public School, sec45 in collaboration with ITIHAAS organised an ILM on judiciary for the classes of IX and X on 22nd April 2016. The students got the opportunity to visit the Parliament street Police station, the Patiala Court and the Supreme Court Museum. They interacted with the police officials and the judges and also witnessed court proceedings. The visit to the museum was as enriching as the students came face to face with the whole judicial history of our country.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam, Chennai

Topic- Activities for the month March and April 2016

On the occasion of World Sparrow day, our club members drew pictures of sparrows and wrote slogans to bring awareness about protecting sparrows that are on the verge of extinction.

On the occasion of World Forest Day, our club members drew picture of forest and wrote slogans and took an oath, to plant more trees and to avoid deforestation in the name of urbanization.

22nd March- World Water Day
On the occasion of World Water Day the club members marked the important rivers of the world in the world map. They also spoke on the importance of saving every drop of water available. They were sad reading the plight of people in different drought prone areas of the world.

25th March-Good Friday, 27th March- Easter
On the occasion of Good Friday and Easter, the students of that community wrote about this occasion and made their fellow club members aware of the importance days.

7th April World Health Day
On this occasion the club members wrote on the importance of good health and they all promised to eat right food and exercise and lead a healthy life.

14th April, Baisaki, New Year
On this occasion the club members learnt about the importance of New Year celebrations in various parts of India.

14th April, Dr Ambedkar Jayanthi
Every Year 14th April is celebrated as Ambedkar Jayanthi, Father of our Constitution. This year we observed his 125 Birthday.

Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar

Topic- Visit to Hauz Khas- on the occasion of world water day, 22nd March 2016

The heritage club of BalBharati Public school- Manesar visited the Hauz Khas complex on the occasion of world water day.

The complex comprise of a water tank, an Islamic seminary, a mosque, a tomb and a deer park.

The imperial tank was built by the Khilji ruler for fulfilling the demand of water raised by natives of Siri. Feroz Shah Tughlaq revamped the tank by cleaning its silt thereby removing the blockage interrupting the inlet channels. Its architect was Malik Ghazi Shahna. It is a blend of Indo Islamic architecture. Our students observed the different architectural features of the sultanate, such as:

  • Entry to doorways from the South
  • Octagonal spherical dome resting over the solid walls
  • Qibla
  • Mehrabs
  • Citadel

Students took an oath on the reservoir bank to conserve water for the future generations. They appreciated the amazing practices in the historical period for conservation of natural resources.

PCK Matric, Naidupuram, Kodaikanal

Topic- Heritage club exhibition- Antiques

On 16th October 2015 the heritage exhibition was conducted in our school by the heritage club members in the presence of our honourable chief guests Mrs. Sunayana and Sr. Arul selvi. Members of our school heritage club along with Mr. Joshuva, Mr. Bose and Mr. Kalimuthu who have many antiques, the incharge staff Mrs. Sasikal and Mrs. Reetha had organized this exhibition. Our headmistress Sr. Mary Therese honoured our chief guests. Exhibition was inaugurated with great enthusiasm at the entrance of our school hall. Banners were displayed in many places to highlight the importance of heritage. Our club students took incharge of different items of the antiques and gave explaination. Our school albums and books were displayed in the heritage exhibition. Since our school is running the 100th year, it is also considered as a valued heritage place. Students were over whelmed to see the coins which were kept on the heritage exhibition. They were from our forefather’s era. When students explained about the years when the coins were made it helped us to understand and know the economic status of our nation in those days. Different types of phones which were used in olden days. Gramophones and its CD were also displayed in this exhibition. Our students explained how it worked in the olden days and about its history in detail. The other precious things are pots, swords, ancient dresses, paintings, photographs and old books. We were surprised to see some weapons which were used in the war and still it is strong. Students delighted to look at the ancient dressing styles and some valuables books. The pot maker showed us how to make a pot by using the wheel. The parents of our students also visited and came to know of the antiques. Many schools like St.Xavier’s HSS , St.Xavier’s Primary R.C. Primary and C.S.I School, packiapuram also visited this exhibition. This exhibition instilled in students and parents the value for old things old buildings, monuments and art.

Ajanta Public School, sec 31, Gurgaon

Topic- Heritage Club Activities - 2015

Green Olympiad Students
Ajanta Public School, sec 31 is associated with TERI. On the part of their project, “The Energy and Resources Institute” conducts “GREEN OLYMPIAD” which is an annual written examination on the environment. The exam is conducted every year for Educating Youth on Sustainable Development Division and attracts participation from lakhs of school students across India and abroad. The examination is open only for schools affiliated to recognized education boards and educational trusts. Our students also appeared in the examination. We are glad to announce that 6 students were awarded prestigious “Certificate of Merit” and others were awarded with Participation Certificates for successfully clearing the exams and scoring good marks. We congratulate them all.

Students who have been awarded “Certificate of Merit “are:
1. Vanshita Yadav
2. Sakshi Bhambri
3. Jayati Bhatnagar
4. Parul Yadav
5. Megha Mehlawat
6. Nirali Atri

Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor, the Principal congratulated the meritorious students for their successful achievements.

Earth Awareness Week
Earth Awareness Week was celebrated in Ajanta Public School from 20th April to 22nd April’2015 with an aim to spread awareness to save the planet. A special thematic assembly was organized and a talk was delivered on the importance of Earth Day and the reason of celebration, emphasizing our role to save planet earth. There were story telling sessions by teachers of Classes 1st and 2nd. Boards were displayed with Earth awareness quotations and posters. Further, several competitions was held to mark the occasion. The students from Classes 1st to 6th participated and enjoyed making beautiful “Awareness Cards on Earth Saving” awareness messages with recycled or waste paper & Collages on “Effects of Pollution” super scribing eco - awareness messages. Best entries were selected and appreciated. School Chairman Mr. Ramesh Kapoor appreciated the students and club efforts. The event was organized by Ajanta Eco-Club.

Bhatnagar International School, Delhi

Topic- Celebration of Heritage week- Heritage Walk to Rahim Khane Khana and Humayun’s Tomb

The students of Bhatnagar International School were taken for a heritage walk as a part of the Celebration of Heritage Week to Rahim Khane Khana and Humayun’s Tomb which is in Nizamuddin East. The students learned that Rahim Khane Khana served both Akbar and Jahangir and wrote several couplets in Hindi under the familiar name of ‘Rahim’. The students enjoyed a walk in the large garden around the tomb which is like a city getaway. They learnt about the architecture of those times. The students were then taken to Humayun’s Tomb, one of the hot spots for visitors in the capital. Humayun’s Tomb is listed as one among the fifteen heritage sites in India. The students learnt that it is a Taj Mahal like structure, minus the marbles of the Taj. The edifice is flanked on all sides by gardens. The students were shown the tomb and explained the difference between the tomb of males and females. The tomb was commissioned by Humayun’s wife Hamida Banu Begum in 1562 AD, and designed by Mirak Mirza Ghiyath, a Persian architect. It is the first garden-tomb of its kind in India. The students also participated in a clean-up drive in the premises of these historic monuments. This activity not only helped in cleaning the premises of the monuments but also ignited a sense of patriotism in the students for the rich cultural heritage of India. They noticed that these monuments are neglected and not well maintained and have written a letter of plea to the concerned authorities for the maintenance and upliftment of these monuments.

GKD Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore

Topic- Heritage Club activities

Navarathiri, was celebrated with attractive Kolu setting. The uniqueness of our Kolu is the displaying of the concept of women empowerment and Krishna leela. Navarathiri is the festival for women folk. The neat array of portraits of distinguish women highlighted the role of women in various field in the past and the present. The kolu linked the divine power of Goddesses with the inspiring modern women achievers.Durga for bravary ,Lakshimi for wealth, Saraswathi for knowledge. The arrangement of Lord Krishna ‘s life in Chronological order attracted the children. All the nine days students offered prayers with bhajans. Navarathiri ,a festival of delight also indirectly insists on the need for taking healthy diet. Throughout nine days different types of “sundals” were offered as Prasad. Sundal made of Moong dal,Chenna ,Peas and a combination of different grams either sweet or salty supplies protein rich diet to the consumers. Young girls go around houses inviting neighbours for Kolu and also attending kolu in the neighbour hood gets an opportunity to know the tradition behind the festival. They also reveal their talent in singing through bhajans and slogans.

Wild life Conservation Week
Wild life Conservation Week was observed in our school.Throughout the week students performed various activities like skit,story-telling ,poetry recitation insisting the significance of wild life and also about extinct animals .This programme created awareness in young mind to protect the fauna and flora. Wild life conservation is the practice of protecting wild life plants and animal species and their habitat.The goal of wild life conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generation to enjoy and also to recognise the importance of wild life and wilderness for humans and also other species alike. Our members drew their favourite forest scene, animal etc.

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam, Chennai

Topic- Heritage Club activities for the Month of February 2016

World Wetland day 2nd Feb 2016
In connection with World wetlands day, Members of our club did a Map Activity marking the 10 major wet lands of World. They also spoke about the importance of saving wetlands.

International Mother language day 21st Feb
In connection with International Mother Language Day our students prepared a write up to create awareness about the importance of mother tongue.

Maha Maham 22nd February 2016
Maha Magam is a religious festival held once in 12 years in kumbakonam. Our students decorated the Bulletin Boards with information bringing about the significance of the event. A few students who were fortunate enough to participate in the Maha maham festival at Kumbakonam spoke about its importance.

National Science Day 28th February 2016
The students discussed about the importance of science in everyday life. They also wrote about the significance of National Science Day. “Raman Effect” also discussed by the students.

Report On Filmit Prize Distribution Function
The prize distribution programme of the FILMIT Project for the year 2015 - 2016, was held on 17 02.16, in our school . It was organized by INTACH, New Delhi. About 75 students from 10 different schools participated in this event. The chief guest was Mr. G Sundar Director of Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai. Ms Purnima Datt of Intach , Delhi , Ms Padma and Ms Sharmila Ganesh of Intach Chennai, were also present for the function.