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May 2017


Tourism promotion at the cost of heritage decried
A temple with a tale
Delhi watches silently as its contemporary heritage disappearsn
The bone collector of Kutch
The Invisible Conservation Workers
Haryana: Kunal village excavation points to possibly oldest Harappan site
Asiatic Society starts digitisation of manuscripts, books
Reddy: Loss of intangible cultural heritage 'a grave concern'
Winner of the 2017 Goldman Environmental Prize for Asia: Prafulla Samantara
Landlords then and now: Inscriptions at Keerapakkam tell a story
ATTEND a Heritage Exhibition
As water crisis grips city, step-wells cry for attention
Turtle conservation project in K'shetra awaits CM's nod
Shikha Shah from Varanasi is beautifying garbage to decorate her city
India's first 'village of books' opens
A 111-year-old building gets a makeover for a hip new tenant named Zara
Conference on ‘Silk Route Tourism’ concludes at CUJ
Students continue to explore ancient world through Ekamra Walks
How temples tell stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana
Ajanta, where art, nature, faith coalesced
Soon, Archaeological Survey of India to start conservation work of Sundarnarayan temple
France within India: architectural ties to a common heritage
Defining aesthetics of city space through art
Jharkhand set to become paradise for bird watchers
INTACH takes up survey of old markets in Hyderabad
Buddha Purnima: The mystery behind unexplored Buddhist treasure trove in Kashmir
Exhibition on wheels: Science Express to cover around 70 stations across India
Guided tour in Purani Haveli
Rare Yoga Narasimha idol found in Penpahad village
Village near Bihar’s Bodh Gaya worships Buddha as Durga
Spring-cleaning India's most magnificent tent
Three-day event to save dying regional art forms
Mumbai Airport celebrates International Museum Day
Harappan civilisation: NASA, ISRO to come together to inspect ‘oldest civilisation’ site in Haryana
A novel venture to boost culture of museum watching
This app helps people get info at museums without guides
The hill of the 'dwarves'
INTACH gives students a guided tour of Hyderabad’s history
Google Arts and Culture project to soon let you take virtual tour of Victoria Memorial Hall
1400-year-old Buddha idol unearthed in Odisha
The art of Kalamezhuthu from Kerala
A walk into the past
A day at the Museum
Govt to amend law to allow projects near protected heritage sites
An encylopedia of Indian museums is now just a click away
Engaging with the past
The craft connect
International Museum Day: 10 must visit quirky museums in India
International Museum Day observed
Philadelphia Museum of Art showcases the history of Punjab’s rich embroidery craft through ‘Phulkari’
New museum by SBI to showcase Bengal's art forms at Alipore
12th & 15th century rock edicts discovered
I aim to conserve wildlife of the Eastern Ghats: Kantimahanti Murthy
Sahapedia creates digital access for numerous Indian museums
A fort lost in time
Seminar on cultural, heritage awareness held
Living in the past
Heritage Charkha Museum spin tales of Indian legacy
India celebrates International Day for Biodiversity, national celebrations held in Goa
Renovation of Victoria town hall begins
Meet 17-year-old Prashaant Ranganathan, winner of the Intel international environmental engineering award