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Days that Matter in 2009

April 2019

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The Days that Matter could help to highlight the concerns and apprehensions of the youth today They need a mention in the school calendar. Each special day can be organized in a different way:
  • Have a special assembly
  • Enact a play
  • Write a poem or a slogan
  • Organize a quiz or a debate
  • Do a cleanup drive
  • Have a tree planting program
  • Plant a peace garden
  • Have a poster competition
  • Hold a ‘Just a Minute’ competition
  • Call a renowned speaker
  • Hold a classroom board display
  • Have a photo display
  • Organize a field trip
  • Make crafts using local material; or recycled material
  • Organize a candle light walk
  • Have a cycle rally

5th April - National Maritime Day:

This day is celebrated to commemorate the sailing of India’s first steamshilp Loyalty on April 5th 1919 from Mumbai to London. From 1964 the day has been observed as National Martitme Day and al major ports observe this day celebrating India’s seafaring traditions and journeys. Old forts are also an integral part of our heritage.

18th April - World Heritage Day:

India with 27 UNESCO World Heritage Sites is ranked 8th in the world. ASI and State Departments of Archaeology protect about 8000 monuments. INTACH's mandate is to safeguard and protect those heritage sites that are unprotected.

22nd April - World Earth Day:

On the 22nd April 1970 a group of people got together in USA to draw attention to the problems of our environment This day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement.

23rd April - World Book Day:

This day was designated by UNESCO as a special day to encourage book reading .Children need to discover and explore the pleasures of books .It originated in Catalonia where roses and books were given to the loved ones on this day called St George’s Day. In 1995 UNESCO decided to celebrate it as World Book Day.